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[09:37:13] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[09:50:18] <wjp> hi
[09:50:53] <Yuv422> hey
[09:51:27] <Yuv422> idados doesn't compile very cleanly on the mac
[09:51:37] <Yuv422> well not for me at least
[09:51:48] <Yuv422> I don't have the iphone SDK installed
[09:52:04] <Yuv422> which you need to compile the mac debug server
[09:52:17] <Yuv422> which you need to compile to get the pre-reqs for idados plugin
[09:52:18] <Yuv422> ;-)
[09:52:45] <wjp> ugh
[09:53:32] <wjp> maybe it's possible to disable part of that with some defines?
[09:53:38] <Yuv422> I got it to compile by manually compiling the required objects from the sdk then running idamake on the idados plugin
[09:53:58] <wjp> ah
[09:54:30] <Yuv422> yeah I don't use the mac_server so I just kludged around the file that was erroring
[10:21:54] <Yuv422> bbl, dinner
[11:35:29] <Dominus> oh well, xcode+iphone sdk is only 2.5 GB, just tiny little 1.7 GB bigger than the standard xcode... *just* :)
[11:48:28] <Yuv422> hehe
[11:48:53] <Yuv422> do you need to buy a iphone dev licence to get it?
[12:23:06] <Dominus> no you don't anymore
[12:23:15] <Yuv422> ah k
[12:23:38] <Dominus> you can just login/register your apple id with the iphone dev portal
[12:24:12] <Yuv422> right
[12:24:13] <Dominus> http://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action
[12:24:57] <Dominus> and after that the dwonloads are at https://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action#downloads
[12:25:15] <Dominus> but as I wrote, beware... about 2.5GB download...
[12:25:26] <Yuv422> Yikes!
[12:25:37] <Yuv422> that's a lot for some missing include files ;-)
[12:26:00] <Yuv422> I used to have a jailbroken iphone
[12:26:10] <Yuv422> but I'm using an android now
[12:27:59] <Dominus> I'm running an ipad and an iphone4 atm and am still loving it :)
[12:28:22] <Dominus> patiently waiting for the ultima projects to be ported to the iOS :)
[12:28:28] <Yuv422> I am tempted by the ipad
[12:28:52] <Yuv422> hehe wouldn't there be lots of probs with licensing
[12:29:47] <Yuv422> I guess you can get the iphone compatible SDL version
[12:30:08] <Dominus> I recently had a funny discussion with a friend where he outlined to me why he doesn'T need an ipad, shooting down all my reasons for loving it... a month later he won one on their office celebration... and now he loves it :)
[12:30:32] <Dominus> for porting you "mostly" need to port to SDL 1.3
[12:31:05] <Dominus> though I read you can make SDL programs go into SDL 1.2x compatibility mode
[12:31:26] <Dominus> thus not needing to port too much
[12:31:46] <Dominus> and then of course I'm mostly thinking of jailbreak versions of the programs
[12:33:02] <Yuv422> I gave my old 2g iphone to my gf
[12:33:32] <Dominus> though WTF_Dragon of www.ultimaaiera.com recently seems to have had talk with the people from Bioware Mythic and they claim to be able to get the EA licenses for the games
[12:33:46] <Yuv422> that'd be pretty cool
[12:33:58] <Dominus> if someone ports the programs for them they would be using them *probably*
[12:34:09] <Yuv422> more reason to finish nuvie ;-)
[12:34:26] <Dominus> yes!!!
[12:34:49] <Yuv422> I also want to port it to the pandora
[12:34:52] <Dominus> playing the games on the ipad would be neat.
[12:34:57] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:35:27] <Dominus> there is already a port of dosbox for ios and you can play the ultimas with that
[12:35:45] <Dominus> U8 is dog slow on the ipad but working on the iphone4
[12:36:06] <Dominus> http://www.litchie.net/apps/dospad.html jailbreak only, though
[12:37:28] <Yuv422> nice
[12:37:56] <Dominus> but u6-u8 need a more thought through interface on the ipad IMO, the holding down right or left mouse button for movement is not really working great on a touch interface
[12:38:14] <Dominus> that'S where exult, nuvie, pentagram come in again :)
[12:38:54] <Yuv422> how about tilt to move ;-)
[12:39:03] <wjp> haha
[12:39:09] <Dominus> he he
[12:39:15] <Yuv422> it could work ;-)
[12:39:24] <wjp> I can already imagine the jumping puzzles in U8 :-)
[12:39:28] <Yuv422> might be a bit frustrating
[12:39:41] <Dominus> yeah, though I mostly dislike the tilt function in games...
[12:39:52] <Dominus> jumping u8 puzzles sound funthough with tilt :)
[12:44:25] <Dominus> I really need to get someone with iphone SDL coding experience to look at Exult (ScummVM coders come to mind... :))
[12:47:58] <Yuv422> it looks like exult forum users are keen for an android port too
[12:49:13] <Dominus> yes, I guess it would make sense for one to be there
[12:50:00] <Dominus> but with our development being slow and no one with coding skills actually having an android... :)
[12:50:26] <wjp> yeah, don't hold your breath...
[13:02:24] <Yuv422> I'm off to bed now
[13:02:26] <Yuv422> cya
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