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[03:24:30] <Ordoc> whats up
[03:25:17] <Yuv422> hello
[03:25:33] <Yuv422> not much
[03:25:43] <Yuv422> just relaxing on a sunday afternoon
[03:25:49] <Yuv422> how about yourself?
[03:29:16] <Ordoc> looking for something to do on a saturday night :P
[03:29:51] <Ordoc> waiting on some friends hehe, thought about cvs updating nuvie heh
[03:29:58] <Yuv422> what's on your shortlist?
[03:30:08] <Yuv422> :)
[03:30:16] <Ordoc> ? :)
[03:30:26] <Yuv422> SB-X's new pathfinder code is pretty neat
[03:31:02] <Ordoc> Ive only briefly looked at the code a while back
[03:31:11] <Ordoc> thinking about making some contribs if possible
[03:31:23] <Yuv422> cool
[03:31:41] <Ordoc> gotta figure out what needs work etc :P
[03:31:44] <Yuv422> what area were you interested in workling on?
[03:31:48] <Yuv422> ah k
[03:34:28] <Ordoc> // This files allows Nuvie to compile under the very non standards compilent MSVC.
[03:34:29] <Ordoc> lol
[03:34:41] <Ordoc> msvc7 and 8 are some of the most standards compliant :)
[03:34:57] <SB-X> Yuv422: thanks! :)
[03:35:00] <SB-X> and hi people
[03:35:03] <Ordoc> sup sb-x
[03:35:08] <Yuv422> hey
[03:35:18] <SB-X> PartyPathFinder isn't really a PathFinder though, probably could use another name.
[03:35:37] <Yuv422> msvc support will be a little lacking at the moment
[03:35:39] <SB-X> but i'm glad you like it
[03:35:57] <SB-X> who wrote the msvc files?
[03:36:00] <Yuv422> with all the new files added recently
[03:36:06] <SB-X> that's true
[03:36:07] * Yuv422 checks
[03:36:18] <SB-X> Michael Fink
[03:36:28] <Yuv422> right
[03:36:30] <Ordoc> ill see what 2005 thinks :P
[03:37:04] <SB-X> ok
[03:37:25] <Ordoc> lol
[03:37:43] <SB-X> i'm thinking of getting the 1 year free version of vc
[03:38:09] <Ordoc> the compiler is still free isnt it?
[03:38:29] <SB-X> dunno, i thought it was just for one year
[03:38:33] <SB-X> but yeah
[03:39:20] <Ordoc> ah
[03:39:24] <Yuv422> yeah you can get the compiler 2003 version for free
[03:39:42] <Yuv422> but you miss out on all the gui stuff
[03:40:41] <SB-X> oh, I havn't looked into it
[03:42:51] <Ordoc> what version of SDL you guys linking against
[03:42:56] <Ordoc> or using
[03:43:07] <SB-X> mine is 1.2.7
[03:44:52] <Ordoc> ugh bad include orderings :)
[03:46:22] <SB-X> horses chased me into britain
[03:46:32] <Yuv422> hehe
[03:46:41] <Yuv422> how did they get over the fence?
[03:46:49] <Yuv422> or were they wild?
[03:46:58] <Ordoc> ever heard of the philosophy of ordering includes like: project includes, library includes, standard lib
[03:47:48] <SB-X> No idea, it's probably something wrong with the combat logic. I just teleported to Britain and a few horses ran towards the party, then started wandering around.
[03:48:02] <Ordoc> lol
[03:48:56] <Yuv422> Ordoc: include management can be a tricky business
[03:49:20] <SB-X> I always order includes std, C/system, project, class interface or externs.
[03:49:36] <SB-X> er, stl :p
[03:52:19] <Ordoc> Yuv422: yes
[03:52:44] <Ordoc> SB-X: the argument ive heard is that, you get faster fails and better output from ordering your projects includes first
[03:52:56] <Ordoc> basically
[03:53:33] <Ordoc> i can't remember the text its from though
[03:56:43] <SB-X> hmm
[03:57:57] <SB-X> how do the project headers pull in the standard library then?
[03:58:56] <Ordoc> what do you mean
[03:59:07] <Ordoc> using #include :P
[04:00:40] <SB-X> i normally dont have to put includes in the headers because they've been included earlier
[04:01:03] <SB-X> thats not always true though
[04:01:11] <SB-X> so it probably doesnt matter
[04:01:19] <Ordoc> assuming something like that could be bad :)
[04:01:26] <Ordoc> d:\programming\mysourcecode\nuvie\nuvie\visualc7\vc7inc.h(50) : error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int
[04:18:10] <Ordoc> ok down to 5 errors in vs2005
[04:19:19] <Yuv422> :)
[04:22:03] <SB-X> U6O added ridable horses with unique graphics for each character-type.
[04:22:19] <Yuv422> cool, do they look any good?
[04:22:53] <SB-X> I think so. The scale between rider and horse is off.
[04:22:54] <SB-X> http://kaldosh.kicks-ass.net:8080/default/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=350
[04:23:03] <SB-X> So it looks like they're riding on ponies.
[04:23:29] <Yuv422> hehe
[04:24:11] <Yuv422> I think it looks pretty good.
[04:25:08] <SB-X> a picture on the third page shows Virtue's party on horses in Paws
[04:31:16] <Ordoc> gotta make a nearbyint for vs
[04:48:46] <Ordoc> and im done :)
[04:50:16] <Yuv422> :)
[04:55:45] <Ordoc> hehe its working :P
[04:58:35] <Ordoc> has anyone written instructions for compiling in vs2005 yet?
[05:00:15] <SB-X> congrats
[05:00:19] <SB-X> i havn't seen them
[05:00:31] <Ordoc> hmmm should i bother?
[05:02:26] <Ordoc> so the msvc stuff hasnt been updated in a long time I guess, the nearbyint stuff was added: version 1.9, Thu Mar 24 09:19:21 2005 UTC
[05:03:19] <SB-X> it compiles in msvc apparently
[05:03:29] <Ordoc> PartyView.cpp wont
[05:03:50] <Ordoc> nearbyint doesnt exist in msvc
[05:03:57] <SB-X> the last msvc update was in dec 2005
[05:04:03] <Ordoc> hmm
[05:04:05] <SB-X> so, not a long time, but more recent than that
[05:04:21] <Ordoc> very weird then
[05:04:29] <Ordoc> i dont have .net 2003 on here anymore
[05:05:18] <Ordoc> but i cant see how the msvc stuff would compile without nearbyint changes
[05:08:39] <SB-X> i think kirben uses mingw
[05:08:55] <Kirben> Yes, mingw.
[05:09:14] <SB-X> :)
[05:11:25] <Ordoc> so the msvc update in 2005 probably didnt work then? :P
[05:12:13] <SB-X> oh I assume it did, I was just mentioning the other way it can be compiled in windows
[05:12:46] <SB-X> if you have to add special instructions for compiling in vs2005, please do
[05:13:12] <SB-X> would it be better to use something besides nearbyint?
[05:13:22] <Ordoc> nearbyint is non-standard i think
[05:13:48] <SB-X> it's C99
[05:13:51] <Ordoc> yeah
[05:14:02] <Ordoc> i dont think they are far along on C99 implementation in vs
[05:14:14] <SB-X> is round() better?
[05:14:49] <SB-X> actually the man page says round always rounds away from 0
[05:14:58] <SB-X> and nearbyint doesnt
[05:15:49] <SB-X> I'm too busy to look at it right now. :)
[05:15:52] <Ordoc> hehe
[05:16:26] <Ordoc> basically i had to make a few explicit casts, and explicit return type for roundf
[05:17:41] <Ordoc> people are saying mostly gcc is the only thing with c99 compliance heh
[05:17:46] <Ordoc> gcc or probably comeau
[05:20:09] <Ordoc> i just find it hard to believe that it was actually compiling under visual studio with that :)
[05:20:57] <Ordoc> oh
[05:21:18] <Ordoc> wtf i dont think my cvs update worked
[05:21:42] <Ordoc> bleh nm it did
[05:24:50] <Ordoc> seems the visualc7 directory got out of sync with the msvc directory or something
[05:27:35] <Ordoc> oh ok i see, someone updated msvc_kludges with a fix for the return type but didnt make the same change for the vs7inc file
[05:28:56] <SB-X> I don't pay attention to the VC build files and didn't even know about both of those directories.
[05:29:35] <Ordoc> there is an ifdef for versions, vs6 uses msvc_kludges and > that uses vs7inc
[05:29:46] <Ordoc> in nuvieDefs.h
[05:30:54] <SB-X> looks like we have two different maintainers for them
[05:31:06] <SB-X> of them*
[05:31:16] <Ordoc> yep
[05:31:26] <SB-X> and one has just been updated more recently than the other
[05:31:39] <Ordoc> do either of them come on irc?
[05:32:31] <SB-X> not in a while
[05:35:10] <Ordoc> want patches?
[05:35:31] * SB-X would ask Yuv422.
[05:35:58] <Ordoc> Yuv422: still around? :)
[05:45:35] <Ordoc> hmmm
[05:46:43] <Ordoc> x_dist = abs(target_px-start_px);
[05:46:58] <Ordoc> y_dist = abs(target_py-start_py);
[05:47:13] <Ordoc> those variables are uint32
[05:47:23] <Ordoc> to uint16s
[05:47:50] <Ordoc> aka, unsigned int -> int
[05:48:01] <Ordoc> what happens if they wrap on the subtraction :P
[05:52:54] <SB-X> either way it should fit in a uint16
[05:54:22] <Ordoc> yeah it will
[05:54:31] <Ordoc> i guess :)
[05:54:40] <Ordoc> im just thinking about the subtraction
[05:54:55] <Ordoc> only reason i brought this up because this is one of the things ihad to change to explict cast inside of abs
[05:55:05] <Ordoc> x_dist = abs(static_cast<int>(target_px-start_px));
[05:55:24] <Ordoc> should be uint16 in the cast
[06:22:52] <Ordoc> i dunno what the best solution for nearbyint would be
[07:03:03] <SB-X> if it compiles for you it should be fine
[07:07:35] <Ordoc> i just hacked it
[07:07:37] <Ordoc> hehe
[07:08:11] <Ordoc> aka delegated the call to floor
[07:08:35] <Ordoc> modf might be a good start for a real implementation
[07:09:50] <Ordoc> im not sure exactly what "current rounding direction" means though
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[07:54:24] <Ordoc> ah fegetenv fesetenv
[07:54:45] <Ordoc> i think just using round() will work fine
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[17:22:19] <Ordoc> *yawns*
[17:29:25] <wjp> good morning :-)
[17:41:37] <Ordoc> wjp: i dont know if you saw my previous messages, mostly about compiling with vis studio 2005
[17:51:54] <Ordoc> just trying to figure out if i should post patches or not
[18:30:06] <Ordoc> bah
[18:49:27] <Ordoc> wow vis studio 2005 debugging is so slow for nuvie for some reason
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