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[07:09:21] <Fl00der> hello
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[08:56:57] <sbx> hi Fl00der
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[10:08:47] <Yuv422> hi
[10:54:13] <sbx> heya
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[11:06:31] <Yuv422> hi sbx
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[11:38:37] <Yuv422> hehe the dog with the gypsies has a fair bit to say. If you know what to ask. ;0
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[11:43:05] <sbx> hmm
[11:43:09] <sbx> i remember talking to him a long time ago
[11:43:13] <sbx> after giving him some money
[11:45:39] <sbx> also what is a L A N party party?
[11:45:48] <sbx> 2x the party?
[11:45:52] <sbx> sounds fun
[11:59:20] <Yuv422> spea
[11:59:57] <Yuv422> he sounds a bit like yoda when talking in the fm towns version
[12:02:57] <Yuv422> there are some codewords in the fm towns converse file
[12:03:25] <Yuv422> usually of the form +somenumberkeyword+
[12:03:28] <Yuv422> eg
[12:03:34] <Yuv422> +15triple+
[12:04:16] <Yuv422> you see your old friend Iolo. +4leave+
[12:16:54] <sbx> the dog talks with speech?
[12:17:00] <Yuv422> yes
[12:17:09] <sbx> i thought he just made gestures :)
[12:17:17] <Yuv422> not if you say spea
[12:18:47] <sbx> the number an index to speech list?
[12:19:01] <Yuv422> huh?
[12:19:28] <sbx> does the number before those keywords reference a sound
[12:19:45] <sbx> or is it some control code
[12:20:09] <Yuv422> the main speech is controlled by tags too
[12:20:22] <Yuv422> ~L12 some text~P12
[12:20:36] <Yuv422> which would play speech index 12
[12:20:48] <sbx> oh
[12:21:05] <sbx> ~ is speech tag?
[12:21:28] <Yuv422> so it was quite easy to add speech support into your converseinterpretor class
[12:21:36] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:21:46] <sbx> great
[12:21:52] <Yuv422> it is in the fm towns version at least
[12:22:23] <sbx> yeah
[12:22:54] <Yuv422> +86ghost++8
[12:24:05] <Yuv422> hmm +88Horance+
[12:24:16] <Yuv422> corresponds with his npc num
[12:24:23] <Yuv422> which is 88
[12:24:35] <sbx> where is that from?
[12:25:06] <Yuv422> talking to Horance
[12:25:17] <sbx> at the very sdtart?
[12:25:18] <sbx> start
[12:25:55] <Yuv422> hmm when I return to him I get a different number
[12:26:22] <sbx> how can you get a different number?
[12:26:26] <Yuv422> +83Horance+British++90Horance
[12:28:29] <Yuv422> +87Marney++88Marn\nBritish++90Michae
[12:29:30] <sbx> sure its being read correct?
[12:30:41] <Yuv422> 0000000: ff02 4475 7072 65f1 6120 7275 6767 6564 ..Dupre.a rugged
[12:30:41] <Yuv422> 0000010: 6c79 2068 616e 6473 6f6d 6520 6d61 6e2c ly handsome man,
[12:30:41] <Yuv422> 0000020: 2077 6561 7269 6e67 2061 2067 6c65 616d wearing a gleam
[12:30:41] <Yuv422> 0000030: 696e 6720 7375 6974 206f 6620 6172 6d6f ing suit of armo
[12:30:41] <Yuv422> 0000040: 722e 0a2a 2b32 6c65 6176 652b f2a4 d3eb r..*+2leave+....
[12:30:42] <Yuv422> 0000050: a700 a77e 4c31 2259 6573 2c20 2450 3f22 ...~L1"Yes, $P?"
[12:30:44] <Yuv422> 0000060: 7e50 310a f7ef 6e61 6d65 f67e 4c32 2249 ~P1...name.~L2"I
[12:31:25] <sbx> heh ok
[12:31:36] <sbx> but where is it changing every time you return to him?
[12:32:18] <Yuv422> that's probably just because he has a different greeting after being met
[12:32:28] <sbx> ah k
[12:34:50] <Yuv422> I'll have to see if I can get an fm towns emulator running so I can test the original speech
[12:35:33] <Yuv422> oh the towns version has no Iolo cheat menu. ;)
[12:36:02] <sbx> tis a shame
[12:36:13] <Yuv422> hehe indeeed
[12:36:18] <sbx> "That's too heavy for you, but I'll let you have it anyway!"
[12:37:01] <Yuv422> Do you think we should have a 16 bit qty in Obj
[12:37:02] <Yuv422> ?
[12:37:16] <Yuv422> at the moment I'm using a get_obj_qty method
[12:37:29] <Yuv422> to get the correct qty value from qual + qty
[12:37:48] <sbx> i think in some places we pass qty through functions as 16 bit anyway
[12:38:36] <sbx> even if every object doesn't use 16bit qty can it hurt to have that much storage space set?
[12:39:14] <Yuv422> it just means that we need to convert the data on each object when we load / save it
[12:39:44] <Yuv422> I think we need a stackable bool on each tile type too
[12:40:03] <Yuv422> at the moment we check the look string to check for stackability
[12:40:15] <sbx> tile type? so the current is_stackable() is insufficient?
[12:40:44] <Yuv422> well it will be a bit slow if we need to check stackability on every object upon load
[12:42:35] <sbx> i guess its not possible to put qty & qual in a union with a qty16 to access them both, is it?
[12:42:56] <sbx> endianness
[12:44:09] <sbx> but maybe we could use an extra variable for it
[12:44:25] <Yuv422> well saving is easy
[12:44:36] <Yuv422> you just split if qty is over 255
[12:45:57] <sbx> hmm ok
[12:46:00] <sbx> i have to go to sleep
[12:46:03] <sbx> see you
[12:46:07] <Yuv422> righto
[12:46:08] <Yuv422> cya
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[13:09:02] <Yuv422> ok I've fixed the use boat save problem
[13:09:31] <Yuv422> we weren't setting the vehicle actor's worktype to 0 after leaving the vehicle
[13:09:54] <Yuv422> so it was getting picked up as the player actor when loading the savegame
[13:30:56] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:31:20] <Yuv422> I might try to commit my changes tomorrow
[13:31:22] <Yuv422> cya
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