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[02:05:20] <Servus> how goes the walls? :-)
[02:05:28] <Yuv422> hi Servus
[02:05:31] <Yuv422> walls are good
[02:05:44] <Yuv422> ladders... now that's a different story. :(
[02:06:16] <Yuv422> there are still a few issues with the walls but I'll get on top of those soon.
[02:06:37] <Yuv422> I'm writing the README file ATM
[02:07:07] <Servus> ive read about the ladders, heh; you cant do some sort of grep for the coordinates in all the data files?
[02:07:28] <Servus> do you know assembly? debug the original u6 and see how it does it :)
[02:07:40] <Yuv422> I've got all the ladder locations
[02:07:56] <Yuv422> so I could hard code it. But I can't bring myself to do it.
[02:08:20] <Servus> eww.
[02:08:23] <Yuv422> I'm not to good with asm and I can't get a good debugger that works in Bochs
[02:08:39] * Servus ponders getting softice
[02:08:51] <Yuv422> softice?
[02:11:36] <Servus> a nice hacking prog (in the classical sense)
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[04:15:55] <Yuv422> wb Servus
[04:16:02] <Servus> ty yuv
[04:16:06] <Servus> i have softice6 installed now
[04:16:30] <Yuv422> is it working well?
[04:16:35] <Servus> not sure yet :)
[04:18:29] <Servus> do you know the locations (exactly) at the top and bottom of the ladders in lord brit's castle, bottom-left?
[04:18:43] <Yuv422> yes
[04:19:00] <Yuv422> 291,379
[04:19:07] <Yuv422> on surface
[04:19:12] <Yuv422> 75,91
[04:19:17] <Yuv422> in dungeon
[04:20:37] <Yuv422> the game.exe might be using superchunk offsets.
[04:20:48] <Servus> which is which
[04:20:53] <Servus> nm
[04:24:52] <Yuv422> Soft-ice in freedos/bochs doesn't appear to work correctly. :(
[04:35:47] <Servus> ok im learning this thing, its cool enough :P
[04:39:12] <Servus> its giving me a weird syntax error! argh
[04:39:33] <Yuv422> are you trying to set a break point?
[04:39:45] <Servus> no, im searching system memory for a string
[04:40:39] <Servus> s 91fc l ffffff 0x004B works, but s 91fc l ffffff 0x017B gives a syntax error
[04:43:50] <Servus> alright, figured it out
[04:46:38] <Servus> i got it!
[04:46:44] <Yuv422> ?
[04:46:54] <Servus> in my console subsystem, position is stored at 0010:3E5D6 :)
[04:47:12] <Servus> now i just have to crossreference for things that reference that memory position
[04:47:59] <Servus> how do i do that in this program... :-)
[04:48:10] <Servus> btw, it does indeed save the position as 291,379 then as 75,91
[04:48:27] <Servus> position.x and position.y are 32 bit words
[04:49:02] <Yuv422> well we just need to know how it gets from on to the other. :)
[04:49:23] <Servus> indeed, let me read up more on softice
[04:49:34] <Yuv422> np
[04:49:36] <Servus> anything else you wanted to know about the data structures?
[04:53:15] <Yuv422> does U6 run properly on XP?
[04:53:46] <Servus> yes.
[05:01:23] <Servus> oh, nice!
[05:01:30] <Servus> theres a function to break on memory write :-D
[05:01:38] <Yuv422> that is nice
[05:01:45] <Servus> well it says read actually, but lets hope...
[05:01:55] <Servus> so...
[05:02:02] <Servus> BPM D7C90 W
[05:02:13] <Servus> neato, ill try it soon:P
[05:02:18] <Yuv422> that's the command.
[05:02:49] <Servus> yep
[05:03:00] <Servus> BPM d7c90 RW would be better, for break on read or write
[05:03:25] <Yuv422> do you know the URL for softice's website?
[05:04:46] <Servus> they dont really have one... but try http://www.compuware.com/products/driverstudio/softice/
[05:08:41] <Yuv422> looks like numega was bought out by compuware
[05:09:50] <Servus> indeed
[05:14:22] <Yuv422> did you find the ladder code?
[05:14:34] <Yuv422> or where you looking in memory for ladder locations?
[05:15:11] <Servus> i have not yet turned softice on :-)
[05:15:23] <Servus> but i know how i will find everything i need to, when i do
[05:16:04] <Yuv422> does it support function markers?
[05:16:20] <Servus> yes
[05:16:36] <Servus> you can break on: memory access, code access, or function access(by name)
[05:16:49] <Servus> bpx GetDlgItemTexta :)
[05:23:55] <Servus> memory breakpoints not breaking like it shuld...
[05:25:05] <Yuv422> what are they doing?
[05:29:36] <Servus> i was trying to break on the wrong spot, nm
[05:37:45] <Servus> most queer
[05:37:51] <Yuv422> ?
[05:38:05] <Servus> its acting funny now!
[05:38:18] <Servus> i see both the bottom and top ladders' positions in memory
[05:38:34] <Servus> but i guess i thought that was the avatar's position...
[05:38:59] <Yuv422> you might be looking at the obj data
[05:39:23] <Yuv422> do you see the value 305
[05:39:25] <Yuv422> nearby
[05:39:44] <Servus> what's that?
[05:39:58] <Yuv422> that is the object number for ladder
[05:40:58] <Servus> let me see
[05:41:54] <Servus> nope... dammit theres someone else pestering me :P
[05:43:09] <Yuv422> maybe you could break out when the ladder coords are read then step through and see what it does
[05:58:06] <Servus> Bugger, it seems that my memory dump is laggy by a frame!
[05:58:37] <Yuv422> hmm
[05:59:10] <Yuv422> so it's not dumping the current stack frame?
[05:59:50] <Servus> i take a step, then check what i believe to be position, sometimes its not updated, sometimes its where i expect it to be
[06:00:25] <Servus> top ladder is 23017801 (0x0123,0x0178), or (291,379)
[06:00:49] <Servus> if i down-right, it should be 24017901, but sometimes its not, though sometimes its how i expect it
[06:03:46] <Yuv422> is this memory in a local variable or on the malloc heap?
[06:03:52] <Servus> im going to kill my measly little teammates
[06:03:57] <Servus> its in system memory:P
[06:04:28] <Servus> local GAME heap starts at 0x91FC
[06:12:55] <Servus> argh!
[06:13:02] <Servus> it seems to "move the map around" every now and then
[06:13:35] <Servus> the top ladder is only *usually* on 0x123, 0x178
[06:13:53] <Servus> sometimes thats the coordinate of the position to the right of it, or to the left!
[06:14:30] <Yuv422> hmm strange
[06:15:13] <Yuv422> maybe you are looking at the drawing function?
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[06:16:50] <Servus> no
[06:16:59] <Servus> i killed all my party members and it seems to always give the right resultnow
[06:17:14] <Servus> almost therE:)
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[06:19:19] <Yuv422> wb Eclair
[06:20:13] <Eclair> thanks
[06:20:37] <Servus> i got it all!
[06:20:39] <Servus> mwuahahaa
[06:20:49] <Yuv422> ?
[06:21:11] <Servus> call near 0b4a; mov ax, [di-74], that retrieves the new location!
[06:21:32] <Servus> now to disect :0b4a
[06:31:24] <Servus> hey man youre gonna love this :
[06:31:29] <Servus> its hardcoded :-p
[06:31:40] <Yuv422> noooooo
[06:31:42] <Yuv422> really
[06:31:43] <Servus> (doh), hah! :-p
[06:31:44] <Servus> yes
[06:31:52] <Yuv422> what info are they using?
[06:31:57] <Servus> let me give it a doublecheck tho
[06:32:08] <Yuv422> is it an offset based on superchunk?
[06:32:11] <Servus> not sure, but its just calling the info from the stack
[06:32:18] <Servus> let me run through it two more times to confirm
[06:49:25] <Yuv422> be back in a bit
[06:49:34] <Servus> alright
[06:55:05] <Servus> WEIRD!
[06:55:50] <Servus> alright consider this: position underground is 48005B00, then i go up ground, and it draws me in the correct above-ground area BEFORE it changes my xy coordinates
[06:59:01] <Yuv422> strange
[06:59:25] <Yuv422> wait no you will always be in the center of the screen.
[06:59:46] <Yuv422> but it will still need to place the map correctly
[07:05:05] <Servus> hmm
[07:05:09] <Servus> becoming clearer...
[07:05:26] <Servus> there are two main position variables, and at least one temporary
[07:14:17] <Servus> 0x59 SAR 0x4
[07:14:22] <Servus> i dont know that mnemonic
[07:15:25] <Yuv422> bitwise shift
[07:16:06] <Servus> shiftright i guess
[07:16:50] <Servus> im on the trail! im not too good at this except for simple stuff like bypasses:P
[07:17:04] <Yuv422> yeah and SAL for left
[07:17:24] <Yuv422> it's all done to experience I guess.
[07:17:42] <Yuv422> traceing asm isn't my cup of tea
[07:24:00] <Servus> or SHL SHR
[07:24:12] <Servus> its very queer:P
[07:24:17] <Servus> i feel im closer tho
[07:25:54] <Yuv422> bitwise logical shift
[07:27:30] <Yuv422> it is the same as the SAL SAR opcodes
[07:27:44] <Yuv422> http://www.keprt.cz/asm/nasm/nasmdoca.html#section-A.152
[07:40:23] <Servus> almost
[07:40:40] <Servus> when SAR shifts off a bit, it puts it in CF, when SHR shifts off a bit, it wraps over to the other side
[07:41:14] <Servus> ack, thats not right... SAR doesnt shift the left-most bit
[07:44:25] <Servus> oh i got something!
[07:44:41] <Servus> that "secondary position" variable pair -- its the position of the item you last used!
[07:44:59] <Yuv422> ah k
[07:45:15] <Servus> so that makes going back up stairs a snap, but what about going down?
[07:45:35] <Servus> maybe thats why i couldnt find it, i was just going up and down the same stairs and it didnt bother rechecking the real location?
[07:47:25] <Yuv422> it should be different when using a ladder to go to the next dungeon level
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[07:51:50] <vividos> hi
[07:51:55] <Yuv422> hi
[07:53:26] <vividos> just wanted to hack in support for uncompressed files into U6Lzw but wasn't quite successful :)
[07:53:41] <Yuv422> Servus is digging around in a running copy of U6 trying to figure out the mystery that is ladders.
[07:54:06] <Yuv422> hmm should U6Lzw handle uncompressed files?
[07:55:14] <vividos> by just reading the uncompressed file into the destination_buffer. I might of course misunderstood the whole system :)
[07:55:24] * vividos has to read some lzw specs
[07:55:43] <Yuv422> U6Lzw is only used on files that are lzw compressed.
[07:56:35] <vividos> hmm you told me once that some files in MD are uncompressed where U6's counterparts are
[07:56:56] <Yuv422> the maptiles vga file
[07:57:13] <Yuv422> we can load that file with U6File
[07:57:41] <Yuv422> I see that u6edit now supports MD maps. :)
[08:00:31] * vividos searches for the URL but couldn't find it in the logs ... aah, exultbot was gone this time
[08:02:05] <Yuv422> this URL? http://www.graf.torun.pl/~rackne/u6like.html
[08:02:10] <vividos> ah thanks
[08:03:15] <vividos> the screenshot already showed a MD map
[08:03:58] <vividos> about the ladders ... when you go down from surface to level, is the position correct when you divide it by 4?
[08:04:12] <Yuv422> no
[08:04:20] <Yuv422> it is weird
[08:04:35] <Yuv422> there are bits where a group of ladders are relative to each other
[08:04:47] <vividos> in the object info?
[08:05:25] <Yuv422> I don't think ladder order is used for anything in the original
[08:06:01] <Yuv422> there is a place where 4 ladders are arranged in a square on the surface
[08:06:08] <Yuv422> about 4 tiles apart
[08:06:17] <Yuv422> this is the same on the dungeon level
[08:06:28] <vividos> I guess they map to each other?
[08:06:34] <Yuv422> if you took the surface coods and / 4 this wouldn't happen
[08:06:56] <Yuv422> no because if I move the dungeon ladder the top ladder still drops you at the old pos
[08:07:43] <vividos> perhaps the "superchunk" part of the coordinates are divided by 4 only, so that small offsets < 8 would still be used
[08:08:28] <vividos> where's the place in coordinates?
[08:11:32] <vividos> ah I guess it is in stonegate
[08:14:48] <Yuv422> let me find it
[08:16:11] <Yuv422> 607,285
[08:16:18] <vividos> it probably would be good if U6Lzw would transparently handle uncompressed files
[08:16:19] <vividos> ok
[08:16:47] <vividos> from the u6like page: Some files are
[08:16:48] <vividos> compressed by yet unknown method. I anybody can tell me how they can be
[08:16:48] <vividos> decoded it will be very helpful. Most of files has 8 byte header which
[08:16:48] <vividos> contains filesize and (IMHO) info if file is in compressed or plain format
[08:16:49] <vividos> (game can read both - time or space saving option in installer)
[08:17:03] <vividos> notice the last part in brackets
[08:17:58] <Yuv422> he's talking about the lzw compression
[08:18:19] <Yuv422> that was written before nodlings lzw doc
[08:18:22] <vividos> oh, these are two versions of compressed formats?
[08:18:58] <Yuv422> that page is acutally only really usefull for an overview of how the map is stored
[08:19:03] <vividos> ah ok
[08:19:22] <Yuv422> for a detailed look at the file formats you want to look at nodlings doc
[08:19:32] <Yuv422> let me get the URL
[08:20:00] <Yuv422> http://www.geocities.com/nodling/ultima/ultima.html
[08:21:10] <vividos> I'll take a look
[08:22:04] <Yuv422> U6 compressed alot of data due to memory constraints
[08:22:32] <Yuv422> I guess the MD and SE used a better memory manager and didn't need everything compressed.
[08:24:35] <Servus> i give up for now!
[08:24:39] <Servus> this code is CRAP
[08:24:53] <Yuv422> can you give me the offsets
[08:24:55] <vividos> :)
[08:24:58] <Yuv422> I'll have a look at it.
[08:25:24] <Servus> the offsets are dynamic
[08:25:35] <Yuv422> in the text segment
[08:25:42] <Servus> but this code is crapppppppppp, they compiled it on debug mode im sure! :P
[08:25:43] <Yuv422> for the code that controls the ladders
[08:25:49] <vividos> heh
[08:25:55] <Servus> im serious, its the worst ever.
[08:26:13] <Servus> mov si, ax; mov ax, si; mov si, ax; mov ax, si; mov si, ax; :|
[08:26:27] <Servus> alright do this;
[08:26:43] <Servus> vm86 to find the main data segment for u6 (mine was 91fc)
[08:26:43] <Yuv422> did you unpack your game.exe??
[08:26:51] <Servus> no, just ran it
[08:27:29] <Servus> then "s 91fc L ffffff 23017801" while standing over the top ladder to find your position... type "s" again to search for more strings like that
[08:29:19] <vividos> maybe the data at the position is stored in the exe, too?
[08:30:03] <Servus> "s 91fc L ffffff 23,01,78,01" i mean
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[08:32:23] <Servus> old.x >> 2 + 3? :P
[08:32:31] <Servus> (im possibly serious)
[08:33:00] <Yuv422_> hmm
[08:33:17] <Yuv422_> did you get the 3 from someware?
[08:34:06] <Servus> yes.
[08:34:35] <Servus> add ax, FFFB for a word, which loops to be 3 or 4
[08:34:51] <Servus> (its the weirdest code EVER)
[08:36:08] <Servus> hah, softice froze my system clock
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[08:39:13] <vividos> hmm, does the decoded maptiles.vga have a fixed size?
[08:39:31] <Yuv422_> let me think
[08:40:49] <Yuv422_> I don't think it is
[08:41:17] <Yuv422_> as tiles are compressed with a simple compression format.
[08:41:27] <vividos> ok
[08:41:44] <Yuv422_> that is what tileindex.vga is for
[08:42:03] <Yuv422_> it gives you the offset to each tile
[08:43:00] <vividos> ok. what about masktype.vga? it is 0x0f88 bytes long in MD
[08:43:32] <Yuv422_> masktype tells you what format each tile is stored in
[08:43:51] <Yuv422_> straight, transparent or compressed
[08:44:10] <vividos> ok, this seems to be 0x0f80 long in U6, so I guess I have to skip first 8 bytes from uncompressed files
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[08:46:45] <vividos> next problem: look.lzd isn't available with MD
[08:46:55] <Yuv422> hmm
[08:47:10] <Yuv422> is there are look.*
[08:47:22] <_Servus_> every other line of u6 is a conditional jump
[08:47:29] <vividos> yes, look.lzc, an uncompressed file
[08:47:36] <_Servus_> and every other other line is a pair of nonsense like mov ax, si; mov si, ax;
[08:50:13] <vividos> and guess how u6pal is called in MD? :)
[08:50:36] <Yuv422> hmm mdpal
[08:50:38] <Yuv422> ?
[08:50:57] <vividos> yes :) how do you think should we handle that? passing game_type to every function that needs it to know?
[08:51:28] <Yuv422> maybe we should have a class that handles game differences?
[08:51:44] <Yuv422> as they will be quite different in places I guess.
[08:51:48] <Yuv422> be back later
[08:51:55] <Yuv422> just getting some dinner.
[08:52:12] <vividos> ok, I have to go then, too
[08:52:40] <Yuv422> Nuvie's currently structure should probably be rethought so we can support multiple differing game types. :)
[08:52:44] <Yuv422> cya
[08:52:55] <_Servus_> bye vividos
[08:53:01] <_Servus_> bye yuv if youre laeving
[08:55:19] <vividos> Yuv422: that depends how different the games are
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[09:10:54] <_Servus_> sigh, g'nite
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[12:09:58] <wjp> hi
[12:44:19] --> Dominus has joined #nuvie
[12:45:30] <Dominus> hi, just reporting strange animations for sherry the mouse and conversation with her crashes nuvie
[12:46:46] <Yuv422> ooh a crash! :)
[12:46:51] <Yuv422> let me check
[12:47:15] <Dominus> in the castle, southwest tower
[12:47:33] <Yuv422> yes crashes for me to.
[12:47:46] <Dominus> good then :-)
[12:47:58] <Yuv422> hehe. good and bad.
[12:48:06] <Dominus> and the idle animation is not correct at all
[12:48:28] <Yuv422> yes Sherry has been known to turn into a bird. :)
[12:48:46] <Yuv422> she has 1 single frame per direction
[12:48:56] <Yuv422> not three like human NPCs
[12:49:07] <Dominus> and she turned into sth else as well
[12:49:14] <Yuv422> this difference isn't handled yet
[12:49:36] <Dominus> ok, as long as you know about it
[12:49:50] <Yuv422> alot of people mention sherry
[12:50:00] <Dominus> should I submit a bug report for sb-x about the sherry conv. crash?
[12:50:02] <Yuv422> I might have to look at fixing that. *g*
[12:50:08] <Yuv422> probably
[12:50:16] <Dominus> k, will do
[12:50:20] <Yuv422> I'd guess it is in his converse class
[12:51:03] <Yuv422> hmm it's faulting in my MsgScroll class.
[12:51:36] <Dominus> oh, then I'll leave the bug to you. I guess I don't need to submit then
[12:52:10] <Yuv422> it might be bad data being passed from Converse
[12:52:10] <Dominus> btw, support for unicode (or whatever) keys would be nice (the old german keyboard y/z problem)
[12:52:39] <Yuv422> How would we handle german britiannian?
[12:52:52] <Yuv422> or gargoylian?
[12:54:12] <Dominus> I mean in conversations when I press Y on my keyboard it writes Z in Nuvie
[12:54:28] <Yuv422> ah I see
[12:54:32] <Dominus> not talking about translating
[12:54:46] <Dominus> German keyboards are QWERTZ
[12:55:05] <Yuv422> I see so we need to take the unicode chars from SDL instead
[12:55:32] <Dominus> yes (exult does this as well for some stuff like entering name)
[12:55:50] <wjp> exult uses it for all text input now I think
[12:56:03] <wjp> (or that's the plan, anyway :-) )
[12:56:19] <Yuv422> is it easy to translate a unicode char back to a straight char?
[12:56:25] <Dominus> yeah text input is all unicode now (you did it, I think)
[12:56:37] <wjp> I did, yes :-)
[12:56:44] <Dominus> Exult doesn't have much text input anyway
[12:59:56] <Dominus> Yuv422: a nice thing for bug reports: name some fields in the bug report form, like have team members in the "assign to" form...
[13:00:32] <Yuv422> at the moment it would probably be all me. :(
[13:00:42] <wjp> the idea is to assign bugs to others ;-)
[13:00:48] <Yuv422> *g*
[13:00:51] <Dominus> and SB-X as he is doing stuff
[13:01:34] <Dominus> in exult it is rather nice to have team members paying attention to a certain bug that might be their resort
[13:01:55] <Dominus> when a bug gets assigned to someone he gets a notify message from SF
[13:02:17] <Yuv422> if you submit the sherry bug, I'll assign it to SB-X. :)
[13:02:24] <wjp> it's already submitted
[13:02:33] <Dominus> :-(
[13:02:36] <Dominus> :-)
[13:02:38] <Yuv422> hehe I should pay more attention.
[13:02:48] <Yuv422> wait which sherry bug!? ;)
[13:03:21] <Dominus> the new one?
[13:03:33] <wjp> aww.. you didn't give me any rights on the bug tracker :-)
[13:04:12] <Yuv422> let me fix that.
[13:04:36] <Yuv422> I need a full time Project admin. :)
[13:04:44] <wjp> :-)
[13:05:20] <Yuv422> do people ever answer help wanted ads on SF?
[13:05:35] <wjp> no idea
[13:11:28] <Yuv422> ok sherry crash is assigned to SB-X now
[13:11:34] <Yuv422> ahh that feels good
[13:11:41] <Yuv422> :)
[13:12:02] <Yuv422> and a bug not filed by moonspark ;)
[13:12:20] <Dominus> he he
[13:13:43] <Yuv422> that sherry bug might be caused by a in_party check
[13:14:11] <Dominus> makes sense
[13:15:18] <Dominus> I'd like a "unified" exultbot channel so people from exult,uwadv, pentagram, nuvie don't need to be in so many different channels when they can be in just one :-)
[13:16:03] <Yuv422> #ult-remakes
[13:16:17] <Dominus> is that already in existance?
[13:16:27] <Yuv422> I don't think so
[13:16:35] <wjp> I think phlask from #uwadv already create one some time ago
[13:17:05] <Dominus> actually I was making a joke as for the projects themselves it would not be a good idea to quickly look up the discussions
[13:17:07] <Yuv422> is it easy to create an official channel on freenode.net?
[13:17:26] <wjp> yeah
[13:17:26] <Yuv422> laxdragon created #nuvie
[13:17:33] <wjp> try /msg chanserv help
[13:18:41] <Yuv422> hehe damn BitchX it is now blocking chanserv (excess flood)
[13:19:10] <wjp> *sigh* :-)
[13:19:31] <Yuv422> maybe I should look at a gui irc client
[13:19:50] <Yuv422> maybe xchat
[13:19:54] <Yuv422> is that any good?
[13:19:57] <Dominus> got to go now...
[13:20:00] <Dominus> bye
[13:20:02] <Yuv422> cya
[13:20:04] <wjp> bye
[13:20:08] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("enough for now")
[13:20:11] <wjp> xchat is pretty good, yes
[13:20:20] <wjp> Fingolfin seems to be using 'snak'
[13:20:41] <Yuv422> I'll have to look into that one.
[13:28:36] <wjp> <Fingolfin> Mac OS X irc clients: Snak, ircle, JediKnight, AquaChat, XChat-Aqua, normal xchat, irssi, bitchx, etc. etc. :-)
[13:31:17] <Yuv422> yikes
[13:36:07] <Yuv422> ooh looks like it is a problem with a word longer than the width of the scroll window
[13:37:08] <Yuv422> -!ifinparty-\"Squeak,
[13:37:20] <Yuv422> this shouldn't be a word I guess
[13:38:35] <Yuv422> MsgScroll will need to be modified to handle words larger than the sroll width
[13:47:19] <Yuv422> ok temp fix for sherry is in
[13:50:58] <Yuv422> ok that's in cvs now
[13:51:01] <Yuv422> time for bed.
[13:51:04] <Yuv422> cya
[13:51:06] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Nintendo Gameboy today!")
[14:45:05] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
[14:45:27] <sbx> ?seen yuv422
[14:45:27] <exultbot> yuv422 left IRC around Wed Apr 30 13:51:06 2003 (GMT) ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Nintendo Gameboy today!")
[14:45:35] <sbx> ?date
[14:45:35] <exultbot> It is now Wed Apr 30 14:45:35 2003 (GMT).
[14:45:46] <-- sbx has left IRC (Client Quit)
[15:34:37] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[18:11:39] --> vividos has joined #nuvie
[18:11:46] <vividos> hi
[18:11:47] <vividos> http://www.asamnet.de/~finkm/uwadv/nuvie_md.png
[18:11:48] <vividos> :)
[18:24:30] <Eclair> nice
[18:24:31] <vividos> have to go again
[18:24:33] <Eclair> it's getting there
[18:24:35] <-- vividos has left IRC ("Leaving")
[21:26:50] --> animeloe has joined #nuvie
[21:30:36] <-- Eclair has left IRC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[21:35:12] --- animeloe is now known as Eclair