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[02:29:34] <Yuv422> hi sbx
[02:29:40] <sbx> hi Yuv422
[02:30:10] <sbx> thanks for fixing my code
[02:30:15] <Yuv422> np
[02:30:25] <sbx> I didnt get any error, did it fix it for you?
[02:30:46] <Yuv422> ?
[02:30:54] <sbx> specifically the TileAnim/Explosiveanim destructors
[02:31:01] <Yuv422> yes
[02:31:05] <Yuv422> that fixed the double free
[02:31:29] <Yuv422> there is still a problem with dropping objects though
[02:31:32] <sbx> odd ... but if it works :)
[02:31:38] <sbx> yeah there are a few problems there
[02:31:52] <sbx> you shouldnt be able to drop anything anywhere
[02:32:05] <Yuv422> it segfaults. :(
[02:32:15] <sbx> eek
[02:32:27] <sbx> can you give me an example
[02:32:56] <sbx> Loading from SaveDialog works!
[02:33:03] <sbx> I still have to fix the mouse cleanup
[02:33:08] <Yuv422> try to drop an object through a wall
[02:33:31] <Yuv422> we will probably need to clean out the timers when we load a new game?
[02:33:37] <sbx> it freezes
[02:33:53] <sbx> that's a good idea
[02:34:48] <Yuv422> can you think of any other areas that need a reset when loading another game?
[02:35:23] <sbx> it only freezes & segfaults if the dest is over 2 spaces away
[02:35:38] <Yuv422> strange
[02:36:10] <sbx> probably something in hit_blocking()
[02:36:18] <sbx> dodgy code
[02:36:22] * Yuv422 tries to install his missing man pages
[02:36:24] <sbx> I can't think of anything else that needs reset now
[02:36:28] <sbx> hehe
[02:36:31] <sbx> what ar eyou missing?
[02:36:51] <Yuv422> all the standard libc function calls :(
[02:37:03] <Yuv422> wish me luck
[02:37:13] <Yuv422> this might stuff my computer right up
[02:37:21] <sbx> OK
[02:37:21] * sbx does so.
[02:37:26] <Yuv422> as I've updated version several times now
[02:37:30] <sbx> but it probably wont do that will it?
[02:37:40] <Yuv422> lets hope not
[02:40:42] <Yuv422> writing files now
[02:41:02] * sbx wonders why they are missing.
[02:41:20] <Yuv422> http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/~amahdavi/macosx.html
[02:41:29] <Yuv422> it seems to be a common problem
[02:41:40] <Yuv422> see trouble shooting at the bottom of that page
[02:45:02] <sbx> oh
[02:45:19] <sbx> so you have them
[02:45:19] <sbx> but they didn't install
[02:45:29] <Yuv422> yes
[02:45:36] <sbx> when you "upgrade" between 10.2 and 10.3 do you have to reinstall everything?
[02:45:46] <Yuv422> nope
[02:45:53] <Yuv422> it can do an upgrade install
[02:45:58] <Yuv422> which is what I did
[02:46:05] <Yuv422> I selected the bsd options
[02:46:21] <Yuv422> but it didn't install the man pages for some reason
[02:46:26] * Yuv422 man malloc
[02:46:29] <Yuv422> yay
[02:46:31] <Yuv422> it works now
[02:47:04] <sbx> hehe
[02:47:08] <sbx> congrats
[02:47:18] <sbx> they should release a service update! :p
[02:49:35] <sbx> should Callback destructor be virtual? it doesn't do anything
[02:50:08] <sbx> oops nm
[02:50:13] <Yuv422> my gcc complains if you have a non virtual destructor
[02:50:21] <Yuv422> when you have virtual methods
[02:50:21] <sbx> yeah I had that backwards :)
[02:50:33] <sbx> I should add -Wall to my makefile
[02:50:38] <Yuv422> hehe yes
[02:50:52] <Yuv422> can you have a look at a line for me
[02:51:01] <Yuv422> it is a signed conversion warning
[02:51:19] <sbx> the crash is in a destructor btw
[02:52:11] <Yuv422> ah k
[02:52:24] <Yuv422> ConverseInterpret.cpp line 1000
[02:52:33] <Yuv422> while(v < val_count())
[02:52:50] <Yuv422> I changed some sint32's to uint32 in AnimManager
[02:52:58] <Yuv422> I hope that doesn't break your logic
[02:53:02] <Yuv422> it looked ok to me
[02:53:16] <sbx> probably wont
[02:53:21] <sbx> except one of the functions returns -1
[02:53:30] <sbx> if I recall correctly
[02:53:31] <Yuv422> oh
[02:53:54] <Yuv422> I couldn't see any neg values
[02:53:58] <Yuv422> I'll look agai
[02:54:00] <Yuv422> +n
[02:54:37] <sbx> you left it in
[02:55:14] <sbx> sint32 TileAnim::get_tile_id(PositionedTile *find_tile)
[02:55:42] <sbx> what is the warning in converseinterpret?
[02:56:32] <Yuv422> ConverseInterpret.cpp:1000: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
[02:56:46] <sbx> looks like v can be uint32
[02:56:59] <sbx> I'll change it
[02:57:08] <Yuv422> righto
[02:59:03] <Yuv422> what do you think about putting a quake along with the explosion effect?
[02:59:12] <sbx> That needs better commenting. I completely forgot about that method and how it works :)
[02:59:16] <sbx> should work
[03:00:22] <sbx> actually, the explosion might not move smoothly
[03:00:33] <sbx> the custom drawtile does not use pixel coordinates
[03:01:00] <sbx> your talking about fumaroles?
[03:01:22] <Yuv422> or big explosions in general
[03:01:50] <sbx> That's some explosion
[03:02:09] <sbx> I think if you make explosions much bigger than 3 or 4 they look unnatural
[03:02:14] <sbx> thats easily fixed
[03:02:28] <sbx> but I think they look very close to the original U6, don't you?
[03:02:39] <Yuv422> yes
[03:03:01] <Yuv422> firing the cannon into a wall doesn't seem to behave like the original though
[03:03:23] <Yuv422> in the original it spread out from the wall
[03:03:34] <Yuv422> in nuvie it is just a little blob
[03:03:58] <Yuv422> oh and the cannon ball appears on top of the cannon
[03:04:29] * sbx tries something.
[03:06:34] <Yuv422> looks like it does that in the original too
[03:06:46] <sbx> the cannonball?
[03:06:52] <Yuv422> yes
[03:07:06] <sbx> oh, I didn't notice... that's just a function of how tileanim works
[03:07:11] <sbx> probably fixable
[03:07:15] <sbx> && edge != center
[03:07:20] <sbx> add that to AnimManager.cpp
[03:07:26] <sbx> line 815
[03:07:35] <sbx> and try shooting at a wall
[03:08:17] <Yuv422> hmm 815 is commented out
[03:08:25] <sbx> 813?
[03:08:26] <Yuv422> if(map->lineTest(center.x, center.y, edge.x, edge.y, mapwindow_level,
[03:08:33] <sbx> if(map->is_boundary(edge.x, edge.y, mapwindow_level) && edge != center)
[03:08:44] <sbx> sorry
[03:09:24] <sbx> I replaced linetest because it doesn't check boundary
[03:09:38] <sbx> and some unpassable spaces can be passed
[03:10:58] <Yuv422> that looks better
[03:11:13] <sbx> good :)
[03:11:19] <Yuv422> it isn't as big as the same explosion in the original
[03:11:27] <sbx> it doesn't explode completely because there are other walls
[03:11:31] <Yuv422> I think the original lingers a bit longer too
[03:11:44] <Yuv422> at full extension
[03:11:54] <Yuv422> that might just be my slow dosbox though
[03:12:36] <sbx> I didn't think of that. I assumed it just stayed longer because it was still exploding.
[03:12:48] <sbx> hey did you try killing your companions :)
[03:12:54] <sbx> or better, move the cannon around and kill guards
[03:13:16] <Yuv422> it kept saying blah takes 16 damage
[03:13:21] <Yuv422> blah killed
[03:13:32] <Yuv422> even though they had 74 hp left
[03:13:39] <sbx> what if you keep doing it
[03:13:43] <sbx> until they have 0
[03:13:54] <Yuv422> haven't tried that yet
[03:13:59] <Yuv422> let me check
[03:14:00] <sbx> that message is because we don't load the "alive" flag
[03:14:08] <Yuv422> ah k
[03:14:11] <sbx> i don't know if its even initialized
[03:14:21] <Yuv422> probably not
[03:15:14] <sbx> I can kill the guards with one hit
[03:15:41] <Yuv422> cool
[03:15:49] <Yuv422> where do you put the actor
[03:15:51] <Yuv422> when they die?
[03:16:13] <sbx> 0,0,0
[03:16:17] <Yuv422> righto
[03:16:25] <sbx> it sets alive to false then
[03:16:49] <Yuv422> can we resurect dead npcs yet?
[03:17:26] <sbx> no :\
[03:17:30] <sbx> it will just print resurrect
[03:17:40] <Yuv422> ah k
[03:18:09] <sbx> I was going to wait until you "properly" implemented death
[03:18:14] <sbx> not that I know what that would mean
[03:18:15] <Yuv422> righto
[03:19:27] <sbx> I bet you could resurrect them now. It should just have to teleport the NPC to your location.
[03:19:43] <sbx> the NPC # is the quality of the dead body
[03:20:06] <Yuv422> and transfer the objects container items to the npcs inventory
[03:20:31] <Yuv422> did the original do that?
[03:20:37] <sbx> oh, that too...
[03:20:39] <sbx> probably
[03:21:00] <sbx> just tell them somebody looted their body while you were not paying attention
[03:21:12] <Yuv422> hehe
[03:21:40] <Yuv422> I've got to go out for a bit
[03:22:17] <Yuv422> I'll do some more work on the save system when I get back
[03:22:44] <sbx> ok cya
[05:30:26] <Yuv422> back
[05:34:15] <sbx> hi wb
[05:34:29] <sbx> if I get disconnected it is because of storms in the area
[05:34:45] <sbx> disconnected from irc
[05:41:26] <sbx> Yuv422: I think I figured out the segfault in dropeffect
[05:44:07] <sbx> and its really throwobjecteffect
[05:44:35] <sbx> in void ThrowObjectEffect::hit_target() (around line 401 of Effect.cpp)
[05:44:58] <sbx> put anim->stop();
[05:46:24] <sbx> forgot that it is possible to miss that in the callback, and that particular anim has a timer that tries to message the effect after it's deleted
[05:50:36] * Yuv422 tries it out
[05:52:55] * Yuv422 drops his orb of moons under a desk.
[05:53:13] <Yuv422> looks like we need to add to the other end of the stack
[05:53:37] <sbx> does the 2nd option to add_obj to that?
[05:53:41] <sbx> I'm not sure
[05:53:44] <Yuv422> yes
[05:53:53] <sbx> ok
[05:53:59] <sbx> I've set that to true here
[05:54:02] <sbx> in my copy
[05:54:16] <sbx> in DropEffect::hit_target()
[05:54:53] <Yuv422> I think I have a define for that value
[05:54:59] <Yuv422> let me check
[05:55:56] <Yuv422> that fixed it. :)
[05:56:17] <Yuv422> OBJ_ADD_TOP
[05:56:49] <sbx> I guess it still needs to check lineTest and dest tileflags
[05:57:14] <Yuv422> is it checking the place on table flag?
[05:57:24] <sbx> no
[05:57:29] <sbx> you can drop anywhere
[05:57:46] <sbx> drop the orb on the water, for example
[05:58:06] <Yuv422> ah k
[05:59:33] <sbx> or on a gargoyle
[06:01:08] <sbx> it's too bad U6 doesn't have different tiles for different amounts of gold
[06:01:29] <sbx> not important, just a nice graphical effect
[06:01:45] <Yuv422> we could maybe add somthing like that
[06:01:53] <Yuv422> after everything has been finished
[06:02:58] <sbx> everything? :)
[06:03:03] <sbx> final touches
[06:03:35] <Yuv422> well after the existing functionality has been implemented
[06:05:54] <sbx> what do we need to do the vortex cube & lenses?
[06:05:58] <sbx> besides usecode
[06:06:44] <Yuv422> not too sure
[06:06:46] <sbx> are there objects for the light beams?
[06:07:18] <Yuv422> I have an end game save
[06:07:20] <Yuv422> let me check
[06:07:34] <sbx> if there are then it's easy
[06:10:23] <Yuv422> the beams don't show up in nuvie
[06:12:15] <Yuv422> interesting if the pink lens goes off screen the beam dissappears
[06:12:51] <sbx> oh I have that savegame too
[06:12:54] <sbx> in U6?
[06:12:59] <Yuv422> yes
[06:13:11] <sbx> we can make a leavearea event
[06:13:28] <sbx> for when an object goes off screen
[06:13:51] <sbx> how far offscreen?
[06:14:13] <sbx> Paulon has a lot of magic armor :)
[06:14:29] <Yuv422> even under the border tiles
[06:15:24] <sbx> interesting
[06:15:43] <sbx> we can use a TileAnim for the beams
[06:15:55] <Yuv422> cool
[06:17:19] * sbx notices you can use the Orb of the Moons without dropping it.
[06:18:31] <sbx> um, its a feature! yeah
[06:19:12] <Yuv422> nice
[06:19:59] <sbx> heh
[06:20:06] * sbx notices silver snakes are just heads.
[06:23:10] <sbx> are they difficult to fix?
[06:24:12] <Yuv422> well we have to spawn them correctly
[06:24:27] <Yuv422> I haven't done any work on the snakes yet
[06:24:36] <Yuv422> they shouldn't be too hard
[06:25:23] <Yuv422> pop the snake onto the map in random location
[06:25:30] <Yuv422> then pop out segments
[06:25:40] <Yuv422> till you get to snake length
[06:25:49] <sbx> is that quality?
[06:25:57] <Yuv422> choosing a random direction for each new segment
[06:26:04] <Yuv422> IIRC yes
[06:26:09] <sbx> some of them come from eggs
[06:26:40] <Yuv422> maybe it is max length
[06:26:52] <sbx> the egg location is the spawn location correct?
[06:27:07] <Yuv422> yes or nearby
[06:27:21] <Yuv422> U6 numbers the segments
[06:27:27] <Yuv422> to help keep track when moving
[06:27:30] <sbx> hmm really?
[06:27:35] <sbx> how convenient :)
[06:28:45] <sbx> could snakes change their size?
[06:28:47] <sbx> while moving
[06:29:11] <Yuv422> not too sure about that
[06:31:15] <sbx> oh, you're suppose to be able to use orb of the moons from inventory
[06:31:19] <sbx> I thought that was an error
[06:31:43] <sbx> but in U6 it moves the cursor back to the map automatically
[06:32:07] <Yuv422> yeah I noticed that too
[06:36:23] * sbx finds a silver serpent and carefully approches.
[06:36:35] <sbx> approaches
[06:37:16] * Yuv422 watches from a save distance
[06:37:18] <Yuv422> safe
[06:37:19] <sbx> Dupre poisoned!
[06:37:24] <sbx> Dupre heavily wounded.
[06:37:32] <Yuv422> Ouch
[06:37:37] <sbx> ok I thought it wouldnt be so hostile :)
[06:38:27] * Yuv422 creates a NuvieFileList class
[06:38:53] <sbx> for savegame?
[06:38:58] <Yuv422> yes
[06:39:11] <Yuv422> and anything else that needs to search a directory
[06:39:40] <sbx> shouldn't it try to load from savegame before nuvie01.sav
[06:40:13] <sbx> no, probably from your last save
[06:40:28] <Yuv422> that's what the load_latest_save is for ;-)
[06:40:33] <Yuv422> in save manager
[06:44:32] <Yuv422> could you tell me what includes your opendir() function requires?
[06:46:10] <sbx> #include <sys/types.h>
[06:46:10] <sbx> #include <dirent.h>
[06:46:20] <Yuv422> ok same for me
[06:46:39] <Yuv422> do you think win32 systems have opendir()?
[06:48:03] <sbx> I don't know
[06:48:21] <Yuv422> do you have readdir_r()
[06:48:22] <Yuv422> ?
[06:49:01] <sbx> no just readdir
[06:49:09] <Yuv422> righto
[06:49:16] <sbx> struct dirent *readdir(DIR *dir);
[06:53:15] <Yuv422> http://www.two-sdg.demon.co.uk/curbralan/code/dirent/dirent.html
[06:54:34] <sbx> do you want to include that?
[06:55:20] <Yuv422> probably
[06:55:26] <sbx> some like mingw might have it already
[06:55:33] <Yuv422> it's only too tiny C files
[06:55:36] <Yuv422> two
[06:55:52] <Yuv422> yeah but some people like to compile with msvc
[06:58:57] * sbx downloads Opera 7.50 Final.
[06:59:49] * Yuv422 uses safari
[07:01:27] <sbx> i might try the newest phoenix too
[07:02:54] <Yuv422> I use FireFox at work
[07:06:56] <sbx> how do you compare them?
[07:07:13] <Yuv422> I like the fast find in firefox
[07:07:18] <sbx> and are they available for linux?
[07:07:18] <sbx> maybe I should try macosx
[07:07:34] <Yuv422> firefox is mozilla
[07:07:42] <Yuv422> the standalone version
[07:09:48] <sbx> oh
[07:14:59] <sbx> what about safari? is that macosx default browser?
[07:15:05] <Yuv422> yes
[07:15:38] <Yuv422> it is based on the konquerer engine
[07:17:00] <sbx> I remember that :)
[07:17:16] <sbx> when I used KDE
[08:00:41] <sbx> Yuv422: where is the place on table flag checked?
[08:00:58] <Yuv422> it was in the old drag and drop
[08:01:07] <Yuv422> code
[08:01:09] <Yuv422> IIRC
[08:01:50] <sbx> nm, that's where I thought it was
[08:01:54] <sbx> it is in Event::pushTo
[08:02:13] <Yuv422> ah k
[08:02:20] <sbx> did you connect it to drag-n-drop? i dont remember commenting it out if you did
[08:02:51] <Yuv422> hmm
[08:03:57] <Yuv422> yup drag and drop still works
[08:05:23] <sbx> i mean I don't see a flag check
[08:05:26] <sbx> and I didn't remove it
[08:06:15] <sbx> but I'm copying it over from Event now
[08:10:43] <Yuv422> bbl
[08:10:47] <Yuv422> just getting some dinner
[08:24:41] <Yuv422> back
[08:34:35] <Yuv422> do you think we should have a savedir tag per game or a single one for all game types?
[08:35:45] <sbx> tag?
[08:35:52] <Yuv422> config tag
[08:36:05] <Yuv422> <savedir></savedir>
[08:36:23] <sbx> per game
[08:36:51] <Yuv422> righto
[08:37:21] <sbx> hmm
[08:37:35] <sbx> what do you do if a SE save is in the u6 savedir
[08:37:43] <sbx> and you open the load dialog in u6
[08:37:43] <sbx> ?
[08:38:01] <Yuv422> They are taged internally
[08:38:14] <sbx> but dont you order them by number on the filename?
[08:38:24] <Yuv422> yes
[08:38:33] <Yuv422> well no
[08:38:33] <sbx> will you skip files for other games in the list, or fill the slot with an invalid entry
[08:38:44] <Yuv422> nuvieU6001.sav
[08:39:00] <Yuv422> then I just search for nuvieU6*
[08:39:32] <sbx> why do that if you have an internal tag?
[08:40:13] <Yuv422> I had to fill the savegame header with something. :-)
[08:40:24] <sbx> ah I see :)
[08:40:42] <sbx> exult uses "exult000bg.sav"
[08:41:28] <Yuv422> my search routine wouldn't work with that style
[08:41:41] <Yuv422> I just search for a prefix.
[08:42:21] --> chillinchillin90 has joined #nuvie
[08:42:36] <Yuv422> hi chillinchillin90
[09:05:11] <sbx> Yuv422: where could a common "CheckDropLocation" function be placed?
[09:05:26] <Yuv422> map?
[09:05:47] <sbx> alright I'll keep that in mind
[09:05:54] <sbx> Okay to access map_window from there?
[09:06:02] <Yuv422> hmm
[09:06:13] <Yuv422> it's not the best
[09:06:19] <sbx> I didn't think so
[09:06:23] <sbx> I'm not making the function now
[09:06:32] <Yuv422> who would be using the CheckDropLocation?
[09:06:37] <Yuv422> ah k
[09:06:41] <sbx> Event & MapWindow
[09:07:02] <sbx> right now they are using independant nearly duplicate code blocks
[09:07:25] <sbx> also, does tmpBufTileIsBlack() have to be protected?
[09:07:25] <Yuv422> :(
[09:08:08] <sbx> I think mapwindow is a good place for the check function, considering who uses it and that it needs tmpBufTileIsBlack()
[09:08:25] <Yuv422> sounds good to me
[09:08:43] <Yuv422> we will always be dropping in the mapwindow after all.
[09:08:53] <sbx> of course, ObjManager makes more sense considering what we are dropping
[09:09:16] <sbx> but it doesnt access mapwindow
[09:09:30] <Yuv422> and it needs map too
[09:09:40] <Yuv422> don't want to drop onto water
[09:09:48] <sbx> yeah
[09:10:23] <sbx> MapWindow::can_drop_obj(uint16 x, uint16 y)
[09:10:26] <sbx> ?
[09:10:52] <Yuv422> sounds good
[09:10:54] <sbx> it could be used from Drop and Move
[09:11:00] <sbx> for*
[09:11:08] <sbx> ok
[09:11:31] <Yuv422> are x and y relative to cur_x, cur_y?
[09:11:39] <Yuv422> or relative to the map?
[09:11:49] <sbx> to the map, world coords
[09:12:36] <Yuv422> righto
[09:12:44] <Yuv422> just put a little note about it
[09:13:04] <Yuv422> we had an issue with world/window coords awhile back
[09:13:12] <Yuv422> which broke look
[09:13:15] <Yuv422> :)
[09:13:50] <sbx> no problem
[09:36:26] <sbx> how do I convert world coords to mapwindow coords?
[09:37:01] <sbx> err
[09:37:04] <sbx> heh, nm I got it
[09:37:09] <Yuv422> righto
[09:40:47] <Yuv422> what's the best way to initialize a std:string from a std:string *
[09:42:06] <sbx> mystring(*otherstring) ?
[09:42:36] <sbx> i don't know the "best" way
[09:42:48] <Yuv422> filename.assign(file->c_str());
[09:42:54] <Yuv422> that's how I was doing it
[09:42:57] <Yuv422> :(
[09:43:13] <sbx> that works to
[09:43:18] <sbx> the ctor accepts c_str also
[09:43:32] <sbx> mystring(otherstring-c_str())
[09:43:36] <sbx> ->*
[09:59:53] <sbx> I commited the fixes for Drop to cvs.
[10:00:01] <Yuv422> cool
[10:02:15] <sbx> what? well it did work
[10:02:21] <Yuv422> hehe
[10:02:29] <Yuv422> haven't looked yet
[10:02:35] <Yuv422> just a sec
[10:02:47] <sbx> its not dropping on tables anymore
[10:02:49] <sbx> wait
[10:16:28] <sbx> hohoho
[10:16:40] <sbx> now it works
[10:20:56] <Yuv422> ah I don't think I'm cleaning my temp objects list
[10:21:04] <Yuv422> Ouch!
[10:21:54] <sbx> uh oh
[10:23:38] <sbx> does that break anything?
[10:24:39] <Yuv422> yes
[10:24:53] <Yuv422> when loading a game while temp objects are in the list
[10:25:03] <Yuv422> fixed now
[10:25:20] <Yuv422> I can load different games using the save dialog now. :)
[10:25:36] <sbx> haha
[10:25:39] <Yuv422> the text in the save slot isn't working yet
[10:25:47] <sbx> is that a feature you want? (load different games)
[10:25:47] <Yuv422> at the moment it prints the filename
[10:25:57] <sbx> ok
[10:26:13] <Yuv422> yeah I see what you mean maybe we should scrap multiple save game support.
[10:26:39] <sbx> I didn't mean anything
[10:27:03] <Yuv422> ;)
[10:27:05] <sbx> oh
[10:27:08] <sbx> dammit
[10:27:16] <sbx> I thought you were saying you could load from other gameTYPES
[10:27:20] <sbx> sorry
[10:27:25] <Yuv422> hehe np
[10:27:27] <sbx> now that would be cool
[10:27:36] <Yuv422> but somewhat difficult
[10:27:50] <sbx> that's why its so cool
[10:27:55] <sbx> nobody expects it
[10:28:07] <sbx> ...which is why I laughed :)
[10:28:23] <sbx> but the actual joke is that misunderstood what you said
[10:28:47] <Yuv422> I'm not reseting the prompt
[10:28:58] <Yuv422> so the players name doesn't change
[10:29:04] <Yuv422> I'll have to fix that
[10:29:36] <sbx> add a set_prompt call in Player?
[10:30:14] <Yuv422> yeah
[10:30:33] <Yuv422> I have this in at the moment
[10:30:35] <Yuv422> scroll->init(player->get_name());
[10:30:43] <Yuv422> it doesn't seem to be working as expected.
[10:32:10] <sbx> did you chekc the return?
[10:32:42] <Yuv422> hehe my bad
[10:32:45] <Yuv422> it is working
[10:32:55] <sbx> ?
[10:33:00] <Yuv422> I just don't print another prompt
[10:33:05] <sbx> that's good
[10:33:06] <sbx> oic
[10:33:08] <Yuv422> so it looks like it hasn't updated
[10:33:11] <sbx> just press ENTER :)
[10:33:12] <Yuv422> so when you hit esc
[10:33:15] <Yuv422> or enter
[10:33:23] <Yuv422> it prints the new prompt
[10:33:33] <Yuv422> bbl
[10:33:36] <sbx> Maybe you could print > Game loaded and the new prompt
[10:33:37] <sbx> ok
[10:33:43] <Yuv422> yeah
[10:33:48] <Yuv422> that would make sense
[10:33:51] <Yuv422> bbl
[12:18:56] <sbx> going for now
[12:18:58] <-- sbx has left IRC ()
[12:18:58] <Yuv422> back
[12:19:19] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:38:11] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[14:58:23] <Yuv422> ok you can save and load from slots in the save dialog now.
[14:58:23] <Yuv422> Yay!
[14:58:30] <Yuv422> make sure to set your savedir
[14:58:44] <Yuv422> under the game section of your config file
[15:03:07] <Yuv422> ok time for me to go to bed
[15:03:12] <Yuv422> cya
[15:03:14] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("[BX] Save water -- drink beer!")
[15:19:19] <-- chillinchillin90 has left IRC (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
[19:28:20] --> Sheng_Gradilla has joined #nuvie
[19:28:44] <Sheng_Gradilla> hello :)
[23:31:25] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
[23:38:51] <sbx> hello