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[04:30:31] <SB-X> ARGH
[04:30:32] <SB-X> i need sleep
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[20:49:52] <luteijn> finally put together graphical map display for u6o 'ansi' client. I guess it can't be called ansi client anymore.. maybe 'script-client'?
[20:50:05] <SB-X> yay
[20:50:10] <SB-X> hi
[20:50:22] <SB-X> your room in u6o was sold
[20:50:42] <luteijn> I never intended to keep it, just wanted to see how it worked ;)
[20:50:56] <SB-X> ah k
[20:51:01] <SB-X> I'm not going to bother buying one.
[20:51:12] <luteijn> It's too expensive for what it offers anyway. And I don't like renting ;)
[20:51:33] <SB-X> yeah, that's why I'm not getting one
[20:51:40] <SB-X> how do I try your client?
[20:52:14] <luteijn> the X display is probably too slow to run properly over the network; let me see if the directory it is in is readable to you.
[20:52:31] <SB-X> ok... i ran the text client
[20:52:47] <SB-X> In Britannia: Kalour (1, dead), HaakenSlaash (6), Aranyhajnal (8), Arbitrary (3), Filon (3), unix (1)
[20:52:54] <SB-X> and logged in with your unix username
[20:53:32] <luteijn> the directory on dollar is: ~luteijn/devel/u6o/sdl/mapviewer/
[20:54:17] <luteijn> and the client is called 'mapviewer.pl' (which is basically client.pl + some calls to blit ripped from framer.pl
[20:54:41] <SB-X> ok
[20:55:05] <luteijn> you stil lget the old ansi display + an additional map window.
[20:55:13] <SB-X> wierd... I didn't even know about the ~luteijn syntax for home directories
[20:55:22] <luteijn> the map window is only output for now, so you need to click, type etc into the old client
[20:56:50] <SB-X> eek that's slow
[20:56:59] <SB-X> but I briefly saw the mapwindow :)
[20:57:04] <SB-X> then it exited
[20:57:12] <SB-X> Client (24954,2): EOF on Esock twilight
[20:57:20] <luteijn> it is probably taking too long to send keepalives for you.
[20:57:41] <SB-X> had to type 'reset' to get vt control back
[20:57:52] <luteijn> the map is prettyfast on my local network. Do you have ssh comressing the X data?
[20:58:18] <SB-X> dont know... connected with ssh -YC luteijn.xs4all.net
[20:58:56] <luteijn> then it is compressing. better copy the whol directory over to your local machine, and run it locally.
[20:59:05] <SB-X> ok
[20:59:37] <SB-X> that's still pretty nice
[20:59:50] <luteijn> It's not properly doing toptiles yet
[21:00:04] <SB-X> the moat is white
[21:00:18] <luteijn> That's because the water basetile is transparant
[21:00:36] <luteijn> and I have a white background to fix some of the white=transparant issues
[21:01:22] <luteijn> The walls are also not properly 'fixed' when blacking out, it's just very basic so far.
[21:02:38] <SB-X> copying
[21:02:57] <luteijn> do you have perl installed allready?
[21:02:59] <SB-X> had to look up the -r option
[21:03:08] <SB-X> yeah
[21:03:14] <SB-X> "This is perl, v5.8.4 built for i486-linux"
[21:04:13] <luteijn> you might be missing some of the modules, ('use' statements at the start of the script)
[21:04:24] <SB-X> just noticed perl's various manpages include introduction, reference, and tutorials
[21:07:52] <SB-X> eh
[21:07:58] <SB-X> the log files are big
[21:08:32] <luteijn> and you don't really need them. probably need to set debuglevel variable down a little
[21:09:21] <luteijn> hmm the gzipped tar, without logfiles is only 567053, thos ebin files really compress well.
[21:09:44] <SB-X> hmm, yeah
[21:09:55] <SB-X> this will only take 2 more minutes though
[21:10:08] <SB-X> whatever happened to http://www.luteijns.net?
[21:10:27] <luteijn> I think I need to get a new nameserver up for it.
[21:11:58] <SB-X> well, that's interesting that the other logs disappeared before scp could copy them :)
[21:12:17] <luteijn> rm log/* is your friend
[21:12:24] <SB-X> heh, thanks
[21:12:30] <SB-X> got the whole directory now
[21:13:08] <luteijn> okay wonder if it works straight off the bat, or you need to get ReadKey and the SDL bindings.
[21:13:14] <SB-X> need SDL at least
[21:14:23] <luteijn> there might be a package for that (there was for debian); I think I got "Term::ReadKey" from CPAN.
[21:14:36] <SB-X> i found one with gslapt
[21:17:57] <luteijn> I have to get some sleep; hopefully you get it to work, would be nice to see it run on another box than mine. if you're not familliar with cpan, you should be able to run 'cpan' as root, and after going throught the config (mostly press enter), type "install Term::ReadKey" to have it fetch the files, compile them etc.
[21:18:15] <SB-X> ok thanks
[21:18:16] <SB-X> cya
[21:18:27] <luteijn> bye
[21:18:32] <-- luteijn has left IRC ("[BX] With a BitchX here and a BitchX there, here a BitchX there a BitchX everywhere a BitchX")
[21:36:27] <SB-X> yep, works nicely
[21:37:02] <SB-X> at least as a viewer, it's confusing to try and use things without looking at the text window
[21:37:30] <SB-X> SDL_perl could be installed with "install SDL" but cpan wouldn't build it automatically
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