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[03:57:40] <SB-X> lo everybody
[03:59:08] * SB-X has a few code changes to merge in, but doesn't want to go to the trouble of doing it at this hour.
[03:59:55] * SB-X thinks it needs some more "tweaks" anyway.
[03:59:58] <SB-X> so, bbl
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[04:51:22] * servus downloads CVS in hopes to become motivated enough to OpenGL-ize it and add a wrapper
[04:58:21] <servus> Eek, link errors!
[04:58:53] <servus> Is the newest CVS not stable in MSVC++?
[05:01:15] <servus> Ah, timedevent.cpp and .h were not in the project! How silly :)
[05:05:09] <servus> Looks great:)
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[08:03:32] <servus> Am I correct in thinking that GUI_Widget:: Display does absolutely nothing?
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[08:05:54] <luteijn> Are red moongates supposed to be working? I put in some use code for the orb of the moons yesterday, but the created gate doesn't seem to work properly.
[08:08:47] <luteijn> looks like party->get_autowalk() returns '4' and therefore the gate doesn't do anything useful; is the autowalk boolean perhaps not initialized properly?
[08:13:38] <servus> I'm not the one to ask and everyone seems asleep:)
[08:13:42] <SB-X> hi
[08:14:01] <SB-X> i dont know anything about GUI_Widget
[08:14:13] <servus> It's crashing on me (I'm redoing the graphics system)
[08:14:17] <SB-X> and havn't tried moongates
[08:14:17] <SB-X> heh
[08:14:18] <SB-X> :\
[08:14:24] <servus> It shouldn't be, but I expect some polymorphism trickery going on :)
[08:15:22] <servus> It looks like GUI_Widget::Display just recurses a few times and then goes away but it's crashing, heh. :) I'll keep snooping
[08:15:22] <SB-X> autowalk should init to false
[08:20:54] <luteijn> hmm, I wonder how it came to be 4 then, that's not really 'true' or 'false'..g
[08:21:03] <servus> I hope that ::display isn't important :)
[08:24:36] <luteijn> looks like autowalk is not initialized at all, 'top_walking' will set it to false, but that's the only thing that will ever set it to false as far as I can see.
[08:25:55] <SB-X> yeah thats odd, just add autowalk = false; to ctor
[08:26:23] <SB-X> i did it locally and it fixed a bug preventing me from entering a dungeon if the game was saved in a vehicle
[08:33:59] <luteijn> Hmm, at least now the moongate tries to do something, although we're not actually going anywhere. I'll have to put in some cerr<< debugging..
[08:37:08] <SB-X> it hasn't been tested very much yet
[08:37:50] <SB-X> but walk(where moongate is, where other moongate is, 0) should do something
[08:38:00] <SB-X> Party::walk()
[08:39:19] <luteijn> takinga look
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[08:49:54] <luteijn> looks like walk isn't doing what it's supposed to, it does get different coordinates for entrance and exit, but doesn't move the party.
[08:51:34] <servus> Well, the OpenGL implementation 'works', but I didn't consider how low-level of formats all of the graphics would be stored in -- all the graphics have to be converted to GL surfaces **ugh**...
[08:51:44] <SB-X> can you go into a cave?
[08:52:34] <SB-X> what, you did that already?
[08:52:38] <SB-X> that could be cool
[08:53:08] <SB-X> well it does sound cool
[08:53:16] <servus> Define "did that" -- none of the textures work
[08:53:25] <servus> I don't really see the point of OpenGL for it, come to think of it. *grin*
[08:53:33] <luteijn> I'll try to move to a cave.
[08:54:42] <SB-X> whatever you did
[08:54:42] <SB-X> hehe
[08:55:18] <SB-X> it was fun to do wasn't it?
[08:56:01] * servus has no idea whom SB-X is speaking to ;)
[08:56:31] * SB-X was speaking to servus
[08:57:17] * servus ah-has.
[08:58:10] <servus> Well, it was kind of boring, actually, *smirk*. The only "need" for OpenGL that yuv expressed was smooth-blended darkness, but I could do that in software uber-easily.
[08:58:52] <servus> pixel = (dst*(1-alpha))+(src*alpha)
[08:59:20] <SB-X> oy
[08:59:20] <luteijn> wierd, entering a shrine works fine.
[09:01:06] <SB-X> the enter_dungeon just does party->walk(&entrance, &exit); return(true);
[09:01:17] <SB-X> erm, give or take a dozen lines
[09:01:21] <SB-X> but basically
[09:03:52] <luteijn> hmm, if I first teleport to level 5, and then us e the orb to create a moongate, it does work (maybe the walk funciton didn't like me walking from one place on the surface to another?
[09:04:14] <luteijn> (the gate I made was set to go to the castle throne room)
[09:04:19] <SB-X> oops
[09:04:23] <SB-X> why does this sound familiar to me?
[09:04:45] <SB-X> oh
[09:04:57] <SB-X> see ChangeLog message 2003-11-15
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[09:05:48] <Yuv422> hi guys
[09:05:56] <luteijn> hi
[09:06:34] <SB-X> lo
[09:07:02] <luteijn> sbx, can you be more specific?
[09:07:13] <servus> Yuv422: Was there a good reason you wanted OpenGL support, or did you really? :P
[09:07:49] <SB-X> luteijn: "At the moment you can only travel to destinations on a different plane to the moongate. :("
[09:08:09] <luteijn> *shrugs*
[09:08:29] <SB-X> that's a really unreasonable limitation though
[09:08:33] <SB-X> shouldn't be hard to fix
[09:09:35] <Yuv422> servus: only if you don't think we can do alpha blending fast enough without it.
[09:10:00] <Yuv422> I haven't supported OpenGL because I know nothing about it.
[09:10:06] <servus> Alphablending is very fast.
[09:10:21] <servus> I made OpenGL work, but it doesn't do any of the textures...
[09:10:39] <Yuv422> so it's all on one texture?
[09:10:50] <luteijn> (off to do some real work, will look at moongate stuff later)
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[09:10:57] <servus> Alphablending on the CPU is 2 mults per pixel, that's not bad
[09:11:23] <Yuv422> yeah
[09:11:54] <servus> Yuv422: It draws GL_QUADS per widget/tile... your texture format is 110% incompatible with GL and I *really* don't want to convert it, though. How about I make an alpha-blended-blit function instead? :)
[09:12:08] <Yuv422> SB-X does nuvie build faster for you after the header cleanup?
[09:12:18] <SB-X> I havn't built it yet. :D
[09:12:26] <Yuv422> servus: sounds good
[09:12:47] <Yuv422> I'm open to ideas for reworking the whole graphic system
[09:13:02] <Yuv422> but it has to be compatible with most systems
[09:13:12] <servus> GL is not needed, methinks
[09:13:14] <Yuv422> so it can't really be opengl specific
[09:13:24] <servus> The only alpha blending you need is that globe of darkness, right?
[09:13:31] <Yuv422> yeah
[09:13:38] <SB-X> multiglobes
[09:13:41] <servus> Or did you want bitmaps to be blendable too?
[09:14:02] <servus> I'll just make a function to blend a globe of darkness (variable opacity ramp of course) over an x,y,w,h
[09:14:46] <servus> 32-bit should be easy...
[09:15:13] <Yuv422> there could be several lightsources on the map at any one time
[09:15:25] <SB-X> my display is 16bit
[09:15:32] <Yuv422> plus the player centered lightsource
[09:15:48] <SB-X> and shadows
[09:15:51] <SB-X> oh, forget i said that
[09:16:13] <Yuv422> SB-X: I had to remove a few methods from header files
[09:16:16] <servus> OK. How about this: Start with a completely opaque surface, draw globes of light (transparency) into it, and then do a single blend over the workspace?
[09:16:24] <Yuv422> so I could remove the header references
[09:16:39] <Yuv422> servus: sounds good
[09:17:04] <SB-X> okay
[09:22:08] <Yuv422> I guess OpenGL would be good for fullscreen too.
[09:22:43] <Yuv422> imagines nuvie at 1280x1024
[09:22:53] * Yuv422 imagines nuvie at 1280x1024
[09:22:55] <Yuv422> ;)
[09:24:44] <SB-X> it would look like U6O, which i tried two weeks ago
[09:24:59] <SB-X> except you wouldn't be able to see inside all the buildings
[09:25:28] <SB-X> anyone want to add roofs to U6?
[09:25:48] <Yuv422> hehe
[09:25:56] <Yuv422> how is u6o anyway?
[09:26:24] <SB-X> too slow for my comp
[09:26:31] <SB-X> or, my comp is too slow for it
[09:26:37] <Yuv422> :(
[09:26:38] <SB-X> that's understandable
[09:26:46] <SB-X> but i can take a few steps in britain, where it starts
[09:27:07] <SB-X> i could see a couple NPCs walking about their business
[09:28:07] <Yuv422> does u6o do blacking?
[09:28:07] <Yuv422> or npc schedules?
[09:28:25] <SB-X> iirc no & yes
[09:34:19] <servus> How do I find the area of the world-space?
[09:34:27] <servus> One of the update_rects?
[09:34:38] <Yuv422> world space
[09:34:42] <SB-X> map->get_map_width()*2
[09:34:49] <SB-X> no really I don't know
[09:34:57] <Yuv422> 1024x1024 tiles
[09:35:25] <servus> I meant the pixels that the world is shown in, sorry :)
[09:35:38] <SB-X> everything is pixels to you
[09:35:53] <servus> In OpenGL, nothing is pixels. :P
[09:36:08] <SB-X> why do you want pixels?
[09:36:45] <SB-X> how big is a tile?
[09:36:54] <Yuv422> 16x16
[09:36:54] <servus> Nighttime only affects the pixels showing the world, not the GUI :)
[09:37:02] <Yuv422> oh
[09:37:05] <SB-X> oh
[09:37:06] <Yuv422> that size
[09:37:09] <servus> Yeppers.
[09:37:20] <Yuv422> 11x11
[09:37:22] <Yuv422> tiles
[09:37:33] <Yuv422> well 10x10 with a 1/2 tile border
[09:38:18] <servus> There is no SDL_Rect that simply has the viewport?
[09:38:23] <servus> OK, I'll work with it
[09:39:10] <SB-X> do actors and chunks get cached out now?
[09:39:14] <SB-X> with the objects
[09:40:08] <Yuv422> nope :(
[09:40:42] <Yuv422> I might add that functionality into actor manager soon
[09:41:38] <SB-X> might speed up things considerably
[09:41:44] <Yuv422> yes
[09:42:08] <Yuv422> updating 256 actors is a waste of cycles
[09:42:26] <servus> It runs very fast on my computer, but the SDL_KeyRepeat business needs to be tweaked :)
[09:42:29] <SB-X> the schedule is still completely loaded, so if an actor is scheduled to do something and they are not cached in, just load them
[09:42:32] <Yuv422> when you would only have about 10 nearby at any given time
[09:42:54] <Yuv422> but actor control their schedules at the moment
[09:49:30] <SB-X> only actors that are scheduled to appear in the active chunks need to be created
[09:49:49] <SB-X> and when loading chunk also check schedule
[09:51:08] <Yuv422> yeah
[09:51:13] <Yuv422> sounds good
[09:51:38] <Yuv422> then when we recheck and the actor wanders out of the zone we axe them.
[09:52:12] <Yuv422> I think I'll put that functionality in before the egg manager
[09:52:21] <SB-X> rude but effective
[09:52:28] <Yuv422> because we'll need to handle temp actors anyway
[09:53:37] <Yuv422> I propose we make our release date for Nuvie version 1.0 christmas day! :)
[09:53:50] <Yuv422> so we can beat u6o to the finish line.
[09:54:13] <SB-X> lol
[09:54:14] <Yuv422> we might have to leave out a few things to do it though. ;)
[09:54:34] <SB-X> that doesn't sound too different from commercial games
[09:54:52] <SB-X> we can go gold and release patches later
[09:56:21] <SB-X> u6o have another release date listed?
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[09:58:31] <Yuv422_> damn ADSL dropped out. :(
[10:02:03] <Yuv422_> newyears day 2004
[10:02:21] <Yuv422_> brb
[10:02:31] <Yuv422_> or should I say bbl
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[10:03:41] <servus> Hmm, SB-X do you know how the buffering works in this?
[10:03:53] <servus> I can't seem to draw over most of the screen
[10:05:58] * SB-X shakes his head because he is no help.
[10:06:28] <SB-X> it just updates the entire rectangle of screen after drawing to it
[10:07:32] <SB-X> the views blit onto screen and then screen->update the area drawn on
[10:07:37] <servus> Yeah, I'm the last guy to render and I update the entire screen but only certain parts get updated... weird
[10:08:55] <SB-X> GUI and each view do their own thing
[10:09:03] <SB-X> the scalers can get the whole screen
[10:09:18] <SB-X> after its been drawn
[10:10:13] <servus> I'm the very last guy to draw an update the entire screen before event->wait()
[10:13:32] <SB-X> preformUpdate removes the updaterects
[10:13:41] <SB-X> so you can't do it again
[10:13:56] <SB-X> everything is already on the screen surface
[10:14:08] <servus> I update manually via SDL_UpdateRect(sdl_surface,0,0,0,0); and even that doesn't work...
[10:14:26] <SB-X> what doesn't draw?
[10:14:31] <SB-X> if some things are updated
[10:16:23] <servus>
[10:16:35] <servus> I'm not using to SDL's 2D API :)
[10:16:51] <servus> There must be some double-buffering going on
[10:17:48] <SB-X> it is
[10:18:44] <SB-X> according to set_screen_mode
[10:24:17] <servus> Nah, it's not double-buffered, how entirely strange!
[10:25:16] <SB-X> what does that function do then?
[10:26:07] <SB-X> oh doubleBuffer must be true
[10:26:23] <servus> I just checked the flags returned by my surface.
[10:27:30] <SB-X> can you make a dithered globe too, with the appropriate tiles?
[10:28:09] <SB-X> well a seperate function might be better for that
[10:29:15] <servus> Ah, figured it out
[10:29:32] <servus> SB-X: It supports that in a universal sense, yes.
[10:30:00] <servus> First you clear the alpha map (100% dark everywhere), then you draw globes of light into it, and then you finally blend the alphamap over the worldspace
[10:32:25] <SB-X> but without alpha
[10:32:58] <SB-X> just draw the tiles over the same locations after the world is drawn
[10:33:38] <servus> I'm not sure I understand -- do you mean a textured light of some sort?
[10:34:10] <SB-X> Yes, there are blackness tiles in the graphic set.
[10:34:59] <SB-X> You would draw them over the world in this case. I'm wondering if you can use the same light-globe calc for these.
[10:35:42] <servus> Oh, yes, I suppose you could.
[10:36:17] <SB-X> You think the alpha-blend lights can flicker?
[10:36:28] <SB-X> +/- a tile
[10:36:30] <SB-X> or half a tile
[10:36:51] <SB-X> like a strobe with randomness
[10:37:14] <servus> Yes I can do that.
[10:37:26] <servus> It's just a matter of playing with the x, y, and radius settings while drawing the globe
[10:37:38] <servus> If you like, I can separate radius into radius_w and radius_h
[10:38:24] <SB-X> I imagined the entire thing flickering evenly. But maybe not.
[10:39:52] <servus> It'll be a very flexible system
[10:40:02] <servus> Coloured lights won't be hard, either
[10:40:31] <SB-X> That's really... l33t
[10:40:57] <SB-X> ahem
[10:41:09] <SB-X> or another appropriate synonym
[10:42:14] <SB-X> When you say coloured lights I imagine a nice multihue sunrise/sunset. :)
[10:42:27] <servus> Something like that :)
[10:42:49] <SB-X> without strange palette effects
[10:43:40] <servus> I've almost got something to show you
[10:43:57] <servus> I'm just trying to remember the LERP math I haven't done on my own since the early 90s :)
[10:46:38] <servus> Eek, I have to include math.h for a good-looking effect )
[10:46:38] <servus> :)
[10:50:02] * SB-X tries to make party members not walk behind obstacles seperating them from the player.
[10:56:06] <servus> ugh that doesn't sound fun :)_
[10:58:10] <SB-X> fortunately i dont need to make it exactly like the original yet
[11:00:37] <servus> Hmm, I wonder if I should use Guassian attenuation for a more realistic effect...
[11:00:44] <servus> Probably...
[11:04:38] <servus> Oh, by the way, it works now.
[11:04:48] <servus> It's now in the 'making it prettier' stage:)
[11:06:38] <SB-X> that was fast
[11:06:50] <SB-X> again
[11:12:37] <Yuv422_> cool
[11:12:45] --- Yuv422_ is now known as Yuv422
[11:12:54] <Yuv422> any chance of a screenshot?
[11:15:03] <servus> Sure, let me get it working again now that I broke it :P
[11:15:25] <SB-X> wb
[11:16:40] <servus> Yep, hi again
[11:17:08] <servus> very crude but you get the point
[11:18:14] <servus> Notice that that is using linear attenuation, and I'm in the process of making Gaussian attenuation work, which will provide a less visible "dropoff"... That is, the globe is currently light-light-light-light-DARK and that isn't too good
[11:21:39] <servus> Oh -- how do you want to specify globe coordinates? pixel from top-left of screen? top-left of viewarea? from avatar?
[11:29:58] <SB-X> from any arbitrary point?
[11:30:24] <SB-X> i mean 2nd
[11:30:37] <SB-X> just a suggestion
[11:30:50] <servus> Pixel then? that's how it currently is
[11:33:10] <Yuv422> in that screenshot Is it centered on the mapwindow?
[11:33:41] <servus> Nah, I just threw an arbitrary value in
[11:33:48] <SB-X> looks like a spotlight :)
[11:34:00] <Yuv422> We'll have to add the darkness map now too.
[11:34:12] <servus> That's linear attenuation for you. I'm turning it into Gaussian right now, that'll look more like you expect.
[11:34:30] <servus> Add the darkness map? The graphical darkness-shading images, you mean?
[11:34:44] <Yuv422> just which tiles are lightsources
[11:34:55] <Yuv422> for the current map window
[11:35:04] <servus> Oh.
[11:35:09] <Yuv422> I guess we can read that right off the map any way
[11:35:13] <SB-X> it comes from tileflags
[11:35:32] <servus> Well, that shouldn't be too bad, just figure out where the lightsource is being rendered and call a draw globe ( x y radius )
[11:35:41] <servus> Do that while you draw the lightsource, no fuss or muss
[11:35:46] <Yuv422> there are 3 or 4 levels of lightness IIRC
[11:36:41] <Yuv422> does your alphablending work in both bit depths?
[11:36:54] <SB-X> and we can make some special case code for flickering later
[11:37:06] <SB-X> for some tiles
[11:38:17] <Yuv422> and the light source could move around slightly
[11:38:26] <Yuv422> was that what you ment SB-X?
[11:39:49] <servus> Yuv422: It works in 24 and 32.
[11:40:07] <Yuv422> ah k
[11:40:19] <Yuv422> I think SB-X is running 16bit. :(
[11:40:52] <SB-X> i be
[11:41:23] <SB-X> Yuv422: and resizing it
[11:41:41] <servus> How does your 16-bit work? Is that some sort of palette system?
[11:42:03] <Yuv422> hmm
[11:42:27] <SB-X> we havn't needed alpha yet
[11:43:14] <servus> It's not alpha.
[11:43:35] <servus> It's an 8-byte texture that only I see.
[11:44:30] <servus> Hmm, where can I place this function so that it is called between drawing the world and drawing the GUI?
[11:44:42] <servus> e.g. where is the map drawn?
[11:48:29] <Yuv422> hmm
[11:49:17] <Yuv422> the map is drawn in MapWindow::Display()
[11:49:42] <Yuv422> you'd need to put your call before drawBorder()
[11:50:54] <servus> Ah, the map is rect(8,8,win_width*16,win_height*16), found it myself:)
[11:51:55] --> luteijn has joined #nuvie
[11:52:33] <luteijn> hmm freeselect can't be used to select a place on the map? only objects or actors?
[11:53:06] <Yuv422> we need to redo the selection process
[11:53:18] <Yuv422> to allow other selection
[11:53:26] <Yuv422> other than look/talk
[12:07:17] <luteijn> any specific reason why only the z coordinate is checked when autowalking ?
[12:07:54] <Yuv422> SB-X can answer that one.
[12:08:18] <Yuv422> It seemed to work for me when I compared the whole coord.
[12:09:03] <servus> Hmm, flicking if I put it before drawBorder()
[12:09:18] <servus> flickering*
[12:09:47] <luteijn> well, adding x and y again fixes same plane moongateing, but just wondering if it breaks something else now...
[12:11:22] <Yuv422> servus: how about if you remove the drawborder call?
[12:12:03] <servus> Well, I'm currently drawing directly over everything
[12:12:09] <SB-X> oops im back
[12:12:11] <servus> So that'd solve nothing :P
[12:12:25] <SB-X> wb luteijn
[12:13:01] <SB-X> luteijn: i only used Z because it was convienient at the time, but ive now added an Actor function it can be replaced with
[12:13:38] <servus> the deep-dark
[12:15:14] <Yuv422> nice
[12:22:23] <luteijn> ok, moongate creation with the orb sort of works, now, although you need to actually drop something on the spot where you want the moongate to appear first, for the selection to work.
[12:23:02] <SB-X> ...
[12:23:06] <SB-X> sounds fun :)
[12:23:34] <SB-X> i can see where free selection could be better
[12:25:55] <Yuv422> we need a selection event callback system
[12:26:07] <Yuv422> so a method can ask for a freeselection
[12:26:18] <Yuv422> then receive the location through a callback
[12:26:38] <luteijn> freeselection is a little too highlevel right now, it shouldn't try to figure out what's at the location, the caller can do that.
[12:26:44] <SB-X> yeah right now the ucfunc is the callback
[12:26:48] <SB-X> which is limiting
[12:27:19] <luteijn> yeah and the use function checks if it's first call, or the values are set, you'd call it back with 'ev=FREESELECT
[12:27:38] <luteijn> (otherwise split everything up soo much it's not fun anymore)
[12:28:06] <SB-X> right now it checks itemref
[12:28:15] <SB-X> if itemref is set then you probably selected it
[12:28:33] <SB-X> where itemref=obj_ref|actor_ref|int_ref
[12:28:55] <Yuv422> maybe selection should be part of mapwindow
[12:29:14] <SB-X> the same way selection of inventory would be in thaT?
[12:29:26] <Yuv422> hmm
[12:29:53] <SB-X> would be in InventoryView*
[12:30:27] <SB-X> this will all be after we split Event into Action & Input & Event
[12:31:49] <Yuv422> luteijn: I take it you figured out how to set the quality in a new moongate? :)
[12:32:30] <luteijn> eh I just did gate->quality=position
[12:33:00] <SB-X> that works?
[12:33:14] <luteijn> where gate is a new object and the positoin is calculated from the difference of user and used location
[12:33:27] <SB-X> i had no idea that's what it did
[12:33:28] <SB-X> :)
[12:35:13] <luteijn> the gate actually takes up two tiles, so I made two objects, with gate=new_obj(OBJ_U6_RED_GATE,0,ox-1,oy,z);
[12:36:02] <luteijn> and ...ox,oy,z...
[12:36:50] <luteijn> hopefully the rest of the game takes good care of the objects after I do obj_manager->add_obj(gate,true);
[12:38:08] <Yuv422> you only need one object
[12:38:18] <Yuv422> just set its frame_n to 1
[12:38:34] <Yuv422> and it will automatically add the second frame
[12:38:55] <Yuv422> u6 can support objects up to 2x2
[12:38:56] <luteijn> will it put it to the left of it aswell?
[12:39:01] <Yuv422> yes
[12:40:25] <Yuv422> the quality is calulated as a postiion starting from at user posttion -2x -2y
[12:40:26] <servus> Okay, now all I need to do is make it draw in between the map and border.
[12:40:34] <Yuv422> cool
[12:41:06] <servus> Any ideas?
[12:41:30] <Yuv422> what happens now?
[12:42:26] <luteijn> I figured out how to do the quality calculation already so the only thing going wrong now is lack of location selection.
[12:42:36] <Yuv422> cool
[12:43:03] <Yuv422> did you set the two locations at the left and right of the player to 0?
[12:43:20] <luteijn> probably easy to hack it in the current location code, but I don't think I want to do that
[12:43:42] <luteijn> no I set them to 12 / 14 as it's already taken care of elsewhere
[12:44:02] <luteijn> I still seem to remember they don't do nothing but are tied to the blue moongates
[12:44:28] <Yuv422> ah k
[12:44:29] <luteijn> but no-one seems to have used the blue gates as much so it's not in the cheat docs.
[12:45:18] <SB-X> hehe
[12:45:38] <SB-X> i used them in one game
[12:45:41] <luteijn> I'll try it out with the real U6, Iguess, create all the 8 moongates and see if those two positions tie into them. Anyway it would make sense if they did
[12:46:08] <SB-X> i didn't know the blue ones used position at all
[12:46:18] <luteijn> I used them too, then had a hell of a time digging one of them up when I needed it
[12:46:42] <luteijn> they don't use position, afaik, you just bury them and if their moon is in the sky they are opened
[12:49:31] <luteijn> anyway, it's been a while since 1990, somy memories of the working of the game can't be trusted...
[12:50:36] <servus> Any ideas on how to make this work between the map and the border?:)
[12:51:36] <Yuv422> servus: what is the problem you're getting when adding it before the border call?
[12:51:39] <SB-X> luteijn: Find the sandlewood box!
[12:51:45] <servus> It flickers.
[12:51:54] <Yuv422> badley?
[12:51:58] <servus> Extremely
[12:52:01] <Yuv422> hmm
[12:52:11] <servus> Try adding a screen->fill() before border and see for yourself
[12:52:42] <Yuv422> righto
[12:53:02] <servus> Getting there :P
[12:53:43] <Yuv422> looking good
[12:54:12] <Yuv422> your alpha map is a bit big though isn't it?
[12:54:26] <Yuv422> I think you are a whole tile over on the bottom
[12:55:25] <servus> Nope.
[12:55:37] <servus> That is precisely the size of the map that you draw.
[12:55:51] <servus> I copied the size of the viewport from your MapView::Display() code
[12:56:26] <servus> Any ideas about the issue at hand, though?
[12:57:13] <Yuv422> do you see flicker when running at 1x scale
[12:58:26] <servus> I don't believe I'm using a scaler.
[12:59:02] <Yuv422> I think you are
[12:59:11] <Yuv422> your screenshots are at 2x scale
[12:59:41] * servus shrugs. Would that make a difference?
[12:59:42] <SB-X> I believe we are at an impasse.
[12:59:42] <SB-X> or not
[12:59:59] <luteijn> (without looking at the code, is the border drawn as a big rectangle (with a transparant center)? would it help to split it up in four small rectangles, 1 for each side?
[13:00:22] <Yuv422> the border is just a few 16x16 tiles
[13:00:27] <Yuv422> overlayed onto the window
[13:01:11] <Yuv422> what colour does it flicker to?
[13:01:26] <Yuv422> is the the background creamy colour?
[13:02:10] <servus> It flickers between as if I didn't have the shadow, and as if I did
[13:02:43] <Yuv422> hmm
[13:03:21] <Yuv422> are you drawing the shadow to the unscaled surface?
[13:03:46] <Yuv422> there are two surfaces
[13:04:20] <servus> Whoa! I just created a dynamic Mandlebrot set.
[13:04:36] <servus> I'm drawing to sdl_surface
[13:05:29] <Yuv422> wrong surface
[13:05:33] <Yuv422> you should draw to surface
[13:05:43] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:06:26] <Yuv422> sdl_surface is the scaled surface
[13:06:35] <Yuv422> surface is the unscaled surface
[13:06:36] <servus> It really doesn't like it when I do that.
[13:06:45] <Yuv422> maybe we should rename that
[13:06:56] <Yuv422> surface isn't an sdl_surface
[13:07:18] <Yuv422> it is a RenderSurface
[13:07:19] <Yuv422> ;)
[13:07:30] <Yuv422> we really need to clean up Screen. ;)
[13:08:17] <servus> So how the heck do I get surface's pixels?
[13:09:12] <servus> surface->pixel isn't producing sense
[13:09:44] <Yuv422> have a look at blit
[13:10:02] <SB-X> Yuv422: is party_form a good name for a cfg key to select party formation?
[13:10:20] <Yuv422> how about party_formation?
[13:10:31] <luteijn> since we already have to type enourmous amounts of characters, I'd spell it out
[13:10:56] <Yuv422> I'm off to bed now
[13:11:06] <Yuv422> I'll be away over the weekend
[13:11:14] <luteijn> (Iolo plays a tune)
[13:11:14] <Yuv422> so I'll talk to you guys on monday
[13:11:18] <servus> 5:12 here =( I need sleep too
[13:11:19] <servus> 'ta.
[13:11:34] <luteijn> have a nice weekend then.
[13:11:41] <Yuv422> thanks
[13:11:57] <Yuv422> cya
[13:12:06] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("BitchX: anything else would be uncivilized")
[13:12:29] <SB-X> k
[13:30:06] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[15:17:38] <-- luteijn has left IRC ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Atari 2600 today!")
[15:36:52] <-- sexyben has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[16:27:47] --> wjp has joined #nuvie
[16:46:35] <SB-X> lo wjp
[16:47:13] <wjp> hi