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[02:08:31] <Yuv422> hi
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[02:45:06] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
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[08:05:24] <Yuv422> hmm
[08:05:36] <Yuv422> my nuvie screen only seems to flicker in 32bpp mode
[08:05:51] <Yuv422> when unscaled
[08:12:10] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
[08:12:18] <Yuv422> hi sbx
[08:13:16] <sbx> hiya
[08:13:42] <Yuv422> How's things?
[08:14:28] <sbx> Good I was just copying my mp3s from the other computer and my CDs :)
[08:14:51] <Yuv422> :)
[08:14:54] <sbx> now going to look at the errorbox again
[08:15:02] <sbx> did you add the savedata?
[08:15:11] <Yuv422> I've added your changes to the savedialog
[08:15:34] <Yuv422> in my local copy that is
[08:16:20] <sbx> neat
[08:16:26] <sbx> how can I reproduce the flicker?
[08:16:29] <sbx> you mentioned
[08:17:56] <Yuv422> 32 bpp
[08:17:58] <Yuv422> unscaled
[08:18:20] <Yuv422> it is very noticable on my new machine
[08:18:26] <Yuv422> not so bad on my old machine
[08:18:50] <sbx> Attempting to set vid mode: 320x200x32x1 Software Surface
[08:19:02] <sbx> I can't see it
[08:19:23] <Yuv422> try going into the save dialog
[08:20:05] <sbx> Still can't see it
[08:20:10] <Yuv422> :(
[08:20:22] <Yuv422> must be related to SDL on OS X
[08:20:56] <Yuv422> the flicker is the underlying mapwindow being displayed
[08:21:11] <Yuv422> for a split second before the gui window is drawn overtop
[08:21:39] <Yuv422> You'd think it shouldn't be displayed at all because I only call the update screen function once per game loop.
[08:21:49] <Yuv422> maybe the surface is live.
[08:21:56] <Yuv422> at 32x1
[08:38:13] <sbx> Yuv422: what kind of angle do you prefer screenshots of exult3d at?
[08:38:39] <Yuv422> sortof iso
[08:38:58] <sbx> servus posted one with a topdown view, one with 45x45 angle, one that says classic and one that is zoomed in... not sure what those are exactly
[08:39:07] <sbx> i prefer that mode too!
[08:39:24] <sbx> but I want to see what it looks like trying to mimic the original game too
[08:40:22] <Yuv422> I'm removing the resizable flag from nuvie
[08:40:38] <sbx> that's good
[08:40:40] <servus> Classic is supposed to be like the original :P
[08:40:43] <sbx> even though it worked fine here :)
[08:40:52] <sbx> hi servus
[08:40:56] <servus> Hi sbx :)
[08:41:00] <servus> I got menus working (mostly)
[08:41:04] <sbx> it's not possible to make it even more like original I guess
[08:41:08] <servus> They are programmed really messily! :((
[08:41:10] <sbx> without rotating it after drawing
[08:41:10] <Yuv422> how's exult3d going servus?
[08:41:18] <servus> Good, Yuv422. I have one major thing to do.
[08:41:29] <sbx> there's a forum topic about configuring gumps with a config file
[08:42:14] <servus> No forum topics at all about Exult3D! I was disappointed.
[08:42:28] <sbx> ...you havn't posted about it
[08:42:41] <servus> That's vain :P
[08:43:05] <servus> I did make a nifty JavaScript form validator, though!~
[08:43:06] <sbx> is there a key to turn eggs off
[08:43:09] <sbx> egg display
[08:43:13] <sbx> in exult i mean
[08:43:28] <sbx> exult3d uses javascript?
[08:44:37] <servus> Nah, unrelated. *grin*
[08:44:43] <servus> No, eggs always display, sorry:)
[08:44:57] <sbx> it's no problem
[08:45:09] <sbx> just that Weston has a lot of path eggs in his cell
[08:45:22] <sbx> i noticed eggs have height
[08:45:34] <sbx> and anything that has height that should (according to appearance) has black borders
[08:45:39] <sbx> shouldnt*
[08:45:58] <sbx> black or undrawn
[08:48:35] <servus> Nah, they just are really black, not transparent.
[08:48:43] <servus> Everything in Exult has a size
[08:48:53] <servus> Because size of 1 is stored as 0, iirc:)
[08:49:35] <sbx> Some things should be flat though. I guess you'll have to identify them individually.
[08:49:52] <sbx> They are drawn black because the number borders are black, I'm guessing
[08:50:37] <sbx> and you get the sides of the image by subtracting the topquad from the shape and using the rest.
[08:52:14] <servus> Such as what?
[08:52:46] <sbx> path eggs
[08:52:49] <sbx> I imagine them flat
[08:53:29] <servus> Doesn't matter.
[08:53:39] <servus> They're invis ;)
[08:53:42] <sbx> plates
[08:53:52] <sbx> dinner plates
[08:54:49] <servus> Everything has a minimum size of 1x1x1
[08:55:39] <sbx> you have to add special cases for specific shapes anyway
[08:55:54] <sbx> so you might as well work on that 1x1x1 issue when you get to that point
[08:57:05] <servus> Some things are legitimately 1x1x1, such as buckets.
[08:57:18] <servus> Might just billboard those, though.
[08:59:10] <sbx> I expect you'll have to treat many things individually... if(shape==plate) shape.drawflat() there is no catchall
[09:07:56] <servus> Nah, I think billboards will be fine for all small objects:)
[09:08:03] <servus> Heh, this JavaScript is neat :D
[09:09:24] <sbx> what's so special about it?
[09:11:13] --> Fl00der has joined #nuvie
[09:11:35] <servus> It does lots by magic.
[09:12:38] <sbx> hi Fl00der
[09:13:28] <Fl00der> hi
[09:22:52] <sbx> servus: for some reason the whole screen disappeared momentarily while I was at Alagners
[09:24:11] <sbx> AAHh
[09:25:03] <sbx> my first clouds
[09:25:22] <sbx> that was weird
[09:25:37] <sbx> (not related to the thing at alagners)
[09:25:52] <servus> The clouds should not make the screen disappear :-)
[09:25:56] <sbx> nope
[09:25:58] <sbx> just scary
[09:29:31] <sbx> and the Guardian just started laughing at me
[09:29:48] <sbx> what's his problem
[09:30:11] <servus> He's a jerkhead
[09:33:19] <sbx> the cheat menu is fun
[09:33:39] <servus> Does it work?
[09:33:48] <sbx> if you can read it
[09:33:58] <sbx> it is placed in the 3d world
[09:34:03] <sbx> like barks
[09:35:05] <servus> Oh you have an old version :-)
[09:35:25] <sbx> yeah probably
[09:35:37] <sbx> exult-gumps-alpha
[09:35:50] <servus> Works fine in the new version, 'cept it needs to redraw the map window every time it redraws text.
[09:36:36] <sbx> is the background black?
[09:37:18] <servus>
[09:37:23] <servus> No, there is no background.
[09:37:30] <servus> Guess I should just draw a black background.
[09:37:52] <servus> Oh, teleport menu works now:)
[09:38:04] <sbx> what other fixes does that binary have if you dont mind me asking
[09:38:17] <sbx> im making some screenshots I dont want them to be too outdated
[09:40:03] <servus> Ooh, Isle of Fire is neat :-)
[09:40:09] <servus> Hmm
[09:40:12] <servus> Depth masking is proper now
[09:40:23] <sbx> I have two pics from forge of virtue
[09:40:29] <servus> If a horse walks in front of a fence, there won't be a block around the horse where stuff behind it doesn't draw.
[09:40:33] <sbx> cool
[09:40:44] <servus> Want me to fix egg-rendering before you screenshot stuff up?
[09:40:48] <servus> One (long) second...
[09:40:54] <sbx> no I already took a bunch
[09:40:58] <servus> Oh OK:)
[09:41:02] <servus> Posting a thread or something?
[09:41:07] <sbx> no
[09:41:23] <sbx> was I supposed to?
[09:41:37] <servus> Nah, just didn't want to do one myself:)
[09:41:51] <servus> OK, gonna fix egg rendering to be proper then post a thread.
[09:42:32] <sbx> what time do the wenches go back to the baths?
[09:42:39] <Fl00der> wee, dosbox 0.62 is released :D
[09:42:56] <sbx> can dosbox run protected mode games yet?
[09:43:05] <servus> It does for me.
[09:43:12] <servus> SBX, naughty boy!
[09:43:17] <Fl00der> :)
[09:43:26] <sbx> we all have needs
[09:43:33] <servus> OK, I hid eggs.
[09:43:34] <servus> That was easy.
[09:43:34] <sbx> I need to take a screenshot of the place with people in it
[09:46:26] <sbx> how far along is transparencty?
[09:46:57] <servus> You mean translucency? Not at all.
[09:47:06] <servus> If someone tells me how to tell if a shape is transparent...
[09:47:12] <servus> Then much further :-)
[09:47:19] <servus> Translucent I mean
[09:48:11] <sbx> i took a picture of the greenhouse on new magincia
[09:48:12] <servus> Hmm, it'll be more complex than I thought
[09:48:18] * servus noodles around.
[09:48:30] <sbx> somebody painted his glass yellow
[09:48:30] <sbx> he may be growing some illegal substances in there
[09:49:32] <servus> Hmm...
[09:49:32] --> budjet has joined #nuvie
[09:50:04] <sbx> servus: did you look at the greenhouse?
[09:52:06] <servus> Nope. Where is a greenhouse?
[09:52:22] <servus> I looked at the glass in the Britain shops though :)
[09:52:45] <sbx> it looks the same
[09:54:00] <servus> Nope. Where is a greenhouse?
[09:56:40] <sbx> new magincia
[09:57:58] <sbx> http://members.cox.net/~sbx/exult3dpre-glasshouses.png
[09:59:08] <servus> Yeah... trying to fix that right now
[09:59:22] <servus> When I do, glass, clouds, the guardian, will all look *much* better :)
[09:59:55] <sbx> i havnt seen the guardian
[10:03:17] <servus> Narrowing down issues...
[10:09:36] <sbx> argh
[10:09:42] <sbx> he laughed at me again
[10:12:18] <servus> If not the guardian, then who?
[10:13:14] <sbx> That's all he ever does in that game.
[10:13:27] <sbx> it looks like you fixed ships
[10:13:50] <servus> I did?
[10:13:58] <sbx> it must be this view
[10:13:59] <servus> I mean, uhh, yeah!
[10:14:00] <servus> :)
[10:14:07] <servus> Depth masking helped a lot for that.
[10:14:26] <sbx> im taking a pic of ships without proper depth masking
[10:14:58] <sbx> unless you want to make a new binary with the same angle as exult-gumps-alpha?
[10:15:12] <servus> I just posted you a binary
[10:15:20] <servus>
[10:15:21] <sbx> it has the zoomed in view
[10:15:27] <servus> You want zoomed out?
[10:15:33] <servus> I really need to make that modifiable...
[10:15:43] <servus> I'm not sure where mouse event handling even takes place though!!
[10:15:53] <sbx> exult.cc?
[10:16:23] <sbx> I can just use the old binary
[10:16:37] <servus> Nah, it's more complicated than that :)
[10:18:34] * sbx goes inside and tells them he's The Avatar.
[10:20:25] <servus> is zoomed out
[10:20:35] <servus> Still working on translucency...
[10:21:03] <sbx> thx
[10:21:49] * sbx takes a picture of inconspicuous pirate hideout #7.
[10:26:31] <-- budjet has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[10:27:06] <servus> Meow!
[10:27:08] <servus> It works :>
[10:28:10] <sbx> What does? Trans[luc]ency?
[10:28:37] <sbx> What happened to "it will be more complex than I thought"?
[10:29:18] <servus> Translucency
[10:29:21] <servus> I hacked it, naturally!
[10:29:55] <sbx> Not that I was complaining. You sir are a genius.
[10:30:06] <servus> Still can't find this lighthouse, though :)
[10:30:10] <servus> Nahhh my code is ugly, you'll see
[10:30:16] <sbx> There is no lighthouse
[10:30:23] <servus> Greenhouse
[10:30:46] <servus> Clouds are nice!!!
[10:30:48] <sbx> Oh yeah... that guy wont be able to hide his herbs anymore now that his windows are clear.
[10:30:51] <servus> The guardian is see-through and delicious!
[10:30:59] <servus> Yeah, the greenhouse, I can't find it :)
[10:31:41] <sbx> one sec
[10:32:02] <sbx> 8d8 976
[10:32:17] * sbx teleported to random locations until he found it.
[10:33:51] <servus>
[10:34:04] <servus> Notice the windows up above ;-)
[10:36:18] * sbx wipes a tear from his eye.
[10:37:21] <servus>
[10:37:37] <sbx> what's with that brown cloud
[10:38:03] <sbx> looks like it is full of acid rain
[10:39:48] <sbx> its noxious fumes are making me tear up
[10:39:53] <servus> That's just what colour it is.
[10:41:52] <sbx> do clouds actually have xyz position?
[10:42:11] <sbx> in the original data
[10:42:19] <servus>
[10:42:22] <servus> Yes, sbx
[10:42:40] <servus> Well, not sure about original data, but in Exult they are at 32 lift IIRC
[10:48:49] <servus> Yuv422, ya here? :)
[10:51:55] <sbx> the angle is changed in r5 it's hard to move around
[10:54:10] <servus> Oh?
[10:54:17] <servus> Yeah I just need to find where mouse events are taken care of
[10:54:55] <sbx> Why are the translucent things in Exult tinted blue but now they are yellowish?
[10:55:43] <servus> Like what?
[10:56:06] <sbx> Well, they aren't really tinted blue. Just more clear than yellow.
[10:56:10] <sbx> The greenhouse for example
[10:57:02] <servus> I can set the alpha
[10:57:11] <servus> It's currently at about 40%
[10:57:33] <sbx> what about the color?
[10:58:02] <sbx> alpha looks correct
[10:59:02] <sbx> I know those things are colored yellow in the data, but Exult removes the yellow.
[10:59:12] <servus> I'll look closer...
[10:59:29] <servus> Hmm, anyone know if Sourceforge users get ~user accounts? It doesn't look like it :(
[10:59:50] <sbx> no
[11:00:16] <servus> OK, everything looks gray...
[11:00:18] <servus> I can do that, no prob.
[11:00:24] <servus> No you don't know or no they don't?
[11:01:36] <sbx> I don't know
[11:01:44] <sbx> I don't think so
[11:04:23] <sbx> nice view!
[11:04:27] * sbx takes pictures from the magic carpet.
[11:04:48] <servus> Heh.
[11:04:53] <servus> Haven't played with that yet :)
[11:05:20] <servus> Whoa, the animation of floating up is neat :)
[11:05:24] <servus> Kinda zooms in :)
[11:06:10] <sbx> yeah
[11:06:20] <sbx> was just about to put the camera away for the day when I thought of that
[11:11:10] <sbx> nuvie will have something like that for the balloon
[11:11:23] <sbx> the map will just scale down
[11:13:35] <sbx> http://members.cox.net/~sbx/exult3dpre-glasshouses2.png
[11:13:42] <sbx> http://members.cox.net/~sbx/exult-u7greenhouse.png
[11:15:01] <servus> I made it gray in 3D
[11:15:04] <servus> Looks a lot like 2D now.
[11:15:10] <servus> All translucent parts are gray now.
[11:16:21] <sbx> cool
[11:16:22] <sbx> ok
[11:16:39] <sbx> didn't want those already prepared screenshots to go to waste :)
[11:18:01] <sbx> with this angle it's even more silly that you can fly over any mountain in the world but not over two story buildings
[11:18:34] <servus> I understand why now, though :)
[11:18:49] <servus> Ah crap.
[11:18:53] <servus> I made a booboo.
[11:19:07] <servus> How can I delete a phorum message?
[11:19:37] <sbx> ask a moderator to do it
[11:19:47] <servus> Grr.
[11:20:01] <servus> This Phorum thing really needs a preview post mode.
[11:20:37] <sbx> new versions have one
[11:20:44] <servus> Any moderators about?
[11:20:49] <sbx> wjp
[11:20:59] <sbx> are you calling it Exult3d?
[11:21:03] <servus> wjp, please delete my first message in the Phorum
[11:21:06] <servus> Yes, sbx
[11:21:17] <sbx> oh I thought that was just a joke
[11:21:28] <servus> I give up!
[11:21:37] <servus> I made two mistakes! How do I post links to pictures? There is no phorum help!
[11:21:57] <sbx> It's hidden!
[11:22:06] <sbx> http://exult.sourceforge.net/phorumcodes.txt
[11:24:47] <servus> Thanks.
[11:24:48] <servus> Meeeeeehhhhh.
[11:26:57] <sbx> Iolo just said he's too old to photograph emps.
[11:28:22] --> budjet has joined #nuvie
[11:28:46] <servus> Savage Empire?
[11:29:08] <servus> I think Exult should have Iolo tell you "thou really shouldst buy a mouse..." if you don't have a mouse
[11:29:28] <sbx> you should have been on Origin
[11:30:23] <servus> Why?
[11:30:32] <servus> I did about 0.01% of the coding on Exult :-)
[11:30:40] <servus> If even that.
[11:30:46] <sbx> just that suggestion entitles you a spot
[11:31:11] <servus> No I mean Iolo really DOES say that if you don't have a mouse.
[11:31:20] <sbx> He does?
[11:31:21] <servus> In the original.
[11:31:24] <sbx> wow
[11:31:36] <sbx> you could have been in Origin
[11:31:37] <servus> Do I have to give my Origin company watch back?
[11:31:50] <sbx> if you dont want to be a slave to EA
[11:31:52] <servus> I want to be able to edit my Phorum posts, pleh.
[11:31:56] <sbx> Hey, you forgot to use the italics phorumcode. :)
[11:32:13] <sbx> and underline
[11:32:37] <servus> Nah chose not to
[11:32:57] <servus> Phorum sucks. I could make something better with two neurons tied behind my back.
[11:33:40] <sbx> we use phorum too
[11:33:49] <sbx> but ours has preview and edit
[11:34:06] <servus> Gonna take some SI screenshots.
[11:34:20] <sbx> please get some in Fawn
[11:34:39] <sbx> and the cheat room
[11:43:38] <-- budjet has left IRC (Read error: 232 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:44:42] * Yuv422 reads the large message log
[11:45:04] <sbx> oops
[11:45:13] <sbx> sorry it's a little OT
[11:45:25] <Yuv422> hehe I don't mind
[11:47:52] <sbx> can't believe I forgot to take a pic of the black gate
[11:50:39] <Yuv422> servus: can you string multiple map chunks together yet?
[11:51:21] <sbx> the black gate is gone :(
[11:51:30] <sbx> i guess that's a good thing... but still it would have been a nice pic
[11:52:04] <servus> Yuv422, yes, I just haven't gotten around to implementing it because I want to implement a moveable camera first.
[11:52:36] <servus> It is gone! Strange.
[11:52:51] <Yuv422> ah k
[11:52:53] <Yuv422> cool
[11:54:02] <sbx> servus: you can still click there and it says "The Black Gate" and next to it "The Black Gate Dais"
[11:55:21] <sbx> its there in r3
[11:55:27] <sbx> exult-gumps-alpha-r3
[11:57:36] <servus> Wonder what I broke.
[11:57:48] <servus> Oooh I think I know
[11:58:00] <servus> In r3, do the bottom-left statbars have health meters?
[11:58:04] <servus> I commented out a part of code :">
[11:59:23] <sbx> no
[12:00:05] <servus> More screenshots in Exult3D-SI-*
[12:01:40] <sbx> does wget accept wildcards?
[12:03:30] <servus> wget --glob=on
[12:03:47] <servus> Nm.
[12:04:50] <sbx> thanks
[12:07:53] <servus> perl -e 'for( $i = 1; $i <= 6; $i++ ) { `wget$i.jpg\n`; }' :D
[12:08:39] <Yuv422> wget -np -nH -r -l 1
[12:09:48] <servus> That gets everything though, and you forgot -nc :)
[12:12:24] <servus> perl -e 'for( $i = 0; $i <= 99; $i++ ) { $s = sprintf( "wget\n", $i ); `$i`; }' :D
[12:12:42] <servus> Err, `$s`
[13:02:44] <sbx> Yuv422: some of the screenshots I took http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=21348&t=21348
[13:04:08] <Yuv422> hehe
[13:04:18] * Yuv422 looks at the 3d magic carpet.
[13:08:19] <sbx> the pics don't do the takeoff effect justice
[13:09:11] <Yuv422> eep, the ships are taking water!
[13:10:01] <servus> Ships are like mountainsides. They were designed to fit together in a pixel-perfect way.
[13:10:43] <Yuv422> are you planning to remodel then map the textures back to any objects?
[13:11:38] <servus> Not sure... I'm definitely gonna take some smaller objects and turn them back into sprites (at least for now)
[13:11:51] <servus> Might make a way to replace certain shapes with real 3D models... That'd be best.
[13:12:18] <Yuv422> that would probably be good for the actors.
[13:12:38] <servus> Since we're dealing with frames already, it might make sense to use something like a Quake MD2 model format, which is simple, includes texturing, and frames, without a skeletal system (which would be totalllllly overkill)
[13:12:56] <sbx> It should be selectable at runtime... so it will try to use the approximations of each shape unless it finds 3D models in the data dir.
[13:13:38] <servus> What should be selectable? Billboarding or 3D models?
[13:13:44] <sbx> 3D models
[13:14:13] * Yuv422 downloads dosbox 0.62
[13:14:19] <sbx> I mean able to select which you want, say for a plate billboarding or models.
[13:14:32] <sbx> But it can select it automatically if it finds the models.
[13:14:36] <sbx> So you don't have to make them all at once, and people can contribute models.
[13:14:55] <sbx> Does dosbox run syndicate wars?
[13:15:03] <Yuv422> not sure
[13:15:10] <sbx> That is one of my top10 favorite games.
[13:15:28] <sbx> even though the controls are annoying
[13:15:30] * Yuv422 only really plays U6 and MD in dosbox
[13:26:55] <Yuv422> nice
[13:27:08] <Yuv422> the alt-keys work in dosbox now. :)
[13:31:27] <sbx> really?!
[13:31:30] * sbx gets it.
[13:32:24] <Yuv422> yes. :)
[13:34:02] <sbx> Heh, the FedoreCore2 package is hosted by wjp.
[13:34:08] <sbx> Fedora*
[13:34:14] <Yuv422> neat
[14:09:38] <Yuv422> time for bed
[14:09:39] <Yuv422> cya
[14:09:43] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("sleep")
[14:10:40] <wjp> sbx: hosted and made :-)
[14:24:50] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[14:30:06] <sbx> impressive
[14:30:26] * sbx tries to run it in slackware.
[14:32:49] <sbx> works!
[14:33:23] <sbx> the main thing with slackware is the directory structure, but it has symlinks to support other distro schemes
[14:33:40] <sbx> then the only thing to worry about is the glibc version
[14:33:45] <sbx> but this one works fine
[14:34:16] <sbx> I think that blue box is new
[14:38:27] <wjp> hehe, yeah, Qbix added that :-)
[14:53:21] <sbx> I can continue my game in SystemShock!
[14:53:31] <sbx> Though the sound effects don't work.
[14:53:52] <wjp> did you try with a different sound card?
[14:53:54] <sbx> While in some games it's the music that doesn't work
[14:53:58] <sbx> Hmm
[14:54:03] <sbx> No...
[14:54:17] <sbx> Also SystemShock is really slow :)
[14:54:27] <wjp> are you using the dynamic core?
[14:54:29] <sbx> But I didn't know it ran at all
[14:54:42] <sbx> I dont know
[14:54:45] <servus> I've used the dynamic core in 0.62CVS several months ago and it worked great for UW :-)
[14:54:48] <sbx> How do I find out?
[14:54:54] <servus> sbx, if System Shock is slow, you aren't.
[14:55:24] <sbx> Whaguh?
[14:55:34] <sbx> oh
[14:55:36] <sbx> right
[14:55:50] <sbx> I dont see anything in the README
[14:56:23] <servus> In your dosbox config file, set core=dynamic
[14:56:33] <sbx> Just read it, thanks.
[14:57:01] <sbx> What is the downside?
[14:57:08] <servus> Might crash.
[14:57:20] <servus> But if it was as good as it was 4 months ago...
[14:57:43] <sbx> still need to configure my X server for low-resolutions
[14:58:03] <servus> Nah, it goes fullscreen
[14:58:29] <servus> Try alt-enter.
[14:58:35] <sbx> that displays garbage
[14:58:41] <servus> Works for me :-)
[14:58:55] <servus> Isn't there a dosbox version that doesn't use X? uses SVGALib? That'd probably be faster too if there is.
[14:59:32] <sbx> it shouldn't be a problem setting up the low resolutions in xorg.conf
[14:59:45] <servus> Yes, you can run dosbox withou X :-)
[14:59:57] <sbx> thats cool
[15:00:12] <sbx> is there an AA text mode? :)
[15:00:23] <sbx> referring to mplayer & xine
[15:00:32] <servus> Well isn't there an aalib hook for SDL?
[15:00:37] <sbx> Hey youre right
[15:00:59] <sbx> what do you set cycles to?
[15:01:00] <sbx> for UW
[15:01:00] <servus> Actually never mind, I think I was reading the wrong docs
[15:01:06] <servus> sbx, different for every machine...
[15:01:12] <servus> Just use a dynamic core and it'll be fast.
[15:01:25] <wjp> typically go as high as you can go without reaching 100% CPU usage
[15:01:51] <servus> Ooh
[15:04:00] <sbx> It still runs slow
[15:04:54] <sbx> oh nm
[15:04:59] <sbx> I just forgot how to turn :p
[15:05:06] <sbx> its running great thanks
[15:05:16] <servus> Neat.
[15:05:25] <sbx> wjp: did you mean sound config in systemshock or dosbox?
[15:05:36] <wjp> in system shock
[15:08:56] <sbx> Aahh
[15:09:16] <sbx> well that worked kind of :) the irq was set incorrect
[15:09:27] <sbx> so now it matches dosbox.conf, but it wouldnt save
[15:09:32] <sbx> it said the game is not installed
[15:09:52] <sbx> I'll just run install again
[15:25:49] <sbx> I guess TSSHP is dead?
[17:26:38] <-- Fl00der has left IRC ()
[19:20:49] --> Sheng_Gradilla has joined #nuvie
[19:21:06] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
[20:41:58] <sbx> I don't even know why I had return(tevent->tq_can_delete); in TimedEvent.cpp. Must have been tired and copy pasted something.
[21:38:47] <-- sbx has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:06:55] --> Kirben has joined #nuvie
[23:13:50] <-- Sheng_Gradilla has left IRC ("Terminando cliente")