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[08:25:49] <aboeing> hey
[08:27:52] <aboeing> anyone know how to get the position of a tile?
[08:29:20] <aboeing> in fact does anyone understand the whole drawtile process?
[08:29:43] <aboeing> tile == actor?
[08:32:07] <servus> Look in MapWindow::drawObj
[08:32:15] <aboeing> yeah thats objects
[08:32:34] <aboeing> im talking about drawTile
[08:32:35] <servus> That reminds me, I don't know if my light code works on lava
[08:32:49] <aboeing> which is called from drawActors
[08:32:52] <aboeing> and somewhere else...
[08:32:57] <servus> inline void MapWindow::drawTile(Tile *tile, uint16 x, uint16 y, bool toptile)
[08:32:59] <servus> looks simple to me
[08:33:09] <aboeing> lighting up lava would be kool
[08:33:18] <aboeing> yeah where do the x&y come from originaly?
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[09:52:50] <aboeing> hey wjp
[09:53:11] <wjp> hi
[09:58:00] <servus> hlotherewjpandexultbot
[09:59:19] <aboeing> noneedforaspacebartodaythen
[09:59:44] <servus> He'sbeendoingthissortofthingtomeallnight
[10:00:48] <aboeing> whatareyoureferingtohashegotsomekindofmagicalpowersoveryou
[10:05:19] <aboeing> wjp: whatcha up to?
[10:11:18] <aboeing> anyway, ive uploaded the music patch, so if anyone wants to make it compile under linux that would be good (hint: im guessing im missing a lot of typename's) . im heading off for the weekend now, so cya guys later
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