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[08:04:16] <SB-X> hi yuv
[10:43:54] <Yuv422> hey SB-X
[11:59:08] <Yuv422> time for bed
[11:59:09] <Yuv422> cya
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[21:10:21] <SB-X> hi yuv
[21:10:29] <Yuv422> hey
[21:10:44] <Yuv422> How's it going?
[21:11:20] <SB-X> oh, fine, im just about to get some food
[21:11:27] <SB-X> then i'll work on nuvie a little
[21:11:35] <Yuv422> I'm just about to leave for work :)
[21:11:37] <Yuv422> cool
[21:11:39] <SB-X> someone posted a question on the forum
[21:11:44] <SB-X> that it didn't work
[21:11:49] <Yuv422> ah yes
[21:11:57] <Yuv422> I guess we'll need the save
[21:12:03] <Yuv422> to have a look
[21:12:26] <Yuv422> I'm getting my ida stuff ready for release
[21:12:36] <Yuv422> then I'll work on nuvie somemore
[21:12:49] <SB-X> did you discover anything in game.exe?
[21:13:07] <Yuv422> haven't had a chance to look in detail yet
[21:13:12] <Yuv422> hehe
[21:13:38] <Yuv422> I want to find out why it goes to ega mode when being debuged
[21:13:57] <Yuv422> might be to do with the way the debugger sets up the initial memory config
[21:14:08] <Yuv422> might be exposing a bug in game.exe
[21:14:20] <SB-X> oh
[21:14:25] <SB-X> doesnt u6 have another tileset for that?
[21:14:31] <Yuv422> yes
[21:14:39] <Yuv422> it gets the values from config.u6
[21:15:06] <SB-X> but if they havnt been decompressed what's it look like?
[21:15:25] <SB-X> iirc it installs the correct graphics during setup
[21:15:26] <Yuv422> it looks ok it's just ega when it should be vga
[21:15:31] <Yuv422> as per the config file
[21:15:36] <SB-X> ah k
[21:15:43] <Yuv422> it must just miss read the config for some reason
[21:15:51] <Yuv422> anyway I'd better run
[21:15:54] <Yuv422> cya
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[21:16:44] <SB-X> oops, cya
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