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[12:15:17] <Yuv422> hi
[12:15:28] <wjp> hi
[12:16:38] <Yuv422> sbx is making good progress on the converse class. :)
[12:16:47] <wjp> cool :-)
[12:17:13] <wjp> <overly enthusiastic> did you check pentagram recently? :-) </>
[12:19:02] <Yuv422> wjp: cvs?
[12:19:21] * wjp nods
[12:19:35] <wjp> you can fish, and talk to people, and... :-)
[12:23:33] <Yuv422> wow lots of updates since I last checked out.
[12:24:12] <wjp> we've been busy :-)
[12:25:08] <Yuv422> can I run it with the CD version of U8?
[12:25:21] <wjp> yeah
[12:25:23] <Yuv422> or does it need to be installed on a dosbox first?
[12:25:32] <Yuv422> ah k I'll find my U8 cd
[12:25:48] <wjp> you may have to decompress the shapes file first, though
[12:26:21] <wjp> I wrote a tool for that, but it's in the "old" cvs module
[12:26:30] <Yuv422> ah k
[12:26:32] <wjp> or if you have a newer CD version it may already be uncompressed
[12:26:37] <Yuv422> I've got the old snapshot too.
[12:27:09] <Yuv422> the disc says 1994
[12:27:23] <wjp> sounds like the original cd version :-)
[12:28:24] <Yuv422> hmm it's patched to v2.12
[12:28:56] <Yuv422> I have dearj.exe, install.exe and ultima8.001
[12:29:27] <wjp> ok, you need to un-arj ultima8.001
[12:30:04] <wjp> any un-arj should work
[12:30:09] * Yuv422 wonders if darwin ships with an arj decompressor?
[12:30:27] <Yuv422> [g4:cvs/old/tools] eric% man -k arj
[12:30:27] <Yuv422> arj: nothing appropriate
[12:31:00] <wjp> unarj?
[12:31:14] <Yuv422> nope
[12:31:25] <Yuv422> might have to download it
[12:31:35] <wjp> linux version is here http://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/utils/compress/
[12:32:44] <wjp> or if you have anything to run dearj.exe that may be easier :-)
[12:33:51] <Yuv422> unarj seemed to compile fine
[12:33:57] <Yuv422> now to decompress
[12:34:40] * wjp wonders what license that unarj comes with
[12:34:47] <wjp> might be nice to incorporate it into pentagram :-)
[12:35:30] <Yuv422> * This code may be freely used in programs that are NOT ARJ archivers
[12:35:30] <Yuv422> * (both compress and extract ARJ archives).
[12:35:30] <Yuv422> *
[12:35:30] <Yuv422> * If you wish to distribute a modified version of this program, you
[12:35:30] <Yuv422> * MUST indicate that it is a modified version both in the program and
[12:35:31] <Yuv422> * source code.
[12:35:33] <Yuv422> *
[12:35:35] <Yuv422> * We are holding the copyright on the source code, so please do not
[12:35:37] <Yuv422> * delete our name from the program files or from the documentation.
[12:35:39] <Yuv422> *
[12:35:41] <Yuv422> * We wish to give credit to Haruhiko Okumura for providing the
[12:35:43] <Yuv422> * basic ideas for ARJ and UNARJ in his program AR. Please note
[12:35:45] <Yuv422> * that UNARJ is significantly different from AR from an archive
[12:35:47] <Yuv422> * structural point of view.
[12:36:46] <Yuv422> right ultima8.001 unpacked
[12:37:02] <Yuv422> any way to tell if the flx files need unpacking?
[12:37:21] <wjp> do you have u8shapes.dcm or u8shapes.flx?
[12:37:26] <wjp> um, .cmp
[12:37:32] <Yuv422> flx
[12:37:35] <wjp> ok, good :-)
[12:37:39] <wjp> no need to decompress then
[12:37:44] <Yuv422> :)
[12:37:50] <Kirben> How is it possible to talk/fish in pentagram ?
[12:38:44] <wjp> right-click on Devon/fishing pole
[12:40:49] <Kirben> I must be doing something wrong, devon is the fellow right next to avatar ?
[12:40:56] <wjp> yeah
[12:41:22] <wjp> text doesn't really show up in the main window yet though :-)
[12:41:31] <wjp> it just scrolls by on the console
[12:41:39] <Kirben> ok I see it now.
[12:45:08] <wjp> hm, it sounds like we can use unarj from unarj's perspective
[12:45:19] <wjp> (pentagram is hardly an ARJ archiver:-) )
[12:45:41] <Yuv422> are there any patents on arj compression?
[12:46:23] <wjp> the word 'patent' doesn't show up in the sources (and accompanying text files)
[12:47:37] <wjp> heh, the code looks nicely endianness-independent :-)
[12:48:07] <Yuv422> well it worked out of the box on my big endian machine :)
[12:48:41] * wjp nods
[12:51:51] <Yuv422> on darwin libtoolize is called glibtoolize
[12:52:44] <wjp> hm
[12:53:05] <wjp> that's mildly annoying :-)
[12:53:12] <Yuv422> I wonder why they didn't provide a symlink
[12:55:30] * Yuv422 looks at pent-cvs@...
[12:55:49] <Yuv422> lots of activity. ;)
[12:57:00] <Yuv422> hehe
[12:57:15] <Yuv422> graphics/SoftRenderSurface.cpp: In member function `void
[12:57:15] <Yuv422> SoftRenderSurface<uintX>::Paint(Shape*, unsigned int, int, int) [with uintX
[12:57:15] <Yuv422> = uint16]':
[12:57:15] <Yuv422> graphics/SoftRenderSurface.cpp:365: instantiated from here
[12:57:15] <Yuv422> graphics/SoftRenderSurface.cpp:291: Internal compiler error in tsubst_expr, at
[12:57:15] <Yuv422> cp/pt.c:7573
[12:57:17] <Yuv422> Please submit a full bug report,
[12:57:19] <Yuv422> with preprocessed source if appropriate.
[12:57:21] <Yuv422> See <URL:http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter> for instructions.
[12:57:23] <Yuv422> make: *** [graphics/SoftRenderSurface.o] Error 1
[12:57:25] <wjp> *cough*
[12:58:18] <Yuv422> I wonder if fingolfin is aware of this one?
[12:59:41] <wjp> he is
[12:59:51] <wjp> workaround: change -O2 to -O
[13:00:13] <Yuv422> ah k I was going to compile with gcc2.x
[13:00:18] <Yuv422> I'll try that instead
[13:00:23] <wjp> that really won't work :-)
[13:00:59] <wjp> (gcc 2.x, I mean)
[13:01:49] <Yuv422> how do I override the configure CFLAGS?
[13:01:59] <Yuv422> ah wait should that be CPPFLAGS?
[13:02:12] <Yuv422> or CCFLAGS
[13:02:33] <wjp> you can edit Makefile
[13:02:44] <wjp> CXXFLAGS
[13:02:47] <Yuv422> ah nice
[13:02:59] <Yuv422> CXXFLAGS :)
[13:03:05] <wjp> (changes will be gone when you re-run configure, though)
[13:03:24] <Yuv422> so I should run configure
[13:03:31] <Yuv422> then make the Makefile changes?
[13:03:51] <wjp> but you already ran configure, didn't you?
[13:04:04] <Yuv422> I just did a ./bootstrap
[13:04:18] <Yuv422> thought I had to pass the CXXFLAGS via convfigure
[13:04:24] <wjp> that might work too
[13:10:03] <Yuv422> argh! it's still crashing with -)
[13:10:05] <Yuv422> -O
[13:10:29] <wjp> sure it didn't put a -O2 in the commandline somewhere?
[13:10:58] <Yuv422> g++ -Wp,-MMD,"graphics/.deps/SoftRenderSurface.d",-MQ,"graphics/SoftRenderSurface.o",-MP -Wall -g -g -O -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DDATA_PATH=\"data\" -I./convert -I./convert/u8 -I./convert/crusader -I./misc -I./filesys -I./tools -I./tools/disasm -I./tools/compile -I./tools/fold -I./tools/shapeconv -I./kernel -I./graphics -I./audio -I./usecode -I./world -I./world/actors -I./gumps -I./conf -I./. -I. -I/usr/local/include/SDL -D_THREAD_SAFE -c -o
[13:11:40] <Yuv422> I'll try a fresh copy
[13:11:51] <Yuv422> somthing might have been leftover.
[13:16:14] <Yuv422> nope still faulting
[13:16:15] <Yuv422> :(
[13:16:25] <wjp> ugh :/
[13:16:29] <wjp> what about without any -O?
[13:16:36] <Yuv422> let me check
[13:22:03] <Yuv422> I still get that error without -O :(
[13:22:17] <wjp> ack
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[14:35:01] <Yuv422> time for bed
[14:35:05] <wjp> night
[14:35:16] <Yuv422> cya
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