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[00:04:24] * sbx looks at smatthews website.
[00:04:33] <smatthews> Eep!
[00:04:36] <sbx> When you said "Ramblings" you weren't kidding.
[00:05:17] <sbx> But it has gravitas.
[00:05:27] <sbx> or something latin
[00:05:38] <smatthews> Gravitas!
[00:06:15] <sbx> the highlighted menu pictures take too long to load when you go to another page
[00:06:48] <smatthews> Sorry, this website is only for people with computers that don't suck.
[00:07:12] <sbx> Why are people always telling me that. :(
[00:07:23] <sbx> really though, my bandwidth is just being used up right now
[00:07:31] <smatthews> Hehehehe, sowwy.
[00:07:37] <smatthews> Got the image gallery almost done though.
[00:08:00] <sbx> but your pictures were all lost :)
[00:08:07] <sbx> at least Exult3D pics
[00:08:14] <smatthews> Yeah...
[00:08:26] <smatthews> Sucks. Maybe someone has a browser cache?
[00:08:59] <sbx> I have them all saved. :)
[00:09:33] <smatthews> Really now... Gimme gimme :P
[00:09:47] <smatthews> What about the non-Exult3D screenshots?
[00:10:37] <sbx> well not on this computer (some on a linux partition)
[00:10:45] <sbx> why would I have non-Exult3D screenshots?
[00:10:50] <sbx> maybe one from abyss
[00:12:07] <smatthews> Yeah those :P
[00:12:17] <smatthews> I like having images of old stuff, to show a progression.
[00:12:58] <sbx> me too
[00:13:08] <sbx> i just forgot to dl a few later ones
[00:17:57] <smatthews> If you can send 'em over, I'd appreciate that :P
[00:18:12] <sbx> whats your email?
[00:18:32] <smatthews> samuelmatthews at msn.com
[00:19:11] <smatthews> Thanks:)
[00:19:52] <sbx> ok
[00:20:04] <sbx> you're welcome
[00:23:41] <smatthews> Hmm that's interesting. Check the gallery now
[00:24:55] <sbx> forgot the address
[00:25:22] <smatthews> http://sammatthews.com :p
[00:25:45] <smatthews> It's just using random images from Quake3.
[00:32:37] <smatthews> That bad, huh? :P
[00:35:23] <sbx> oops sorry I was playing a game in an N64 emu
[00:37:11] <sbx> it works!
[00:37:34] <sbx> if you're going to have that empty space there should be a description
[00:37:57] <smatthews> What empty space?
[00:38:09] <sbx> right of the small picture
[00:38:31] <smatthews> Go to another gallery, like 'base_support'..
[00:38:47] <sbx> oh I thought those were picture links
[00:38:56] <sbx> I see
[00:43:59] <smatthews> So... when do I get those Exult3D images? :p
[00:45:53] <sbx> little while
[00:46:03] <smatthews> Okays:)
[00:46:13] <sbx> got to find them
[00:53:55] <smatthews> I found a good number of them on another Sourceforge site of mine
[00:54:16] <sbx> cool
[00:54:21] <smatthews> nuvie.sf.net has no lighting-enabled screenshots :p
[00:54:22] <sbx> which?
[00:54:48] <sbx> maybe it just doesnt have nighttime screenshots
[00:57:04] <smatthews> Any with lighting at all.
[00:57:24] <smatthews> Lol: the_only_toaster99: you could hide roaches inside of twinkies and they would never die
[00:57:35] <smatthews> Weirdos!
[01:00:39] <sbx> ...
[01:00:44] <sbx> I'm glad he's not here. :\
[01:03:37] <sbx> bbl
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[12:12:49] <sbx> Sam, I'll send you those pictures later today.
[12:12:56] <sbx> going for now
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[12:13:12] <sbx|afk> oh hi trand :)
[12:13:21] <sbx|afk> bye
[12:14:12] <trand> sbx|afk, by~
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[17:37:37] <Ordoc> how does U6 store collidable tile information?
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[19:07:01] <Ordoc> sbx: you around?
[19:08:21] <sbx> yeah
[19:08:33] <sbx> how do you do?
[19:09:07] <Ordoc> alright, do you know how U6 stores collidable tile information?
[19:11:02] <sbx> I think so. The tileflags include bits on tile passing type.
[19:11:36] <sbx> And tileflags for actors' tiles say what type of movement they do, land, water, or air.
[19:11:46] <sbx> We havn
[19:11:52] <sbx> We havn't found anything for animations yet.*
[19:12:05] <Ordoc> i notice stuff like this: if(map->is_passable(new_x,new_y,new_z) == false) is commented out :)
[19:12:46] <Ordoc> so for all 2048 tiles there are associated "tileflags" ?
[19:13:04] <sbx> yeah, where is it stored...
[19:13:07] <Ordoc> is it based on any math in the tileset?
[19:13:22] <sbx> No just a set of bitfields.
[19:13:37] <sbx> It's stored in tileflag surpringly. :)
[19:13:40] <sbx> surprisingly*
[19:13:51] <Ordoc> hehe a little inefficient i guess
[19:13:59] <sbx> It's good on disk space.
[19:14:06] <Ordoc> you could arrange tiles to form groups
[19:14:17] <Ordoc> and do math to determine the passable type
[19:14:44] <sbx> One thing that has to be determined by an algorithm at display time is how walls are displayed.
[19:14:45] <Ordoc> not really in the scope of this project
[19:15:00] <Ordoc> but im writing a small 2d tilebased engine for a class right now
[19:15:00] <sbx> This is based on the tileflags and the surrounding tiles.
[19:15:13] <sbx> oh that's cool
[19:15:20] <sbx> they are fun to work on
[19:15:39] <Ordoc> yeah but im so busy with all kinds of other shit that I hardly have time to do anything at all :)
[19:16:05] <Ordoc> what do you mean how walls are displayed? like if you walk up to a window and can see outside ?
[19:16:39] <sbx> Yeah, or walk up to someone's window and see inside.
[19:16:59] <sbx> I never noticed at first but the walls change shape based on whats visible around them.
[19:17:25] <sbx> So you don't see objects on the other side of the wall, or other wall that intersect with it on the hidden side.
[19:18:10] <Ordoc> yeah, some clever tricks :)
[19:18:27] <Ordoc> alright well im out for a while, gotta take care of tons of shit :(
[19:21:15] <sbx> ok see you later
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