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[12:26:40] <Yuv422> hey sb-x
[12:26:44] <sb-x> greetings
[12:27:16] <sb-x> how's it going?
[12:27:20] <Yuv422> good
[12:27:31] <sb-x> thanks for reminding me about nuvie
[12:27:37] <Yuv422> hehe no worries
[12:27:39] <Yuv422> :)
[12:28:03] <sb-x> i'm glad the channel is still here, it's like nothing has changed
[12:28:04] <Yuv422> I couldn’t have you forgetting about it ;-)
[12:28:08] <sb-x> no
[12:28:19] <Yuv422> like old times
[12:28:28] <sb-x> i noticed wjp's logs are still being maintained
[12:28:31] <sb-x> exactly!
[12:29:00] <sb-x> i installed the community edition of visual studio
[12:29:04] <sb-x> i wonder if that can compile nuvie
[12:29:24] <Yuv422> hehe yeah I don’t think anyone has tried compiling it that way for a long time
[12:29:52] <sb-x> will github be the main source repo now?
[12:30:09] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:30:31] <Yuv422> I’ve got to think of a way to decomission the sf.net one
[12:30:41] <sb-x> good to know, i've read some bad things about sf
[12:30:54] <Yuv422> maybe a final commit with a notice that the repo has moved
[12:30:57] <sb-x> it might be hard to delete your project ;)
[12:31:05] <Yuv422> yeah sf.net has had some rough times recently
[12:31:14] <Yuv422> with their adware stuff
[12:31:23] <Yuv422> then the crazy storage fault outage
[12:31:47] <sb-x> it's a bit hard to believe but times change and that's what happens when you try to attract investors, yes ironically i was trying to access the Pentagram project and noticed the outage
[12:32:52] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:33:48] <sb-x> that was after watching a youtube video about Crusader
[12:34:31] <sb-x> but now U6 is on my mind again - i got the WoU games on GOG
[12:34:40] <sb-x> are they playable?
[12:34:58] <Yuv422> I’m slowly working my way through MD
[12:35:10] <Yuv422> but nowhere near complete yet
[12:35:28] <Yuv422> SE has the intro / character creation sequence stuff but little else
[12:35:50] <Yuv422> I’ve made a fair bit of progress on MD
[12:35:58] <Yuv422> I really should get back to working on it
[12:36:26] <Yuv422> I’ve also added an internationalisation feature
[12:36:50] <Yuv422> so people should be able to easliy add other language translations
[12:40:19] <sb-x> just for interface text?
[12:40:36] <Yuv422> all the usecode text
[12:40:42] <sb-x> cool
[12:41:53] <sb-x> +1 for lua
[12:42:49] <Yuv422> :)
[12:43:02] <Yuv422> yeah it’s a really nice way to code up the ingame logic
[12:43:33] <sb-x> it should make it easy to mod/customize too
[12:43:58] <sb-x> not 100% sure but i'm guessing you could have a "patch" or "custom" folder that loads scripts after the base scripts
[12:44:14] <Yuv422> yeah
[12:45:36] * sb-x submits a feature request.
[12:45:47] <sb-x> are you going to move to github for everything except the website?
[12:45:56] <Yuv422> not sure yet
[12:46:04] <Yuv422> still easing into it
[12:46:59] <sb-x> good idea
[12:47:46] <sb-x> just checking out the lua intro/ending scripts now, trying to familiarize myself with out it works
[12:48:09] <Yuv422> those scripts use quite a different style to the ingame logic scripts
[12:48:19] <Yuv422> also you might want to checkout the lua doc
[12:48:41] <Yuv422> https://github.com/nuvie/nuvie/tree/master/ldoc
[12:48:55] <sb-x> nice thank you
[12:49:06] <Yuv422> I’ve tried to document the API
[12:50:26] <sb-x> good effort
[12:50:52] <Yuv422> I found that I was always looking it up in the code
[12:51:09] <Yuv422> And I wrote it! So I thought it was time to create an API doc
[13:02:53] <sb-x> lol
[13:03:26] <sb-x> yep, good idea. i guess that happens to everyone with old code. very useful for me
[13:09:19] <sb-x> what inspired the z80 debugger?
[13:09:46] <Yuv422> I’ve been entering some sega aster system programming comps
[13:09:55] <Yuv422> so I’ve been writing lots of z80
[13:10:20] <sb-x> oh
[13:10:22] <sb-x> nice!
[13:10:25] <sb-x> demos?
[13:10:46] <Yuv422> games
[13:10:50] <sb-x> any cool results from the comps?
[13:10:58] <sb-x> or a repository
[13:11:05] <Yuv422> http://www.smspower.org/Homebrew/SkiMaster-SMS
[13:11:13] <Yuv422> here’s this years entry
[13:11:27] <Yuv422> I still need to do more work on it
[13:11:32] <Yuv422> to make it into a proper game
[13:11:47] <sb-x> awesome! looks like skifree
[13:12:04] <sb-x> SMS is difficult to program?
[13:12:20] <Yuv422> yeah it’s very resource constrained
[13:12:23] <Yuv422> 8k mem
[13:12:28] <Yuv422> 64 sprites
[13:12:36] <Yuv422> limited cpu time
[13:12:44] <Yuv422> no multiplcation / division
[13:12:59] <sb-x> eh
[13:13:18] <Yuv422> here’s my presious entry
[13:13:18] <Yuv422> http://www.smspower.org/Homebrew/Minesweeper-SMS
[13:13:22] <Yuv422> previous
[13:13:54] <sb-x> continuing the Windows 3.1 games theme ;)
[13:14:11] <sb-x> how long do they take to create usually?
[13:14:12] <Yuv422> hehe yeah I didn’t really think of it like that
[13:14:20] <Yuv422> about a month each
[13:14:42] <Yuv422> I’ve got to put a lot more work into the skimaster though
[13:14:54] <Yuv422> I need to think about level design
[13:15:04] <Yuv422> and the game play mechanics
[13:15:21] <sb-x> well, didn't know about these comps. I am impressed at your ability
[13:15:26] <sb-x> never had a SMS myself
[13:15:48] <Yuv422> I don’t think sms was big in the US, right?
[13:16:07] <Yuv422> It was pretty popular in australia
[13:16:20] <Yuv422> well it was in my family home ;-)
[13:17:07] <sb-x> that's true it wasn't anywhere near nes popularity in the US
[13:20:28] <sb-x> what is the build/eclipse folder for?
[13:20:39] <sb-x> doesn't seem to do anything for eclipse in windows
[13:20:51] <Yuv422> that’s my config for the eclipse IDE
[13:21:08] <sb-x> ok
[13:21:12] <Yuv422> That’s how I build nuvie myself
[13:21:17] <sb-x> eclipse on osx?
[13:21:46] <sb-x> have you done any Java development?
[13:22:08] <Yuv422> yeah
[13:22:11] <Yuv422> eclipse CDT
[13:22:20] <Yuv422> yeah java all the way at work
[13:23:15] <sb-x> oh, ok almost the same here
[13:23:23] <sb-x> eclipse CDT looks cross-platform, will check it out
[13:24:11] <Yuv422> yeah I like it
[13:24:38] <Yuv422> I also install eclipse LDT for the lua files too
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[13:29:24] <sb-x> eclipse ldt? thanks
[13:29:48] <Yuv422> https://eclipse.org/ldt/
[13:30:01] <Yuv422> I’m off to bed now
[13:30:08] <Yuv422> cya
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[15:36:23] <Dominus> Heya sb-x !!!
[15:36:30] <Dominus> Long time no seeeeeee
[15:37:23] <Dominus> I'm trying to get wjp to host all the sf projects on his usecode.org server... But it seems he is to busy/away ;)
[15:44:43] * wjp whistles innocently
[15:48:20] * Dominus looks very annoyingly at wjp
[15:49:39] <Dominus> Seriously, could this ever be an option? I'm really wondering what will happen to sf now that it is for sale
[15:50:29] <Dominus> I doubt it's getting better with both reliability and the worriesome ways sf was behacing in regard to adware...
[15:52:21] <wjp> Not entirely impossible, but it's really just a personal VM
[15:52:58] <wjp> And I don't think I'd like having people or sites depend on it
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[15:56:11] <Malignant_Manor> Hi sb-x , do you think you will work on Nuvie again?
[15:57:28] <Dominus> Wjp: I see and undestand, I wasn't aware of how your domain was set up
[16:00:01] <Dominus> Sf just got so annoying that relying on one person and his vm seems a lot more stable ;)
[16:01:28] <Malignant_Manor> usecode.org would get a lot more traffic if that actually happened (and people used the site).
[16:01:55] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus will pay hosting costs
[16:02:18] <Dominus> I would
[16:05:47] <Dominus> Earning enough that this wouldn't be a problem
[17:30:51] <sb-x> Hi Dominus and Willem and Malignant. Eric reminded me about Nuvie with his ping from GitHub. :)
[17:31:28] <sb-x> I have no grand development plans but did fork the code in case there's something to contribute.
[17:34:52] <sb-x> but thanks for the greets. with you all here it feels like i'd only just stepped out yesterday
[18:00:43] <Malignant_Manor> sb-x: do you know assembly? I don't. Eric has tons of reverse engineering to do for MD and SE.
[18:01:48] <Malignant_Manor> I mainly did bug fixing, testing, and improving the interface.
[18:13:11] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus: You and Kirben should have Eric link you accounts to Nuvie code.
[18:15:20] <sb-x> Not nearly as well as Eric. I've done some x86 code tracing before, but I'll leave the reverse engineering to him. (unless he's asking for help with some particular function/area)
[18:17:54] <Malignant_Manor> sb-x: Too bad. I know has added function names to the debugger. Nuvie development is extremely slow.
[18:19:50] <sb-x> are there particular areas needing work?
[18:20:20] <sb-x> from a user perspective, it seems like the install/configuration could be improved
[18:22:12] <Malignant_Manor> I don't think the installer can setup the path for the games.
[18:23:08] <Malignant_Manor> We aren't really compliant with program files being read only.
[18:24:06] <Malignant_Manor> The data folder would likely need to be in the user section.
[18:24:35] <sb-x> is there a problem putting the configuration under %appdata% if we provide a shortcut to it in Start?
[18:24:45] <sb-x> like dosbox
[18:25:16] <sb-x> actually dont know where dosbox puts its config, but i mean it puts a shortcut in start
[18:26:37] <Malignant_Manor> Currently, the install folder is where the data is looked for.
[18:27:23] <Malignant_Manor> I think some is configurable in the cfg file but the cfg file may be limited to the install folder.
[18:27:34] <Malignant_Manor> It has been awhile since I messed with Nuvie.
[18:28:48] <sb-x> ah ok, I saw a recommendation to install in c:\nuvie or somewhere you have write access to
[18:29:06] <Malignant_Manor> There is no command line option to change where the cfg file is looked fore.
[18:29:12] <Dominus> Sb-x, malignant_Manor I think nuvie should reuse Exult's way of handling the cfg, sacegames etc
[18:29:24] <sb-x> hi dom
[18:29:30] <Dominus> Heya
[18:29:37] <Malignant_Manor> I agree, but also have a portable option.
[18:29:56] <Dominus> Yes, you did a good job on Exult with that
[18:30:07] <sb-x> oh that's right, heh
[18:30:32] <Malignant_Manor> i.e. a command line option to look for the cfg in the install directory.
[18:30:49] <Dominus> Sb-x: if you happen to have an iOS device, there is a port of Exult to iOS...
[18:30:54] <Malignant_Manor> I think the cfg has settings for where to look for the data and save files.
[18:31:12] <sb-x> nope all android
[18:31:26] <Dominus> ;(
[18:32:54] * Dominus needs better beta testers, the current ones are way too quiet...
[18:33:12] <sb-x> so how does exult handle cfg, savegames, etc?
[18:34:51] <Dominus> http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#path_config_nt5
[18:36:12] <sb-x> i see
[18:36:39] <Malignant_Manor> 2010-02-20 is when it was first implemented
[18:36:57] <Malignant_Manor> changelog shows some errors in the way it was coded.
[18:38:18] <Malignant_Manor> The web interface is kind of terrible for finding information.
[18:38:35] <sb-x> nuvie website?
[18:38:55] <sb-x> oh, sf?
[18:39:20] <Malignant_Manor> Yeah. SF.
[18:39:29] <Malignant_Manor> I am looking for the Exult commits
[18:40:32] <Malignant_Manor> https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/code/6146/
[18:40:49] <Malignant_Manor> is the first commit of Exult's appdata move
[18:42:03] <Malignant_Manor> You can at least find the relevant lines of code in the current code.
[18:42:43] <sb-x> thanks
[18:44:08] <Malignant_Manor> I'm so used to using Tortoise (SVN, GIT) interface for searching the changes.
[18:44:37] <sb-x> Tortoise does git? had no idea
[18:44:43] <sb-x> i've been using sourcetree for git
[18:45:29] <Malignant_Manor> It has a different maintainer/developer but the interface is basically the same.
[18:45:44] <Malignant_Manor> At least, the last time I used it.
[18:46:12] <Malignant_Manor> I think I only used it for git-svn.
[18:47:23] * Dominus is also using sourcetree for git but needs to figure out why that has so many problems with linked other git projects...
[18:47:24] <Malignant_Manor> https://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/
[18:48:12] <sb-x> yep looks just like tortoise :)
[18:50:12] <Dominus> Of course nuvie does everything right on OS X ;)
[18:50:38] <Dominus> (Except that fullscreen issue ;))
[18:51:03] <Malignant_Manor> Fullscreen still isn't fixed?
[18:55:19] <Malignant_Manor> sb-x: Eric has been talking about implementing SDL 2 compatibility.
[18:57:04] <Dominus> Also something that could be adapted from Exult, I guess
[18:57:36] <Dominus> Malignant_Manor: no one except you tried to fix the fullscreen issue ;)
[19:42:35] <Malignant_Manor> ?seen sugarcube
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[19:43:37] <Malignant_Manor> ?seen servus
[19:43:37] <exultbot> servus is known as SugarCube since Mon May 18 07:58:03 2015 (GMT)
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[21:57:06] <Yuv422> Malignant_Manor: I tried to link everyones account to the code when it went over to github
[21:57:28] <Yuv422> I think you need to have set email to private for it to link using the email style that I used
[21:57:41] <Yuv422> eg username@users.noreply.github.com
[21:58:01] <Yuv422> gotta go now
[21:58:03] <Yuv422> work time
[21:58:04] <Yuv422> cya
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