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[04:51:48] <SB-X> luteijn: are you available? i forgot my password on your webserver :)
[05:01:49] <luteijn> hi
[05:14:21] <SB-X> hey
[05:14:27] <SB-X> thanks, I've got it now
[05:17:18] <luteijn> no problem ;)
[05:20:18] <SB-X> http://luteijn.xs4all.nl/~sbx/nuvie-peergem.png
[05:22:55] <luteijn> nice, shipwright, stables Britain.
[05:24:33] <SB-X> good, it's recognizable
[05:25:33] <SB-X> currently it shows the 24 squares around the player and isn't wrapped to the chunk boundaries yet
[05:25:39] <luteijn> are the colors a guess or is there a table linking maptiles to 'gem'-tileshttp://luteijn.xs4all.nl/~sbx/nuvie-peergem.png
[05:26:14] <SB-X> there is a table filled with colors that I guessed
[05:27:14] <luteijn> if your guess is close enough it might be possible to find the 'real' table in the game data..
[05:28:09] <luteijn> looking at the timestamps, it's already a year since the last batch of screenshots in that directory ;)
[05:28:33] <SB-X> wow, didn't realize that
[05:30:09] <SB-X> i wouldn't know the size or nature of the table in game.exe, but it might similiarly be filled with alternating colors 0,2 0,1 0,7...
[05:30:49] <SB-X> mine is not a direct mapping, it's only based on tile types like is_water()
[05:31:20] <SB-X> so the table is in arbitrary order, not based on real tiles :)
[05:31:36] <SB-X> it's just a list
[05:32:21] <SB-X> the colors are too dark
[05:33:47] <luteijn> we don't really know how the original gem worked anyway. It might be doing something like that too.. but I guess it would just plot a color for each tiel based on tile number, not on tile flags..
[05:35:37] <SB-X> that's a lot of tiles to account for
[05:36:47] <SB-X> if the art team added a new tile they'd have to update the list
[05:39:05] <luteijn> there's only a fixed number of map tiles to do, and all lifeforms could be added in a second pass
[05:44:31] <SB-X> well for example, any time a dangerous object was added they'd have to add its icon to the list of red tiles
[05:45:06] <SB-X> when they could just draw tiles marked dangerous in red
[05:45:22] <SB-X> (since they had to mark them that way in tileflags anyway)
[05:45:25] <SB-X> it looks a lot different with supereagle scaler btw
[05:46:22] <luteijn> probably because of the 'dither' of the tiles?
[05:49:22] <SB-X> yeah, probably... the scalers use a custom transformation matrix which doesn't know that the tile is supposed to look dithered
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[12:08:43] <SB-X> hey yuv
[12:09:40] <Yuv422> hey SB-X
[12:09:55] <Yuv422> just looking at your peer gem screenshot
[12:10:01] <Yuv422> very nice
[12:18:20] <SB-X> Thanks. The colors were fixed after that.
[12:20:35] <SB-X> it crashes in dungeons probably because of the map wrapping
[12:29:34] <Yuv422> my party killed LB while in combat mode
[12:31:00] <Yuv422> hmm LB's alignment is good
[12:31:09] <Yuv422> but the party is evil. :(
[12:31:24] <Yuv422> maybe we need to force the party to good when they join?
[12:31:43] <Yuv422> I'm pretty sure I'm looking at the right bits in objlist
[12:31:52] <Yuv422> unless the doc is wrong
[12:34:18] <SB-X> what is their alignment?
[12:34:31] <SB-X> maybe its just copied from the actor types
[12:35:01] <SB-X> compare them
[12:35:46] <SB-X> if we set them to good then it will get saved that way
[12:39:31] <Yuv422> I got three "Avatar critical!" strings in one turn
[12:39:39] <Yuv422> does that sound right?
[12:40:38] <SB-X> no, I don't know why that's happening
[12:41:08] <SB-X> havn't looked into it, but it happens with all of those health messages
[12:41:15] <Yuv422> mages are evil by default
[12:42:08] <SB-X> no they are just insane
[12:42:16] <Yuv422> and it looks like Nystul is set to alignment default
[12:42:24] <Yuv422> so he goes evil and the party attacks him.
[12:42:42] <SB-X> i thought they were evil
[12:42:59] <SB-X> run around some monsters and youll see tons of those health messages printed and it blocks the mouse
[12:43:13] <Yuv422> maybe we should set all perm actors neutral by default?
[12:44:51] <Yuv422> or we should set the human actor types to neutral
[12:44:52] <SB-X> do we know alignment in objlist means the same as on monsters?
[12:45:15] <SB-X> it's only 2 bits
[12:45:23] <Yuv422> no I'm just assuming it is the same
[12:45:37] <SB-X> the one on eggs is 3 bits
[12:45:41] <Yuv422> that's enough right?
[12:45:59] <Yuv422> egg needs day/nightspawn time?
[12:46:10] <SB-X> not exactly :)
[12:46:16] <SB-X> yeah but chaotic is 4
[12:46:24] <SB-X> maybe 0 is neutral on NPCs
[12:46:41] <SB-X> and it doesn't use default
[12:47:43] <Yuv422> hehe I can't count
[12:47:45] <Yuv422> sorry
[12:48:07] <SB-X> i just noticed it
[12:48:26] <Yuv422> most actors have 0
[12:48:35] <SB-X> although i looked at it before, and forgot about it (or didn't consider it, since it's not documented)
[12:48:48] <SB-X> either way, party members should be good so evil monsters will attack them
[12:49:29] <SB-X> The only concern is how that's done... if we set alignment, it will stick when we save the game.
[12:49:30] <Yuv422> let me try incrementing my alignment by one
[12:49:36] <SB-X> ok :)
[12:50:48] <SB-X> not that it matters if they get stuck as good, but that shows that we dont know how u6 did it and might prevent us from converting savegames back to u6
[12:51:02] <SB-X> maybe we should just pretend that party members are good in alignment functions
[12:52:00] <SB-X> oh and that wouldn't fix nystul being evil :)
[12:52:23] <Yuv422> incrementing by one means LB becomes neutral not good like his alignment base
[12:53:41] <Yuv422> both nystul and geoffrey are neutral now
[12:54:06] <SB-X> so that matches
[12:58:20] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:58:33] <Yuv422> I was just experimenting with Sutek
[12:58:46] <Yuv422> the party won't attack him in combat mode.
[12:58:58] <Yuv422> even when he goes crazy and starts attacking
[13:00:37] <SB-X> i didnt know he went crazy
[13:01:53] <Yuv422> he goes crazy if you don't acknowledge his power. ;-)
[13:03:38] <SB-X> oh
[13:04:00] <SB-X> im surprised i dont remember that
[13:06:38] <Yuv422> "Even the Avatar acknowledges the power and wisdom of Sutek!"
[13:06:50] <Yuv422> "Don't you milady?"
[13:06:59] <Yuv422> n
[13:07:13] <Yuv422> "No?! Then you must die!"
[13:07:24] <SB-X> hehe
[13:07:52] <SB-X> I remember his trademark line, "They say there's a fine line between genuis and madness. Sutek hops up and down on that line, cursing the fools that surround him!" and the two headed creatures in the room.
[13:08:21] <SB-X> and since you last mentioned it an animated treasure chest
[13:08:33] <Yuv422> is there an alignment change converse opcode?
[13:11:27] <SB-X> not that I know of, but it could be a variable
[13:11:39] <SB-X> I'm looking at his conversation now.
[13:11:47] <Yuv422> would it be hard to get actors to attack the party when their hate bit is set?
[13:12:04] <Yuv422> that's what seems to happen with sutek.
[13:12:38] <SB-X> do actors attack monsters?
[13:13:18] <SB-X> you could have find_enemies() return players if hate is on
[13:14:07] <SB-X> that reminds me, guards probably don't attack monsters yet
[13:15:22] <Yuv422> maybe we just change the work type if hate is on
[13:15:53] <Yuv422> I think hate wares off when the actor moves out of range
[13:18:39] <SB-X> it's definately not permanent
[13:21:21] <SB-X> do regular npcs like townspeople attack monsters that get into town?
[13:23:40] <Yuv422> not too sure
[13:23:56] <Yuv422> I do some more research tomorrow
[13:24:00] <SB-X> ok
[13:24:04] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:24:04] <SB-X> well i've got to go for now
[13:24:08] <Yuv422> me too
[13:24:09] <SB-X> heh
[13:24:10] <SB-X> cya
[13:24:12] <Yuv422> cya
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