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[02:46:25] <Yuv422> hi khelek
[02:46:34] <khelek> hi Yuv422. How goes?
[02:46:49] <Yuv422> good. and yourself?
[02:47:09] <khelek> doing well....investigating what options there are for Linux Ultima lovers like myself :)
[02:47:25] <Yuv422> ah k have you tried nuvie yet?
[02:47:40] <khelek> haven't yet, but looking forward to it
[02:48:00] <khelek> I've seen xu4 and exult and stumbled across nuvie today
[02:48:07] <Yuv422> I'm working on object weights at the moment
[02:48:08] <Yuv422> ah k
[02:48:26] <khelek> cool
[02:48:41] <Yuv422> yes exult was what got me interested in an ultima 6 remake.
[02:49:16] <khelek> I appreciate everyone involved in bringing back the old ultimas...but the exult team has done an incredible job
[02:49:23] <Yuv422> have you checkedout uwadv?
[02:49:50] <khelek> no, I havne't heard of it...
[02:50:16] <Yuv422> http://uwadv.sourceforge.net/
[02:50:28] <Yuv422> underworld adventures
[02:50:29] <khelek> ah, cool, I'll have to check taht one out too :)
[02:50:47] <khelek> there's not an xu5 project anywhere by chance? U5 is my favorite
[02:51:13] <Yuv422> if not maybe you could start one yourself?
[02:51:14] <Yuv422> ;)
[02:51:19] <khelek> I know there's some folks redoing U5 wiht NWN and dungeon seige, but my little linux laptop won't take nwn
[02:51:31] <khelek> :) I would love to, but unfortunately I'm not talented enough
[02:51:35] <khelek> s/enough//
[02:52:11] <Yuv422> how did you find out about nuvie btw?
[02:52:48] <khelek> in the links section at xu4...which I found out about from the exult page
[02:52:58] <Yuv422> ah k cool
[02:53:10] * khelek hugs the web
[02:53:22] <khelek> I'm excited to see so many people remaking ultimas for linux
[02:53:54] <Yuv422> I'm actually working on OS X
[02:54:08] <Yuv422> but they are quite similar platforms. ;)
[02:54:16] <khelek> I'll forgive ya :)
[02:54:28] <Yuv422> I do use linux at work though. ;)
[02:54:46] <khelek> there ya go!
[02:54:52] <Yuv422> and on my laptop
[02:55:15] <Yuv422> but I haven't run nuvie on a linux box yet.
[02:55:28] <Yuv422> wjp and sbx look after the linux side of things
[02:55:44] <khelek> you haven't played it on linux yet? Ah, so it is playable under linux atm then
[02:55:51] <Yuv422> yes
[02:56:08] <Yuv422> and win32
[02:56:24] <khelek> cool! I'll have to pull it out of cvs and get to compilin' ;)
[02:56:55] <Yuv422> we've just got portraits in
[02:57:05] <Yuv422> so you can now see who you are talking to.
[02:57:28] <khelek> sweet! about how far through the game can you make it?
[02:57:46] <Yuv422> we the actually game elements aren't hooked up yet
[02:57:50] <Yuv422> you can talk to people
[02:58:10] <Yuv422> but magic and combat are missing
[02:58:26] <khelek> kill enemies with kindness then :)
[02:58:33] <Yuv422> I've also got to add the get/move and drop actions
[02:58:55] <Yuv422> so at the moment you can walk the avatar around and talk to people
[02:59:15] <khelek> that's a good start.....
[02:59:23] <khelek> I think it'd be fun to work on a project like that
[02:59:26] <khelek> I envy you :)
[03:00:04] <Yuv422> maybe you could learn the skills required while remaking u5? ;O
[03:00:45] <Yuv422> it's the best way to learn. :)
[03:00:49] <khelek> sadly, that'd be a huge learning curve because unfortunately I don't know any programming
[03:00:53] <khelek> heheh, true
[03:01:01] <Yuv422> start small
[03:01:11] <Yuv422> then work from there
[03:01:36] <khelek> I should...I think it'd be a lot of fun
[03:02:06] <Yuv422> get a few books on programming write a few little apps
[03:02:40] <khelek> baby steps and get bigger :)
[03:02:51] <Yuv422> yup
[03:03:10] <khelek> so which ultimas have you played/conquered?
[03:03:38] <Yuv422> hehe I've played U6 to U8
[03:03:53] <Yuv422> I can't play U9 as I don't have a win32 machine
[03:04:12] <Yuv422> and I haven't played Savage empire
[03:04:43] <khelek> I've played u3-u7, and beating u4 and 99% of u5
[03:04:53] <Yuv422> have you seen the pentagram project?
[03:05:02] <Yuv422> pentagram.sf.net/
[03:05:07] <khelek> I haen't played any of the underworlds, martian dreams or savage empires
[03:05:29] <Yuv422> martian dreams was a good game
[03:05:30] <khelek> I've seen a little bit of it, but the little bit of u8 I saw didn't really interest me :-/
[03:06:08] <khelek> (but I may go back and see what it has to offer)
[03:06:33] <Yuv422> they are making good progress
[03:07:25] <khelek> they must...they've neglected their project page pretty well :-D
[03:08:00] <Yuv422> nuvie's webpage would be the same if it we not for laxdragon. :)
[03:08:08] <Yuv422> we/were
[03:08:17] <khelek> hehehe
[03:08:43] <khelek> how many ppl are on the nuvie team?
[03:08:58] <khelek> (btw, nuvie's a good name!)
[03:08:58] <Yuv422> 7 including myself
[03:09:06] <Yuv422> thanks
[03:09:31] <Yuv422> have a look at the AUTHORS file when you checkout the source
[03:11:01] <khelek> not a bad number...I'll definitely hae to check out the AUTHORS file when I get the source
[03:13:55] <khelek> well, sadly, it's bed time here, so I must be going...thanks for the nice chat and I look forward to trying out nuvie! Take care!
[03:14:06] <Yuv422> np cya later
[03:14:08] <-- khelek has left #nuvie ("Client exiting")
[03:22:14] <servus> hey you said i was going to be added to the AUTHORS file for all of the absolutely nothing i did ;-p
[03:35:00] <Yuv422> hheheh oh yeah
[03:35:50] <servus> nah thats ok :-p *sniff* :)
[03:42:32] <Yuv422> I just noticed I'm displaying the inventory in the reverse order to the original
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[08:48:05] <servus> making a chainmail chest is so hard!
[08:48:49] <Yuv422> why so?
[08:50:05] <servus> it just is :)
[08:50:30] <servus> its a surprisingly complex structure to try to... boil down into a simple bitmap
[08:50:43] <Yuv422> I've got a real mail shirt
[08:50:46] <servus> hmm
[08:50:53] <Yuv422> now that took some effort to make :)
[08:51:19] <servus> pleh :-p ive read up on it
[08:51:33] <servus> care to see my crappy texture so far?: P
[08:51:47] <Yuv422> looks abit like wool
[08:52:19] <servus> very good, its wool ;-p
[08:52:34] <servus> dammit, heh... real chain mail looks... wrong
[08:52:39] <Yuv422> have you got a pic mapped to an object?
[08:52:52] <servus> not yet, tho i have the model done
[08:53:03] <servus> includes samplse that im working off of...maybe he _is_ wearing a wool shirt :-p
[08:59:09] <Yuv422> maybe you could find a mail texture to work from
[08:59:24] <servus> already looked
[08:59:46] <servus> finally found some wool thread on 3d max content CD... im better with cartoony objects:)
[08:59:50] <Yuv422> I can take a picture of my mail if you like
[09:00:16] <Yuv422> I'll have to get it out from under the house
[09:00:25] <Yuv422> so I'd probably do it tomorrow
[09:00:30] <servus> under the house? erm thats alright :-p
[09:00:35] <servus> besides the picture would show right through
[09:00:58] <servus> i already considered doing it "realistically" which would show the green shirt underneath... and that just doesnt look right
[09:01:12] <Yuv422> maybe you could model the texture in 3dmax
[09:02:08] <servus> same problem as taking a picture of it in real life :)... you don't like the wool? i think it's alright for now :-)
[09:02:41] <Yuv422> http://artofchainmail.com/patterns/european/1in8completesilversmall.jpg
[09:03:24] <servus> yes thank you but ive already tried to work with stuff like that... its just too... "open" to look right
[09:04:56] <Yuv422> hehe that's a tight weave 1in8
[09:05:02] <Yuv422> my suit is 1in4
[09:05:51] <servus> yep but you see that if i were to put it on a body, id either have to have black or green(the cloth) in between the rings and it'd just look... silly i think :)
[09:06:11] <Yuv422> yeah probably
[09:06:14] <Yuv422> bbl
[09:06:44] <Yuv422> here's a link on making mail
[09:06:46] <Yuv422> http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/nikolas.lloyd/armour/mail/maillink.html
[09:07:15] <servus> ive read these sites :)
[09:07:19] <servus> thanks tho
[14:36:46] <Yuv422> time for bed.
[14:36:49] <Yuv422> cya
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