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[11:27:51] <Pieter_> hi. Managed to finish reading through all the logs yesterday.
[11:29:49] <yuv422> hi
[11:29:53] <yuv422> wow
[11:29:59] <yuv422> that's a bit of reading.
[11:30:01] <yuv422> :)
[11:30:44] <yuv422> do you feel you know the project better now?
[11:30:48] <Pieter_> some days were really empty, other days, a few pages. Still interesting read.
[11:31:13] <yuv422> yeah people only seem to talk if I'm here. ;)
[11:31:40] <Pieter_> I do. Got a better Idea of what people are working on, and what needs doing.
[11:31:54] <yuv422> :)
[11:32:12] <yuv422> are you a programmer?
[11:32:28] <Pieter_> I've started wring some sort of summary of the state of things, but I guess I'll need a second pass over the documents to complete it.
[11:32:44] <Pieter_> I can program but I'm not trained as one. ;)
[11:32:53] <yuv422> I'd be interested to see what you come up with.
[11:33:41] <yuv422> how did you find out about the project?
[11:34:06] <Pieter_> I'm terribly short on 'play' time, I guess I'd have to make a build environment.
[11:34:41] <yuv422> play time?
[11:35:28] <Pieter_> time to spend on other things than preparing for marriage, working sleeping eating redecorating house... :)
[11:35:38] <yuv422> ah k, I see
[11:35:41] <yuv422> hehe np
[11:36:05] <yuv422> sounds like you've got a full plate at the moment. :)
[11:36:53] <Pieter_> yeah, so not much time to play with a computer. My linux instalation is ancient...
[11:37:10] <Pieter_> Linux dollar 2.2.17-14 #1 Mon Feb 5 17:53:36 EST 2001 i586 unknown
[11:37:21] <yuv422> hehe
[11:37:47] * yuv422 is just installing slackware 8.1 on his old 200Mhz PC.
[11:37:51] <Pieter_> I can't exactly remember where I found the link to the project, I think I was looking for some music from U6 to play to annoy co-workers ;)
[11:38:07] <yuv422> ah k
[11:38:27] <yuv422> it's always interesting finding out how people came across the site. ;)
[11:38:43] <yuv422> most people would come from the exult page I'd guess
[11:39:10] <yuv422> I might add some pathfinding in soon
[11:39:25] <Pieter_> I didn't like what I saw of U7 years ago, so... But I loved U6.
[11:39:35] <yuv422> so we can have npcs move from one schedule to another
[11:39:48] <yuv422> yeah u6 was always my favourate
[11:40:02] <yuv422> probably because it was the first ultima I played
[11:40:28] <Pieter_> same here
[11:41:02] <yuv422> I wouldn't have dreamt I'd be rewriting it! Back when I first played it. ;)
[11:41:42] <Pieter_> At that time I was thinking how nice it would be to be on the development team of the game and to beable to create a world like that :)
[11:42:34] <yuv422> yes, I often thought that too.
[11:43:30] <Pieter_> So the pathfinding would just be to walk to the edge of the screen, or really all the way to the new location?
[11:44:13] <yuv422> they will pathfind aslong as the avatar is within a given range
[11:44:19] <yuv422> well that is the theory
[11:44:30] <yuv422> it might change a bit when I try to implement it.
[11:47:34] <Pieter_> I guess that when you have the pathfinding, it would be possible to have the party follow the avatar around, by having the members pathfind to their spot in the formation.
[11:49:38] <yuv422> yes
[11:49:55] <yuv422> but it might be a bit slow if we pathfind for party members
[11:50:07] <yuv422> we'll see
[11:50:23] <yuv422> I guess they are always going to be close so it shouldn't be to bad
[11:51:25] <Pieter_> I think they just did the 'same move' as the avatar if they just were in the spot already, unless not posisble, and then they'd probably find path.
[11:51:47] <yuv422> sounds good
[11:52:02] <Pieter_> Still, they were dumb enough to step in the swamp without boots if you did, but smart enough to stay away if you first solo-moded over, and then returned to party mode..
[11:52:41] <yuv422> I think I'll try to avoid swamp.
[11:52:59] <yuv422> that always anoyied me
[11:53:14] <yuv422> they'd just jump in the swamp and get poisoned
[11:54:10] <Pieter_> At first I just went back and forth with an extra pair of boots to ferry every one over, but later I think I just sort of used the feature of entering a skiff and they'd fumble around helplessly until they teleported in anyway.
[11:54:22] <Pieter_> mutters vas an nox
[11:56:14] <yuv422> maybe we could but your overview doc on the website.
[11:56:21] <yuv422> when it's finished
[11:57:56] <Pieter_> My current plan is to read backwards through the logs, and when a relevant topic comes up, I'll add it to the list of topics. I tried doing it forward, but ended up rewriting everything too often when another bit of some file was decoded ;)
[11:58:16] <yuv422> have you looked at the docs cvs?
[12:00:09] <Pieter_> yes I co-ed it, but have only scanned through most. (somewhat related, there are two 'unused' slots in the orb of the moons 'map', i seem to remember they where linked to the blue gates; didn't get round to checking yet)
[12:00:51] <Pieter_> I guess I was the only one to go around burying the stones at 'strategic' places.
[12:01:41] <yuv422> hmm
[12:01:44] <Pieter_> (and then waiting at all the sites to retrieve them)
[12:03:14] <Pieter_> I didn't really figure out how the orb worked until later, and actually didn't use it much at first, since it seemed to just bring you to this wierd place full of gargoyles. Actually had to start over once since I had wiped out all those evil creatures only to find out later they were part of the plot...
[12:12:58] <yuv422> ;)
[12:17:54] <Pieter_> hmm just found out the speed of my computer from cpu info, 166 Mhz. ;.( I really ought to put some time in setting up one of the faster 'old computers' I have lying around before starting to try to help out with the programming..
[12:18:09] <yuv422> :)
[12:27:42] <Pieter_> pack $globals(bu-browse) -side right
[12:27:49] <yuv422> huh?
[12:27:51] <Pieter_> grr, wrong window ...
[12:27:58] <yuv422> hehe
[12:29:28] <Pieter_> hacking up small windowing shell around 'windump' to make life easier for commandline impaired people. Still wonder if someone is ever going to use it, but at least it's almost programming ;))
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[12:30:36] <yuv422> what does windump do?
[12:31:29] <Pieter_> port of tcpdump. The idea is to have the ability to 'sniff' packets distributed by using employee PCs.
[12:31:53] <yuv422> ah k
[12:32:12] <yuv422> as long as you're on a hub. ;)
[12:32:28] <Pieter_> but if the PC is working well enough to run the sniffer, they can't be having anything much worse than a bogus application, so I wonder if it will be used much. But the helpdesk people seem to want it.
[12:39:23] <yuv422> time for bed
[12:39:41] <Pieter_> good night
[12:39:46] <yuv422> cya
[12:39:55] <yuv422> have fun with the sniffer app.
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