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[00:58:19] --> trand has joined #nuvie
[00:58:40] <trand> moin
[01:26:05] <trand> hmmm.. I finall got it.
[03:16:44] --- sbx|afk is now known as sbx
[03:17:06] <sbx> trand: having trouble?
[03:17:53] <trand> nope. but. i can hear sound only with esd
[03:18:16] <trand> 'SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd nuvie '
[03:18:33] <trand> i wish another drivers are available.
[03:18:53] <trand> anyway it's fantastic! g~~~reat!!!
[03:21:00] <trand> this time, I'm listening bootup.m through adplay. it plays exactly like original music.
[03:21:59] <trand> how about using adplay to play music? I think it would give players originality....
[03:24:13] <sbx> great
[03:24:16] <sbx> we do use adplay
[03:24:22] <sbx> just an internal version
[03:24:48] <sbx> actually we use adplug compiled in
[03:25:32] <trand> oh~~!!!!
[03:26:17] <trand> i hope it is released soon!
[03:28:15] <sbx> Yeah it probably will be, even though it's not near finished.
[03:28:43] <trand> ^_^
[03:29:13] <sbx> I'm looking forward to fullscreen map.
[03:29:27] <trand> if i could programming i can help you... but I can't programming at all..
[03:29:53] <trand> my subject is history in Univ. :(
[03:31:07] <sbx> no problem
[03:32:15] <sbx> we'll finish more, but we just want to release something soon so people know it isn't vaporware (and don't have to compile CVS)
[03:32:31] <sbx> development here isn't as fast as Pentagram
[03:36:57] <trand> i see. i appreciate again
[03:39:39] <sbx> ok
[05:37:43] <-- sbx has left IRC ("*casts gate travel*")
[09:29:17] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[09:30:14] <Yuv422> hi
[09:32:37] <Yuv422> trand: I'm looking forward to intro support too
[09:32:55] <Yuv422> it probably won't be added any time soon though
[09:33:18] <Yuv422> we're focusing mainly on game engine related functionality at the moment
[09:34:09] <trand> i see
[09:34:12] <trand> Yuv422, hi
[09:34:14] <trand> heheh
[09:34:27] <trand> i'm goin bed now (6 : 34 p.m.)
[09:34:31] <trand> i need some nap
[09:34:33] <-- trand has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[10:52:18] --> Fl00der has joined #nuvie
[10:52:28] <Fl00der> hi
[10:53:00] <Yuv422> hi Fl00der
[10:54:50] <Fl00der> on what phase Nuvie is now? alpha? beta? own instller? :P
[10:58:53] <Yuv422> hmm
[10:58:56] <Yuv422> alpha
[10:59:47] <Yuv422> we've got a fair bit of work to do on the installation procedure
[10:59:52] <Yuv422> to make it smoother
[11:00:18] <Yuv422> mainly in relation to config creation. ;)
[11:00:28] <Fl00der> ok :)
[11:00:48] <Fl00der> good to hear that you make progress :)
[11:03:33] <Yuv422> :)
[12:26:03] --> trand has joined #nuvie
[12:26:26] <trand> hi
[12:26:50] <Yuv422> hi trand
[12:26:50] <trand> when I press 'S' key to save, nuvie crash.
[12:27:00] <trand> It says 'Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)'
[12:27:08] <Yuv422> have you setup a save directory in the config file?
[12:27:28] <trand> I have .nuvierc. is it right?
[12:27:35] <trand> and
[12:27:40] <trand> <ultima6>
[12:27:47] <trand> <savedir>/home/trand/.nuvie/u6_save</savedir>
[12:27:52] <trand> </ultima6>
[12:27:56] <trand> like that
[12:28:20] <Yuv422> yeah that looks right
[12:28:40] <trand> yep.
[12:29:06] <trand> then, i can't see intro not yet?
[12:29:26] <Yuv422> the intro isn't supported yet
[12:29:39] <Yuv422> it won't be for some time
[12:29:42] <trand> i see.
[12:29:53] <trand> only in option.
[12:30:00] <Yuv422> yes
[12:30:00] <trand> <skip_intro> no </skip_intro>
[12:30:12] <Yuv422> that option does nothing at the moment
[12:30:21] <trand> should I set turn 'show_egg' option on?
[12:30:30] <trand> set turn -> turn
[12:30:39] <Yuv422> if you want to see eggs on the map.
[12:31:29] <trand> hmm... then what is my problem ...?
[12:33:08] <trand> I want to save.... T_T
[12:33:27] <trand> ah... there's some another error message
[12:33:38] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_1.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:38] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_2.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:38] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_3.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:38] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_4.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:38] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_5.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:38] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_6.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:41] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_7.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:43] <trand> Error: Loading BorderU6_8.bmp from '/home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6' directory
[12:33:52] <trand>
[12:34:38] <trand> my <gamedir> is /home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6, there is U6 original game.
[12:35:14] <trand> and... i set <datadir> as /home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6, but i don't know what it mean.
[12:40:05] <trand> I got it. it's because of my or debian's fault.
[12:40:14] <Yuv422> have you copied the files from the nuvie data directory into the data dir specified in the config?
[12:40:24] <trand> dh_make does not do work completely.
[12:40:39] <trand> Yuv422, yep. I didn't or dpkg-buildpackage didn't
[12:41:15] <Yuv422> you need to copy the bmp files to /home/trand/.nuvie/Ultima6
[12:41:24] <Yuv422> then saving should work
[12:41:28] <trand> sure. I got it.
[12:42:03] <trand> I have to make my own nuvie package contain that directory.
[12:44:53] <trand> right. it works.
[12:45:11] <trand> thanks to your advice. (_ _) <- bow
[12:46:45] <Yuv422> no problem. :)
[12:48:10] <trand> it's truly impressive that i can hear U6 music again, even on linux.
[12:48:35] <trand> Yuv422, would you use linux, too?
[12:48:51] <Yuv422> I use Mac OS X
[12:49:39] <trand> i see.
[12:50:52] <trand> i can listen music properly only through esd driver. i wish another drivers would be available (dsp, dma).
[12:51:19] <Yuv422> we use sdl_mixer
[12:51:36] <Yuv422> are the other drivers supported by sdl_mixer?
[12:53:38] <trand> http://nuvie.sourceforge.net/phorum/read.php?f=1&i=297&t=297&phorum_uriauth=trand%3Af43401a9fb66549bd401b010b021bdd9
[12:54:36] <trand> in there, they say there's three SDL_AUDIODRIVERs on linux
[12:55:20] <trand> i also use 'esd' to listen music properly. how about on Mac OS X?
[12:55:43] <Yuv422> I think sdl_mixer uses coreaudio on OS X
[12:56:10] <trand> hmm.. i see.
[12:56:17] <Yuv422> the bad audio on some drivers might be to do with the audio buffer size I've set.
[12:56:33] <Yuv422> I might look at it later
[12:56:40] <Yuv422> time for bed now though
[12:56:43] <Yuv422> cya
[12:56:56] <trand> cya~
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[15:00:15] <sbx> hi
[15:01:07] <trand> hi
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