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[07:52:17] <sbx> hi servus
[07:54:49] <servus> Hi sbx
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[09:12:01] <Yuv422> http://www.kultpower.de//powerplay_testbericht.php3?backurl=powerplay_datenbank.php3%3Fgame_id%3D315%26start%3D0%26search%3D%26letter%3D%26number_of%3D10%23315&swidth=1923&height=859&im=ultima6.jpg
[09:13:53] <Yuv422> Mac User (wie ich) sollten sich freuen und mal einen Blick auf Nuvie werfen. Das Prinzip ist dasselbe wie bei Exult und funktioniert auch mit Martian Dreams und Savage Empire.
[09:34:40] <servus> http://jackflannel.org/lotr/one_ring.jpg eek!
[09:36:37] <Yuv422> ;)
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[10:36:48] <Yuv422> hmm my copy of nuvie just crashed with a signal 6 (SIGABRT)
[10:36:51] <Yuv422> strange
[10:46:09] <Yuv422> Hmm I've just updated nuvie to the latest cvs and walking with the keyboard is almost jittery
[10:46:17] <Yuv422> I'm sure I'm not imagining it
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[10:50:44] <Yuv422> Servus you shouldn't be using your IRC client as root!
[10:54:19] <servus> Well... how do I switch users in KDE without killing all running processes? :-)
[10:54:27] <servus> I'll be back for the answer! *zap*
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[10:54:35] <Yuv422> hehe
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[10:55:32] <Yuv422> ah that's better. ;)
[10:56:06] <servus> What's my login message?
[10:56:39] <servus> Oh, and do you know? Is there a way to run two sessions of x as different users at the same time on the same machine>
[10:56:39] <servus> ?
[10:57:28] <Yuv422> I don't think you can do that
[10:57:49] <Yuv422> you can run x apps as different users
[10:57:59] <Yuv422> within the same general X session
[10:58:22] <servus> Well, if I go to a console and su root, it doesn't give me full access
[10:58:28] <Yuv422> I guess you could do it with vnc
[10:59:47] <servus> Hmm, I like KSirc except that even after reading the entire man I cannot seem to find a way to script some simple commands upon logging on!
[11:00:05] <Yuv422> .xinitrc
[11:02:05] <servus> Alas, no such file have I
[11:02:32] <Yuv422> then mae it you should
[11:02:38] <Yuv422> mae/make
[11:02:47] <servus> That still doesn't make sense :-p
[11:02:55] <Yuv422> hehe
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[11:07:19] <Yuv422> hi luteijn
[11:07:22] <luteijn> hi,
[11:07:59] <luteijn> to run a second session of X just run it oon another screen ; 'X :1' for instance, or 'startx -- :1'
[11:08:13] <servus> But... I only have one screen :-)
[11:08:39] <luteijn> if 'su' doesn't make you root enough, why not just login on another vty as root, and export DISPLAY,?
[11:09:03] <Yuv422> why would you need to run a X11 app as root?
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[11:09:31] <luteijn> (with two x sessions, you'd just switch screens like with virtual consoles)
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[11:09:41] <servus_> It's not like that
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[11:09:46] <luteijn> if it is some sort of global setup program perhaps you want to run it as root.
[11:10:01] <servus> I seem to have some strange troubles getting full root-hood with just a su
[11:10:08] <luteijn> normally you never need to I guess.
[11:10:20] <luteijn> ssh localhost -l root
[11:10:25] <servus> Yeah..
[11:10:28] <Yuv422> I don't even have a root account enabled on my mac
[11:10:38] <Yuv422> the user just doesn't exist
[11:10:41] <luteijn> export DISPLAY=:0
[11:11:00] <Yuv422> I do all my admin stuff with sudo
[11:11:34] <luteijn> Servus, what are you missing when you su to root ass opposed to logging in as root?
[11:12:10] <servus> Certain programs do not seem to run, and I lose all my bash profile
[11:13:47] <luteijn> did you use 'su -' ?
[11:13:53] <servus> -?
[11:14:25] <luteijn> from the man su page:
[11:14:42] <luteijn> OPTIONS
[11:14:42] <luteijn> - make this a login shell
[11:14:42] <luteijn> -c, --commmand=<command>
[11:14:42] <luteijn> pass command to the invoked shell using its -c
[11:14:42] <luteijn> option
[11:14:57] <servus> Strange, my man doesn't have that...
[11:15:18] <servus> Thanks :-)
[11:16:02] <luteijn> :) no problem...
[11:16:53] <servus> X-Chat seems a little slow... Hmm... Has more features, though.
[11:17:13] <servus> I'd prefer to just use plain old /usr/bin/irc :-)
[11:17:17] <luteijn> grpe Info *
[11:17:34] <luteijn> hmm, stupid windows click to focus...
[11:17:34] <servus> ?
[11:17:39] * servus grins
[11:18:33] <servus> Well, my irc is set up, my su should work better now, and my socks are all lined up in a neat row. Time to go out!
[11:24:11] <luteijn> is there some quick way to advance time in nuvie, like an alt-xxx ? I seem to remember there is...
[11:24:22] <Yuv422> 215
[11:24:32] <Yuv422> and 216 to check the current time
[11:25:14] <luteijn> oh, and the last time I checked the example nuvie-config file had the numeric version of the lighting options, while nuvie doesn't grok those anymore, maybe something to change next time someone commits?
[11:25:40] <servus> I can't keep changing them all around! It's SBX's fault
[11:25:42] <servus> :-)
[11:26:03] <luteijn> I mean, change the example config file :)
[11:26:20] <servus> Oh. Well, the keys are original, smooth, none if you wonder
[11:26:47] <luteijn> I know, but see the Forum, someone already got bitten by not knowing ;)
[11:27:31] <servus> Hmm, actually.
[11:27:40] <servus> I may not have committed the newest version due to cvs problems
[11:28:55] <Yuv422> MsgScroll now accepts (but doesn't print input)
[11:38:30] <servus> I'll update that config file once cvs stops being naughty
[12:35:59] <Yuv422> MsgScroll is looking better now
[12:36:06] <Yuv422> the page breaking seems to be working
[12:37:19] <servus> How'd ya do it? A reverse search for a space at col=maxcols?
[12:37:52] <Yuv422> I keep a count of line used
[12:38:01] <Yuv422> then when we get to scroll_height - 1
[12:38:07] <Yuv422> I insert a page_break
[12:38:28] <Yuv422> line/lines
[12:43:38] * servus waves night *zzz*
[12:45:08] <Yuv422> night
[13:11:17] <Yuv422> runic/gargoyle text is handled in MsgScroll now
[13:23:39] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:23:59] <Yuv422> Just got to add input text back into MsgScroll
[13:24:07] <Yuv422> and it should be almost done
[13:24:09] <Yuv422> cya
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