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[02:40:35] <Sheng_Gradilla> hello :)
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[12:04:09] <wjp> hi
[12:04:16] <Yuv422> hi wjp
[12:11:28] <sbx> hello
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[12:24:45] <sbx> hello
[12:24:57] <Yuv422_> hi sbx
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[12:32:20] <Yuv422> I'm just fixing solo mode on load / save
[12:41:24] <Yuv422> ok it loads and saves party/solo modes now
[12:41:25] <Yuv422> :)
[12:41:54] <sbx> did you have any problem with vehicles?
[12:42:15] <Yuv422> you can't solo in vehicles so it shouldn't be a problem
[12:43:26] <Yuv422> hehe spoke to soon
[12:43:52] <Yuv422> you can get stuck in a vehicle if you try to solo while boarded
[12:44:36] <sbx> that might have been there already
[12:45:11] <Yuv422> hmm I can't get it to do it again
[12:46:43] <Yuv422> weird
[12:48:11] <sbx> there are some tricks we do to make loading (original) in vehicles work
[12:48:19] <sbx> but I dont think loading in solo mode worked before
[12:48:52] <Yuv422> I don't seem to be able to reproduce the behaviour anymore
[12:49:14] <sbx> it is also important that actor manager and player and party init are in correct order because at least one uses the other to get actor pointers
[12:49:19] <Yuv422> I was in the boat and it wouldn't let me disembark because I was in solo mode
[12:49:23] <sbx> i have experience with that :)
[12:49:30] <sbx> not being able to reproduce things I mean
[12:49:34] <sbx> I dont remember that one
[12:52:42] <Yuv422> I'm going to have to write a GUI text entry widget
[12:52:54] <Yuv422> so we can enter meaningful game names
[12:53:36] <sbx> great
[12:53:47] <sbx> if you do lock_input() on a widget you will send all events to it
[12:54:16] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:54:43] <sbx> maybe you want to make a grab_input() method for that, or do it from grab_focus()
[12:54:52] <sbx> hey did you test fountains?
[12:55:04] <Yuv422> no I didn't
[12:55:11] <Yuv422> how do I test them?
[12:55:27] <sbx> Use them
[12:55:33] <sbx> and answer "food"
[12:55:34] <Yuv422> righto
[12:55:40] <sbx> if it says Failed keep trying
[12:56:41] <Yuv422> it says no effect
[12:56:52] <sbx> maybe that was it
[12:57:03] <sbx> if you type something else it should give a different message
[12:57:08] <sbx> that way you know if its working or not
[12:57:21] <Yuv422> failed
[12:57:34] <Yuv422> yay I got food
[12:57:44] <sbx> hehe
[12:57:50] <Yuv422> 9 portions of meat
[12:57:57] <sbx> if you can move aroun dnow and it doesnt crash when you eat the food then all is well
[12:58:06] <sbx> hmm 9 you got lucky
[12:58:43] <Yuv422> what do you want to see next?
[12:58:50] <Yuv422> savegame descriptions
[12:58:52] <Yuv422> or
[12:59:00] <Yuv422> latest save game loading?
[12:59:23] <sbx> latest save game loading
[12:59:25] <wjp> do you already have quicksave/quickload?
[12:59:46] <Yuv422> not yet
[12:59:59] <Yuv422> maybe ctrl-s could quick save
[13:00:12] <sbx> should we use a dedicated slot or the latest save?
[13:00:32] <wjp> I'd use a dedicated slot for quicksave
[13:00:47] <Yuv422> I was thinking we just use the last save
[13:00:58] <sbx> what if we just dont call it "quicksave" we can get away with using the last save :)
[13:01:06] <sbx> if we call it quicksave people think its a special save
[13:01:10] <Yuv422> for quick save
[13:01:33] <sbx> but I thought CTRL-S would be the save dialog and we just didnt handle CTRL yet
[13:01:37] <Yuv422> wjp: did you say that nuvie crashed when you pressed esc from the save dialog?
[13:01:50] <wjp> yes
[13:02:00] <Yuv422> I guess ctrl-s is more inline with the original
[13:02:01] <sbx> same here
[13:02:11] <Yuv422> could I get a backtrace
[13:02:20] <Yuv422> I can't get it to crash here
[13:02:24] <sbx> but the original didnt make (allow?) you choose a slot
[13:02:27] <sbx> so its like quicksave
[13:03:02] <wjp> I can probably get one when I get home tonight
[13:03:33] <sbx> btw does anyone think it might be a good idea to have different save/load dialogs bound to different keys? or the same dialog even
[13:03:40] <Yuv422> when ever you have time. :)
[13:04:28] <Yuv422> yeah pressing 's' to load doesn't feel right somehow
[13:05:22] <Yuv422> did you see that is you load the new save it gave you a new game
[13:06:51] <sbx> heh
[13:07:01] <wjp> interesting... no, I can't get you a backtrace for that escape crash
[13:07:02] <sbx> yeah that was interesting
[13:07:43] <wjp> (gdb) bt
[13:07:43] <wjp> #0 0x00000000 in ?? ()
[13:07:43] <sbx> I couldnt get out of the first room
[13:07:43] <sbx> all the doors said "Not Now!"
[13:07:46] <Yuv422> it's not crashing anymore?
[13:07:47] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:07:51] <Yuv422> some it is wiping out the stack. :(
[13:08:06] <Yuv422> sbx: really
[13:08:11] <Yuv422> that's not good
[13:08:13] <wjp> I can valgrind it at home later
[13:08:34] <Yuv422> wjp: thanks
[13:08:50] <Yuv422> valgrind seems like a nice little tool
[13:09:07] <Yuv422> sbx: I can open the doors on a new save
[13:09:31] <sbx> when I tried it it was right after loading the vehicle save that put my at 0,0,0
[13:09:37] <sbx> then I reloaded a new save
[13:09:51] <Yuv422> hmm
[13:10:10] <Yuv422> have you tried it with a new uncorrupted savegame?
[13:11:32] <sbx> i dont think so
[13:11:41] <sbx> i will asap
[13:12:07] <Yuv422> did you get yesterday's ship changes
[13:12:08] <Yuv422> ?
[13:12:16] <sbx> no
[13:12:20] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:12:20] <sbx> I'm in windows now
[13:12:43] <Yuv422> you'll probably need that or the new save game will be corrupted anyway
[13:12:46] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:13:06] <sbx> would it still be corrupted when you reload?
[13:13:20] <sbx> i see a possibility but hopefully not
[13:13:26] <Yuv422> the reloading was causing the memory corruption
[13:14:09] <sbx> it thought actors were in the doors
[13:14:15] <sbx> thats the only reason it says not now
[13:14:20] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:14:29] <Yuv422> haunted castle
[13:14:44] <sbx> heh
[13:14:47] <sbx> combat will be fun
[13:15:01] <Yuv422> a good reason to attack doors I guess
[13:15:44] <sbx> do you know if there are any tests when you attack a door or is it a simple subtract weapon hit power from doors hit points
[13:15:50] <sbx> same with chests
[13:16:06] <Yuv422> it could be quality
[13:16:27] <sbx> its qty
[13:16:53] <sbx> remember when you were printing it
[13:17:04] <sbx> but regardless of how the data is stored do you think there is a test when attacking doors/chests?
[13:17:05] <Yuv422> I was just going to say that. :)
[13:17:12] <Yuv422> you see 100 door
[13:17:48] <Yuv422> I'd say they have a hardcoded armor value
[13:17:57] <Yuv422> or maybe damage is random
[13:19:01] * Yuv422 looks at the sourceforge stats
[13:19:10] <Yuv422> we've have over 35,000 hits now. :)
[13:19:34] <sbx> weren't we going to make a release a few months ago?
[13:19:37] <Yuv422> or should I say "page views"
[13:19:48] <Yuv422> hehe who said that. ;-)
[13:20:22] <Yuv422> We'd better get the savegame format sorted before we make a release
[13:20:33] <sbx> U6 Clone Technology Preview
[13:20:45] <Yuv422> or everyone will be upset when all their saves don't load anymore
[13:21:08] <Yuv422>
[13:21:25] <sbx> i cant believe people will complain about it in such an early unfinished state... but you are right they will
[13:22:07] <sbx> that reminds me, who wants to do magic spells? clone was fun
[13:23:09] <Yuv422> sbx: is there anything you would want to do before we make our first release?
[13:23:54] <sbx> fix bugs
[13:24:38] <Yuv422> I think I'd like to get save descriptions going
[13:25:40] <sbx> unlimited characers? :)
[13:25:58] <Yuv422> hehe where would we display them?
[13:26:18] <sbx> add a arrow to your text input
[13:26:47] <Yuv422> do you think we should wrap the desc to two lines?
[13:27:03] <sbx> not really, we are limited for space and I like the other info
[13:27:13] <sbx> just print "..." if the description is too long
[13:27:16] <Yuv422> because we lose some space with the thumbnail
[13:28:42] <Yuv422> the new save slot will take up two of the existing slots
[13:28:49] <Yuv422> due to the size of the thumbnail
[13:28:59] <Yuv422> so we'll get three slots per page
[13:29:52] <sbx> how many text lines per slot?
[13:29:58] <Yuv422> 4
[13:30:04] <sbx> ooh
[13:30:14] <sbx> wrap away
[13:30:21] <sbx> what extra info will we have?
[13:30:22] <Yuv422> :)
[13:30:28] <Yuv422> not too sure
[13:31:04] <sbx> do you want the filename of the save or just a number "1) or #1)"... it needs something like that
[13:31:11] <Yuv422> I was thinking of making the arrow keys move the selected row
[13:31:30] <Yuv422> we could just include the number
[13:31:32] <sbx> good idea
[13:33:27] <sbx> a progress indicator would be nice
[13:33:36] <sbx> but require many changes
[13:34:51] <Yuv422> progress indicator?
[13:35:38] <sbx> a meter or clock icon that indicates how much of the data has loaded/saved and how much remains
[13:35:51] <sbx> it could be used for other operations besides loading/saving games
[13:39:51] <Yuv422> ah k
[13:39:57] <sbx> On second thought thats pretty extravagant for now. How about we consider it a wishlist item? :)
[13:40:05] <Yuv422> righto
[13:40:16] <Yuv422> we could measure it on chunk level
[13:40:41] <Yuv422> so it would have 70 intervals
[13:40:53] <Yuv422> 72 with the new save system
[13:48:05] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:48:07] <Yuv422> cya
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[14:03:37] <sbx> going to sleep
[14:03:40] <sbx> cya
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