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[14:56:24] <wjp> sbx: quite a large changelog on that commit :-)
[14:56:38] <sbx> eek
[14:56:46] <sbx> are you monitoring me
[14:56:53] <sbx> i thought you'd be asleep
[14:56:58] <wjp> asleep at 4pm?
[14:57:02] <sbx> uh
[14:57:05] <sbx> work? :)
[14:57:11] <wjp> on saturday? :-)
[14:57:38] <wjp> but if you call being subscribed to the nuvie-cvs mailing list monitoring you, then yes, I'm monitoring you ;-)
[14:57:59] <sbx> that's a good feature
[14:58:34] <sbx> I was just surprised you were around now for some reason. :)
[14:58:38] <sbx> is the changelog too big?
[14:58:44] <wjp> big is good :-)
[14:58:59] <sbx> mine are usually a little too big (comment to code ratio and such)
[14:59:20] <sbx> probably because I explained why dropping objects still isn't 100% accurate looking
[15:00:31] <sbx> I'm pretty tired myself after writing all that. :p
[15:09:05] <sbx> ok that's cool then
[15:09:14] <sbx> but I just noticed the website hasnt been updated since september
[15:09:28] <sbx> I thought it was more recent than that
[15:22:21] <sbx> well... don't feel like adding a news item at the moment (not even sure how)
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