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[02:06:35] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[02:06:50] <Yuv422> hello
[02:06:59] <SB-X> ping
[02:07:10] <Yuv422> pong
[02:07:10] <SB-X> Yuv422 Hello!
[02:07:13] <SB-X> hehe
[02:07:15] <Yuv422> hey SB-X
[02:07:17] <SB-X> i just sat down
[02:07:29] <Yuv422> :)
[02:07:29] <SB-X> how's it going?
[02:07:33] <Yuv422> good
[02:07:39] <Yuv422> how about yourself?
[02:07:49] <SB-X> fine right now, im eating some ice cream
[02:08:02] <SB-X> im good too
[02:08:06] <Yuv422> cool
[02:08:07] <SB-X> still learning Japanese
[02:08:17] <Yuv422> what flavour?
[02:08:39] <Yuv422> I went to a japanese bbq restaurant last night
[02:08:39] <SB-X> im eating a fruit swirl sherbert actually :p
[02:08:45] <SB-X> wow that sounds great
[02:09:15] <SB-X> i still havnt been to a japanese restaraunt as unbelievable as that sounds
[02:09:27] <Yuv422> really!?
[02:09:27] <SB-X> whats it like?
[02:09:33] <Yuv422> good
[02:09:34] <SB-X> yeah :\
[02:09:47] <SB-X> there's a couple around here though so im planning to
[02:09:49] <Yuv422> better than korean bbq. in my opinion.
[02:09:55] <SB-X> one sounds kind of like that, bbq
[02:10:02] <SB-X> oh, well whats THAT like?
[02:10:08] <Yuv422> hehe
[02:10:14] <SB-X> i have an idea
[02:10:18] <Yuv422> smoky
[02:10:24] <Yuv422> but tasty
[02:10:39] <SB-X> yeah
[02:10:41] <SB-X> i see
[02:10:46] <Yuv422> do you like japanese food
[02:10:53] <SB-X> well i'll find out soon enough...
[02:10:55] <Yuv422> miso
[02:10:56] <SB-X> dont know
[02:10:59] <Yuv422> sushi
[02:11:07] <Yuv422> hehe :)
[02:11:13] <Yuv422> that's amazing
[02:11:13] <SB-X> for now my only experience with japanese food was on iron chef
[02:12:08] <SB-X> on june 1st theres some japanese catered event around here so i may try some of the food then
[02:12:14] <SB-X> i'll tell you then
[02:12:36] <SB-X> what i think of it, that is
[02:12:47] <SB-X> did you say you were going to be working on nuvie again?
[02:13:29] <Yuv422> yeah
[02:13:51] <SB-X> cool
[02:13:58] <SB-X> i may be inspired to continue my work on it too
[02:14:03] <Yuv422> might try to finish off the work I was doing with lua and the magic system
[02:14:28] <SB-X> oh, as for me... there is a todo list
[02:14:57] <SB-X> it included playing with the lua scripting
[02:15:19] <Yuv422> I've got to refresh my memory too
[02:15:27] <Yuv422> haven't worked with it for awhile
[02:15:52] <servus> Sushi... ugh.
[02:16:02] <SB-X> http://nuvie.sf.net <- tells all about the project
[02:16:09] <servus> I live in West Los Angeles. It's nothing but Japanese food. I don't like Japanese food that much!
[02:16:10] <Yuv422> servus: not a fan?
[02:16:18] <Yuv422> hehe
[02:16:21] <SB-X> servus: i wouldnt know
[02:16:22] <servus> Fish is gross. Raw fish is grosser.
[02:16:29] <servus> Where do you live again, SBX?
[02:16:40] <SB-X> in Oklahoma
[02:17:07] <SB-X> there are only a few Japanese places around here afaik
[02:17:09] <servus> Ah. :)
[02:17:46] * Yuv422 reads about Oklahoma on wikipedia
[02:17:53] <SB-X> I didn't do it!
[02:18:03] <servus> I like tempura and ramen alright. A lot of it just scares me... lots of caviar (roe), raw fish, and fish flakes. Ew. The rest is just ridiculously overpriced in America.
[02:18:28] <SB-X> lol, that sounds like iron chef alright
[02:18:34] <SB-X> isn't ramen Chinese?
[02:18:39] <SB-X> or was it just originally
[02:19:05] <SB-X> servus: you don't like any fish? any you live near the coast?
[02:19:29] <servus> I like fish sticks and fish tacos/burritos alright. Those are OK because... they taste like chicken? :)
[02:19:33] <Yuv422> I didn't like fish when I was growing up
[02:19:35] <servus> Ramen is very Japanese
[02:19:46] <servus> I just have an aversion to fishy flavours.
[02:20:56] <Yuv422> from wikipedia "Oklahoma has more astronauts than any other state."
[02:20:58] <Yuv422> cool
[02:22:21] <Yuv422> SB-X: have you been to the National Lighter Museum?
[02:22:25] <servus> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Sky This movie explains why @ Yuv422 :)
[02:24:16] <Yuv422> I'd like to travel to the US to see all your space museums.
[02:24:27] <Yuv422> I'd really like to see a rocket launch
[02:24:36] <SB-X> Yuv422: nope where is it?
[02:25:08] <Yuv422> not too sure. the link is broken
[02:25:24] <Yuv422> In Guthrie
[02:25:36] <Yuv422> they have 20,000 lighters
[02:25:57] <Yuv422> In Guthrie, nearly 20,000 lighters and "fire starters" are displayed at the National Lighter Museum. It is the nation's only museum devoted to the collection of lighters.
[02:26:06] <SB-X> wow
[02:26:08] <Yuv422> I've been to a pencil museum
[02:26:21] <Yuv422> got a lot of flack for that one ;-)
[02:27:11] <SB-X> you can live somewhere all your life and never know about those places until someone visits or tells you about them :p
[02:27:20] <Yuv422> hehe
[02:27:32] <Yuv422> or you read about them on wikipedia
[02:27:39] <SB-X> true
[02:27:43] <SB-X> im not sure where Guthrie is either
[02:27:52] <Yuv422> hehe
[02:28:01] <SB-X> i know that Broken Bow was in Star Trek: Enterprise (first episode)
[02:28:09] <SB-X> that's where the Klingon crash landed :P
[02:29:24] <servus> I know someone that found out about his brother on Wikipedia. When he asked his mother, her response was "Oh dear.. I was hoping you wouldn't find out". My friend is 20 years old, and this was a few weeks ago. :P
[02:30:45] <Yuv422> crazy
[02:31:20] <SB-X> Wikipedia keeps families together.
[02:31:33] <servus> He and his estranged brother got along really well though! Hee.
[02:31:48] <servus> Same ages, different countries of origin.
[02:35:01] <SB-X> Was it Jimmy Jimbo Wales?
[02:35:31] <SB-X> Was that person involved in any way? :P
[02:35:36] <servus> It was the son of Andy Summers, the drummer for The Police
[02:36:48] <SB-X> ah
[02:36:57] <SB-X> k
[02:37:11] <SB-X> interesting
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[07:49:51] <Yuv422> cyas
[07:49:52] <Yuv422> cya
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