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[00:54:08] <Kirben> unpack_conv seems broken at the moment, due to others changes since.
[00:55:21] <Kirben> I changed u6def.h include to nuvieDefs.h but it uses several U6Lib_n functions were are disabled/removed.
[00:58:35] <Yuv422> ah k
[00:58:58] <Yuv422> we should probably update that then. :)
[00:59:11] <Yuv422> have you seen u6edit?
[00:59:15] <Yuv422> it looks good
[00:59:38] <Kirben> I saw mention in forum but have not checked it out.
[01:04:45] <Kirben> It does look really good, unfortunately no binaries yet.
[01:05:01] <Yuv422> yeah
[01:09:21] <Yuv422> I was thinking we might do a release soon
[01:10:27] <Kirben> Yes would be good to have an official release for all.
[01:13:14] <Yuv422> have you tried u6o?
[01:33:47] <Yuv422> bbl
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[03:02:19] <Yuv422> hi
[03:10:01] <SB-X> hey yuv
[03:10:19] * SB-X catches up on #nuvie logs.
[03:11:40] <Yuv422> :)
[03:12:11] <Yuv422> that shouldn't take too long.
[03:14:10] <SB-X> BitchX: for distribution only with a new PC
[03:15:12] <Yuv422> how hard would it be to make monsters either run towards or away from the player?
[03:16:22] <SB-X> ZPath already makes somebody move towards a target so you just flip the directions (1->-1) to go in the other direction
[03:16:39] <SB-X> we can make a monster pathfinder
[03:16:51] <Yuv422> cool
[03:16:54] <SB-X> ah, unpack_conv has been broken for a while too
[03:17:01] <SB-X> not just with recent changes
[03:17:11] <SB-X> at least we know it wouldnt write
[03:17:29] <Yuv422> it was probably broken when we changed to the NuvieIO classes?
[03:17:37] <SB-X> yeah
[03:17:45] <SB-X> it isnt a top priority for me atm
[03:18:00] <SB-X> but actually i have been neglectful on the rest too
[03:18:11] <SB-X> if we are planning to release soon
[03:19:35] <SB-X> you tried u6edit now?
[03:19:52] <SB-X> oh you already had
[03:19:59] <Yuv422> I don't think it has been released yet
[03:20:40] <SB-X> wait whats u6edit?
[03:20:43] <SB-X> :)
[03:20:51] <Yuv422> check the forum
[03:20:59] <SB-X> ok
[03:23:02] <SB-X> oh man
[03:23:06] <SB-X> so many new messages
[03:25:33] <SB-X> DreamMaster know about pu6e?
[03:25:33] <Yuv422> hehe
[03:25:43] <Yuv422> I'm not sure
[03:29:06] <Yuv422> u6edit looks like it will do quite a lot
[03:29:21] <Yuv422> and he's using your coverse script syntax
[03:29:38] <Yuv422> for his script decompiler
[03:29:57] <SB-X> that pleases me
[03:30:01] <Yuv422> :)
[03:30:12] <SB-X> though i feel sorry if he had to read through my description of the converse format
[03:30:16] <SB-X> because its a little too long i think
[03:31:11] <SB-X> when there is more to add to it, i will also rewrite some of the text
[03:31:19] <SB-X> when i get the chance
[03:31:41] <Yuv422> better too long than no description at all
[03:31:45] * SB-X is still looking at messages before visiting u6edit page.
[03:31:52] <Yuv422> ah k
[03:34:49] <SB-X> did you put darkness in dungeons?
[03:35:49] <Yuv422> yes
[03:36:01] <Yuv422> using your dungeon check method
[03:36:34] <SB-X> oh good
[03:36:36] <SB-X> that is what it was for
[03:36:40] <SB-X> but it could be used for other things
[03:36:54] <SB-X> do you know exactly where you can dig with the shovel?
[03:37:11] <Yuv422> nope
[03:37:15] <SB-X> right now it just checks if your in a dungeon but i think thats incorrect
[03:37:35] <Yuv422> maybe there are some ground objects on the map
[03:37:40] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz....")
[03:37:43] <Yuv422> it might check that way
[03:38:30] <SB-X> maybe if the ground objects block the dig
[03:38:37] <SB-X> because you can dig pretty much anywhere in the dungeons
[03:38:57] <SB-X> but not the cave walls or stone walls
[03:39:27] <SB-X> do you have an FM-Towns emu?
[03:39:46] <SB-X> oh nm
[03:42:23] <Yuv422> I might look into getting the emu running on my win32 machine
[03:42:54] <Yuv422> but I was only really interested in the dialog
[03:43:07] <Yuv422> which we can listen to without an emu now ;)
[03:44:48] <Yuv422> did you see the news post on the main site?
[03:47:39] <SB-X> now i have
[03:47:39] <SB-X> its good
[03:47:39] <SB-X> why not use the current ChangeLog link?
[03:47:51] <SB-X> i mean the link to cvs
[03:47:56] <Yuv422> hmm
[03:48:25] <Yuv422> it's a little easier this way
[03:48:32] <SB-X> im not suggesting it just asking :)
[03:49:02] <SB-X> my local cvs still has the beginning of animation support
[03:49:12] <SB-X> do you think a view should have it's own animmanager?
[03:49:27] <Yuv422> ??
[03:49:31] <SB-X> which maintains a list of NuvieAnims and updates them
[03:49:38] <Yuv422> animation support?
[03:49:51] <SB-X> sprite anims
[03:49:56] <Yuv422> for the intro?
[03:50:07] <SB-X> like for boomerangs :)
[03:50:14] <Yuv422> ah k
[03:50:29] <Yuv422> hmm
[03:50:35] <Yuv422> should it be in Mapwindow
[03:50:43] <SB-X> boomerangs should be fun to animate too :)
[03:50:52] <SB-X> yeah MapWindow has its own AnimManager atm
[03:51:12] <SB-X> so no need to worry about clipping from there
[03:51:45] <Yuv422> explosions will be fun too. :)
[03:52:04] <Yuv422> what about the earth shaking effect
[03:52:07] <SB-X> i think of SuperBomberman for SNES when i see the explosions
[03:52:13] <SB-X> they come from center and radiate outwards
[03:52:20] <Yuv422> yeah
[03:52:33] <SB-X> the earthquakes are probably best done just as a function of mapwindow
[03:52:46] <Yuv422> yeah
[03:53:07] <Yuv422> we've got to add invisible actors too
[03:53:35] <Yuv422> and the other magical effects
[03:53:42] <SB-X> hmm
[03:53:51] <SB-X> oh when you said invisible i was thinking hide()
[03:53:52] <Yuv422> also fading a tile off the map
[03:53:55] <SB-X> but you mean with the palette
[03:54:00] <Yuv422> yeah
[03:54:15] <Yuv422> well I think it was only show the black pixels
[03:54:21] <Yuv422> for invisible
[03:54:24] <SB-X> as light blue
[03:54:29] <Yuv422> yeah
[03:54:48] <Yuv422> mayb we could alpha-blit the tile on for an added effect
[03:55:13] <Yuv422> so the whole actor is transparent
[03:55:15] <SB-X> the black and white potions make some interesting sound effects too, you cant tell on a modern computer tell unless you run u6 in moslo and have a pc speaker
[03:55:51] <SB-X> exult-like transparency
[03:56:12] * Yuv422 tried to remember what it looked like in exult
[03:56:22] <Yuv422> tried = tries
[03:56:28] <SB-X> probably like it looked in u7
[03:56:34] <Yuv422> hehe
[03:57:12] <SB-X> sometimes i dont think of it, but nuvie can have many graphical improvements (optional) over u6
[03:57:59] <SB-X> blue potion is wake up btw
[03:58:06] <Yuv422> ah k
[04:00:12] <Yuv422> I think we should release soon
[04:00:40] <Yuv422> just got to work out a version numbering scheme
[04:00:46] <Yuv422> 0.1.0
[04:00:49] <SB-X> today?
[04:00:58] <Yuv422> hehe probably not today
[04:01:07] <SB-X> you want a branch scheme?
[04:01:14] <Yuv422> yes
[04:01:16] <Yuv422> probably
[04:01:37] <SB-X> maybe
[04:01:51] <SB-X> ...sort of
[04:01:51] <SB-X> :)
[04:01:53] <Yuv422> possibly
[04:03:10] <Yuv422> is there anything you want to fix/add before our first release?
[04:03:14] <SB-X> these screenshots are nice
[04:03:18] <SB-X> yes everything
[04:03:25] <Yuv422> hehe me too
[04:03:31] <Yuv422> that's why we never release.
[04:03:43] <Yuv422> which screenshots?
[04:03:45] <SB-X> well mainly the input inconsistencies
[04:03:53] <SB-X> and some conversation glitches that i reported
[04:03:58] <SB-X> u6edit screenshots
[04:04:01] <Yuv422> ah k
[04:04:10] <Yuv422> I want to rework MsgScroll
[04:04:20] <Yuv422> to fix the scrolling issues
[04:04:29] <Yuv422> and make it easier to use
[04:04:35] <SB-X> usecode needs a way to get input from msgscroll
[04:04:41] <Yuv422> maybe even add a scrollback buffer
[04:04:46] <SB-X> but i dont think it has to be done before release
[04:04:53] <SB-X> scrollback will be nice :)
[04:04:54] <Yuv422> right
[04:04:59] <Yuv422> yeah.
[04:05:10] <Yuv422> I was thinking of adding the little arrows
[04:05:20] <Yuv422> and maybe some key combos
[04:05:23] <SB-X> heh
[04:05:24] <Yuv422> for scrolling back
[04:05:33] <Yuv422> like shift-pageUp
[04:05:38] <Yuv422> linux style
[04:06:22] <SB-X> how do you think key combos should be written in a binds file?
[04:06:43] <Yuv422> they could go into the config file?
[04:06:59] <Yuv422> or do you think they should be in a seperate file?
[04:07:14] <SB-X> i think they should be in their own, and people can change the file to use different styles
[04:07:19] <SB-X> u6 classic
[04:07:24] <SB-X> nuvie enhanced
[04:07:29] <SB-X> and point to it from the nuvie config
[04:07:39] <Yuv422> ah k
[04:07:49] <SB-X> but i was wondering how you would define a combo or modded key
[04:08:23] <Yuv422> <shift> + k
[04:08:33] <Yuv422> or <shift> + <+>
[04:08:37] <Yuv422> hehe
[04:08:50] <SB-X> good enough for me
[04:08:53] <SB-X> woah
[04:08:57] <SB-X> well I have to go for now
[04:09:06] <SB-X> but bbl in a few hours (tomorrow at least)
[04:09:29] <Yuv422> k cya
[04:09:33] <SB-X> bye
[04:09:38] <-- SB-X has left IRC ()
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[08:06:44] <Yuv422> wb SB-X
[08:06:51] <SB-X> ty
[08:11:01] <SB-X> damn thought i had wxwindows, i just have wxgtk
[08:11:08] * SB-X tries to install Audacity.
[08:11:33] <Yuv422> I've got audacity on my mac
[08:11:37] <Yuv422> it's quite good
[08:12:04] <SB-X> i was going to get it for win95 but they dont have it for win95 (just 98+)
[08:12:18] <SB-X> so im building the linux one
[08:12:47] <SB-X> wxGTK says its wxWindows
[08:13:38] * Yuv422 cheated and downloaded a binary
[08:14:46] * SB-X usually gets dependency errors then :(
[08:17:04] <Yuv422> yeah
[08:17:22] * Yuv422 checks to see what is linked into his copy
[08:17:47] <SB-X> make starts
[08:19:00] <Yuv422> [g4:~/Apps/Audio/audacity-macosx-1.2.0pre2] eric% otool -L Audacity.app
[08:19:00] <Yuv422> Audacity.app:
[08:19:00] <Yuv422> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudio (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1.0.0)
[08:19:00] <Yuv422> /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioUnit.framework/Versions/A/AudioUnit (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1.0.0)
[08:19:01] <Yuv422> /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioToolbox.framework/Versions/A/AudioToolbox (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1.0.0)
[08:19:04] <Yuv422> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Carbon (compatibility version 2.0.0, current version 122.0.0)
[08:19:07] <Yuv422> /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 63.0.0)
[08:19:09] <Yuv422> /usr/lib/libz.1.1.3.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1.1.3)
[08:20:46] <SB-X> ah
[08:20:46] <SB-X> i think that is all mac stuff
[08:20:53] <SB-X> except libz
[08:21:19] <SB-X> does macosx have ldd?
[08:22:14] <Yuv422> nope
[08:22:43] <Yuv422> It has a different dynamic lib system
[08:26:03] * Yuv422 wonders if SB-X is planning to record some sound effects for Nuvie?
[08:29:59] <Kirben> What sound effects will be used for Ultima 6 ? Amiga verion's ?
[08:30:35] <Yuv422> were the amiga sfxs any good?
[08:30:50] <Yuv422> I think the FM-Towns version has sfxs too
[08:31:36] <Kirben> I have not tried out Amiga verisons myself, but it would be better than pc speaker for sure. FM Towns could be even better, did it used sampled sound effects ?
[08:31:50] <Yuv422> I think so
[08:32:49] * Yuv422 looks at the FM-Towns files
[08:33:13] <Yuv422> -r-xr-xr-x 1 eric staff 32000 18 Oct 13:43 SOUNDS1.DAT
[08:33:13] <Yuv422> -r-xr-xr-x 1 eric staff 807942 18 Oct 13:43 SOUNDS2.DAT
[08:33:42] <Yuv422> that file size would suggest sampled sfx
[08:37:43] <Yuv422> I wonder if they are in the same format as the dialog audio?
[08:38:58] <Kirben> Hope so, would make them easy to extract.
[08:43:30] <Yuv422> bbl
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[10:24:26] <Yuv422> yup looks like they are sfx samples
[10:24:53] * Yuv422 listens to a glass smashing and a bell chimeing
[10:26:18] <Yuv422> I'm not sure what's in the first file
[10:26:34] <Yuv422> it doesn' appear to be lib packed
[10:26:39] <Yuv422> the second file is
[10:26:45] <Yuv422> but it isn't lzw compressed
[10:26:50] <Yuv422> like the dialog audio
[10:39:25] <Yuv422> cool they've got all the magic sylables
[10:41:35] <Yuv422> there's 40 samples in the SOUNDS2.DAT file
[12:45:11] <Yuv422> the first file is LZW compressed then a standard lib_32
[12:45:29] <Yuv422> which has 11 short sounds
[12:59:40] <Yuv422> Hmm they've got a duck quacking sound
[13:18:35] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:18:36] <Yuv422> cya
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