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[10:20:28] <Yuv422> hi
[10:20:44] <sbx> hi
[10:21:41] <Yuv422> how's things?
[10:21:49] <sbx> good
[10:21:57] <sbx> i finally got things in guidialog to space themselves
[10:22:06] <sbx> when resizing
[10:22:06] <Yuv422> cool
[10:22:56] <sbx> right now I'm just stacking some stone slabs in SI
[10:22:58] <sbx> not sure why
[10:23:20] <Yuv422> as you do. :)
[10:24:08] <sbx> im using hackmover
[10:24:38] <Yuv422> I was playing an old nuvie version before I left work today
[10:24:46] <sbx> how old?
[10:24:50] <Yuv422> I forgot just how much work we did
[10:24:54] <Yuv422> not too sure
[10:25:14] <Yuv422> I think it was just before saving.
[10:25:17] <sbx> Oh
[10:25:21] <sbx> that's not even that long ago
[10:25:25] <sbx> what did we do?
[10:25:28] <Yuv422> maybe when the savedialog went in
[10:25:36] <Yuv422> just little things here and there
[10:25:48] <Yuv422> it was more a feeling than anything else
[10:26:08] <sbx> oh
[10:26:41] <sbx> yeah it used to be less consistent
[10:26:50] <sbx> still needs a little work
[10:32:17] <Yuv422> bbl
[10:32:43] <sbx> ok
[12:14:26] <sbx> Is there a good way to get the screen size if you have public access to Screen?
[12:14:41] <Yuv422> hmm
[12:15:27] <Yuv422> not really. :(
[12:15:41] <Yuv422> maybe we need a method for that. :)
[12:20:57] <sbx> hey wb
[12:21:02] <sbx> I just set it to 320x200
[12:21:08] <sbx> constant
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[12:32:45] <Yuv422> hi L3hi8rk5
[12:33:00] <Yuv422> interesting nick
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[12:37:49] <Yuv422> brb
[12:37:53] <Yuv422> need to reboot
[12:38:01] <Yuv422> damn security patches.
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[12:45:53] <sbx> wb
[12:45:54] * Yuv422 wonders what they talk about in #SpaceShipOne
[12:45:56] <Yuv422> ty
[12:46:00] <sbx> heh
[12:46:01] <sbx> I wonder!
[12:46:05] <Yuv422> :)
[12:46:14] <sbx> I still have to finish downloading XP SP2.
[12:46:25] <Yuv422> Ouch!
[12:46:37] <sbx> it's supposed to be good
[12:47:25] <Yuv422> my latest security patch was 1.5Meg
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[12:50:47] <EsBee-Eks> Eh.
[12:50:47] * Yuv422 sees double
[12:51:03] <EsBee-Eks> My power button doesn't "sleep" in Linux.
[12:51:20] <EsBee-Eks> Never knew that.
[12:51:28] * Yuv422 thinks of a question that only the *real* sbx would know the answer to. ;)
[12:51:44] <Yuv422> I guess you know now.
[12:51:49] <EsBee-Eks> hehe
[12:51:53] <EsBee-Eks> Yeah, good to know.
[12:52:00] <EsBee-Eks> And I know everything sbx knows.
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[12:52:27] <sbx> Somebody stole my "real" nick SB-X anyway.
[12:52:31] <sbx> a long time ago
[12:52:36] <Yuv422> that's no good. :(
[12:53:00] <Yuv422> sb@tecno.fydd.org
[12:53:12] <sbx> online for over a month!
[12:55:52] <Yuv422> do we have an ATTACK_MODE ?
[12:56:29] <sbx> I think so
[12:56:33] <sbx> it doesn't do anything
[12:56:44] <Yuv422> I can't see it in the EventMode enum.
[12:57:28] <sbx> oh
[12:57:33] <sbx> must be in one of my local copies
[12:57:43] <Yuv422> there is a USE_EVENT_ATTACK define
[12:57:50] <Yuv422> but it is commented out
[12:58:06] <sbx> that will be so you can attack doors :)
[12:59:11] <sbx> I suppose the function would just take a hit amount.
[13:00:06] <Yuv422> I'll add a attack mode in event then.
[13:00:13] <Yuv422> a/an
[13:00:23] <sbx> One that does something?
[13:01:30] <sbx> maybe just hit actors without taking into account stats/armor
[13:10:54] <Yuv422> yeah
[13:11:12] <Yuv422> we will need a unique move mode though
[13:11:31] <Yuv422> so we can limit the range of attacks based on weapons
[13:15:19] <sbx> and if you have two weapons you get two attacks
[13:15:31] <Yuv422> yes
[13:15:40] <Yuv422> or maybe more
[13:15:51] <Yuv422> and previous actor targetting
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[13:24:05] <Yuv422> time for bed
[13:24:07] <Yuv422> cya
[13:24:21] <Yuv422> I'll start on actor weapon lists
[13:24:35] <Yuv422> and player attack logic
[13:24:48] <Yuv422> cya
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[15:33:50] * MagicMop looks around
[15:33:55] <MagicMop> Hello!
[15:36:39] <sbx> hi
[15:38:25] <MagicMop> Hows things?
[15:39:05] <sbx> good
[15:39:10] <sbx> i was just reading about colorizing old films
[15:39:42] <sbx> there's not much you can do besides editing each individual frame :\
[15:39:59] <MagicMop> Really? That's a LOT of work... :)
[15:40:01] <sbx> but combustion has features to help
[15:40:07] <sbx> yeah
[15:40:35] <sbx> oh well
[15:40:39] <sbx> it's not related to nuvie :)
[15:40:47] <MagicMop> In the new Starwars DVDs they went through frame by frame and took out the grain...
[15:40:57] <sbx> I havnt gotten them yet
[15:41:01] <MagicMop> (Which is also not related to nuvie...)
[15:41:05] <sbx> hehe
[15:41:14] <MagicMop> I got the box set a day or two ago...
[15:41:35] <sbx> How is it? Are there many other improvements?
[15:41:40] <sbx> I'm not a purist
[15:42:09] <sbx> improvements/extra features
[15:42:18] <MagicMop> Well, they change a few bits to fit in better with the new 'prequels'
[15:42:23] <sbx> eh
[15:42:30] <sbx> change the plot?
[15:42:57] <MagicMop> A little bit I guess... In Empire strikes back, they change some dialogue...
[15:43:25] <MagicMop> In return of the jedi, they add a scene with the new actor for darth vador...
[15:43:42] <sbx> meh
[15:43:50] <sbx> I wasnt thinking of those types of changes
[15:44:02] <sbx> Adding may be OK but there is no need to change dialogue
[15:44:11] <sbx> they should have kept the prequels consistent if it was so important
[15:44:24] <MagicMop> Good point... :)
[15:44:48] <MagicMop> Apart from that, some of the CG has been redone.
[15:45:29] <sbx> that's what I expected
[15:45:32] <MagicMop> I'm not really a purist either though... I'm just happy to have the movies on DVD with nice pictures and sound... ;)
[15:45:51] <sbx> I probably wont get it for a while
[15:46:08] <MagicMop> Fair enough too. :)
[15:46:18] <sbx> I'm adding an error message box to Nuvie
[15:46:39] <sbx> Errors will be redirected to that instead of stdout logs
[15:46:47] <MagicMop> For more informative crashes?
[15:46:51] <sbx> Fatal errors at least
[15:46:54] <sbx> Yes!
[15:47:16] <sbx> It's friendly
[15:47:20] <MagicMop> Well, thats handy... I keep forgetting to check the stdout...
[15:47:32] <sbx> It will also explain the error
[15:47:52] <sbx> moreso than just "file XXX not found"
[15:48:44] <MagicMop> Sounds good to me. It'll probably be more helpful for you guys too. People will be able to give you more intellegent bug reports.
[15:48:48] <sbx> The components used in the message box will be reusable for a conversation keyword box, and a graphical configurator.
[15:49:16] <sbx> There are new docs on our site by Dino Dragon.
[15:49:55] <MagicMop> Cool! What is the conversation keyword box going to be for?
[15:50:01] <sbx> What the NPC says shows up in the box
[15:50:08] <sbx> and you can click the words
[15:50:25] <MagicMop> Sorta like a menu system...?
[15:50:31] <sbx> yeah
[15:50:32] <sbx> talk menu
[15:50:35] <sbx> like U7
[15:50:46] <sbx> You'll still be able to type keywords in.
[15:50:46] <MagicMop> That's a good idea!
[15:51:09] <sbx> That's what I said!
[15:51:10] <sbx> http://nuvie.sourceforge.net/?page=docs
[15:52:06] <MagicMop> The way I see it, as long as you can still use the engine to play the game like the original, everything else is a big bonus.
[15:52:21] <sbx> Which way will you be playing it the most?
[15:52:26] <sbx> Classic or Enhanced
[15:52:58] <sbx> Or a combination of the two :)
[15:53:09] <MagicMop> Enhanced for sure!
[15:53:26] <sbx> most people will appreciate the updated interface
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[15:53:42] <sbx> you'll be able to move the windows around
[15:53:45] <sbx> again, like u7
[15:54:02] <MagicMop> It's like with Exult... I can't go back to the original now... :)
[15:54:18] <sbx> interested in exult3d?
[15:54:31] <MagicMop> Even just playing Nuvie in its early form, I can't go back to plain U6... :)
[15:54:45] <MagicMop> Exult3d.... very interested... :)
[15:54:57] <sbx> well for some things you need U6 because nuvie isn't completable yet
[15:55:28] <MagicMop> True... :) I'm happy to wait though... I've never finished u6 before.
[15:56:01] <sbx> what stopped you?
[15:56:45] <MagicMop> Hmmm... hard to remember now... it was years ago. I think I freed all the shrines... but I got stuck and gave up.
[15:57:03] <MagicMop> That was about 5 years ago. :)
[15:57:16] <sbx> It might be that long ago since I last finished it
[15:57:22] <sbx> "legitimately"
[15:57:28] <MagicMop> :)
[15:57:48] <MagicMop> I've finished every Ultima except 1,2,3 and 6.
[15:58:13] <sbx> what baout WoU?
[15:58:16] <sbx> I havn't finished SE or MD
[15:59:12] <MagicMop> Me neither. I don't actually own them, so I'll need to track them down.
[15:59:20] <sbx> Did you like the U6 combat?
[15:59:24] <sbx> Eric is adding combat soon
[15:59:57] <MagicMop> Yeah... it was quite good. An evolution from U5. I think combat in U6 was a lot better than U7
[16:00:18] <MagicMop> Can't wait for combat in Nuvie ;)
[16:01:41] <sbx> Any ideas for enhancement?
[16:01:47] <sbx> it would be optional
[16:02:51] <sbx> I'm adding a real-time mode when not in combat
[16:03:40] <MagicMop> Real-time mode? Like U7?
[16:04:30] <sbx> yeah
[16:05:00] <sbx> Just for fun really, won't have much impact.
[16:05:08] <MagicMop> Well, combat it U6 can get quite slow... that would be a good option to speed things up.
[16:05:23] <sbx> I don't want to change the combat system that much
[16:05:44] <sbx> Part of U6 is turn based combat, it wouldn't be the same without it :)
[16:05:54] <sbx> But you made me think, perhaps an auto mode
[16:06:09] <sbx> One that still requires user input
[16:06:15] <MagicMop> Auto mode would be quite cool...
[16:06:29] <sbx> Don't think about fighting a group of winged gargoyles, or a dragon, with it.
[16:06:37] <MagicMop> hehe
[16:07:02] <sbx> Anyway, combat wasn't too slow if only the Avatar is set to COMMAND.
[16:07:25] <MagicMop> That's true... the others fight automatically in that case don't they?
[16:07:33] <sbx> Yes according to their strategy
[16:07:49] <sbx> and some just run :)
[16:07:57] <sbx> it's the same in u7 just not turnbased
[16:08:04] <MagicMop> Hehe... not too useful... :)
[16:09:15] <MagicMop> Are you guys planning to make the game window larger as an enhancement?
[16:09:31] <sbx> Yeah that wont be too long from now I think
[16:09:40] <MagicMop> Woohoo!
[16:09:59] <MagicMop> The game window feels quite cramped in U6 I think...
[16:10:10] <sbx> But think "long" in terms of how long Nuvie has been developed so far, so "not too long" could be months :)
[16:10:20] <sbx> That was a major complaint of it at the time
[16:10:35] <sbx> and why it wasn't as popular as it cuold be
[16:10:59] <sbx> I have some graphical enhancements lined up
[16:11:04] <sbx> but they are much further into the future
[16:11:10] <MagicMop> Hehe... I would love to see the game window take up most of the screen like U7...
[16:11:10] <sbx> we have to have a release first
[16:11:21] <MagicMop> I'm looking forward to seeing them... ;)
[16:11:28] <sbx> It will take up all of the window, and the stats/inventory windows wil float.
[16:11:43] <MagicMop> Wow! That would be awesome!
[16:11:54] <sbx> Have you played U6O?
[16:11:56] <sbx> Something like that
[16:12:09] <MagicMop> Nope... haven't heard of it before...
[16:12:32] <sbx> really???
[16:12:37] <sbx> U6Online
[16:12:38] <sbx> http://www.geocities.com/galleondragon
[16:13:27] <MagicMop> Hmmm... looks interesting... has it been around long?
[16:15:25] <sbx> Yeah
[16:15:28] <sbx> about as long as nuvie
[16:16:39] <MagicMop> Hmmm... not too interested in the online side of things, but it looks pretty good...
[16:17:10] <sbx> It needs more combat
[16:17:13] <sbx> oops
[16:17:16] <sbx> It needs more players
[16:17:18] <sbx> but the combat is too tough
[16:17:41] <MagicMop> Does it follow the U6 story?
[16:18:00] <sbx> Yeah it is supposed to.
[16:18:04] <sbx> Everyone is the Avatar
[16:18:14] <sbx> And you can't drop your quest items
[16:18:20] <sbx> So everyone has to get the runes
[16:18:30] <sbx> and free the shrines
[16:18:36] <sbx> (the gargoyles respawn)
[16:18:44] <MagicMop> Hmmm... interesting. But you have to play it online with others?
[16:18:53] <sbx> yeah
[16:18:58] <sbx> but there probably aren't others online now
[16:19:02] <MagicMop> Bummer....
[16:19:11] <sbx> That's the point.
[16:19:56] <MagicMop> Well, I think I'll stick with nuvie. I prefer my Ultima Offline. :)
[16:20:45] <sbx> I like online games if they have nice people.
[16:20:54] <sbx> u6o doesn't have many people at all
[16:20:59] <sbx> it used to, I don't know where they went
[16:22:21] <MagicMop> I've had too many bad experiences with mmorpgs...
[16:23:48] <MagicMop> Well... I should probably catch a few hours sleep before work tomorrow... :)
[16:23:52] <sbx> I've had many bad experiences will single player games
[16:23:58] <sbx> that doesn't mean I dont play :)
[16:24:06] <sbx> hmm ok
[16:24:09] <MagicMop> Hehe... good point... :)
[16:24:25] <MagicMop> I might just give U6O a try... ;)
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[16:24:56] <sbx> you might wait
[16:25:01] <sbx> until it matures some more
[16:25:09] <sbx> It's still alpha
[16:25:13] <sbx> but that doesn't stop me!
[16:25:43] <sbx> ok
[16:25:43] <MagicMop> Well, I like testing early software...
[16:25:59] <sbx> like nuvie :)
[16:26:03] <sbx> I have to install this XP update
[16:26:05] <sbx> cya
[16:26:10] <MagicMop> Anyways, happy coding! You guys are doing a great job...!
[16:26:19] <MagicMop> Bye!
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