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[01:00:52] <Yuv422> I was playing around with some fullscreen layout ideas in gimp
[01:01:01] <Yuv422> http://tinypic.com/r/15yhu36/7
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[08:38:29] <CIA-66> nuvie: 03efry * r1171 10/nuvie/trunk/ (10 files in 7 dirs):
[08:38:29] <CIA-66> nuvie: * Added Armageddon spell
[08:38:29] <CIA-66> nuvie: * Changed Actor::die() to include switch to not drop dead body. Used in the Armageddon spell.
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[10:10:24] <Dominus|away> armageddon spell is the most important one!!!
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[10:56:55] <Yuv422> Dominus: Any thoughts on my fullscreen interface mockup?
[11:08:52] <Dominus> nice!
[11:09:01] <Dominus> I just realized you psted a picture as well
[11:09:13] <Yuv422> :)
[11:09:31] <Dominus> the gray shadow of the scroll looks odd
[11:09:35] <Yuv422> yeah
[11:09:48] <Yuv422> It is there in the original graphics
[11:10:34] <Yuv422> not too sure how to handle the message section
[11:11:13] <Yuv422> maybe just the current message scroll with a transparent background?
[11:11:59] <Dominus> hmm
[11:17:29] <Dominus> probably yes, not having a god idea.
[11:18:00] <Yuv422> it'd be the easiest thing to implement first off
[11:18:02] <Dominus> ultimatively a case by case message would be great. if you look at something the message should be transparent over that item
[11:18:18] <Yuv422> yeah
[11:18:33] <Yuv422> what about non map specific messages
[11:18:39] <Yuv422> you save the game
[11:18:44] <Yuv422> party mode
[11:18:47] <Yuv422> solo mode
[11:19:32] <Dominus> party mode/solo mode only show via an icon perhaps. save the game could be done by a quick overlay instead of in the box
[11:19:45] <Dominus> you only need to see it quickly
[11:19:53] <Yuv422> yeah
[11:20:23] <Dominus> the idea would be to put all message stuff into a console you can toggle on
[11:20:37] <Dominus> but have them show differently while playing
[11:20:59] <Dominus> this needs to be thought through it seems
[11:21:22] <Dominus> a quick and dirty "make the fullscreen interface" as I thought is not the best :)
[11:22:13] <Yuv422> and we probably need to tweak the font so it's readable over the map
[11:25:18] <Yuv422> http://tinypic.com/r/1fbotc/7
[11:25:37] <Yuv422> gray shadow removed
[11:25:46] <Yuv422> and transparent console
[11:27:27] <Dominus> yes, looks much better
[11:27:56] <Dominus> got to feed my little one now
[11:29:12] <Yuv422> righto
[11:29:14] <Yuv422> cya
[11:51:50] <Yuv422> maybe the console could appear whenever new text is added but fade away after x seconds
[12:43:51] <Yuv422> just for fun I hacked up the current nuvie build to turn on fullscreen map mode.
[12:43:54] <Yuv422> Here's a pic
[12:43:55] <Yuv422> http://tinypic.com/r/15rgoxz/7
[12:44:11] <Yuv422> It actually works surprisingly well
[12:44:43] <Yuv422> smooth lighting is still stuck at 11x11 but that shouldn't be too hard to change
[12:45:03] <Yuv422> the surrounding view widgets flash on each move though
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[14:13:52] <Dominus> yuv422, that looks great. Looking at that I think you could also make it a mixed mode with a button to the right that slides the original view in from there, same with the bottom.
[21:19:20] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[21:33:06] <Yuv422> yeah I was thinking about having the existing views slide out from the side too
[21:35:16] <Dominus> hi again :)
[21:36:06] <Dominus> the floating widgets would still be nice though, along with theconsole appearing for x seconds
[22:00:42] <Yuv422> yeah
[22:01:39] <Yuv422> I'd also like it to be keyboard friendly too
[22:01:56] <Yuv422> tab key to cycle through the widgets
[22:02:36] <Dominus> sounds good
[22:03:03] <Yuv422> I think I might make a release first
[22:03:07] <Yuv422> 0.1
[22:03:16] <Yuv422> from the current trunk
[22:03:31] <Dominus> aw, who needs a release... after all these years :)
[22:03:42] <Dominus> seriously, good idea
[22:04:01] <Yuv422> :)
[22:04:31] <Yuv422> I'll probably do mac, win32 binaries
[22:04:37] <Yuv422> and src
[22:04:58] <Dominus> yes, the *nix are too fractured
[22:05:46] <Yuv422> I shouldn't have turned on full screen mode in nuvie
[22:06:00] <Yuv422> now I just want to dive in and code it up proper. ;-)
[22:06:05] <Yuv422> it is very nice
[22:06:06] <Dominus> he he
[22:06:29] <Yuv422> do you think I should stick to 320x200
[22:06:36] <Yuv422> or move to 320x240
[22:06:42] <Yuv422> for the full screen mode
[22:07:05] <Dominus> hmm, probably stick to the original
[22:07:12] <Yuv422> yea
[22:07:14] <Yuv422> +h
[22:07:42] <Dominus> otoh a bigger screen might be good but u6 probably looks awful with a bigger res
[22:07:53] <Dominus> it's toooooooo bright coloured
[22:08:02] <Yuv422> yeah
[22:08:24] <Yuv422> how about 1024x768
[22:08:51] <Yuv422> 64x48 map tiles
[22:09:48] <Dominus> with Exult I play with 400x300 by default, not too big and not to small view
[22:10:09] <Dominus> make it configurable :)
[22:10:19] <Yuv422> yeah
[22:10:57] <Yuv422> I guess it just needs to be divisible by 16
[22:11:04] <Yuv422> for nuvie
[22:45:08] <Yuv422> cya
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