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[11:30:00] <Yuv422> hello
[11:57:15] <sbx|afk> hey yuv
[11:57:18] <sbx|afk> how ya been?
[12:05:36] <Yuv422> hmm
[12:05:45] <Yuv422> my irc seems to be playing up again.
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[12:06:05] <Yuv422> hi sbx
[12:06:08] <Yuv422> I'm good
[12:06:15] <Yuv422> how about yourself?
[12:07:33] <sbx|afk> I'm OK
[12:07:37] <sbx|afk> my IRC is fine :)
[12:07:46] <sbx|afk> but im tired right now
[12:07:51] <Yuv422> :)
[12:08:10] <Yuv422> yeah it must be late/early for you ATM
[12:08:25] <Yuv422> It's 11:08PM here
[12:08:26] <sbx|afk> yeah
[12:08:34] <sbx|afk> heh
[12:08:37] <sbx|afk> ive been keeping up with exult3d
[12:08:45] <Yuv422> not really
[12:08:49] <Yuv422> How's it going?
[12:08:49] <sbx|afk> it has 3dmodels now
[12:08:55] <Yuv422> neat
[12:09:06] <sbx|afk> mountains/trees/avatar
[12:09:26] <sbx|afk>
[12:09:47] * Yuv422 looks
[12:10:20] <Yuv422> It's looking good
[12:11:06] <sbx|afk> there are some more pics on exult forum
[12:11:31] <sbx|afk> did yyou see the forum post about u6edit/md?
[12:11:39] * Yuv422 looks at 3d corn
[12:11:43] <Yuv422> yup
[12:11:52] <Yuv422> just replied to it.
[12:11:56] <sbx|afk> heh
[12:12:00] <sbx|afk> avatar of the corn
[12:12:05] <sbx|afk> ok good
[12:12:09] <Yuv422> ;)
[12:12:27] <Yuv422> I've added a link for U6edit to our links section too.
[12:13:16] <Yuv422> servus_: Does exult3d have a homepage of its own?
[12:15:21] <sbx|afk> i wouldve added link but I don't know how to edit webpage
[12:15:32] <Yuv422> eally?
[12:15:32] <sbx|afk> i guess its in cvs though
[12:15:33] <Yuv422> +r
[12:15:38] <Yuv422> yup
[12:15:41] <Yuv422> in the web
[12:15:44] <Yuv422> module
[12:15:55] <sbx|afk> ok
[12:16:02] <Yuv422> :)
[12:16:31] <sbx|afk> can we add some instructions on download page, at least pointing to the docs?
[12:16:49] <sbx|afk> someone messaged me saying it would help because they didnt know how to install it
[12:16:50] <Yuv422> sure
[12:16:57] <sbx|afk> but at the time i forgot we had a docs page :)
[12:17:05] <sbx|afk> or I would have mentioned it
[12:17:32] <sbx|afk> by "install" I mean play the windows snapshot
[12:20:00] <Yuv422> the download page is
[12:20:27] <Yuv422> web/templates/en/downloads.template
[12:21:17] <sbx|afk> ok thx
[12:21:44] <Yuv422> there is a slight problem with getting your changes online though
[12:21:55] <Yuv422> because it is checked out in my name
[12:22:04] <Yuv422> on the sf webserver
[12:24:33] <sbx|afk> i see
[12:24:38] <sbx|afk> so what happens
[12:25:10] <Yuv422> I guess I have to update the webserver
[12:25:24] <Yuv422> after you commit your changes
[12:25:33] <sbx|afk> heh ok
[12:27:20] <sbx|afk> well I'm going back to sleep for now
[12:27:23] <sbx|afk> cya
[12:27:31] <Yuv422> cya
[12:28:43] <wjp> you should make all htdocs files group-writable
[12:28:54] <wjp> then all members of the nuvie group can update the webpage
[12:28:57] <Yuv422> hi wp
[12:29:00] <Yuv422> wjp
[12:29:01] <Yuv422> :)
[12:29:02] <wjp> hi :-)
[12:29:08] <Yuv422> yes that's a good idea
[12:29:29] <wjp> for exult and pentagram we have an update.sh script in the htdocs dir that does a cvs update followed by a recursive chmod
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[13:10:19] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:10:21] <Yuv422> cya
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