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[12:46:46] <Yuv422> Hmm
[12:46:52] <Yuv422> Arty won't sell me a deed
[12:46:54] <Yuv422> :(
[12:47:35] <Yuv422> It says
[12:47:44] <Yuv422> The Man shakes
[12:47:49] <Yuv422> his head and
[12:47:57] <Yuv422> spreads his hands
[12:48:00] <Yuv422> as if to say
[12:48:07] <Yuv422> "sorry."
[12:48:48] <Yuv422> playing in the original he points at the deeds
[13:11:03] <Yuv422> hmm arty seems to be looking for an object in a temp npc
[13:11:14] <Yuv422> id_n 235
[13:16:13] <Yuv422> why would Arty be checking a temp npc for a ship deed
[13:21:11] <Yuv422> shouldn't that be checking the script actor eg arty for the ship deed
[13:23:33] <Yuv422> sbx|afk: in your docs you mention self being 0xeb (235)
[13:24:44] <Yuv422> U6OP_HASOBJ doesn't seem to handle 0xeb (self)
[13:24:48] <Yuv422> am I correct?
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[13:40:08] <Yuv422> looks like inventory_get_object() needs to match any quality if search quality is 0
[13:40:15] <Yuv422> we aren't currently doing this
[13:40:30] <Yuv422> not too sure if this would break other things.
[13:42:34] <Yuv422> I added a npc_num( ) call around the npc value in U6OP_HASOBJ
[13:42:55] <Yuv422> that seemed to fix the some of arty's problems
[13:43:21] <Yuv422> the quality = 0 all search will fix the other issue
[13:43:41] <Yuv422> but I'm not sure if we need to do a qual = 0 search anyware else
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[13:53:58] <Yuv422> hi sbx
[13:54:11] <sbx> hi
[13:54:22] <sbx> i think quality=0 searches would search for any quality
[13:54:38] <Yuv422> they don't at the moment
[13:54:46] <sbx> but I thought I tested Arty before, and bought ship deeds
[13:54:54] <Yuv422> unless we are using the wrong method to search
[13:55:50] <sbx> oh I remember
[13:55:55] <sbx> I wasn't handling Quality before
[13:55:57] <sbx> in converse
[13:55:57] <Yuv422> ConverseInterpret Line 788
[13:56:06] <sbx> that was added recently
[13:56:11] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:56:21] <sbx> and looks like I didnt test it after that
[13:56:22] <sbx> sorry
[13:56:27] <Yuv422> hehe np
[13:56:30] <sbx> somehow for a long time I didn't figure out that the third parameter was quality :)
[13:57:03] <Yuv422> do you think we should have a don_care_about_quality argument
[13:57:17] <Yuv422> or should we always say get any object if quality is 0
[13:58:05] <sbx> the default arg is 0, so I think the latter was intended
[13:58:25] <sbx> hmm
[13:58:30] <sbx> but you know, I think that *does* break things
[13:58:44] <sbx> because if you have Key A from castle british, you might be able to open any door
[13:59:14] * sbx doesn't remember if that's really the case.
[13:59:31] <Yuv422> maybe we should use the all search only in converse
[14:00:52] <sbx> just overload the function without the quality arg
[14:00:57] <sbx> is what I would do
[14:01:03] <Yuv422> yeah
[14:01:09] <Yuv422> sounds good
[14:01:31] <sbx> then you will have to remove the default for the other one to avoid ambiguity
[14:01:56] <sbx> but I'm only looking at Actor.h what do I know? :)
[14:03:49] <Yuv422> do we need to put npc_num() anywhere else?
[14:04:07] <sbx> anywhere that wants to pass 0xEB to an outside class
[14:04:24] <Yuv422> I'll have a look
[14:05:27] <sbx> not as easy to search for as I thought, its usually in a variable
[14:06:49] <sbx> NEW
[14:06:59] <sbx> nm that already checks it
[14:07:23] <sbx> OBJCOUNT
[14:07:38] <sbx> thats all
[14:18:05] <sbx> bbl
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[14:32:05] <Yuv422> ok those two converse fixes are in cvs now
[14:32:08] <Yuv422> time for bed
[14:32:10] <Yuv422> cya
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