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[07:29:24] <pupnik> hi Kirben :)
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[08:59:12] <sb-x> pupnik: That picture looked good. Thanks for going to the effort.
[08:59:44] <sb-x> Nuvie looks good on handhelds, I think, but moreso if it's in fullscreen mode. :)
[09:00:16] <sb-x> even though there is no official fullscreen support in nuvie you only have to set the fullscreen flag to true to enable it
[09:36:22] <pupnik> happy happy
[09:36:31] <pupnik> yes very easy
[09:36:37] <pupnik> it is a wonderful project
[09:37:00] <pupnik> i still have a lot to learn about integrating sdl apps into this handheld
[09:37:03] <pupnik> thanks for a great engine
[09:42:23] <pupnik> am working on a tablet UI for xu4 right now
[09:42:37] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/xu4_onscreenctls4.png
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[20:31:14] <sb-x> eric fry also succesfully ported nuvie to the gp2x handheld
[20:31:23] <sb-x> but i dont know where the picture of that is now
[20:31:59] <pupnik> i just uh... compiled it and it ran :)
[20:32:06] <pupnik> which is why i love the n770 so much
[20:32:08] <pupnik> :)_
[20:35:31] <sb-x> well, the xu4 conversion looks interesting too, though i have never played xu4
[20:35:47] <sb-x> are you keeping those graphics for the buttons?
[20:36:20] <sb-x> you could use icons from the game tiles of course
[20:45:39] <pupnik> no the graphics will be swappable with anything
[20:45:54] <pupnik> once i finalize what functions i can really combine without too much codehackery
[20:46:20] <pupnik> it'll just be one png file, so easy to make 'skins'
[20:47:40] <sb-x> oh a skinnable interface, ok
[20:48:02] <sb-x> is that the final button placement?
[20:53:37] <pupnik> no
[20:54:31] <pupnik> but the buttons can not be much smaller
[20:54:44] <pupnik> or else the thumb can't target well enough
[20:55:05] <pupnik> for text... maybe i will do something finger friendly too
[20:55:08] <pupnik> hmm
[21:01:00] <pupnik> there is also space for two rows, if people want to use fingers to type chat instead of stylus
[21:01:04] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/xu4_onscreenctls4-bgkd.png
[21:29:00] * pupnik will have to make a generic sdl keyboard module with conf file
[21:45:30] <sb-x> didn't even think about the buttons being for your thumb to hit, that's even cooler
[21:45:44] <sb-x> it looks obvious now
[22:07:08] <pupnik> another thing i can do is make the keyboard modal
[22:07:25] <pupnik> which means it only pops up for text input - the rest of the space can be used to complete the buttons
[22:07:52] <pupnik> but i stil dunno have to implement something and actually playtest
[22:08:18] <pupnik> i did it for another game, so it's not too hard