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[12:49:06] * Yuv422 returns from a weekends skiing
[12:49:26] <SB-X> hello!
[12:49:30] <SB-X> oh, so that's where you were!
[12:49:37] <Yuv422> hey SB-X
[12:49:38] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:49:41] <SB-X> how was it?
[12:49:45] <Yuv422> good
[12:49:57] <Yuv422> had a little snow friday
[12:50:00] <Yuv422> which was good
[12:50:15] <Yuv422> then good weather for the weekend
[12:50:37] <SB-X> it almost rained a bit here friday, but other than that it's just been hot and humid all week :)
[12:50:57] <SB-X> so, skiing wound sound really refreshing right about now
[12:51:03] <SB-X> would*
[12:51:11] <Yuv422> I'm a bit tired now
[12:51:26] <SB-X> or fun at least
[12:51:29] <SB-X> did you just get back?
[12:51:34] <Yuv422> got up at 1:40am on friday
[12:51:45] <Yuv422> drove 6.5 hours to the snow
[12:51:47] <SB-X> why? long trip?
[12:51:50] <SB-X> oh
[12:51:52] <Yuv422> then skied all day
[12:52:06] <Yuv422> then drove back this afternoon
[12:52:29] <SB-X> so much for "refreshing"
[12:52:41] <Yuv422> I should get some nuvie time tomorrow night
[12:52:47] <SB-X> but at least you had fun right?
[12:52:54] <Yuv422> yes
[12:52:55] <SB-X> heh ok
[12:52:56] <SB-X> :)
[12:52:56] <Yuv422> lots of fun
[12:53:04] <SB-X> im waiting for the cvs merge
[12:53:10] <Yuv422> hehe
[12:53:12] <Yuv422> tomorrow
[12:53:45] <SB-X> your copy of ERIC_SCRIPTING_BRANCH is up-to-date right?
[12:54:00] <Yuv422> yes
[12:54:03] <SB-X> k
[12:54:07] <SB-X> just checking
[12:54:14] <Yuv422> and the merge looks clean
[12:54:20] <SB-X> that's good
[12:54:32] <Yuv422> just need to check a few things and condense the change log
[12:55:02] <SB-X> is there a way to delete a branch or at lock it?
[12:55:06] <SB-X> at least*
[12:55:23] <Yuv422> hmm.. not sure
[12:55:44] <Yuv422> I guess we can just ask everyone to stop comitting to it
[12:55:53] <SB-X> i'll try to remember not to commit code there
[12:55:55] <SB-X> heh
[12:56:27] <SB-X> that's what I was thinking about, but it won't be a problem
[12:56:34] <SB-X> right now im playing with my newly upgraded Ubuntu system
[12:56:45] <Yuv422> how is it?
[12:57:08] <SB-X> much improved over the old version i was last using and didn't keep up-to-date
[12:57:22] <SB-X> especially now that I've customized things
[12:58:23] <SB-X> browsing through the nuvie directory rather than using a terminal and 'ls' makes me want to use a deep-code-hierarchy for nuvie's source code :)
[12:58:52] <SB-X> it's really annoying searching for programs (like Nuvie) in a folder full of source files
[12:59:09] <Yuv422> hehe
[12:59:09] <SB-X> well, not "really annoying", but it could be faster
[13:00:14] <Yuv422> I don't think we should go changing the nuvie directory structure in a hurry
[13:00:23] <Yuv422> too many cvs headaches
[13:00:29] <SB-X> pentagram uses more directory levels for it's cvs
[13:00:32] <SB-X> yeah, good point
[13:01:01] <SB-X> does OSX show programs first?
[13:01:23] <Yuv422> in list view?
[13:01:34] <SB-X> list or icon views
[13:01:48] <Yuv422> it has the standard display properties
[13:01:56] <Yuv422> so I don't think so
[13:02:31] <Yuv422> but it has spotlight
[13:02:42] <Yuv422> which is a file/folder search tool
[13:02:57] <SB-X> in windows explorer if you select "Sort files by type" it will show Applications first
[13:03:18] <SB-X> nautilus does let you type in the filename to scroll to it
[13:03:47] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:03:59] <Yuv422> I launch nuvie from xcode
[13:04:08] <Yuv422> or from the terminal
[13:04:16] <SB-X> oh yeah, you use that
[13:04:16] <Yuv422> never from the finder
[13:04:17] <SB-X> me too
[13:04:17] <Yuv422> ;-)
[13:04:29] <Yuv422> right I'm off to bed now
[13:04:34] <SB-X> k
[13:04:36] <SB-X> cya
[13:04:40] * Yuv422 rubs his eyes
[13:04:46] <Yuv422> tired
[13:04:47] <Yuv422> cya
[13:04:59] <Yuv422> http://games.slashdot.org/games/07/07/27/1850226.shtml
[13:05:03] * SB-X casts Sleep on Yuv422.
[13:05:04] <Yuv422> bye
[13:05:14] <Yuv422> :-)
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