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[02:45:00] <Yuv422> Argh! current cvs doesn't compile! :(
[02:54:12] <Yuv422> ah just needed to std:: some stack classes. :)
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[03:18:35] <Yuv422> all fixewb Eclair
[03:18:44] <Yuv422> hehe whoops
[03:18:59] <Yuv422> :)
[03:19:08] <Eclair> grrrr
[03:19:10] <Eclair> something really strange happened to my xchat
[03:19:30] <Yuv422> what was that?
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[03:34:06] <Kirben> hmm nuvie cvs compile seems broken:
[03:34:14] <Yuv422> yup
[03:34:27] <Kirben> Should I paste errors ?
[03:34:38] <Yuv422> just stick std:: before the two stack types
[03:35:10] <Yuv422> I assume that's where it is faulting?
[03:35:18] <Yuv422> uint32 u6op_if_test(uint32 cmpf, std::stack<uint32> *cmpv);
[03:35:18] <Yuv422> uint32 u6op_assign_eval(uint32 opf, std::stack<uint32> *opv);
[03:35:45] <Yuv422> my sandbox is a bit of a mess ATM so I haven't commited that yet.
[03:36:15] <Kirben> Yes that was the point and compiles that part now.
[03:36:25] <Kirben> Want me to commit that fix ?
[03:36:43] <Yuv422> yes that would be great, thanks. :)
[03:38:38] <Kirben> commited
[03:38:54] <Yuv422> thanks
[03:42:39] <Yuv422> not much left to do on converse now :)
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[04:45:13] <Yuv422> OS X upgrade need to reboot. :(
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[05:14:03] <Yuv422> hi kefka
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[05:15:09] * Yuv422 wonders who kefka is?
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[06:04:36] <Kirben> Just won ebay auction for Martian Dreams, just hope game is worth the high cost.
[06:05:29] * Eclair didn't think so
[06:06:21] <Yuv422> I liked MD
[06:06:56] <Yuv422> it's the shipping that gets us Australians. :(
[06:07:20] <Kirben> yep, in this case $15 US shipping.
[06:07:49] <Yuv422> is that box packed?
[06:08:35] <Kirben> Seems to be a complete box, although not sure what size. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=11047&item=3024921058
[06:10:09] <Yuv422> mint
[06:10:11] <Yuv422> nice!
[06:10:37] * Yuv422 looks over at his well used MD box. :(
[06:10:46] <Kirben> yep, a mint ultima 6 from same seller still on there too I think.
[06:10:59] <Kirben> Now I just need to hunt down savage empire.
[06:11:08] <Eclair> hehehe
[06:11:15] <Yuv422> same here
[06:11:25] <Yuv422> we might be bidding against each other. ;)
[06:11:58] <Yuv422> I'm also looking for VII original boxed version
[06:12:08] <Yuv422> doesn't need to be mint though
[06:13:00] <Kirben> An original with paper manuals ?
[06:13:11] <Yuv422> an cloth map
[06:13:16] <Yuv422> +d
[06:14:12] <Kirben> I used to have an old disk version but I don't recall the cloth map.
[06:14:45] <Kirben> Can set get Ultima 9 Dragon Edition if that is any help.
[06:15:09] <Kirben> http://www.gamesmarket.com.au/details.cfm?ProdID=484&
[06:15:09] <Yuv422> both BG and SI originally shipped with cloth manuals
[06:15:29] <Yuv422> hehe not too interested in U9. How am I going to play it? ;)
[06:15:51] <Kirben> ah must have been the separate versions, my old one was complete ultima 7.
[06:16:16] <Kirben> Ultima 9 DE includes Ultima 1-8 and nice extras though.
[06:16:18] <Yuv422> ah yes the original black boxed U7
[06:16:31] <Yuv422> ah k
[06:16:31] <Yuv422> nice
[06:22:54] <Yuv422> hopefully it won't be too long before you can play MD with Nuvie! :)
[06:23:48] <Kirben> Yes
[06:24:11] <Kirben> Nuvie seems to be progressing really well, much nice with filers and scalers too.
[06:26:16] <Yuv422> I'm working on the GUI views ATM
[06:27:27] <Yuv422> so we should have portraits soon. :)
[08:38:04] <Yuv422> I'm off.
[08:38:05] <Yuv422> cya
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