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[04:59:40] <dongs> where's this Yuv422 guy.
[06:55:08] <wjp> hi
[06:55:26] <wjp> not here at the moment, but I'm sure you realized that too :-)
[07:11:04] <dongs> yes.
[07:11:05] <dongs> clearly.
[07:11:09] <dongs> i did get him by email
[07:11:13] <dongs> with surprisingly fast reply time.
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[12:00:10] <Yuv422> hmm well idados is running
[12:00:23] <Yuv422> but the rebasing seems to be broken
[12:00:48] <Yuv422> stepping works
[12:00:58] <Yuv422> f4 goto cursor works
[12:34:38] <wjp> that's fairly consistent with what I saw
[12:35:55] <Yuv422> I wonder if something in the segment manipulation code has changed
[12:36:01] <Yuv422> it's been a long time
[12:36:13] <Yuv422> I can't remember how I did the rebasing
[12:42:15] <Yuv422> I've just updated the MinGW makefile in svn
[12:47:23] <wjp> I should really try ida in windows some time :-)
[12:48:34] <Yuv422> hopefully the linux gui version should be out soon
[12:49:12] <Yuv422> I can't live without the graphical view
[12:49:36] <Yuv422> I run windows in a virtual machine just for IDA
[13:23:31] <Yuv422> hmm
[13:23:49] <Yuv422> I removed the segment selector fixup code and it looks ok
[13:33:04] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:33:05] <Yuv422> cya
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[14:59:41] <dongs> ha
[14:59:46] <dongs> dammit.
[14:59:48] <dongs> missed him
[15:00:08] <dongs> at least now i know the dude is in same timezoen as me.
[15:00:50] <dongs> wehre's the idados svn or whatnot
[15:07:47] <wjp> it's private
[15:09:27] <wjp> you're Japanese? Yuv422 is in .au, so that's indeed pretty close, timezone-wise
[15:11:12] <dongs> private? k, not too worried. he already replied my mail anyway.
[15:11:27] <dongs> supposedly claiming to "have time to look at it this weekend".
[15:14:33] <wjp> you're interesting in working on and/or using idados?
[15:14:59] <dongs> i need it for a specific proj, i wouldnt mind hacking on it to make it work for that purpose.
[15:15:11] <wjp> which IDA do you use?
[15:15:17] <dongs> latest
[15:15:39] <dongs> which according to him might have been part of the issue.
[15:15:45] <wjp> yes
[15:15:48] <dongs> i was surprised 5.4 plugin worked as-is anyway.
[15:15:57] <wjp> the binary one?
[15:16:05] <dongs> yeah.
[15:16:09] <wjp> the debugging API changed since then, so the sources needed some work
[15:16:23] <dongs> i didnt want to rebuild it because i looked at 0.1 patch and it touched shit other than just adding idados debugger
[15:16:33] <wjp> Yuv422 seems to have found at least one more issue judging by what he said earlier
[15:16:36] <dongs> so just tried binary and emailed him later.
[15:17:40] <dongs> it *almost* worked just ruined the idb afterwards.
[15:17:53] <wjp> ouch
[15:22:53] <wjp> that does make me wonder if there's any way to check if the ida version is compatible with the plugin before loading
[15:23:04] * wjp will have to check sometime
[15:23:30] <dongs> im sure there is.
[15:24:33] <wjp> out of curiosity, is your project related to game reverse engineering, or something totally different?
[15:24:45] <wjp> (feel free not to answer if it's none of my business :-) )
[15:32:04] <dongs> oh hi
[15:32:09] <dongs> yeah the former
[15:32:28] <dongs> why else would anyone carea bout running dos crap from 1992
[15:33:51] <wjp> good point :-)
[15:33:55] <wjp> which game are you working on?
[15:34:06] <dongs> zeliard (lol).
[15:34:10] <wjp> ah, cool
[15:34:30] * wjp liked that one
[15:35:27] <dongs> 16bit stuff in IDA is kinda lacking, its annying
[15:35:43] <dongs> when you go to load additional binary it'll want to make a segment but it will automatically make it 32bit
[15:35:50] <dongs> so gotta edit it later
[15:36:09] <wjp> yeah... it's already much better than before 5.4 fortunately
[15:37:11] <wjp> Ilfak seems quite responsive to reports like this, by the way, if you haven't already mentioned it on the forums or by mail
[15:38:01] <dongs> i've had 5.3 then i let its license expire, then i was gonna buy 5.5 and then the usual thing happened, then 5.7 comes out with arm hexrays, well, couldn resist.
[15:38:32] <dongs> ya, that might not be a bad idea
[15:41:22] <wjp> was there a Japanese version of Zeliard for DOS?
[15:41:38] <dongs> not that I've seen. it would have been for PC98
[15:41:45] <dongs> wait actually maybe yea
[15:41:51] <wjp> I do seem to recall some katakana->English transcription errors in the English version :-)
[15:42:04] <dongs> i remember mentioning this to a pal of mine a few years ago and i think he had a pc98 version and/or found one for me
[15:42:15] <dongs> i cant remmber now though.
[15:43:26] <dongs> http://www.geocities.jp/rip_gamer/zeliard/zel_top.html wow epic guide to *
[15:43:39] <dongs> except withotu an index
[15:44:28] <dongs> http://www.geocities.jp/rip_gamer/zeliard/img/trade.jpg
[15:44:33] <wjp> my Japanese isn't quite good enough for that unfortunately
[15:44:34] <dongs> i guess it definitely exists in japanese then.
[15:44:46] <wjp> but the screenshot is quite convincing :-)
[15:45:44] <dongs> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3apkzZQa4E
[15:46:41] <dongs> effects in taht one are better heh.
[15:46:47] <dongs> there's no rainfaill in dos version.
[15:48:20] <dongs> wth theres even attempt at speech synth
[15:48:38] * wjp needs to brush up on his kana. The 'yoroshii desuka(i?)' at the end is taking too much time to decipher :-)
[15:49:14] <wjp> speech? wow
[15:49:41] <dongs> ya during that opening scene movie,, they tts'd one phrase..
[15:49:45] <dongs> not sure why heh.
[15:49:57] <dongs> affected rainfall sfx.
[15:53:56] <wjp> I have to go; see you later
[15:54:05] <dongs> have fun
[15:54:07] <dongs> i should sleep as well.
[15:54:32] <wjp> oyasumi :-)
[18:31:19] <servus> Hm, I should see what there is for me to do on Nuvie. I'm in a contributing mood lately!
[18:51:35] <wjp> sounds good :-)
[18:51:50] <wjp> from what I hear Yuv422 has done quite a bit of new REing work
[18:53:44] <servus> I saw. I thought that most of it was done a few years ago. Should be mostly filling in the gaps now, I'd think.
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