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[07:47:23] --> yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[11:51:27] <yuv422> It looks like we are missing something when it comes to container linking
[11:51:43] <yuv422> I've found other items that should be in containers
[11:51:53] <yuv422> that are pointing to non container items
[13:33:04] <yuv422> looks like I've almost fixed this issue now
[13:33:26] <yuv422> the objects always seem to follow the container
[13:33:52] <yuv422> so if y != 0 we just look back through the list till we get to the container
[13:34:17] <yuv422> otherwise we go to the container using x as the index
[13:34:49] <yuv422> I'm not sure why they wouldn't use x as the offset for all container items.
[13:34:51] <yuv422> cya
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