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[02:05:12] --> foody has joined #nuvie
[02:05:17] <foody> hello everyone
[02:05:26] <foody> anybody life here and kicking?
[02:06:47] <SB-X> hi
[02:06:51] <foody> hello sb-x :)
[02:07:04] <foody> I must confess I really found Ultima 6 engine to be really a fascinating one
[02:07:10] <SB-X> same
[02:07:19] <SB-X> it's really simple too
[02:07:25] <foody> SB-X is there by any chance an ultima 6 pure hundred percent construction set?
[02:07:37] <SB-X> hmm
[02:07:43] <foody> I really want to make games from scratch using ultima 6 engine, something like rpg maker 2000 for example
[02:07:46] <foody> but for ultima 6 engine
[02:07:59] <SB-X> hehe, i was just now playing with rpgmaker
[02:08:03] <foody> LOL!
[02:08:04] <SB-X> there are two ultima6 editors
[02:08:12] <foody> but those are more of a hackers, right?
[02:08:22] <foody> I mean you still need ultima 6 data etc, not real maker like rpg maker for example
[02:08:40] <SB-X> yeah, there isn't anything that gives you a clean slate
[02:08:45] <foody> :(
[02:08:46] <SB-X> to play with ultima 6 engine
[02:08:55] <foody> awww :(
[02:08:57] <SB-X> of course you can delete the whole map and start over
[02:09:03] <SB-X> havn't tried it myself
[02:09:09] <foody> but those are again still hackers :(
[02:09:21] <foody> Aren't nuvie planning to make a clean, pure window based, ultima 6 construction set?
[02:09:28] <foody> I am willing to join the programming team
[02:09:31] <foody> I am a programmer myself
[02:09:34] <SB-X> I havn't thought about it.
[02:09:42] <SB-X> you mean like Exult Studio?
[02:09:53] <foody> No, I mean like "RPG Maker" that makes ultima 6 game styles
[02:10:02] <foody> I mean like in windows, create new project, enter the name of the project and bang
[02:10:06] <foody> you use the tile of your likes
[02:10:14] <foody> create your world, create the events, mosnters, spells, etc
[02:10:16] <foody> from scratch
[02:10:19] <foody> create story, plot, etc
[02:10:22] <SB-X> Cant you use RPGMaker?
[02:10:23] <foody> create your very own books, spells
[02:10:27] <foody> no, it canot do it
[02:10:28] <SB-X> you can edit the graphics and scripts to look like u6
[02:10:29] <foody> it isn to the same mate
[02:10:32] <foody> not the same
[02:10:42] <foody> not the same, I mean a real ultima 6 construction set, real one
[02:11:09] <SB-X> nah, I don't think we're considering making something just like RPGMaker for U6
[02:11:11] <SB-X> sorry
[02:11:15] <foody> why not?
[02:11:23] <foody> I am willing like I said to join the team seriously
[02:11:25] <foody> I am willing
[02:11:26] <SB-X> you're the first person to mention it
[02:11:35] <foody> Pllease you do not understand how much it would be a hit
[02:11:43] <foody> imagine, mate, imagine you make your very own ultima 6 games
[02:11:49] <SB-X> I doubt that.
[02:11:52] <foody> imagine how many new ultima 6 like games come up.
[02:11:54] <foody> What!
[02:11:56] <foody> Why?
[02:12:08] <SB-X> I dunno, it's not as popular as U7.
[02:12:14] <SB-X> and you can make your own games with the editors
[02:12:19] * foody sigh
[02:12:26] <SB-X> if you want to make one, go ahead
[02:12:28] <foody> that is why there is no ultima 6 or 7 construction
[02:12:30] <foody> again >< arrgh
[02:12:33] <SB-X> you don't have to work with nuvie
[02:12:43] <foody> Do you really honestly believe it is easy to make it from scratch by one self
[02:12:46] <foody> one hav eto consider everything
[02:12:55] <foody> AI, book editor, spell editor, ingredients, object editor
[02:12:57] <foody> script editor
[02:12:59] <foody> tile editor
[02:13:00] <foody> map editor
[02:13:05] <foody> monster editor , etc, etc, etc
[02:13:06] <foody> and the worst of it
[02:13:08] <foody> schedule editor
[02:13:14] <foody> this is not easy stuff for one person to take
[02:13:22] <foody> I was hoping something like you guys, would do it and I would join
[02:13:28] <SB-X> heh
[02:13:34] <SB-X> Actually, Exult Studio is supposed to be a U7 construction kit. :)
[02:13:43] <foody> but it is hack * sniff * :(
[02:13:45] <SB-X> it just doesnt look like rpgmaker
[02:13:48] <SB-X> what do you mean by hack?
[02:13:58] <foody> A hack, meaning you are force it to use ultima 7 data stuff
[02:14:05] <foody> you are force it to do the scripting like C
[02:14:06] <foody> etc
[02:14:14] <foody> it is not an "rpg maker" ultima 7
[02:14:23] <SB-X> that's true, although if someone would contribute other data you wont need u7 data
[02:14:34] <foody> then yuoa re FORCE it with that data
[02:14:40] <foody> you cannot import your own graphics like rpg maker
[02:14:43] <foody> again, you are hacking
[02:14:51] <foody> and limited or udner the mercy of people who knows how to create their own data
[02:14:56] <foody> very "unfriendly"
[02:14:57] <SB-X> yeah you can, it has an import option
[02:14:57] <foody> very hacking
[02:15:02] <foody> Ok, i give up
[02:15:05] <SB-X> you should give some feature suggestions to exult team to make it better
[02:15:13] <foody> I guess there will be no such thing as ever as pure ultima 6 or 7 construction set ever
[02:15:19] <SB-X> I'm not against a U6 construction set.
[02:15:27] <foody> no, but again it is under my load
[02:15:31] <foody> again if I do not do it no one will
[02:15:38] <SB-X> I'll help if I can.
[02:15:39] <foody> again, it is me who have to suffer and work this project all by myself
[02:15:43] <SB-X> lol
[02:15:46] <foody> No, no...no thanks
[02:16:00] <foody> I thought this was different here, but I am wrong.
[02:16:03] <SB-X> Have you seen the pictures of the original editor?
[02:16:18] <foody> SB-X, they are hacker editors ok mate. They are hacker editors.
[02:16:27] <foody> Anyways, I have a project I am working on the Amiga 1200
[02:16:30] <SB-X> Have you seen it?
[02:16:36] <SB-X> I thought it was pretty cool.
[02:16:37] <foody> ones I finish it, I will work on a pure from scratch ultima 7 construction set
[02:16:43] <SB-X> but maybe thats because it was the inhouse editor :)
[02:16:45] <SB-X> U7?
[02:16:52] <foody> Yes, Ultima 7 construction set.
[02:17:00] <SB-X> why not U6?
[02:17:16] <foody> If I am going to do an ultima construction set, might as well be U7 and if you want an U6 do it yourself :P
[02:17:29] <SB-X> :P
[02:18:04] <foody> thanks for the grim news however and good luck with nuvie it looks a promising project
[02:18:36] <SB-X> ok
[02:18:42] <SB-X> I need to work on it more though.
[02:18:50] <foody> a sample of my game for the amiga 1200 http://steve.amigaworld.net/Photo/Corrupted.png
[02:19:31] <SB-X> you have a real Amiga?
[02:19:41] <foody> yes
[02:19:45] <SB-X> whats the game about?
[02:19:49] <foody> Amiga 1200 with 68060 processor
[02:20:10] <foody> Oh it is about a father collecting his children from an evil witch who kidnapped them and thrown them in different worlds
[02:20:21] <foody> it is an rpg mixed with puzzle and final fantasy battle system for the amiga 1200
[02:20:38] <SB-X> oh
[02:20:40] <SB-X> you have an editor?
[02:20:54] <foody> no, I am programming from scratch, this game is purely programmed from blitz basic
[02:21:43] <SB-X> oh nice
[02:22:10] <foody> but the end of the project I will provide a full editor
[02:22:41] <SB-X> U6Edit has a New Project button
[02:22:49] <SB-X> what more did you want?
[02:23:32] <foody> SB-X it does not allow us to add our own tiles, it does not allows to have an event editor as friendly as rpg maker for example but with power, it does not allow us to import our music/sound, it does not allow us to create our own books, spells, etc, like rpg maker with click of a button, etc, etc, or does it?
[02:23:58] <SB-X> RPGMaker's event editor is annoying me
[02:24:06] <foody> it was an example mate
[02:24:06] <SB-X> its easy but they should organize the buttons
[02:24:13] <SB-X> i know im just saying that
[02:24:17] <foody> doees u6edit does what rpg maker does?
[02:24:26] <foody> if it does, and I can create from scratch without needing u6 data files
[02:24:41] <foody> I can create everything from scratch that even a 6 year old could do but with power then yes that is what I wanted
[02:24:44] <foody> but if it is a hack then no
[02:24:58] <SB-X> except the import graphics, you need u6 data
[02:25:05] <SB-X> you can edit books and conversations though
[02:25:16] <foody> is it window, GUI friendly or does hack?
[02:25:22] <foody> where I have to go flag # 321
[02:25:23] <SB-X> didn't you use it?
[02:25:27] <foody> and I have to know what flag is
[02:25:34] <foody> I did not need to know, I know there is no real ultima 6
[02:25:37] <foody> I have done my research
[02:25:39] <SB-X> U6 doesn't use global flags
[02:25:43] <foody> there is no REAL ultima construction set period
[02:25:46] <SB-X> nope
[02:25:54] <SB-X> Do you want the construction kit to provide the engine too? Like Nuvie?
[02:25:54] <foody> so I know that all of these are hackers
[02:26:01] <SB-X> I thought you wanted to play it with U6.
[02:26:16] <foody> What I wanted was an RPG MAKER like editor that makes games like u6
[02:26:19] <foody> and so far there is no such thing
[02:26:51] <SB-X> Yeah, that's a little out of scope for this little game engine Nuvie.
[02:26:57] <SB-X> it sounds cool though
[02:27:15] <foody> and while you guys are capable and while I offered my job position for nothing and willing to put 100000% dedication into it
[02:27:17] <foody> you still refused
[02:27:21] <foody> so..the only thing I could do now
[02:27:25] <foody> is finish my amiga project
[02:27:26] <SB-X> I didn't refuse anything.
[02:27:28] <foody> and work on ultima 7 alone
[02:27:33] <foody> will you are not ambitious to do it period
[02:27:36] <SB-X> I can't invite people on the team.
[02:27:39] <foody> so I got that as no.
[02:27:59] <foody> well either way, in the future there will be no real ultima 6 construction set, that is the point anyways.
[02:28:08] <foody> so I might as well go back to my original plan, though I tried :)
[02:28:10] <foody> I really tried.
[02:28:32] <SB-X> We have to finish the game you know.
[02:28:40] <SB-X> You can't even play U6 to the end in Nuvie yet.
[02:28:43] <foody> Go ahead, I am not stopping you guys and I do not want too.
[02:29:03] <SB-X> we'd probably have to stop to start work on a construction kit
[02:29:04] <foody> We all have our own plans and projects, you guys need to finish nuvie, me finish my amiga game project then work on ultima 7 construction set
[02:29:22] <foody> I wish you guys the best of luck.
[02:29:28] <foody> Do you own an amiga yourself by the way?
[02:29:30] <SB-X> thanks, you too
[02:29:31] <SB-X> nope
[02:29:34] <SB-X> I've used one thats all.
[02:29:40] <foody> You should, it is like a console quality
[02:29:43] <foody> like snes and better
[02:29:45] <foody> hell here is a proof
[02:30:10] <foody> http://www.glastonbridge.co.uk/mrbeanbag/
[02:30:12] <foody> watch the movie clip
[02:30:16] <foody> now here is a 3d like game
[02:30:18] <foody> for amiga 1200
[02:30:39] <foody> http://www.apc-tcp.de/support/0020e.html
[02:30:41] <foody> like I said
[02:30:47] <foody> it is a console system, hot stuff the amiga 1200
[02:31:03] <SB-X> lol
[02:31:07] <foody> what?
[02:31:10] <foody> you think it is bad?
[02:31:17] <SB-X> no
[02:31:20] <SB-X> it's cute
[02:31:23] <foody> LOL
[02:31:26] <foody> dude, it is mroe than cute
[02:31:28] <foody> here see this
[02:31:37] <SB-X> where is the video
[02:31:50] <SB-X> i see screenshots
[02:31:52] <foody> let me show you
[02:33:52] <foody> hmm I think theyr emoved it, hold on
[02:33:57] <foody> by the way did you check the other link?
[02:34:15] <SB-X> oh, no...
[02:34:19] * SB-X looks.
[02:34:30] <foody> http://safir.amigaos.se/article_ack_eng.html <- here you can run the latest OS on it --> http://amigaworld.net/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=384&full=1
[02:34:36] <SB-X> oh, now thats 3D
[02:34:39] <foody> on the amiga 1200 and watch movies, etc
[02:34:40] <foody> yup
[02:34:56] <foody> that is powerful, and dude that is 20 year old computer too with SNES or better console quality at the comfort of your tv
[02:35:01] <foody> so, go get one ;) while they last
[02:35:11] <SB-X> heh, do they still support the OS?
[02:35:14] <foody> yes
[02:35:16] <foody> they are making a new one
[02:35:17] <foody> OS 4.0
[02:35:23] <foody> here let me show you another screenshot of OS 4.0
[02:35:37] <SB-X> oh I thought it wasn't supported at all
[02:35:50] <foody> http://amigaworld.net/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=117&full=1
[02:35:56] <foody> here is another screenshot of OS 4.0 in different theme
[02:36:20] <foody> and with ACK the link I showed you previously, a little card installed in your amiga 1200 and she will be resurrected like a modern computer and a console at the sametime
[02:37:14] <SB-X> what's the card do?
[02:37:26] <foody> original Amiga 1200 is a 68020
[02:37:27] <foody> right
[02:37:35] <foody> running at a 14. Mhz speed with 2 MB of ram
[02:37:42] <foody> the card will make your amiga turn from 14 Mhz to 500 Mhz
[02:37:49] <foody> and instead of 68k it will become a PPC
[02:37:56] <foody> and instead of 2 MB of ram, it will be 512 MB of ram
[02:38:02] <foody> and you can install video cards into it if you want
[02:38:15] <foody> And it becomes a useful computer instead of a console gaming machine
[02:38:22] <foody> you can browse the net, watch movies, chat, blah blah
[02:38:26] <SB-X> there is a screenshot at www.mplayerhq.hu showing mplayer on amiga
[02:38:27] <foody> with no viruses,e tc
[02:38:29] <foody> like windows have
[02:38:32] <foody> yes
[02:38:46] <foody> with amiga it will be like windows with two exception, one, it boots in less than 30 seconds
[02:38:55] <foody> and you will not have a single virus, ad-ware, spyware, etc
[02:39:04] <foody> as they are mostly build for windows and not a single one of them is build for amiga
[02:39:14] <foody> and it is keyboard sized
[02:39:20] <foody> so it spacely economical
[02:39:34] <foody> and it supports USB so you can have 1 GB usb card, etc
[02:39:45] <SB-X> how does it support USB? the card?
[02:40:03] <foody> at the back of the amiga 1200 you can install USB subway, and then you will have a 2.0 USB port
[02:40:09] <SB-X> ah
[02:40:12] <foody> and it is a keyboard casing
[02:40:26] <foody> http://safir.amigaos.se/bildgalleri/news/4/21.jpg
[02:40:28] <foody> it is keyboard
[02:40:47] <foody> so it is economical to unbelievable point
[02:40:51] <foody> in space wise
[02:40:57] <SB-X> yeah ive seen that
[02:41:00] <foody> yup
[02:41:06] <foody> that is what I got right :)
[02:41:15] <foody> that is the game I am developing right now that you saw perviously
[02:41:17] <foody> for it
[02:41:37] <foody> mine is sitting underneath the desk covered to prevent dirt etc to go to it
[02:41:49] <SB-X> Mr. Beanbag looks like Sonic the Hedgehog graphics style
[02:42:00] <foody> yes
[02:42:06] <foody> and it is fun, I played the demo :-)
[02:42:11] <foody> I check it every week for the release
[02:42:23] <foody> I want to play at on the tv at the comfort of my couch, much like gamecube :)
[02:42:52] <foody> http://www.amigaworld.net check me out there <- My nickname is foody hehe
[02:43:06] <foody> at the messageboard :)
[02:43:12] <SB-X> ok thanks
[02:43:21] <SB-X> is there a way to connect a gamepad to your amiga
[02:43:47] <foody> yes
[02:43:50] <foody> there is a gamepad for the amiga
[02:44:09] <SB-X> what about a PS2 gamepad?
[02:44:13] <foody> check the store
[02:44:15] <foody> amigakit.com
[02:44:31] <foody> http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=52&products_id=308&osCsid=0e164b21286569f7011dbfa463024f93
[02:44:33] <foody> amiga game pad
[02:44:39] <foody> you hook it in your amiga 1200
[02:44:47] <foody> there is street fighter 2 for the amiga, like the snes version
[02:44:51] <foody> it is unplayable with joystick ><
[02:44:57] <foody> I have to have that pad to play it
[02:44:59] <foody> but I do want too
[02:45:06] <foody> mostly I am playing arcade/rpg on it
[02:45:20] <foody> * but I do not want too
[02:45:52] <SB-X> yeah I do that on the PC
[02:45:54] <foody> here is another gamepad http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=52&products_id=323&osCsid=0e164b21286569f7011dbfa463024f93
[02:45:56] <foody> lol
[02:46:31] <foody> also you can foot pedal for the amiga if you like http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=52&products_id=263&osCsid=0e164b21286569f7011dbfa463024f93
[02:46:52] <SB-X> what about dance pads?!
[02:47:06] <foody> oooh
[02:47:13] <foody> there has been no game made for it yet that needs that device
[02:47:15] <foody> lol
[02:47:23] <SB-X> oh ok
[02:47:48] <foody> this is what I have in my amiga 1200 now http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=43&products_id=161&osCsid=0e164b21286569f7011dbfa463024f93
[02:47:53] <foody> I bought it from someone for 100 dollars hahaha
[02:48:01] <foody> imagine how much would I had to pay if I want to buy it from there
[02:48:02] <foody> lol
[02:48:31] <SB-X> $432.25
[02:48:41] <foody> yes
[02:49:16] <SB-X> what do you think of C64?
[02:49:26] <SB-X> there is a U6 for C64
[02:49:35] <foody> I own a Commodore 128 NTSC
[02:49:39] <foody> but NTSC are craps
[02:49:44] <SB-X> heh
[02:49:45] <SB-X> why?
[02:49:51] <foody> and specially this game which is the biggest reason why I bought commodore 128
[02:50:03] <foody> http://newcomer.hu
[02:50:04] <SB-X> what game?
[02:50:09] <foody> and that game does not work on NTSC system
[02:50:15] <foody> so I ordered a commodore 64c PAL from UK
[02:50:19] <foody> and I am waiting patiently for it
[02:50:30] <SB-X> I see.
[02:50:38] <foody> this is what I have
[02:51:17] <foody> I have the following: Amiga 1200 @ 68060 @ 50 Mhz with 64 MB of RAM, Commodore 128 NTSC, with Disk Drive 1541, 1541-II, 1571 and an A1010 disk drive. :D
[02:51:24] <foody> Soon to get Commodore 64c PAL :-)
[02:51:45] <foody> and I own N64 hehehe, soon to get my hands on revolution
[02:52:42] <SB-X> that's an interesting story, i wanted to make a game like that
[02:52:55] <foody> yeah but look at that hot @#(*@*( graphics heheh
[02:52:58] <SB-X> where your on an island/prison colony
[02:52:59] <foody> all coming from a commodore 64
[02:53:01] <SB-X> hehe
[02:53:13] <foody> that is why I want to get a commodore 64 so badly
[02:53:16] <foody> if anything JUST for that game
[02:53:20] <foody> hooked on 21 inch tv hehe
[02:53:56] <SB-X> well, looks like an adventure game
[02:54:00] <foody> it is
[02:54:03] <foody> very sexy adventure game
[02:54:07] <foody> very SEXY story too
[02:54:11] <foody> very good high end quality store
[02:54:19] <foody> * story
[02:55:36] <SB-X> ok
[02:55:45] <SB-X> its free?
[02:55:49] <foody> of course
[02:55:52] <foody> you can download it
[02:55:55] <foody> but you need a commodore 64 pal
[02:55:58] <SB-X> yeah I see now
[02:56:03] <foody> you own a commodore 64 pal?
[02:56:37] <foody> also you have XE1541 cable
[02:56:43] <foody> to transfer the d64 to real 5.25 disks?
[02:56:51] <foody> because that is what my Disk drive 1541 is for
[02:56:55] <foody> it is for that sole reason
[02:57:04] <foody> I bought I believe 250 5.25 floppy disks
[02:57:06] <SB-X> nope I don't have anything like that
[02:57:09] <foody> I used lots of it actually
[02:57:23] <SB-X> haha, I don't even have a 5.25 drive any more
[02:57:23] <foody> I am waiting for c64 pal to come to play the games I have burned from d64 to real disks
[02:57:26] <foody> LOL
[02:57:30] <foody> ebay your friend ;)
[02:57:32] <SB-X> I have a few disks though so I need to get one.
[02:57:40] <foody> I bought all my 5.25 from ebay
[02:59:06] <SB-X> you could use an emulator
[02:59:13] <foody> No...they are not good. not the same
[02:59:17] <foody> does not feel right
[02:59:20] <foody> I am a believer of real things
[02:59:21] <foody> I am
[02:59:22] <SB-X> it says "VICE and CCS64 provides best performance for Newcomer, so try the latest version of them."
[02:59:36] <foody> that is for people who does not own a real c64 anymore
[02:59:41] <foody> I personally only deal with real things
[02:59:43] <foody> real feel, etc
[02:59:51] <foody> the only EMULATOR I have in my computer now, is the amiga one
[02:59:58] <foody> AND THAT is for the sole reason of development purposes
[03:00:03] <foody> as you have seen respectively
[03:00:12] <foody> because it is easier to develop the game on the emulator now than the real one
[03:00:18] <foody> I have more access with resources that way
[03:00:42] <foody> other than that, I am a believer of real things only
[03:02:26] <SB-X> oh, that's dedication
[03:02:30] <foody> uh hu
[03:02:32] <foody> real one :)
[04:00:58] <-- SB-X has left IRC ()
[04:02:45] --> SB-X has joined #nuvie
[04:13:52] <foody> hey sb-x
[04:13:54] <foody> are you there still?
[04:16:46] <foody> sb-x?
[04:24:31] <SB-X> yeah
[04:26:10] <foody> wohhoo
[04:26:18] <foody> before I ask you of something I have to admit you amaze me
[04:26:28] <foody> you are here available even though there is not a single live person here
[04:26:36] <foody> truly fascinating fellow you are :-)
[04:27:03] <foody> Anyways, I wanted to ask you, would you like to see screenshots of the GUI development of my soon to become in the future ultima 7 construction set?
[04:27:08] <SB-X> uh, thanks
[04:27:12] <SB-X> sure
[04:27:16] <foody> ok hold on
[04:27:51] <SB-X> I have the mIRC set to flash when something happens.
[04:28:02] <foody> this is the schedule editor for u7
[04:28:07] <foody> you can accept files right?
[04:28:21] <SB-X> hmm, I changed my modem config recently
[04:28:23] <SB-X> try it
[04:28:34] <foody> it is not working
[04:28:37] <foody> I am unable to send it to you
[04:28:41] <SB-X> damn
[04:28:54] <foody> you have an email address or msn or something?
[04:29:15] <SB-X> I'll just restart my modem hold on.
[04:29:18] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("bbr")
[04:32:01] --> SB-X has joined #nuvie
[04:32:12] <SB-X> ok try it now
[04:32:44] <foody> are you receiving transfer request?
[04:32:57] <foody> I send it agani
[04:32:57] <SB-X> damn, nope
[04:33:00] <SB-X> you can mail it
[04:33:04] <foody> what is your email?
[04:34:50] <SB-X> messaged it
[04:35:18] <foody> can you please tell me as soon as you see it what you think?
[04:35:29] <foody> I am very much anxious of your opinion or expression at this matter.
[04:35:42] <foody> I have send it by the way
[04:35:50] <SB-X> ok
[04:35:55] <foody> checking it now?
[04:39:17] <foody> what do you think?
[04:39:22] <SB-X> yeah, quite different than Exult Studio
[04:39:36] <SB-X> your looking at JP Morris' anti-walkthrough too :)
[04:39:45] <foody> what do you mean?
[04:40:21] <SB-X> just that they have entirely different layouts
[04:40:42] <foody> But what do you mean by that "your looking at JP Morris' anti-walkthrough too :)"? :)
[04:40:53] <SB-X> you know if you used ES, its more of a resource editor, connected to Exult
[04:40:53] <SB-X> oh
[04:40:58] <SB-X> A fistful of Ultima VII :)
[04:41:05] <foody> Also, does it represent a real U7 construction?
[04:41:25] <foody> But ES is not a real editor though it is a hacking thing
[04:41:48] <SB-X> it's supposed to real editor, like I said complain to the developers if it doesnt do what you want
[04:42:02] <SB-X> I'm not that familiar with U7's data formats to know if yours is correct.
[04:42:06] <foody> what about what you saw from mine?
[04:42:11] <SB-X> you can ask in #exult
[04:42:31] <SB-X> the schedule should show one NPC at a time
[04:42:53] <foody> How does that work?
[04:42:56] <SB-X> with a list of actors on the left (or arrows to change actor)
[04:43:41] <foody> So the schedule lets you select only one NPC from the list, then the action, the time it performs it and what zone it suppose to be in?
[04:44:42] <SB-X> yeah I guess
[04:44:47] <SB-X> don't forget that schedules have a Z
[04:44:54] <foody> Z?
[04:45:15] <SB-X> location
[04:45:21] <foody> wouldn't that be a zone?
[04:45:42] <foody> say zone A is green coloured, and size wize it is 128 X 128 square
[04:45:53] <SB-X> if by zone you mean location
[04:45:56] <SB-X> green coloured?
[04:46:09] <foody> Each zone will have to ahve different colours to know the difference
[04:46:25] <foody> or I should make a standard red colour I suppose with Z#, as in Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4 and so forth
[04:46:50] <SB-X> what are zones?
[04:47:04] <SB-X> don't think u7 uses anything like that
[04:47:07] <foody> Zones are the area where the NPC must perform it's action
[04:47:17] <SB-X> oh
[04:47:28] <SB-X> Z is height
[04:47:41] <foody> Z for height that represents floors right?
[04:47:53] <SB-X> yeah
[04:47:58] <SB-X> only works in exult
[04:48:02] <foody> yeah with me I represent that as layers
[04:48:11] <foody> actually, sb-x you ar ethe one who is working on nuvie right?
[04:48:22] <SB-X> one of them
[04:49:00] <SB-X> i havn't been working on it enough though
[04:49:05] <foody> ok then there is just one question that is killing me for sooooo long
[04:49:11] <foody> can you help me at it?
[04:49:27] <foody> How did they make it in ultima 6 and especially in ultima 7, the roof disappearing
[04:49:45] <foody> how did they make it when you enter the house, the roof disappears, yet the stuff on that item reappear with the roof when you leave the house?
[04:49:50] <SB-X> it's a flood-fill algorithm, like in a paint program
[04:49:52] <foody> that is such a mystery to me it is not even funny
[04:50:00] <foody> how does that work?
[04:50:03] <foody> can you be more specific?
[04:50:10] <SB-X> u6 doesnt have roofs
[04:50:19] <SB-X> just blacking
[04:50:22] <foody> no but the blackness goes away
[04:50:28] <foody> nevertheless, I am talking about the roof
[04:50:33] <foody> how did they make it disappear?
[04:51:10] <SB-X> you should ask in #exult or on their forum
[04:51:17] <SB-X> i don't think its the same in u6
[04:51:29] <foody> and it is not just a roof it is anything that is in top of your head, like a floor, or a chest or anything that is above your head triggers roofs, etc to disappear
[04:52:27] <SB-X> probably just doesn't draw anything above a certain level if there is a roof above you
[04:52:54] <foody> also how did they make it when you climb the stairs you are going the second floor? But say there is a chest on top of that roof and you enter the house, even the chest disappears and reappears when you leave the house
[04:53:00] <foody> how did that work?
[04:53:54] <SB-X> the chest has a height associated with it too
[04:54:31] <SB-X> just dont draw anything at that height
[04:54:39] <foody> so every single object in u7 have a height?
[04:54:57] <SB-X> yeah
[04:55:15] * foody falls on the ground, one feet in the air, green faced, and a tonque portuing from my mouth
[04:56:04] <SB-X> exult CVS has all kinds of technical documents about U7 that you should read
[04:56:09] <foody> How am I suppose to take such a challenging project!!? * grabs my hair and starts pulling on it * I shall never see an ultima 7 construction set in my life, * tears trickling down my cheeks *
[04:58:05] * SB-X shrugs.
[04:58:08] <SB-X> I'd use Exult Studio.
[04:58:18] <SB-X> its made for new games
[04:58:33] <foody> You keep saying that as if Ultima 7 construction set really exist.
[04:59:58] <SB-X> it's the closest youll get without making one yourself
[05:00:35] <foody> but it is all hacking, should I really give up in making one myself and join the crowd knowing very well it is not what it is?
[05:01:27] <SB-X> well, yeah that's my advice
[05:01:41] <SB-X> but if you want to make your own then there is plenty of documentation on file formats available
[05:01:46] <foody> You really saying that?
[05:02:12] <foody> well let me ask you this then, what is the engine of ultima 7 called?
[05:03:07] <SB-X> there is the original U7 and Exult
[05:03:23] <foody> No, no, no, no
[05:03:25] <foody> what type of engine is it
[05:03:29] <foody> is it an crpg engine
[05:03:31] <foody> is it a zelda engine
[05:03:32] <foody> etc,
[05:03:37] <foody> what sort of engine is ultima 7 is?
[05:03:57] <SB-X> didn't you play U7? it's a crpg
[05:04:28] <SB-X> one map level, real time combat
[05:04:37] <foody> that is what crpg stands for?
[05:04:48] <SB-X> computer RPG
[05:05:34] <foody> ok thanks
[05:07:09] <SB-X> http://exult.sf.net
[05:07:21] <SB-X> I've got to go for now. Thanks for stopping by.
[05:07:24] <SB-X> bbl
[05:09:30] <-- foody has left IRC ()
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