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[07:12:25] <SB-X> hi
[07:19:48] <Yuv422> hi SBX
[07:21:38] <Yuv422> do you still need the write operations in U6Lib_n?
[07:22:04] <SB-X> unpack_conv uses them
[07:22:07] <SB-X> but im not working on it
[07:22:59] <Yuv422> hmm well I've broken write support when I added support for MD & SE
[07:23:11] <Yuv422> I haven't commited it yet.
[07:23:58] <SB-X> since read and write were not compatible it probably isnt a bad thing, we can fix write support
[07:24:14] <SB-X> unless someone tries to compile and use unpack_conv for writing soon
[07:24:24] <Yuv422> it's just ifdefed out atm
[07:24:47] <Yuv422> I think we should rework the file loading stuff a bit
[07:25:02] <Yuv422> maybe have a generic read/write class
[07:25:12] <Yuv422> which is subclassed to handle files etc
[07:25:51] <Yuv422> so then other classes could read from files or buffers transparently
[07:26:11] <Yuv422> I might look into that when we add save support. ;)
[07:26:42] <SB-X> so... do worlds of ultima work perfect now? :)
[07:27:00] <SB-X> it sounds like it, sometimes
[07:27:04] <Yuv422> hehe what do you mean by perfect!? ;)
[07:27:16] <SB-X> hmm
[07:27:29] <SB-X> dunno
[07:27:35] <SB-X> how about where i can walk around?
[07:27:46] <Yuv422> have you tried running MD or SE with nuvie?
[07:28:20] <SB-X> nope
[07:28:45] <Yuv422> I think I'll work on getting the backgrounds loaded
[07:29:06] <Yuv422> it looks dodgy ATM as they both use the U6 background ;)
[07:29:19] <SB-X> background?
[07:29:28] <SB-X> the parchment thing?
[07:29:33] <Yuv422> yes.
[07:30:37] <SB-X> oh i get it
[07:30:58] <SB-X> i didn't remeber how the other games' were different
[07:34:23] * Yuv422 alt-214's out of the capsule. ;)
[07:35:38] <Yuv422> I wonder what's in system.lzc??
[07:38:28] * SB-X boggles at the idea.
[07:41:28] <Yuv422> hmm this system file is strange
[07:41:35] <Yuv422> lots of 0xe9
[07:41:41] <Yuv422> in what looks like a header
[07:41:46] <Yuv422> then loads of 0x0
[07:42:10] <Yuv422> then a few block of data
[07:42:38] * Yuv422 wonders if this could be a usecode system??
[07:42:52] <SB-X> that would be sweet
[07:43:06] <SB-X> but i didn't expect it to have anything like that
[07:43:12] <SB-X> (in datafiles)
[07:43:19] <Yuv422> me neither
[07:45:19] <Yuv422> here's the data at the start of the first item
[07:45:27] <Yuv422> E9 95 21 E9 AB 21 E9 99 2A E9 A6 2A E9 37 33 E9
[07:45:28] <Yuv422> 99 34 E9 FA 2A E9 A5 2B E9 A5 21 E9 F2 35 E9 1F
[07:45:28] <Yuv422> 2A E9 EF 35 E9 6E 2D E9 6C 2D E9 75 25 E9 28 24
[07:45:28] <Yuv422> E9 A1 30 E9 43 27 E9 0D 28 E9 5B 28 E9 AD 28 E9
[07:45:28] <Yuv422> 1D 2D E9 94 24 E9 C6 28 E9 5E 29 E9 A4 2C E9 5F
[07:45:28] <Yuv422> 2D 90 00 00 40 01 C8 00 00 00 00 00
[07:46:18] <Yuv422> after that there is about 0x1f9e worth of 00
[07:47:52] <SB-X> something like, syscall numbers?
[07:47:56] <SB-X> or intrinsics
[07:48:00] <SB-X> except the e9
[07:48:12] <Yuv422> some of the data at the bottom of the file looks like it could be images
[07:48:13] <SB-X> which defines the type of action this is?
[07:48:18] <SB-X> ooh
[07:48:54] <SB-X> you're not missing any other images from MD?
[07:49:10] <Yuv422> not sure yet.
[07:55:13] <Yuv422> hehe most files in MD are libs
[07:55:23] <Yuv422> which contain 1 item.
[07:55:43] <SB-X> does MD tend to use more disk space than U6?
[07:55:52] <SB-X> except for having lib3s
[07:56:27] <Yuv422> hmm it's got more graphics
[07:56:34] <Yuv422> and more converse data
[07:56:52] <Yuv422> intro graphics that is
[07:57:11] <Yuv422> the implementation looks alot cleaner.
[07:57:42] <Yuv422> the underlying map system hasn't changed at all thankfully. ;)
[07:58:01] <Yuv422> they still use schedule
[07:58:09] <Yuv422> and all the other map related files
[07:58:24] <Yuv422> objtiles maptiles tileflag etc
[07:58:37] <Yuv422> map, chunks
[07:59:01] <SB-X> it looks like they really improved things after u6
[07:59:18] <Yuv422> yeah.
[07:59:24] <SB-X> and that se and md have more in common with eachother than u6
[07:59:34] <SB-X> u6 being the early model
[08:01:10] <Yuv422> hmm md.tim
[08:01:21] <Yuv422> looks combat related
[08:01:29] <Yuv422> or at least object related
[08:02:30] <SB-X> what would .tim mean?
[08:03:02] <Yuv422> it's hard working out what these files do. :(
[08:03:18] <Yuv422> SE has a savage.tim file too
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[08:03:48] <Yuv422> both md.tim and savage.tim have three entries
[08:03:59] <Yuv422> timing?
[08:04:35] <SB-X> -_-
[08:04:46] <SB-X> once everything you do know is implemented, and then the data that is still unknown will be isolated and easier to work through
[08:05:02] <Yuv422> true
[08:05:11] <SB-X> so... does it look like timing data? :)
[08:05:11] <SB-X> heh heh
[08:05:19] --- animeloe is now known as Eclair
[08:05:37] <Yuv422> there is some text at the start that says "Thud"
[08:05:50] <Yuv422> then "Takedamage"
[08:06:09] <Yuv422> "Givedam "
[08:06:20] <Yuv422> "Missed "
[08:06:33] <Yuv422> "Sucess "
[08:06:43] <Yuv422> "Success "
[08:06:55] <SB-X> the last one kinda looks out of place
[08:07:05] <Yuv422> "Failure "
[08:07:12] <Yuv422> "Laser"
[08:07:16] <SB-X> and that one
[08:07:16] <SB-X> oh
[08:07:18] <SB-X> sound?
[08:07:25] <Yuv422> "Creeeck"
[08:07:31] <SB-X> lol
[08:07:38] <Yuv422> hmm sounds like it
[08:07:50] <Yuv422> "Gong"
[08:07:56] <Yuv422> "Falling"
[08:08:02] <Yuv422> "Lever"
[08:08:12] <Yuv422> "Door"
[08:08:55] <Yuv422> "Tambourine"
[08:09:13] <Yuv422> definately looks like it is sound realated
[08:10:12] <SB-X> sounds like it is related to sound yep
[08:10:24] <SB-X> but only 3 items?
[08:11:13] <SB-X> if its a lot of data it could be the sound, if not then it is an sfx # or a midi effect?
[08:11:39] <Yuv422> at 0x10, 0x304f, 0x46a0
[08:13:28] <Yuv422> they seem to be 0xf7 bytes each
[08:14:38] <SB-X> sound is something nuvie isnt close to in u6 either
[08:14:51] <Yuv422> hehe
[08:15:23] <Yuv422> know anyone interested in helping out with sound?
[08:16:51] <SB-X> no but im sure there are many
[08:17:01] <SB-X> i just dont know them
[08:17:42] <Yuv422> hmm it might be sound headers in item 1
[08:17:48] <Yuv422> then sound data in item 2
[08:17:58] <SB-X> oh all the text is in 1?
[08:18:02] <SB-X> i thought it was mixed up
[08:18:10] <Yuv422> text and data in 1
[08:18:13] <Yuv422> no text in 2
[08:18:49] <SB-X> why would they all be the same size?
[08:20:53] <Yuv422> in section 1
[08:21:14] <Yuv422> who knows what the data looks like in the other two sections
[08:24:25] <SB-X> oh
[08:24:47] <SB-X> if 1 is an index than some of the "subitems" may point to 2 and others to 1
[08:24:52] <SB-X> others to 3*
[08:24:58] <SB-X> or outside the file entirely
[08:26:23] <Yuv422> 50 samples
[08:26:37] <Yuv422> each header? is 247 bytes
[08:27:20] <SB-X> sound samples? definitely?
[08:27:51] <Yuv422> oh well better not spend to much time on that now. ;)
[08:28:32] <SB-X> the entire file could be one sound format with sections, like voc
[08:28:33] <SB-X> k
[08:29:09] <Yuv422> I guess we could just run a player over it in raw mode
[08:29:09] * SB-X yawns.
[08:30:51] <SB-X> unless its encoded
[08:30:54] <SB-X> but be my guest
[08:31:45] * Yuv422 blows up his speakers while trying to play encoded music in raw mode. ;)
[08:31:55] <SB-X> oops
[08:31:55] <SB-X> :)
[09:23:08] <Yuv422> maku's shape class loads straight from a lib file
[09:23:44] <Yuv422> I think I'll change it to a instance per shape model
[09:34:41] * SB-X is away: ...food...
[09:54:30] <Yuv422> time to go
[09:54:33] <Yuv422> cya
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