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[00:01:36] <sbx> i have not looked into it for a while, ive been converse.a repacking to work instead
[00:01:41] <sbx> and now it does
[00:02:07] <sbx> plus, the files can be repacked without being LZW encoded, saving a lot of space
[00:02:29] <Yuv422> cool
[00:02:33] <Yuv422> how so?
[00:02:44] <Yuv422> with the four 0 header?
[00:02:50] <sbx> yep
[00:03:04] <Yuv422> have you checked the repacker into the cvs?
[00:03:29] <sbx> no, should i?
[00:03:39] <Yuv422> in the tools directory.
[00:03:44] <Yuv422> sure why not.
[00:03:46] <Yuv422> :)
[00:03:52] <sbx> i also changed U6Lib_n, U6Lzw, and maybe U6File
[00:04:14] <Yuv422> hmm do they still run the main part of nuvie ok?
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[00:04:32] <sbx> dont know
[00:04:32] <sbx> ill have to check first
[00:04:51] <Yuv422> did you add write support? ;)
[00:05:08] <sbx> yeah, simple writing, write2, write4, writeBuf
[00:05:18] <Yuv422> cool
[00:06:10] <Yuv422> hehe moonspark has submitted three new bugs for me to fix. ;)
[00:06:10] <sbx> i am not fast at programming c++ so it took me some time, but not too long
[00:06:17] <sbx> wow
[00:06:28] <sbx> does he come here?
[00:06:38] <Yuv422> I don't think so.
[00:06:55] <Yuv422> I've never seen him. unless he uses a different nick for IRC. :)
[00:08:37] <Yuv422> he also added a feature request. Multiple savegame slots.
[00:09:07] <Yuv422> hehe I'm new to C++ too.
[00:10:53] <sbx> actually im not very fast at most kinds of programming
[00:11:01] <sbx> but C++ even more i suppose
[00:11:32] <Yuv422> How long have you been programming in C/C++?
[00:11:47] <sbx> having a faster computer and compiler would help
[00:11:55] <sbx> c 5 years
[00:12:06] <sbx> i dont do c++
[00:12:31] <Yuv422> hehe but then you'd get lazy and your programs would run slower. ;) There are some benefits to having a slow comp.
[00:13:10] <Yuv422> as you can see I don;t really use much of the evil C++ stuff.
[00:13:31] <Yuv422> like templates.
[00:13:39] <sbx> its not *that* bad :)
[00:13:46] <sbx> i think its kinda nice, im just not too experienced with it
[00:14:34] <sbx> i made use of vector in U6Lib_n, but did not make any new templates
[00:14:38] <Yuv422> moonspark even pointed out a spelling mistake in my tileflag.txt file :)
[00:15:01] <sbx> virtical
[00:15:10] <Yuv422> yup
[00:23:17] <sbx> the items in converse.b that were unknown are shrines/statues and temp-npcs
[00:23:42] <Yuv422> ah k
[00:23:59] <Yuv422> are they the uncompressed ones?
[00:24:03] <sbx> no
[00:24:14] <sbx> there was just an error in how their size was being determined
[00:24:35] <Yuv422> have you modified unpack_conv.cpp to handle uncompressed entries?
[00:24:39] <Yuv422> how so?
[00:24:41] <sbx> yeah
[00:24:52] <sbx> the offset after the last real npc, 187 Linda, is 0
[00:25:13] <sbx> so you cant say that the size of the next npc is (prev offset + prev size)
[00:25:48] <Yuv422> ah k. that's fair enough. :)
[00:25:59] <Yuv422> I might be doing that in schedule too.
[00:26:12] <sbx> er, i mean, you cant say that the size of the 0 offset is (prev offset - this offset)
[00:26:33] <sbx> i just changed it so that 0 offsets are not ignored, but are read in as Empty
[00:26:51] <sbx> same as when writing, this includes the two at the start of converse.a
[00:27:44] <sbx> the only temp-npc with script there is Wisp
[00:27:51] <sbx> that is for all wisps
[00:28:23] <sbx> i didnt find the script for Britannian guards but i probably just havnt noticed it yet
[00:33:02] <Yuv422> I've just added ladders
[00:33:34] <Yuv422> do you know of any ladders outside the castle?
[00:35:09] <sbx> yeah
[00:35:10] <sbx> in the inn
[00:35:14] <sbx> se of the castle
[00:35:39] <sbx> do they line up?
[00:35:55] <sbx> (ladders with ladders on other planes)
[00:35:56] <Yuv422> it appears so
[00:36:12] <Yuv422> you take the ladders x,y
[00:36:22] <Yuv422> and x/4+3 y/4-3
[00:36:30] <Yuv422> and on the way up
[00:36:48] <Yuv422> x*4-9 y*4+15
[00:37:33] <Yuv422> I guess I should find a more elegant way of computing these values. ;)
[00:38:25] <sbx> hrmm... did the developers just want to obfuscate the data?
[00:38:40] <sbx> they couldve made a ladder connecting list
[00:39:03] <Yuv422> it's only the surface to level 1 which is the problem
[00:39:15] <sbx> though i know they were really trying to save a lot of space :)
[00:39:21] <Yuv422> all the other surfaces are the same size so the ladders line up correctly
[00:39:22] <sbx> what is the problem?
[00:39:33] <sbx> 1 = gargoyle world?
[00:39:45] <Yuv422> nope 1 is the first dungeon
[00:39:50] <sbx> oh
[00:40:01] <Yuv422> because the dungeon level is 256x256 and the surface is 1024x1024
[00:40:21] <Yuv422> but at the ladder location x/4 is not an integer.
[00:40:54] <Yuv422> so I need to add this +3 amount
[00:42:32] <sbx> does that work for all ladders?
[00:43:33] <Yuv422> that's what I need to check
[00:43:39] <Yuv422> it probably won't
[00:43:46] <Yuv422> where was that other ladder again?
[00:44:08] <sbx> the britain inn
[00:44:15] <sbx> se of the castle
[00:44:29] <sbx> the wayfarers inn?
[00:44:45] <Eclair> HEY!!!
[00:44:51] <Eclair> any new cvs release?
[00:45:54] <sbx> i have to finish eating, and test out my changes with nuvie, before commiting them
[00:46:04] <Yuv422> np
[00:46:28] <sbx> i was also looking to see what happened in u6 when i changed certain bytes in conversations :)
[00:47:36] <Yuv422> hehe looks like I'll need to implement secret doors to get to the ladder. :)
[00:47:50] <Eclair> HAHA
[00:47:51] <Yuv422> wait I can get to it from the castle right?
[00:47:55] <Eclair> yes
[00:48:07] <Eclair> goto the dungon
[00:48:22] <Eclair> you know where the cannon is?
[00:48:49] <Yuv422> in the castle?
[00:49:15] <Eclair> yes
[00:49:26] <Eclair> actually there's an easier way
[00:49:31] <Eclair> goto where you find Sherry
[00:49:44] <Eclair> there's a latter there to which you can get to the dungon
[00:49:44] <Yuv422> yup
[00:50:01] <Eclair> OR you can picklock the door in the knights bedroom
[00:50:15] <Eclair> then goto where the cannon is. It's in the room lft
[00:50:16] <Eclair> left
[00:50:35] <Eclair> OR use Sherry and get there express (though you won't beable to enter the latter in solo mode :(
[00:50:37] <Eclair> )
[00:51:16] <Yuv422> ok in dungeon from cannon ladder
[00:51:22] <Eclair> ok
[00:51:23] <Eclair> hold a sec
[00:51:27] <Eclair> let me get my map :)
[00:51:51] <Eclair> got the maps to EVERY location :)
[00:52:00] <Yuv422> ;)
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[00:52:10] <Eclair> of course if I can find the damm thing :)
[00:52:16] <sbx> hi Kirben
[00:52:34] <Kirben> Hi
[00:52:45] <Eclair> hey
[00:52:47] <Eclair> welcome back
[00:53:04] <Eclair> arg... can't find it
[00:53:50] <Yuv422> heheh secret doors working now. :)
[00:53:57] <Yuv422> no the moment of truth.
[00:54:02] * Yuv422 tries ladder
[00:54:06] <Eclair> hehe
[00:54:10] <Yuv422> nooo.
[00:54:16] <Yuv422> didn't work
[00:54:20] <Eclair> where?
[00:54:26] <sbx> where did you end up?
[00:54:37] <Eclair> the secret door at the inn?
[00:54:54] <Eclair> actually I could send you maps if you want :)
[00:54:58] <Yuv422> hehe inbetween the dungeon walls
[00:55:00] <Eclair> though not atm since I can't find it
[00:55:04] <Eclair> NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P
[00:55:10] <Eclair> not that :P
[00:55:28] <Yuv422> yeah the secret door from the inn.
[00:55:33] <Eclair> :(
[00:56:58] <Eclair> I'll be back
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[01:02:25] <Yuv422> wb Eclair
[01:02:50] <Eclair> thanks
[01:02:52] <Eclair> just need to fix fan :)
[01:06:58] <Yuv422> ok dodgy ladder code is in.
[01:07:12] <Yuv422> and use: secret door
[01:07:15] <Eclair> what is this, musical ladders? :P
[01:08:21] <Yuv422> I'm trying to workout how to get from the surface to the first dungeon level and back. :)
[01:08:52] <Eclair> :)
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[03:48:05] <Yuv422> hi Dominus
[03:48:24] <Dominus> hi
[03:48:52] * Dominus grabs latest code
[03:49:18] <Yuv422> hehe you can try the crazy teleporting ladders. ;)
[03:49:42] <sbx> Dominus: wait one moment please
[03:49:57] <sbx> im adding a file
[03:50:11] * Dominus thinks that nuvie is starting to need a readme with at least all the key combinations possible
[03:50:15] <Dominus> k
[03:50:37] <Yuv422> Dominus: yes. but who's got the time. ;)
[03:51:28] <Yuv422> I'm flatout keeping up with moonspark's bug reports. *g*
[03:52:00] <Dominus> I would offer to do it, but I'm constantly short of time myself and don't even update the docs/faq of exult as often as I wish I could
[03:52:23] <Yuv422> hehe np.
[03:52:53] <Yuv422> I'll write something up when enough people bug me for it.
[03:53:21] <Dominus> I could write a feature request :-)
[03:53:49] <Yuv422> is your feature request a readme file?
[03:53:50] <Yuv422> ;)
[03:54:14] <Dominus> yes
[03:55:19] <Yuv422> is the cvs stable now sbx?
[03:55:21] <sbx> Dominus: ok sorry now try it
[03:55:32] <sbx> hope so :)
[03:56:12] <Dominus> atm, I'm sleepless after three hours of sleep :-(
[03:56:17] <Yuv422> let me just fix some real world work then I'll take a look.
[03:56:36] <Yuv422> what time is it for you Dominus?
[03:56:55] <Dominus> 5:57 but awake since 4:30
[03:57:15] <Yuv422> 1:57PM here
[03:57:45] <Dominus> oh, I'm talking about morning :-)
[03:58:04] <Yuv422> yesh
[03:58:06] <Yuv422> yeah
[03:59:35] <Dominus> he he, nuvie.exe is the biggest and newest file in my u6 dir :-)
[04:00:13] <Yuv422> it is a bit weird seeing files from the late 80's isn't it. :)
[04:00:29] <Dominus> so what are the possible key combinations?
[04:00:40] <Yuv422> arrow keys
[04:00:42] <Yuv422> l for look
[04:00:46] <Yuv422> and u for use.
[04:00:56] <Yuv422> oh and q for quit
[04:01:06] <Dominus> where is the much requested map scrolling? :-)
[04:01:38] * Yuv422 hides behind his desk. ;)
[04:05:09] <Dominus> hmm, that "laddering", does it actually work? Like coing out at the right spot on climbing up?
[04:05:26] <Yuv422> not quite
[04:05:45] <Yuv422> I can't seem to get the ladders to match up right
[04:05:50] <Dominus> k
[04:06:08] <Yuv422> I'm almost there. but not quite. :(
[04:06:45] <Dominus> and you blacking out seems to not work right on occasions
[04:06:56] <Yuv422> corner blocks?
[04:07:02] <Dominus> right
[04:07:19] <Yuv422> and some issues with cream/red walls
[04:07:36] <Dominus> didn't see those yet
[04:07:37] <sbx> but actors are correctly hidden now, thats good
[04:08:13] <Yuv422> :) yeah that looked bad didn't it.
[04:08:26] <Dominus> hey and scalers are great!!!!
[04:08:57] <Yuv422> I've got to optimise that a bit too.
[04:09:23] <Yuv422> but nuvie now draws to 16/32 bit surfaces instead of a palettized 8bit surface.
[04:12:23] <Yuv422> Nuvie is progressing faster than I expected.
[04:12:38] <Yuv422> the whole project is just a month old
[04:13:49] <Dominus> yeah, pretty fast
[04:14:47] <Yuv422> The original U6 doesn't seem like such a daunting beast now either. :)
[04:15:30] <Dominus> meaning?
[04:16:18] <Yuv422> We've got most of the orinials datafiles figured out
[04:16:28] <Yuv422> and are making good prgress on the rest.
[04:16:37] <Dominus> ah, yes
[04:16:58] <Yuv422> when I first thought of a U6 remake there was so much that was unknown about how U6 worked.
[04:19:46] <sbx> i thought about making a u6 engine
[04:20:04] <sbx> but since one is being developed already now, i can at least try to contribute where possible
[04:20:20] <sbx> u6 is my favorite ultima
[04:20:39] <Yuv422> was it you that posted to the exult forum awhile back?
[04:20:54] * Dominus kicks sbx for blasphemy and not liking U7 best :-)
[04:21:21] * Yuv422 decides to keep his thoughts quiet. ;)
[04:21:23] <Dominus> sbx: I liked your comment about powder kegs in u6 :-)
[04:21:35] <sbx> well ok, u6 and u7 are both my favorites :)
[04:21:42] <sbx> but i played u6 first
[04:21:53] <Yuv422> u6 was my first ultima too.
[04:22:07] <Dominus> u6 is my 2nd favourite and then the two Underworlds
[04:22:28] <Yuv422> played it on my dad's old xt with a monochrome green on black monitor.
[04:25:09] <Yuv422> do you know anything about automake/conf sbx?
[04:25:25] <sbx> someone said that nuvie should have simulated cga graphics
[04:25:31] <sbx> i think it was laxdragon
[04:25:49] <Yuv422> we should try to get unpack_conv compiling out of wjp's scripts
[04:26:01] <sbx> no just a bit about adding files to automake
[04:26:21] <Yuv422> hehehe A CGA mode would be great.
[04:26:33] <Eclair> hehe
[04:26:40] <Eclair> I remember switching from CGA to EGA
[04:26:44] <Eclair> quite the switch
[04:26:53] <Yuv422> but would anyone play a CGA version!? ;)
[04:26:56] <Eclair> I would
[04:27:00] <Yuv422> for more than ten minutes?
[04:27:06] <Eclair> brings back SO MANY MEMORIES
[04:27:54] <Yuv422> we'll have to work out the U6 dithering algorithm so we can support the CGA tile set.
[04:28:39] <Dominus> in my opinion don't try too hard :-)
[04:29:00] <Yuv422> hehe I think I'll make the readme b4 I work on the CGA graphic mode. :)
[04:29:26] <Dominus> cool :-)
[04:30:58] <Eclair> that'd be nice
[04:31:10] <Eclair> how about a switch to move from the different modes?
[04:31:50] <Yuv422> the original actually changed the tile data when changing screen modes.
[04:32:32] <Yuv422> I guess we could do that step at load time.
[04:32:42] <Yuv422> if it is not to intensive.
[04:33:11] <Dominus> oh, and while it isn't important for now,supporting more than one savegame would be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice
[04:33:18] <Eclair> yeah
[04:33:27] <Eclair> multiple saves is a key feature (required)
[04:33:30] <Yuv422> sbx: do you have a commandline script to compile unpack_sconv?
[04:33:50] <Yuv422> yeah moonspark has already registered that feature request. ;)
[04:33:57] <Eclair> hehe
[04:34:06] <Yuv422> maybe we could have single file savegames?
[04:34:16] <Dominus> now that I think of it, that was the most irritationg thing about playing u6 after u7
[04:34:31] <Yuv422> they could be gzip'd too.
[04:34:31] <Dominus> Yuv422: yes zip them up
[04:34:43] <sbx> Yuv422: yes ill send it
[04:34:56] <Yuv422> thanks sbx
[04:40:11] <Yuv422> unpack_conv.cpp needs #include <iostream> on my system
[04:40:20] <Yuv422> and std::cout
[04:40:22] <Yuv422> std::endl
[04:41:15] <sbx> ok
[04:41:24] <sbx> i just added some more output messages
[04:44:26] <Yuv422> I get some error messages at the end.
[04:44:32] <Yuv422> after whisps
[04:45:04] <sbx> it shows that for empty items
[04:45:10] <sbx> if it says buf_len < 6
[04:45:10] <Yuv422> ah k
[04:45:59] <sbx> they are written to the index file as 00000000 with no filename
[04:47:28] <Yuv422> it's looking good.
[04:48:52] <Yuv422> I might rewrite u6decomp so it uses U6Lzw
[04:49:18] <Yuv422> then we can fix up the tools in the auto make/conf setup
[04:49:28] <sbx> it could use a Converse class from nuvie
[04:49:36] <-- ChanServ has left IRC (sterling.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
[04:49:39] <sbx> that would take over most of what it does now
[04:49:52] <Yuv422> yes
[04:49:52] <Eclair> bah, not again
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[04:49:53] <sbx> or something like that
[04:49:54] <Yuv422> we'll need a converse class.
[04:51:09] <sbx> and the indexfile-accessing methods i put in U6Lib_n can be put into their own class
[04:51:17] <sbx> what does the _n mean?
[04:51:31] <sbx> 16 or 32?
[04:51:36] <Yuv422> you can have either 32 or 16 bit offsets.
[04:51:37] <Yuv422> yeah
[05:04:39] <Yuv422> I just read jim's post on the exult board.
[05:04:55] <Dominus> his map editor looks quite nice
[05:05:01] <Yuv422> I'm looking forward to running u6edit on OS X
[05:05:18] <Yuv422> he's only released the win32 binaries at this stage, right?
[05:06:12] <Yuv422> does his editor support Actors?
[05:06:34] <Dominus> no (or not yet)
[05:07:18] <Dominus> you could try the source and see if that perl version is useable on OSX or whatever
[05:07:48] <Yuv422> I'd have to muck around with gtk-perl :(
[05:08:10] <Yuv422> I might wait for the new python version. :)
[05:09:06] <Dominus> the screenshots at his page might give you good overview of what is supported
[05:09:28] <Yuv422> Yeah I'm looking at the new x4 mode.
[05:09:40] <Yuv422> It looks good.
[05:19:05] <Dominus> bye
[05:19:51] <sbx> cya
[05:19:52] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[05:21:22] <sbx> hmm
[05:21:36] <sbx> im missing reading 2 npcs
[05:21:48] * sbx goes to fix that.
[05:48:27] <Yuv422> what numbers?
[05:50:42] <sbx> the last one in each file, the size is calculated incorrectly i think
[05:50:51] <sbx> 99, 202
[05:51:22] <Yuv422> ah k
[06:01:06] <sbx> there
[06:01:30] <sbx> you can now access 098-Aurendir and 202-Guard
[06:01:46] <Yuv422> Are the changes in CVS?
[06:02:36] <sbx> the last itemsize just stopped being calculated due to some changes i made to that earlier, but now its checks the final offset too (the filesize)
[06:02:40] <sbx> no
[06:15:58] <sbx> now they are :)
[06:16:04] <Yuv422> :)
[06:26:22] <Yuv422> I'll have to load the met-avatar flag from the objlist file
[06:28:07] <sbx> is that one of the bitflags that npc's have?
[06:28:18] <sbx> im pretty sure the conversation scripts are setting it
[06:28:20] <Yuv422> I think so
[06:28:31] <Yuv422> most of the npc data is in objlist
[06:28:34] <sbx> they set other flags too
[06:28:53] <sbx> secret cheater's screen shows them as M H 2 3 4 5 6 7
[06:29:19] <Yuv422> what do you think M & H stand for?
[06:30:01] <sbx> hmm
[06:30:01] <sbx> Met, Hostile?
[06:30:15] <Yuv422> could be.
[06:34:21] <sbx> setting them does not do what i'd expect so maybe not
[06:34:33] <sbx> i tested it before too
[06:34:42] <sbx> ill just look where it sets them in the scripts
[06:34:54] <Yuv422> is bit 4 dead?
[06:38:14] <Yuv422> what about these quest flags?
[06:38:58] <Kirben> opengl is supported ?
[06:39:13] <Yuv422> not yet
[06:39:51] <sbx> 4 is not dead
[06:39:56] <Kirben> ok, just noticed the WANT_OPENGL in source.
[06:40:39] <Yuv422> yeah that's leftover from colourless's source
[06:41:15] <Yuv422> I'll take a look at openGL support some time in the not to distant future.
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[06:47:35] --- EsBee-Eks is now known as SB-X
[06:47:39] <-- sbx has left IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: SB-X!~sbx@
[06:48:06] * SB-X hiccups.
[06:48:19] * Yuv422 sees double for awhile
[06:48:29] <SB-X> u6 reads the script file each time you talk to someone
[06:48:49] <SB-X> i can change the code and see the results right way without restarting the game :)
[06:48:53] <SB-X> right away*
[06:49:03] <Yuv422> well it is 800K uncompressed. :)
[06:50:23] <SB-X> converse.a is 256k
[06:50:37] <SB-X> 164k compressed
[06:51:19] <Yuv422> hmm maybe that was 400k uncomp
[06:51:45] <Yuv422> forgets that du reads 512byte blocks on BSD.
[06:52:01] <SB-X> ah
[06:52:02] <SB-X> yeah
[06:52:19] <SB-X> if you list all the conv files, many of them are smaller but still take up 4k
[06:55:38] <Yuv422> How do you think the message scroll should interact with the converse manager?
[07:00:28] <Yuv422> heheh
[07:00:31] <Yuv422> nice!
[07:00:49] <Yuv422> did you add the Y/N switch?
[07:00:57] <SB-X> i forgot to add close quote but no bother :)
[07:00:58] <SB-X> no
[07:00:59] <SB-X> good idea
[07:38:04] <SB-X> hmm
[07:38:29] <SB-X> better not mess with the files too much, it screws up the jumps if their size changes
[07:39:30] <SB-X> u6 shows subtle errors that get worse as i edit the data more :)
[07:40:36] <Yuv422> :)
[07:40:57] <Yuv422> you still haven't commited your converse doc. :)
[07:42:08] <SB-X> oops
[07:42:12] <SB-X> i guess i havnt
[07:42:21] <SB-X> thats just notes anyway
[07:42:24] <Yuv422> we need a u6c script compiler
[07:42:40] <SB-X> it will be easier to make that once a Converse class exists
[07:43:05] <Yuv422> true
[07:43:11] <SB-X> well, somewhat easier
[07:43:56] <Yuv422> a u6c bytecode interpretor.
[07:45:27] <Yuv422> should the converse class control the msgscroll
[07:45:39] <Yuv422> or should the msgscroll control the converse class?
[07:47:23] <SB-X> hmm
[07:47:42] <SB-X> converse should send messages to msgscroll to print things
[07:48:04] <Yuv422> what happens when it needs input from the user?
[07:48:06] <SB-X> but they are directly owned and controlled by another class
[07:48:25] <Yuv422> should the msgscroll handle char input too?
[07:48:28] <Yuv422> I guess it should
[07:48:30] <SB-X> yeah
[07:48:56] <SB-X> if input mode is entertext, send input to msgscroll
[07:49:22] <Yuv422> then you'd need a feedback mechanism to tell the controlling class that input is ready.
[07:49:44] <Yuv422> maybe they should just keep polling the mshgscroll to see when input is ready.
[07:49:49] <SB-X> Event should take the input
[07:51:00] <SB-X> i guess when it sends something to msgscroll, it is telling msgscroll to handle that on the next tick or loop or whatever
[07:51:12] <SB-X> i dont know how most of nuvie works
[07:51:21] <SB-X> and i hope msgscroll is what i think it is :)
[07:52:38] <Yuv422> yeah
[07:52:50] <Yuv422> that's how I see things happening too.
[07:53:10] <Yuv422> maybe we could have an input focus system in event
[07:53:30] <Yuv422> so input is directed to different classes based on who has input focus.
[07:53:47] <SB-X> or you can just do a complete windowing system if your not already
[07:55:52] <Yuv422> hehe nothing that that exists in nuvie ATM.
[07:55:58] <Yuv422> like
[08:05:28] <SB-X> is there a tileflag or some objectdata that defines what is inside a city?
[08:11:52] <Yuv422> I'm not sure I understand what you mean?
[08:12:35] <SB-X> so that the game knows you are in a town
[08:12:49] <SB-X> not in the wilderness
[08:12:55] <Yuv422> ah k. not that I've found
[08:13:19] <SB-X> it could just see if certain tiles are nearby to tell
[08:13:22] <Yuv422> you could do a check to see if there were and walls about?
[08:13:28] <Yuv422> hehe
[08:13:31] <SB-X> exactly
[08:13:42] <SB-X> but it could be set in an unknown flag
[08:14:12] <Yuv422> I think I'll let the avatar rest near buildings. :)
[08:14:25] <SB-X> That would be big of thee.
[08:14:59] <Yuv422> the avatar can at least use the bed in his room in LB's castle ;)
[08:17:53] <Yuv422> any other reason to check if you're in a town/city?
[08:19:01] <SB-X> i dont remember
[08:22:05] <Yuv422> do you think anyone would want a 'britannian text only' mode for nuvie? ;)
[08:26:20] <SB-X> moonspark will request it tomorrow
[08:26:43] <Yuv422> hehe you're probably right.
[08:42:28] <SB-X> gotta go
[08:42:29] <SB-X> bye
[08:42:32] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("Zzzzz...")
[08:42:48] <Yuv422> cya
[09:00:14] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("BitchX: the Cadillac of all clients")
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[14:37:03] <laxdragon> morning all
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