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[09:36:43] <Yuv422> hi
[09:38:39] <sbx> hello
[09:38:51] <Yuv422> hey sbx
[10:04:50] * sbx yawns.
[10:13:21] <sbx> i still have strange mouse/keyboard behaviour
[10:13:27] <sbx> my computer is nearly unusable in this state
[10:15:10] <Yuv422> :(
[10:21:41] <sbx> well, I'm going to reboot to XP and start a BT download
[10:21:42] <sbx> brb
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[10:36:35] <Yuv422> cya
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[10:37:05] <SBX> :)
[10:37:12] <SBX> cya
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[18:16:47] <wjp> oh, for the logs, the RPM worked fine in Fedora Core 3
[18:17:09] <wjp> just install the RPM, put U6 in /usr/share/nuvie/ultima6 and starting nuvie from the gnome menu Just Worked(tm)
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[20:50:59] <sbx> I would have thought /usr/[local/]games/ultima6.
[20:51:16] <sbx> But fortunately it's a configurable option. :)
[20:51:48] <sbx> ah, I suppose games is for nativly playable games
[20:51:53] <sbx> natively*
[20:53:18] <wjp> I'm open to suggestions :-)
[20:53:49] <sbx> actually I use /mnt/shared2/u6 here
[20:53:53] <sbx> pretty sure that's not standard
[20:54:00] <wjp> you think? ;-)
[20:54:09] <wjp> /data/games/u6 here
[20:54:36] <sbx> yep, /usr/share/nuvie/ultima6 is as good as any
[20:55:03] <sbx> in the future a one-time setup will let you set the paths and generate a config
[20:55:15] <sbx> so there won't be a default config then
[20:55:57] <wjp> I feel stupid... where is the entrance to the moonglow catacombs? :-)
[20:56:17] <sbx> There are at least two. One is in the backroom at the pub.
[20:56:40] <sbx> And another is at Xiao's house. (north of moonglow)
[20:56:57] <sbx> wait you know where Xiao's house is, same place as U7 :)
[20:57:25] <wjp> Xiao is in U7 too?
[20:57:39] <sbx> isn't she?
[20:58:01] <sbx> or was that penumbra
[20:58:23] <sbx> in u7 you have to place the items at the door plaque to open the door
[20:58:42] <wjp> that's penumbra
[20:58:51] <wjp> she's behind lots of magic fields in U6
[20:59:07] <wjp> ah... indeed, entrance in Xiao's house behind a magically locked door
[20:59:21] <wjp> no wonder I missed it at first; I didn't have unlock magic first time I visited her house
[20:59:39] <sbx> in u7 isn't penumbra up where xiao is in u7?
[20:59:52] <sbx> in u6
[21:00:40] <wjp> hm, roughly
[21:01:06] <wjp> although Penumbra is in the NE in U7 and Xiao in the NW in U6
[21:01:25] <wjp> but then the entire island changed shape, so... :-)
[21:01:34] <sbx> all those earthquakes
[21:02:13] <sbx> I miss all the lighthouses in U6 & U7.
[21:02:23] <sbx> and Bordermarch
[21:07:28] <sbx> wjp: do you think we need a version number or something?
[21:07:54] <sbx> we don't have to release until thursday or friday
[21:27:26] <wjp> well, a release typically does have a version number...
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[21:47:16] <sbx> hi Kirben
[21:47:25] <sbx> wjp: just pointing out that we don't have one yet :)
[21:47:25] <Kirben> Hi