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[04:08:38] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[04:08:44] <Yuv422> hi
[05:48:47] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
[05:50:11] <sbx> lo
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[06:32:25] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[06:32:33] <Yuv422> hi again
[06:33:42] <Yuv422> my machine went to sleep
[06:34:01] <sbx> hi
[06:34:11] <Yuv422> how's things?
[06:34:14] <sbx> at least yours is unintentional
[06:34:23] <Yuv422> ;)
[06:34:43] <sbx> I just turn mine off without realizing the power button actually turns it off :p
[06:34:52] <sbx> I finally mailed Dino back
[06:35:00] <sbx> been busy with doom3demo
[06:35:20] <Yuv422> ah k
[06:35:25] <Yuv422> did he mail you?
[06:35:55] <sbx> eek, cp: `./d3demo.exe.Getright`: No space left on device
[06:35:59] <sbx> yeah
[06:36:09] <Yuv422> ouch.
[06:36:45] <Yuv422> did he have any ideas for the error boxes?
[06:37:11] <sbx> that's strange... df says 10G free
[06:37:16] <sbx> not really
[06:37:50] <sbx> just wanted to know if it will be a seperate window or part of the game
[06:38:46] <Yuv422> how's exult 3d going?
[06:38:51] <sbx> oh haha, I was trying to copy it to /
[06:38:59] <sbx> which only has 50MB free
[06:39:00] <Yuv422> whoops
[06:41:57] <sbx>
[06:41:57] <sbx>
[06:44:15] <sbx>
[06:44:15] <sbx>
[06:44:37] <Yuv422> 19 looks good
[06:44:41] <Yuv422> 20 not so good
[06:44:50] <sbx> it's not as attractive in first-person :) I agree leave that mode as a gimmick
[06:45:08] <sbx> progress: the camera movement supposedly works now, I havn't tried it
[06:47:43] <Yuv422> so roofs remain on when going into buildings now?
[06:55:57] <sbx> good question
[06:56:12] <sbx> maybe he just hacked it
[07:32:23] <servus> Hack hack hack!
[07:32:38] <servus> whether the roof is rendered or not still depends on the avatar -- not the camera -- position.
[07:33:07] <Yuv422> ah k
[07:33:21] <servus> I obtained those screenshots by placing avatar outside with Iolo and the rest of his bums, then flying into the building on my own.
[07:34:01] <sbx> I see
[07:34:04] <servus> It'd be cool to slowly replace every single shape in the game until it was to Might & Magic... 7 quality. That'd be tremendous effort, though :-)
[07:35:41] <sbx> :D
[07:35:53] * sbx volunteers Yuv422 to do modelling.
[07:36:30] <Yuv422> sure. :) just give me 6 months to learn how to model in 3d. :)
[07:36:54] <sbx> some of those quake mod models should be freely available and modifiable
[07:36:54] <sbx> ;)
[07:37:31] <servus> Oh I already have all the models I need for many, many common 3D objects, and at just the right polygonization... Think Underworld Adventures.
[07:38:04] <servus> I'd start with trees though, and those don't grow underground :-)
[07:38:09] <Yuv422> do you have a polygon limit?
[07:38:38] <servus> 4096 for a Quake 2 model IIRC, but I want to keep it low poly to not clash with the rest of U7's low resolution.
[07:46:21] <servus> It will be harder than it sounds though, because for multi-frame shapes (which is most of them), I'll have to be very careful to make things all fit together.
[07:46:42] <servus> Different trees, for instance, share the same shape, and look different depending on the frame. Yech, but doable
[07:52:19] <sbx> they have to look like the u7 objects
[08:03:46] <servus> They are just simple pieces of furniture, etc, for the most part.
[08:05:36] <sbx> they have distinguishable appearances
[08:05:52] <sbx> well maybe not the chairs
[08:05:52] <sbx> but the ruined chairs
[08:06:12] <servus> One shape at a time.
[08:06:25] <servus> It'll take a lot of work to get things working in the first place, but once I do it should be fun to start adding objects.
[08:06:31] <servus> I'm compiling for Windows right now.,
[08:06:38] <servus> MSVC7. Yurrrrrrrrhc.
[08:07:18] <sbx> Yurel?
[08:08:13] <servus> Down to two linking errors
[08:08:19] <servus> Is that the mouse thing?
[08:10:36] <sbx> cat
[08:10:36] <sbx> can I do mountains?
[08:11:43] <sbx> well I thought it was a cat
[08:12:09] <servus> Something like that
[08:12:22] <servus> Sure, mountains will be tricky though... which makes them fun :)
[09:12:32] <Yuv422> going out now
[09:12:34] <Yuv422> cya
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[09:13:01] <sbx> cya
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