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[00:54:14] <Yuv422> sbx: would you be able to try my new ObjManager class out before I commit?
[01:08:40] <sbx> sorry, kind of afk
[01:08:43] <sbx> did you commit it yet?
[01:08:44] <Yuv422> np
[01:08:44] <sbx> i can
[01:08:48] <sbx> (can try it)
[01:09:03] <Yuv422> it's still got a few issues
[01:09:16] <Yuv422> I'll send you what I've got so far
[01:09:25] <Yuv422> just to see how it goes speed wise
[01:09:38] <sbx> oh
[01:09:54] <sbx> it stores objects in avl list
[01:10:00] <Yuv422> yes
[01:10:16] <Yuv422> it is a bit inefficent drawing
[01:10:26] <Yuv422> as it needs to check each location on the game window
[01:10:54] <Yuv422> I might be able to speed that up with an interator through the tree
[01:12:21] <sbx> exult has a comment that says "// This avoids jumpy walking"
[01:12:28] <sbx> and uses dirty rectangles
[01:12:39] <sbx> in exult.cc
[01:12:50] <sbx> i dont know if its to stop the same thing though
[01:12:53] <Yuv422> hmm we might look at somthing like that in the future
[01:15:30] <sbx> you can use DCC to send the files
[01:15:34] <sbx> when they are ready
[01:15:45] <Yuv422> I don't think I can as I'm firewalled.
[01:16:16] <sbx> hmm allright
[01:16:26] <sbx> im looking for divx5 codecs atm
[01:16:47] <Yuv422> I use xvid now
[01:18:19] <Yuv422> do you use mplayer?
[01:18:44] <sbx> ok ill use that instead
[01:18:50] <sbx> yeah and im compiling new version now
[01:19:06] <sbx> i just read in docs how to get xvid sources
[01:19:20] <sbx> and it says its faster
[01:19:49] <sbx> for encoding anyway
[01:20:21] <Yuv422> do you think your comp will handle playback?
[01:21:27] <sbx> i can play small dimensioned divx vids with mplayer
[01:21:50] <sbx> or i can use mencoder to turn it into mpeg
[01:23:17] <Yuv422> what was your cpu speed again?
[01:23:34] <sbx> 200MHz
[01:23:49] <sbx> and mplayer is very fast :)
[01:24:05] <sbx> im copying over nuvie test changes now
[01:24:21] <Yuv422> k
[01:26:08] <sbx> compiling
[01:27:56] <sbx> oops that was configuring
[01:27:58] <sbx> compiling
[01:28:17] <Yuv422> did you re run autogen.sh
[01:28:39] <Yuv422> if not you might get my weird mac options ;)
[01:29:49] <sbx> yup
[01:30:01] <sbx> i unpacked it to a new dir
[01:32:57] <sbx> do objects have some way of telling where inside the container they are
[01:33:13] <sbx> and do containers have a way of telling their parent container
[01:33:15] <Yuv422> how do you mean?
[01:33:25] <sbx> or any object telling its parent container really
[01:33:34] <Yuv422> nope
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[01:33:48] <sbx> a pointer
[01:33:49] <Yuv422> the tree is just for quick access
[01:34:09] <Yuv422> but I think you can itterate through nodes
[01:34:18] <Yuv422> so we could find the first object on screen
[01:34:42] <sbx> i was thinking of inventory management, even before the tree
[01:34:52] <sbx> so the add/del object functions on actor could be simpler
[01:35:09] <Yuv422> player inventory is unchanged
[01:35:32] <sbx> heh
[01:35:44] <sbx> im not talking about avltree atm
[01:35:53] <Yuv422> ah k
[01:36:02] <sbx> ObjManager.o: In function `ObjManager::ObjManager(Configuration *)':
[01:36:22] <sbx> /home/sbx/build/nuvie/nuvie-test20030527/ObjManager.cpp:41: undefined reference to `iAVLAllocTree(long (*)(void const *))'
[01:36:30] <Yuv422> ah
[01:36:42] <Yuv422> you'll need to add them to Makefile.common
[01:36:53] <Yuv422> I use a different build system ;)
[01:40:22] <sbx> heh
[01:40:34] <sbx> it works great!
[01:40:46] <sbx> the avatar walks around in the castle the same as outside britain
[01:40:46] <Yuv422> :)
[01:41:06] <Yuv422> still a few issues to fix
[01:41:12] <Yuv422> like doors
[01:41:29] <Yuv422> and it crashes when you go down a ladder
[01:42:16] <sbx> its so fast it will need to be speed limited in the future
[01:42:38] <Yuv422> hehe
[01:43:47] <sbx> there were two errors in iAVLTree.cpp
[01:43:58] <sbx> returns from malloc not being casted
[01:44:07] <Yuv422> ah k
[01:44:25] <Yuv422> well that was straight from the tar archive
[01:44:43] <Yuv422> what should they have been casted to?
[01:45:17] <sbx> iAVLTree * on line 60
[01:45:29] <sbx> iAVLNode * on line 100
[01:45:40] <sbx> ANSI C++ forbids implicit conversion from `void *' in assignment
[01:45:52] <sbx> (the error it displayed)
[01:47:16] <Yuv422> ok I've fixed those
[02:04:24] * sbx takes a break.
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[03:35:08] <maku> hello guys
[03:35:37] <maku> Yuv422, I just read logs. have you commited new ObjManager yet?
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[03:50:33] <Yuv422> hey
[03:50:44] <Yuv422> one sec just on the phone
[03:53:01] <Yuv422> back
[03:53:12] <Yuv422> that new code isn't in the cvs yet
[03:53:20] <Yuv422> I'm still fixing some issues
[03:53:59] <Yuv422> you can download a test version if your really keen. ;)
[03:54:09] <Yuv422> I shoud have it in soon.
[03:54:14] <Yuv422> should
[03:54:56] <maku> I am interested in this new code
[03:58:31] <maku> I have decoded all shapes. there are over 410 of them! I have them all as grayscale bmps (total 4MB)
[03:58:43] <Yuv422> cool
[03:58:58] <maku> intro.ptr is just another shape file
[03:59:10] <Yuv422> ah k
[03:59:27] <Yuv422> what is it?
[04:00:31] <maku> it contains eight, some 8x8 pix images
[04:01:11] <maku> they might be cursors
[04:01:23] <maku> I have to look the original
[04:04:38] <Yuv422> strange
[04:08:49] <maku> intro scene is not controlled by any script
[04:09:03] <maku> so I have to make it by hand
[04:09:17] <maku> that will take time -- a lot of time
[04:10:11] <maku> I have to figure out all the timings and animation frames
[04:10:42] <Yuv422> I guess it shouldn't be too bad once you get the base functions done
[04:10:59] <Yuv422> then like you said it's just a matter of timing
[04:11:18] <maku> yep. and I have to make subclasses for MD and SE
[04:12:23] <maku> I have to figure out all the frames (positioning) also. some pictures are only few pixels in size
[04:12:51] <Yuv422> don't forget the star.pos file
[04:13:15] <maku> yes, but contains "only" star data
[04:13:31] <maku> all other frames seem to be hardcoded
[04:13:54] <maku> if I only got dosbox working...
[04:14:42] <Yuv422> it's not working for you?
[04:14:55] <Yuv422> how about dosemu?
[04:15:11] <Yuv422> it would be real hard without those tools :(
[04:15:53] <maku> dosemu doesn't compile under FreeBSD. IIRC there is port of dosemu for NetBSD which should run on FreeBSD
[04:16:23] <maku> dosbox just says always "Illegal command" when I try to run Ultima
[04:19:25] <Yuv422> ah k
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[05:05:16] <maku> test-nuvie causes a bus error: iAVLCloseSearchNode (avltree=0xd0d0d0d0, key=338) at misc/iAVLTree.cpp:266
[05:05:33] <Yuv422> doing what?
[05:05:40] <maku> starting up
[05:05:45] <Yuv422> I've fixed some issues
[05:05:49] <maku> all I got is a black window
[05:06:02] <Yuv422> in ObjManager constructor
[05:06:28] <Yuv422> it should be
[05:06:30] <Yuv422> for(i=0;i<5;i++)
[05:06:49] <maku> I'll check it out
[05:06:53] <Yuv422> I've changed some other stuff as well
[05:07:37] <maku> bt: ObjManager::loadObjSuperChunk -> ObjManager::addObj -> iAVLCloseSeatchNode -> SIGBUS
[05:08:04] <Yuv422> the first dungeon level was NULL.
[05:09:39] <maku> loadObjSuperChunk is called with level=208, is this okay?
[05:09:48] <Yuv422> nope
[05:09:52] <Yuv422> hehe
[05:09:54] <Yuv422> very wrong
[05:10:01] <maku> I thought so ;)
[05:10:04] <Yuv422> 5 is the highest it should go
[05:10:48] <maku> it was in the ObjManager constructor, I'll recompile and try again
[05:11:27] <Yuv422> ok I've fixed the door issues
[05:11:38] <Yuv422> I've just got to step out for a bit
[05:11:47] <Yuv422> I'll commit the new code when I get back.
[05:12:07] <maku> okay
[05:12:30] <Yuv422> bbl
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[06:14:52] <sbx> hmm
[06:15:14] * sbx yawns.
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[07:27:18] <Yuv422> Yay! I just got my new U6 copy!
[07:28:26] <Eclair> lol
[07:28:28] <Eclair> like it?
[07:28:32] <Eclair> and is it the ORIGINAL
[07:28:36] <Yuv422> yes
[07:28:37] <Eclair> or the newer release? :)
[07:28:50] <Eclair> with the cloth map?
[07:28:54] <Yuv422> original 5.25
[07:28:59] <Eclair> and the 5.25 :)
[07:29:01] <Yuv422> gem stone cloth map etc
[07:29:07] <Eclair> NICE
[07:29:25] <Yuv422> actually it is second hand but in as-new condition
[07:29:31] <Eclair> hehe
[07:29:32] <Yuv422> got it on ebay
[07:30:01] <Yuv422> wow each gem stone is a unique shape!
[07:30:15] <Yuv422> I have another original U6 btw. ;)
[07:30:19] <Eclair> hehe
[07:32:42] <Yuv422> wow!
[07:32:52] <Yuv422> this compendium has two covers!
[07:32:58] <Eclair> hehe
[07:33:22] <Yuv422> I guess that makes my game quite special indeed.
[07:34:04] <Eclair> hehe
[07:34:06] * Eclair giggles
[07:34:14] * Eclair is in a VERY giggly mood atm
[07:35:45] <Yuv422> the box is in great condition
[07:36:04] <Eclair> hehe, nice
[07:36:51] <Yuv422> funny it came with a photocopied code wheel from jack nicklaus signature edition golf.
[07:37:04] <Eclair> I get some more anime music by wed
[07:37:06] <Eclair> Macross
[07:37:13] <Yuv422> and a printout of someones bios screen.
[07:37:16] <Eclair> ALL KANNO YOKKO!!!!
[07:37:18] <Eclair> lol
[07:37:36] <Eclair> the MASTER of anime music (imo)
[07:37:41] <Yuv422> ;)
[07:45:20] <Yuv422> ok new ObjManager code is almost ready to commit
[07:52:18] <Eclair> sorry I haven't been keeping up with the project
[07:52:25] <Eclair> I've got myself a project I'm in now :)
[07:52:33] <Yuv422> ah k cool
[07:52:37] <Yuv422> what's it called?
[07:52:43] <Eclair> Arisa
[07:52:56] <Eclair> a new form of irc bot for distro of files
[07:53:03] <Yuv422> is it hosted on SF?
[07:53:07] <Eclair> no
[07:53:17] <Eclair> currently it's still in the structured phase
[07:53:21] <Eclair> it's to replace iroffer
[07:53:33] <Eclair> though it's currently linux specific
[07:53:39] <Yuv422> do you have a website?
[07:53:45] <Eclair> no, not yet
[07:53:56] <Eclair> but I can tell you ANYTHING you want to know about the project (leader)
[07:54:07] <Eclair> I don't code, but I'm heading the project :)
[07:54:18] <Yuv422> ah k
[07:54:33] <Eclair> in a nutshell it's going to serve files
[07:54:40] <Yuv422> maybe you should apply for a sf project
[07:54:45] <Eclair> nah
[07:54:49] <Yuv422> then you can host it there
[07:54:50] <Yuv422> ah k
[07:54:54] <Eclair> not until we have a SOLID bot
[07:55:01] <Eclair> this is NOT going to be a pet project
[07:55:04] <Yuv422> fair enough
[07:55:10] <Eclair> it's going to be serious and complete
[07:55:22] <Eclair> remember most projects on SF (from I've seen) are half-assed
[07:55:25] <Eclair> imo
[07:55:31] <Yuv422> nuvie!?
[07:55:32] <Yuv422> ;)
[07:55:38] <Eclair> hehe
[07:55:45] <Eclair> nuvie is getting somewhere... I think
[07:55:49] <Eclair> I'll look at it soon
[07:56:10] <Eclair> but this is an important project for me since this is my first PROGRAMMING project :)
[07:56:33] <Yuv422> be sure to keep me posted on your progress.
[07:57:00] <Eclair> irc.bakanet.org,#iroffer
[07:57:13] <Yuv422> righto
[07:57:27] <Eclair> since it's targeted SPECIFICLY to the anime distro community :)
[07:57:39] * Yuv422 writes that one down.
[07:57:45] * Eclair giggles
[08:02:52] <Yuv422> ok new ObjManager is in cvs now.
[09:55:48] <Yuv422> time for me to go
[09:55:50] <Yuv422> cya
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