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[08:21:07] <Yuv422> hi
[08:21:10] <Yuv422> bbl dinner
[08:23:53] <wjp> hi
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[08:57:24] <Yuv422> back
[08:57:41] <EsBee-Eks> hi
[08:57:45] <EsBee-Eks> i can move around with the mouse now
[08:58:03] <Yuv422> cool
[08:58:11] --- EsBee-Eks is now known as SB-X
[08:58:40] <Yuv422> was it hard to put in?
[08:58:43] <SB-X> need to tweak it some more to not conflict with dragging
[08:58:48] <SB-X> no not really
[08:59:16] <Yuv422> how about sundials?
[08:59:19] <SB-X> but i tried to put it in Idle() before realizing we dont use that so it is in Display
[08:59:27] <SB-X> yeah sundials work
[08:59:34] <Yuv422> cool
[08:59:47] <SB-X> i realized that grandfather clocks hands move
[08:59:53] <SB-X> but don't know the tiles for that
[09:00:08] <Yuv422> there is only 2 frames right?
[09:00:14] <SB-X> no...
[09:00:22] <Yuv422> are you sure?
[09:00:27] <SB-X> no
[09:00:33] <SB-X> but you can barely see a little dot or line in the face of the clock as time passes
[09:00:39] <SB-X> and it changes like the sundial
[09:02:21] <Yuv422> you're right.
[09:02:29] <Yuv422> crazy
[09:02:33] <SB-X> heh
[09:02:38] <SB-X> i can use objects or talk to actors by double-clicking them now
[09:02:39] <Yuv422> who could ever read the time off that!?
[09:02:45] <SB-X> sherry?
[09:02:53] <Yuv422> hehe
[09:26:38] <SB-X> would it hurt to put the spawn egg routine in its own method?
[09:26:57] <Yuv422> I guess not
[09:27:00] <Yuv422> why do you ask?
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[09:30:43] <sbx> so I could put use egg in usecode to help testing
[09:30:55] <sbx> bool spawn_egg(Obj *egg, uint8 hatch_probability);
[09:31:09] <Yuv422> ah k
[09:31:11] <Yuv422> cool
[09:31:19] <Yuv422> I'm working on eggs ATM
[09:31:26] <Yuv422> do you want it soon?
[09:31:43] <sbx> here i already copy pasted it over
[09:31:46] <sbx> let me dcc to you
[09:31:51] <Yuv422> righto
[09:32:40] <Yuv422> would you need the hatch_probability?
[09:32:50] <Yuv422> as it is contained in the egg object anyway.
[09:33:09] <sbx> that is the return from nuvie_rand
[09:33:35] <Yuv422> doh!
[09:33:36] <Yuv422> hehe
[09:33:38] <Yuv422> silly me
[09:34:05] <sbx> if you set that to 100 will eggs always hatch?
[09:35:10] <Yuv422> if((*egg)->obj->qty == 100 || hatch_probability <= (*egg)->obj->qty) // Hatch the egg.
[09:35:33] <Yuv422> it doen't use the random value if there is 100% chance of hatching
[09:36:15] <sbx> what if its 50 but you pass 100
[09:36:24] <Yuv422> I can get rid of the egg container object too.
[09:36:26] <sbx> oh then it wouldnt
[09:36:30] <sbx> oh?
[09:36:35] <Yuv422> well after I finailize how eggs work
[09:36:52] <Yuv422> I only had it to store the seen_egg flag
[09:36:59] <Yuv422> but we probably don't need that now
[09:37:00] <sbx> heheh for now i have tested the usecode, look at this demonstration pic
[09:38:11] <Yuv422> lol
[09:38:13] <Yuv422> great
[09:38:13] * sbx just kept clicking on the egg. :-)
[09:38:27] <Yuv422> we should put that on the forum.
[09:38:34] <Yuv422> might get a few laughs
[09:39:13] <sbx> heh
[09:39:14] <sbx> it would
[09:41:03] <sbx> did you see nuvie-14partygoers.gif?
[09:41:32] <Yuv422> nope
[09:43:05] <Yuv422> nice!
[09:43:12] <sbx> someone got lost that time
[09:43:20] <Yuv422> is the dog in your party?
[09:43:24] <sbx> and the others didnt take their place
[09:43:27] <sbx> yeah
[09:43:44] <Yuv422> a real flying wedge.
[09:43:49] <sbx> heh
[09:43:56] <sbx> you can do this
[09:44:05] <sbx> if you put a setting in the config
[09:44:14] <sbx> <party_all_the_time>yes</party_all_the_time>
[09:44:20] <sbx> and then ask anyone to join
[09:44:21] <Yuv422> ;)
[09:44:44] <sbx> for testing purposes only, of course
[09:44:53] <Yuv422> I'm just looking through a egg list
[09:45:00] <Yuv422> of course
[09:45:14] <Yuv422> there is only one egg in the game with an egg quality of 3
[09:46:29] <Yuv422> at 180 173 3
[09:46:42] <Yuv422> could you check the egg values in your savegame?
[09:46:48] <sbx> ok
[09:47:01] <sbx> I can enter alt-codes with keypad now
[09:47:21] <Yuv422> I was going to do that but never got around to it.
[09:47:41] <Yuv422> hmm
[09:47:46] <Yuv422> I can't teleport there
[09:47:59] <Yuv422> whoops
[09:48:04] <Yuv422> wrong coords
[09:48:09] <Yuv422> b4 ad 3
[09:48:20] <Yuv422> hehehe I was reading the decimal version
[09:49:20] <Yuv422> interesting a guard in a dungeon
[09:54:39] * Yuv422 thinks sbx has fallen off irc again
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[09:55:12] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> egg at b4, ad, 3 (180,173,3)
[09:55:12] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> objblk_n: 1307
[09:55:13] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> obj_n: 335
[09:55:15] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> frame_n: 0
[09:55:17] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Tile: 1256
[09:55:19] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Status: 00000000
[09:55:21] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Quantity: 50
[09:55:23] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Quality: 3
[09:55:25] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Container
[09:55:27] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> ---------
[09:55:29] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> guard
[09:55:31] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> objblk_n: 1308
[09:55:33] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> obj_n: 382
[09:55:35] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> frame_n: 0
[09:55:37] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Tile: 1632
[09:55:39] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Status: 00001000 ( CONT )
[09:55:41] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> parent_id = 283, y = 1, z = 15
[09:55:43] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Quantity: 3
[09:55:45] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> Quality: 8
[09:55:47] <EsBee-Eks> [03:58:39] <sbx> ---------
[09:55:49] --- EsBee-Eks is now known as SB-X
[09:56:01] <Yuv422> yup I have the same data
[09:56:36] <Yuv422> I loaded it in the original and the guards attack the mongbats
[09:56:46] <Yuv422> and you can talk to the guards as usual
[09:57:29] <SB-X> heh, ok
[09:57:33] <SB-X> 8 = combat worktype?
[09:57:40] <Yuv422> yup
[09:58:09] <SB-X> what does egg quality control?
[09:58:22] <SB-X> for the egg
[09:58:36] <Yuv422> that's what I'm trying to figure out
[09:59:11] <Yuv422> could you print an egg list and check to see if that egg is the only egg with quality 3?
[09:59:27] <Yuv422> I'm not sure it that value can change.
[10:00:04] <SB-X> yes it is
[10:00:11] <Yuv422> righto
[10:00:35] <SB-X> unless there are eggs in eggs
[10:00:44] <SB-X> i only checked for "\nQuality:"
[10:02:38] <SB-X> there are all kinds of qualities
[10:02:46] <Yuv422> yes
[10:03:54] <SB-X> is that time?
[10:04:21] <SB-X> no there is a 24
[10:04:34] <Yuv422> here's what the egg looks like after it has unloaded it's guards
[10:04:44] <Yuv422> sorry the actor in the egg
[10:04:46] <Yuv422> guard
[10:04:46] <Yuv422> objblk_n: 1363
[10:04:46] <Yuv422> obj_n: 382
[10:04:46] <Yuv422> frame_n: 0
[10:04:46] <Yuv422> Tile: 1632
[10:04:47] <Yuv422> Status: 00001000 ( CONT )
[10:04:49] <Yuv422> parent_id = 338, y = 833, z = 15
[10:04:51] <Yuv422> Quantity: 3
[10:04:53] <Yuv422> Quality: 8
[10:06:05] <SB-X> what i dont get it
[10:06:08] <SB-X> why does that change
[10:06:13] <SB-X> objblk and coords
[10:06:36] <Yuv422> this is the object in the egg container
[10:07:06] <SB-X> yeah
[10:07:40] <SB-X> i didnt know the data would change
[10:08:14] <Yuv422> they change alot
[10:08:40] <Yuv422> after the egg spawns
[10:09:36] <Yuv422> I'll respawn the egg in the original and see what happens
[10:11:26] <Yuv422> guard
[10:11:27] <Yuv422> objblk_n: 1342
[10:11:27] <Yuv422> obj_n: 382
[10:11:27] <Yuv422> frame_n: 0
[10:11:27] <Yuv422> Tile: 1632
[10:11:27] <Yuv422> Status: 00001000 ( CONT )
[10:11:29] <Yuv422> parent_id = 317, y = 833, z = 15
[10:11:31] <Yuv422> Quantity: 3
[10:11:33] <Yuv422> Quality: 8
[10:11:55] <Yuv422> I just went down a ladder then backup and the egg respawned
[10:15:56] <Yuv422> I did it again and got this
[10:16:08] <Yuv422> parent_id = 388, y = 1, z = 0
[10:21:07] <Yuv422> parent_id = 283, y = 385, z = 0
[10:21:25] <Yuv422> that's what I got when I went down the ladder and saved the game
[10:26:32] <Yuv422> I went up and down then saved again and got the following
[10:26:35] <Yuv422> parent_id = 283, y = 1, z = 0
[10:28:30] <SB-X> does the objblk keep changing
[10:28:50] <Yuv422> I haven't been checking
[10:28:59] <Yuv422> let me check
[10:30:46] <Yuv422> hmm I did it again and everything was the save
[10:30:49] <Yuv422> same
[10:31:11] <SB-X> 3 different values up there
[10:31:26] <Yuv422> same as the last time
[10:31:32] <SB-X> ok
[10:35:32] <SB-X> is quality the maximum spawned?
[10:35:55] <SB-X> no thats qty on the objects
[10:36:13] <Yuv422> and lots of eggs have quality 0
[10:37:18] <Yuv422> parent_id = 354, y = 1, z = 0
[10:37:25] <Yuv422> egg spawned
[10:38:49] <SB-X> something to do with then number of actors active?
[10:38:59] <SB-X> currently spawned
[10:39:17] <SB-X> temp actors
[10:39:28] <Yuv422> I don't think so as it only updates when the egg is active
[10:39:34] <Yuv422> I think
[10:41:07] <Yuv422> time for another complete egg list
[10:47:27] <SB-X> is there a gui widget function for the mouse leaving the area?
[10:47:30] <SB-X> or entering
[10:47:58] <Yuv422> Hmm I can't remember
[10:48:02] <Yuv422> let me check
[10:50:01] <Yuv422> You'll probably have to do it yourself in a mousemotion event
[10:50:48] <Yuv422> have a look at how it is handled with GUI buttons
[10:51:28] <SB-X> heh, you are right
[10:51:42] <SB-X> but for now i have changed when it walks from "mouse held down" to "mouse pressed"
[10:51:59] <SB-X> so it cant get stuck since it wont send mousedown when its out of the area
[10:53:16] <SB-X> I didn't know all that GUI stuff was already there
[10:53:34] <SB-X> so I had to put event_focus in event
[10:53:45] <Yuv422> hehe
[10:53:46] <SB-X> but I see it didnt need it, I can replace it later
[10:53:47] <Yuv422> :(
[10:53:56] <Yuv422> cool
[10:54:05] <Yuv422> I'm going to work on the GUI soon
[10:54:14] <Yuv422> to get it ready for the save game dialog
[10:54:14] <SB-X> let me in on the fun too
[10:54:25] <Yuv422> will do
[10:54:42] <SB-X> we should have a special nuvie dialog that does more than the supplied
[10:54:47] <Yuv422> I want to get the egg mystery solved first
[10:54:55] <SB-X> it is quite a mystery
[10:55:15] <Yuv422> yes
[10:55:27] <Yuv422> want to see a side by side diff of the egg list
[10:55:28] <Yuv422> ?
[10:55:44] <Yuv422> loads of eggs change
[10:56:14] <SB-X> just when you go down a ladder?
[10:56:19] <Yuv422> yes
[10:56:22] <SB-X> sure
[10:56:46] <SB-X> did you compare it to object locations in the objblks?
[10:56:55] <SB-X> they might have changed
[10:57:01] <Yuv422> yes
[10:57:07] <Yuv422> some object blocks change
[10:57:22] <Yuv422> but I have't looked to see if they match up with the obj numbers
[11:01:13] <SB-X> how about right-click to get/drop objects?
[11:01:29] <Yuv422> lol I have 1 mouse button.
[11:01:56] <SB-X> heh
[11:02:04] <SB-X> do you have some kind of button that emulates a right click
[11:02:25] <Yuv422> I think you can control click or is it alt click
[11:02:32] <Yuv422> something like that
[11:02:49] <SB-X> you can still drag the object to/from your inventory too
[11:02:55] <SB-X> we should also support dragging to actors
[11:03:25] <SB-X> you use .nuvierc? :)
[11:03:32] <Yuv422> yes & yes
[11:04:22] <SB-X> whats the first different egg?
[11:04:34] <Yuv422> do a search for |
[11:04:52] <Yuv422> | are the lines that differ
[11:05:09] <SB-X> oh GUI_Button::MouseMotion is real simple
[11:05:10] <SB-X> ok
[11:05:27] <Yuv422> egg at 5b, 1, 3
[11:05:45] <SB-X> the only thing i see in that first one...
[11:05:45] <Yuv422> all changes are on levels 3 and 4
[11:05:59] <SB-X> the objblk_n of the gold nugget in the egg is 2
[11:06:08] <SB-X> and y is increased by 2
[11:06:54] <SB-X> how can the objblk_n of items in the egg be different than that in the egg?
[11:06:58] <SB-X> dont they have to be in the same file
[11:07:03] <SB-X> the egg is 1
[11:07:20] <Yuv422> huh?
[11:07:32] <SB-X> wait what is objblk_n again?
[11:07:38] <SB-X> i confused myself
[11:07:43] <Yuv422> the order in the savegame file
[11:07:52] <Yuv422> or index if you like
[11:08:01] <Yuv422> bbl
[11:08:02] <SB-X> oh ok
[11:08:07] <SB-X> that makes sense then
[11:08:18] <SB-X> ok
[11:12:19] <SB-X> /* This is a very generic button widget - NOT ANY LONGER*/
[11:26:00] <SB-X> eek
[11:26:57] <SB-X> walking through Britain in 5 seconds... even the Avatar can't do that
[12:15:57] <Yuv422> huh?
[12:22:30] <Yuv422> hmm these numbers are in assending order
[12:22:40] <Yuv422> well x is any way
[12:22:48] <SB-X> hoy
[12:22:52] <SB-X> wb
[12:22:57] <Yuv422> ty
[12:23:20] <Yuv422> cat egg_diff.txt | grep "|" | grep parent | less
[12:25:01] <Yuv422> do you think it controls spawning?
[12:25:28] <Yuv422> maybe it is some sort of cache identifier?
[12:25:53] <Yuv422> or something internal to the game engine
[12:26:02] <Yuv422> what info do we still need to get from eggs?
[12:26:02] <SB-X> Z maybe
[12:26:31] <Yuv422> why do some eggs spawn at certain times?
[12:26:35] <SB-X> yeah
[12:27:09] <SB-X> we wont know what else we need until we see it isnt working right
[12:27:19] <Yuv422> true
[12:27:20] <SB-X> and right now all we do is put the monsters near the egg
[12:27:51] <SB-X> do you know what the answer selector looks like in FMTownsU6?
[12:28:01] <SB-X> the list of words that you can click
[12:28:31] <Yuv422> no. I haven't tried FMTownsU6 in the emu yet.
[12:30:37] <Yuv422> why do some obj x values point to the container
[12:30:40] <Yuv422> but others don't
[12:32:05] <SB-X> dont all those that dont have non 0 y values?
[12:32:36] <Yuv422> nope
[12:32:49] <Yuv422> it seems to switch at 1024
[12:33:10] <Yuv422> ah
[12:33:13] <Yuv422> I've got it
[12:34:00] <Yuv422> the next x is 13
[12:34:15] <SB-X> ?
[12:34:16] <Yuv422> which matches up with objblk_n 1037
[12:34:23] <Yuv422> 1024 + 13
[12:34:57] <SB-X> aye
[12:35:10] <Yuv422> the next one is 36
[12:35:21] <Yuv422> which matches up with the egg at 1060
[12:36:18] <Yuv422> how do we know to add 1024 to x?
[12:36:25] <Yuv422> y > 0?
[12:37:08] <Yuv422> because y is > 0 before we hit the 1024 mark
[12:37:38] <Yuv422> maybe bit 0 of y
[12:38:18] <SB-X> thats interesting
[12:38:20] <SB-X> what about z? :)
[12:38:49] <Yuv422> hmm y is odd after 1024
[12:38:54] <Yuv422> z can be zero
[12:40:49] <Yuv422> looks like y bit 0 is the key
[12:41:50] <Yuv422> hmm this means that a superchunk can have at most 2048 objects?
[12:42:24] <Yuv422> that doesn't sound good. :(
[12:42:34] <SB-X> isn't that a lot?
[12:42:41] <SB-X> for one superchunk
[12:44:07] * Yuv422 doesn't like limitations. ;)
[12:44:58] <SB-X> yeah that would seem unnecessary for nuvie
[12:45:05] <SB-X> for all we know someone could make a custom edited game for nuvie
[12:45:08] <SB-X> and want a giant city
[12:45:20] <SB-X> with multiple level buildings!
[12:45:38] <SB-X> which at this point isn't supported
[12:45:51] <SB-X> hey that's an idea
[12:45:54] * SB-X writes it down.
[12:46:14] <Yuv422> :)
[12:46:21] <SB-X> and we dont need the NPC limitaiton either
[12:46:31] <Yuv422> true
[12:46:59] <Yuv422> maybe we could support a third game type? custom.
[12:47:12] <Yuv422> make that forth game type. ;)
[12:47:33] <SB-X> oh i thought custom games would use one of the existing game-types
[12:47:34] <SB-X> but that works too
[12:47:43] <SB-X> when u6edit is released im going to make a Find Quenton's Murderer quest
[12:47:55] <Yuv422> the existing map structure is too limiting
[12:48:01] <Yuv422> cool
[12:48:21] <SB-X> you will have to investigate somewhere about his debts
[12:48:32] <SB-X> and then bring up your findings to michael
[12:48:40] <SB-X> then he will try to run away and you have to kill him
[12:48:49] <SB-X> and get something off his body and take it to the mayor of skara brae
[12:48:58] <SB-X> and then you can tell quentons ghost and he will disappear
[12:49:00] <Yuv422> that would generate a bit of excitement in the ultima community I bet.
[12:49:23] <SB-X> well I might not do it like that who knows
[12:49:39] <SB-X> it would get people interested in nuvie and the editors
[12:49:40] <Yuv422> sounds fun, whichever way you do it.
[12:49:46] <Yuv422> yes
[12:50:13] <Yuv422> well I'm pleased we got that x value sorted
[12:50:22] <SB-X> I don't think I get it still
[12:50:31] <Yuv422> one less thing we need to worry about
[12:50:41] <Yuv422> it just loops around 1024
[12:50:53] <Yuv422> so when it gets to 1024 it reverts to 1
[12:51:15] <Yuv422> so when they talk about parent_id 13
[12:51:29] <Yuv422> they are really talking about parent_id 1024 + 13
[12:51:46] <Yuv422> when I say parent_id I mean the objblk_n for the egg
[12:51:48] <Yuv422> or container
[12:52:19] <Yuv422> not sure what the rest of the y values or the z values mean yet.
[12:54:38] <Yuv422> have a look at this entry in egg_diff.txt
[12:54:40] <Yuv422> egg at aa, 8a, 3 (170,138,3)
[12:55:07] <Yuv422> this is the first egg with a objblk_n > 1024
[12:55:40] <Yuv422> this makes sense now
[12:56:01] <Yuv422> they needed to do that because x is a 10 bit number
[12:56:09] <Yuv422> which can only store up to 1024
[12:56:21] <Yuv422> silly me why didn't I realise this before.
[12:56:25] * Yuv422 slaps head
[13:01:08] * Yuv422 thinks SB-X needs to reset his connection again!
[13:02:17] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
[13:02:18] <-- SB-X has left IRC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[13:02:26] <sbx> thanks :|
[13:02:29] <Yuv422> wb
[13:02:41] <Yuv422> you really need to get that fixed. ;)
[13:02:54] <sbx> yeah
[13:03:01] <sbx> anyway the idea someone from u6o had was to let you keep playing after you finish the real quest
[13:03:04] <sbx> and suggested the monster stats be notched way up after that
[13:03:07] <sbx> and my idea is to switch on the custom npc dialog and quests after that
[13:03:22] <Yuv422> sounds good
[13:03:56] <sbx> heh
[13:03:56] <sbx> Ultima VI: Part 2
[13:04:02] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:04:05] <Yuv422> Nice!
[13:05:11] <Yuv422> we could each take an uncoccupied isle and patch in a house or two
[13:06:45] <sbx> heh
[13:07:07] <sbx> "you didn't notice this guy living on this island when you were playing U6, but it was there, trust us"
[13:09:01] <sbx> 0xd0c0c0c isnt a valid memory location is it?
[13:09:36] <Yuv422> hmm
[13:09:48] <Yuv422> that's a fairly big number
[13:10:05] <sbx> im going to guess not because it causes a segfault
[13:10:15] <sbx> somehow im setting a GUI widget to that
[13:10:30] <Yuv422> oh dear
[13:12:09] <Yuv422> I'm going to commit my container code change
[13:12:41] <sbx> oh already
[13:12:41] <sbx> cool
[13:12:59] <sbx> i get a segfault if i run past Finn and he talks to me
[13:13:04] <sbx> with them mouse
[13:13:06] <Yuv422> hehe cool
[13:13:11] <Yuv422> or not so cool
[13:13:18] <Yuv422> which ever way you look at it
[13:13:21] <sbx> lol
[13:13:24] <sbx> not very cool
[13:13:32] <Yuv422> ssh: connect to host cvs.sourceforge.net port 22: Connection refused
[13:13:33] <Yuv422> cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
[13:13:33] <sbx> after i exit his conversation shamino's portrait shows up behind the inventory
[13:13:42] <sbx> and it segfaults when i quit
[13:13:45] <sbx> i got that earlier
[13:14:21] <Yuv422> looks like my update might have to wait.
[13:21:20] <sbx> it is time to add PlayerActions too
[13:21:34] <Yuv422> what's that?
[13:21:54] <sbx> we could make that a container for functions the player can perform
[13:22:00] <sbx> and move them from Event into PlayerActions
[13:22:11] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:22:17] <sbx> and also move the MODE thing to a PlayerAction state
[13:22:19] <Yuv422> like use/look/get/move
[13:22:22] <sbx> yeah
[13:22:26] <sbx> and some extras
[13:22:35] <Yuv422> I think we should re work events
[13:22:42] <Yuv422> and the GUI at the same time
[13:22:59] <sbx> fortunately if we do PlayerAction first, all we have to do is move those functions out
[13:23:09] <sbx> so no major reworking will be required
[13:23:24] <Yuv422> what will event end up with?
[13:23:35] <Yuv422> should it be the event dispatcher?
[13:23:52] <sbx> handle event, handle events, gui, timers, maybe alt-code
[13:24:21] <Yuv422> should the gui prcess events first
[13:24:33] <Yuv422> then pass them to event if no widget claims them?
[13:24:41] <Yuv422> that's what happens now
[13:24:49] <Yuv422> well sort of
[13:24:54] <sbx> good sounds if you can move the dialog stuff out of Event
[13:24:58] <sbx> er
[13:25:00] <sbx> sounds good
[13:25:04] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:25:10] <Yuv422> talking like Yoda
[13:25:10] <sbx> why i laugh?
[13:25:24] <Yuv422> yes
[13:25:28] <sbx> confused i am
[13:25:42] <sbx> but anyway, i figure it is time to put some player actions in now because we can consolidate code that way
[13:25:44] <Yuv422> well dialog is Nuvie specific
[13:25:49] <sbx> right now ive got 2 USE functions
[13:26:00] <sbx> one in mapwindow (which means a lot of stuff must be included in mapwindow) and the one in event
[13:26:17] <sbx> and we need another in InventoryView unless we just move it all to one use plaeraction
[13:26:18] <Yuv422> just think modular
[13:26:19] <sbx> playeraction*
[13:26:48] <sbx> i know what you mean
[13:26:52] <Yuv422> yep
[13:26:55] <sbx> but they have to print a lot of the same things too
[13:27:17] <sbx> it would help if it was seperated into 2 or 3 playeractions
[13:27:39] <sbx> another reason is event syncronization
[13:27:47] <sbx> and player control
[13:27:53] <sbx> you shouldnt be able to do anything while autowalking
[13:27:55] <Yuv422> where should global events go?
[13:27:57] <sbx> or while talking to someone
[13:28:07] <sbx> so you would set player action state to TALKING or whatever
[13:28:12] <Yuv422> things like global key combos save/ load/ quit etc
[13:28:20] <sbx> event i guess
[13:28:21] <sbx> for now
[13:28:34] <sbx> i don't want to do too much, so we can release soon
[13:28:42] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:28:58] <Yuv422> maybe we should release then rework
[13:29:40] <Yuv422> It is fairly stable now
[13:29:49] <Yuv422> well no real show stopper bugs
[13:30:03] <Yuv422> so I think we can make a release version soon
[13:30:21] <Yuv422> just make sure we give it a suitably low version number
[13:30:30] <sbx> -PI
[13:30:35] <Yuv422> 0.0.1
[13:30:36] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:30:38] <sbx> or that
[13:30:41] <sbx> im not sure adding a PlayerActions container would require much change
[13:31:04] <sbx> but i need to finish these mouse things
[13:31:09] <sbx> and Drop
[13:31:11] <Yuv422> righto
[13:31:13] <sbx> and AnimManager
[13:31:17] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:31:25] <Yuv422> we'll never get to release. ;)
[13:31:33] <Yuv422> just got to add this little feature. ;)
[13:31:44] <Yuv422> oh wait... how about I sneak this in. ;)
[13:31:48] <sbx> lol
[13:31:51] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:32:01] <Yuv422> I guess we aren't in any sort of hurry
[13:32:14] <Yuv422> which is nice
[13:32:27] <sbx> GalleonDragon complimented the nuvie team yesterday and predicted nuvie will be complete this year
[13:32:46] <Yuv422> cool
[13:32:50] <Yuv422> I think he might be right
[13:32:55] <Yuv422> well for u6 at least
[13:32:59] <Yuv422> wht do you think?
[13:33:01] <Yuv422> what
[13:33:33] <sbx> at first I didn't but it is possible
[13:34:00] <Yuv422> well howabout playable to completion?
[13:34:13] <sbx> oh we can do that in the next version
[13:34:20] <Yuv422> :)
[13:34:43] <Yuv422> the project isn't even a year old yet. ;)
[13:34:45] <sbx> paul gilbert will help to stabilize the talk driver
[13:34:55] <sbx> and then we just finish the usecode for the key objects
[13:35:04] <sbx> and we can then post "you can complete U6!"
[13:35:19] <sbx> even if combat isnt implemented :P
[13:35:20] * Yuv422 looks forward to the day that message goes on the website.
[13:35:51] <sbx> well hopefully put a little more eloquently
[13:36:11] <sbx> well no that sounds good
[13:36:12] <sbx> heh
[13:36:36] <Yuv422> "U6 playable now... Nuvie.. ok can complete full game great!"
[13:36:51] <Yuv422> any better?
[13:37:01] <sbx> add "DOWNLOAD PLZ HERE -> (click)"
[13:37:15] <Yuv422> :)
[13:37:26] <sbx> combat technically isnt even necessary
[13:37:33] <Yuv422> true
[13:37:59] <sbx> even in the original you could get past the gargoyles in some ways
[13:38:01] <sbx> without fighting
[13:38:01] <Yuv422> it pads the game out nicely though
[13:38:13] <Yuv422> invisible spells etc
[13:38:16] <sbx> yeah it certainly isn't complete if they just stand around
[13:38:23] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:38:36] <Yuv422> They're just tired
[13:39:04] <Yuv422> don't forget they had to walk through all those dungeons to get to the human world.
[13:39:10] <Yuv422> anyway
[13:39:12] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:39:13] <sbx> heh
[13:39:17] <sbx> if we make the game playable after the end, there might be some gargoyles in britannia you can talk to
[13:39:17] <sbx> bye
[13:39:19] <Yuv422> got to work tomorrow
[13:39:27] <Yuv422> cya
[13:39:42] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("[BX] Amount of time you people were funny: --8 minutes -2 seconds")
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[16:14:09] <sbx> bye
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