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[06:20:27] <Yuv422> hi
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[06:20:53] <Yuv422> hmm
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[06:21:51] <sbx> Hi
[06:21:56] <sbx> You've been on 40 seconds.
[06:21:58] <sbx> :)
[06:22:32] * sbx points at Yuv422.
[06:22:46] <Yuv422> hello
[06:22:51] <Yuv422> yes I have
[06:24:06] <sbx> I tripped on my phone cord again and it disconnected me.
[06:24:26] <sbx> though I was afk anyway
[06:24:31] <Yuv422> how's things?
[06:24:45] <Yuv422> Ouch
[06:25:43] <sbx> I was going to go back to sleep.
[06:25:49] <sbx> Did you answer my mail?
[06:25:55] <sbx> or see it
[06:26:44] <Yuv422> hmm
[06:26:51] <Yuv422> I haven't checked my email this weekend.
[06:26:54] <Yuv422> let me look now
[06:27:55] * Yuv422 looks now.
[06:27:57] <sbx> I just noticed the fadeout is broken when used with smooth lighting.
[06:28:12] <sbx> Might just be my recent changes and not in CVS copy.
[06:29:25] <sbx> When I go to sleep at an inn and its already pitch black, it fades out and then jumps back to the scene without fading in again. Then when it fades in it quickly colors it black and then removes the black to transparent.
[06:30:11] <Yuv422> hmm sounds a bit unplesent
[06:30:37] <Yuv422> I think the actor skipping issue is caused by twitching
[06:31:02] <sbx> I'm not sure if it has anything to do with smooth lighting. But I also have to fix the FadeTo when using smooth lighting.
[06:31:05] <sbx> Why do you say that?
[06:31:11] <sbx> you said that before and I ruled it out
[06:31:25] <sbx> well sounds like it's easy to fix then :)
[06:31:49] <servus_> The smooth lighting code has been obfuscated and drizzled with honey.
[06:32:24] <sbx> I know, it's tasty.
[06:32:56] <sbx> though I'm sure my problems aren't anything to do with smooth lighting, but lack of taking it into account
[06:33:49] <sbx> because fade-to just captures an 8bit image.
[06:34:01] <sbx> ...no matter what the screen depth is
[06:35:26] <servus_> Probably something is using a nonstandard fading method.
[06:35:52] <sbx> nonstandard?
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[06:37:10] <sbx> hey wb
[06:38:24] <Yuv422> because the actor will try to twitch if left for a bit
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[06:38:42] <Yuv422> when that happens it will twitch off the current walk frame
[06:38:50] <Yuv422> that's my theory anyway
[06:39:02] <Yuv422> I haven't actually looked at the code to check
[06:39:59] <sbx> ey? oh ok
[06:41:10] <sbx> servus_: It's standard for U6. :)
[06:41:53] <servus_> I meant that the fade-out in question might have reimplemented fading for that particular instance.
[06:42:25] <sbx> oh
[06:44:15] <sbx> shouldn't be though
[06:46:42] <sbx> I'll make it just use whatever bpp screen returns. But that shouldn't be relevant for simple fade-out.
[06:46:51] <sbx> I'm more curious how the white potion effect is done.
[06:52:48] <Yuv422> so it's not just pixel index?
[06:53:05] <Yuv422> palette index I mean.
[06:53:39] <sbx> I don't know which index to switch.
[06:53:48] <sbx> But if I did, it isn't uniform for all pixels.
[06:54:09] <sbx> The black outline around trees changes to pink, but the black details on the tree turn yellow.
[06:54:13] <Yuv422> maybe it is several colours?
[06:54:42] <sbx> it is
[06:55:08] <sbx> which colors to switch*
[06:55:12] <sbx> I hope it's just a range.
[06:56:19] <sbx> so I can say "switch 0-15 with 151-166"
[06:56:47] <sbx> That would be easy. BTW I made it display the palette on the screen to help me. :)
[06:57:13] <Yuv422> cool
[06:57:40] <sbx> Nice how the bottom two lines are automatically rotated too.
[06:57:44] <sbx> cycled
[06:57:45] <Yuv422> I think I have the u6 palette as an image somewhere
[06:58:00] <sbx> oh
[06:59:07] <sbx> it's too bad SE & MD midgames aren't animated
[06:59:14] <sbx> but I didn't even know they had them
[07:04:45] <sbx> got to go cya
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[12:01:12] <Yuv422> bed time
[12:01:13] <Yuv422> cya
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