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[13:11:15] <Yuv422> yay I've got dosbox to break just as I attack someone
[13:11:47] <Yuv422> I guess I need to find the code that creates a new temp actor
[13:11:54] <Yuv422> so egg spawning
[13:12:17] <Yuv422> so we can look at stat generation and inventory stocking
[13:12:26] <Yuv422> time for bed now
[13:12:28] <Yuv422> cya
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[20:14:06] <SB-X> hi Eric
[20:14:43] * SB-X deletes some forum spam.
[20:15:10] <Yuv422> hello
[20:15:22] <Yuv422> how's things?
[20:15:41] <SB-X> The past few days I've been busy messing with my computer, getting XP reinstalled.
[20:15:54] <Yuv422> cool
[20:16:01] <SB-X> I had to copy all of my files and reformat.
[20:16:06] <SB-X> It's not cool.
[20:16:14] <SB-X> I had several driver or disk problems. :(
[20:16:18] <SB-X> severe*
[20:16:22] <Yuv422> ah
[20:16:26] <Yuv422> :(
[20:16:40] <SB-X> Unfortunately I never do system restore either so a complete reinstall is all I could do.
[20:17:01] <Yuv422> did you need new disks?
[20:17:02] <SB-X> I used other partitions on my disk as backup space, and got that over with, but now the last 21GB on my disk is unaccessable.
[20:17:08] <SB-X> well I probably do
[20:17:12] <SB-X> but I can't get one yet
[20:17:32] <SB-X> I just spent time moving files back and forth, reformatting each partition.
[20:17:40] <SB-X> although I left the linux filesystems alone
[20:18:10] <SB-X> where I had 3 FAT32 shared filesystems at the end of the disk, I now have 2 NTFS filesystems and one 9GB FAT32 filesystem
[20:18:17] <SB-X> and 21GB free space that XP refuses to format
[20:18:24] <Yuv422> ouch, yeah that wouldn't be fun
[20:19:12] <SB-X> The only cool thing about it is that I deleted a lot of crap I had stored on my disk, like old files and apps I don't use anymore.
[20:19:15] <Yuv422> is ntfs a journaled fs?
[20:19:22] <SB-X> I didn't realize how much space that stuff was taking. :)
[20:19:28] <SB-X> yep
[20:19:31] <Yuv422> :)
[20:19:35] <SB-X> linux can't write to it
[20:19:47] <SB-X> so that's what the fat32 one is for
[20:20:25] <SB-X> could have also made it ext2 and loaded an ext2fs driver in XP
[20:20:33] <Yuv422> I got my dosbox mouse issue fixed
[20:20:53] <Yuv422> there is an ext2 driver for xp?
[20:20:58] <SB-X> I think so
[20:21:00] <Yuv422> that's pretty cool
[20:21:03] <SB-X> there are two I think
[20:21:20] <SB-X> not part of the OS, you have to find them on the net
[20:21:28] <SB-X> someone made them
[20:21:45] <SB-X> what was wrong with the mouse?
[20:21:47] <Yuv422> I'd better go and get ready for work
[20:21:52] <SB-X> did you get it working in all modes?
[20:22:03] <Yuv422> dosbox couldn't handle the video mode at that size
[20:22:08] <SB-X> why?
[20:22:15] <Yuv422> it was uncodes
[20:22:18] <Yuv422> uncoded
[20:22:22] <SB-X> oh
[20:22:27] <Yuv422> it has a switch statement in mouse.cpp
[20:22:33] <Yuv422> for changing video modes
[20:22:47] <SB-X> heh, good job
[20:22:47] <Yuv422> I just added the correct data for the new video mode 0x54
[20:22:52] <SB-X> I read it in the logs.
[20:22:53] <Yuv422> and it works fine
[20:22:57] <Yuv422> :)
[20:23:13] <SB-X> you'll have to tell me how to make dosbox break at a location later
[20:23:14] <Yuv422> so I now run two dosboxes
[20:23:21] <Yuv422> yea
[20:23:24] <Yuv422> +h
[20:23:29] <SB-X> ah k
[20:23:32] <Yuv422> that is another small mod
[20:23:56] * SB-X runs no dosboxes because it expects U6 to be installed on a writable filesystem.
[20:24:05] <Yuv422> http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=10616
[20:24:18] <Yuv422> right bbl
[20:24:23] <SB-X> cya
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[21:16:39] <SB-X> U6O uptime has just dropped from 99.987% to 99.85%!
[21:26:16] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("casts gate travel")
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