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[12:03:25] <Yuv422> Hi SB-X
[12:03:32] <Yuv422> How's things?
[12:04:08] <SB-X> hello
[12:04:28] <SB-X> my airconditioner broke, at least its not too hot today
[12:04:36] <Yuv422> Ouch
[12:04:39] <Yuv422> that's no good
[12:04:48] <SB-X> im ok for now
[12:04:49] <Yuv422> I don't have an air conditioner
[12:05:03] <Yuv422> I have to rely on my window
[12:05:29] <SB-X> heh, so no big deal you know hot it is already :)
[12:05:32] <SB-X> How are you doing?
[12:05:38] <SB-X> how it is*
[12:05:56] <Yuv422> I'm good
[12:06:21] <Yuv422> we're coming into summer soon
[12:06:26] <Yuv422> It's going to get hot
[12:06:28] <Yuv422> :(
[12:06:44] <SB-X> what do you do then?
[12:06:47] <Yuv422> I'll have to use my computers only after dark when it cools down a bit
[12:07:01] <Yuv422> not much
[12:07:15] <SB-X> why dont you have an AC?
[12:07:35] <SB-X> If it gets so hot there...
[12:07:59] <Yuv422> that's a good question
[12:08:07] <SB-X> is that common in australia?
[12:08:25] <Yuv422> most people hae aircon
[12:08:29] <Yuv422> have
[12:08:33] <SB-X> ah k, how hot is it usually?
[12:09:31] <Yuv422> 30 degc
[12:09:40] <Yuv422> in high summer
[12:10:55] <SB-X> yeah that's pretty hot
[12:11:17] <Yuv422> I'm near the coast
[12:11:23] <Yuv422> it gets a lot hotter inland
[12:12:21] <SB-X> i bet, i heard it can get really really hot there :)
[12:12:58] <SB-X> although you cant tell from there I really am working on nuvie a bit :)
[12:14:34] <Yuv422> cool
[12:14:57] <Yuv422> on key handlers?
[12:15:52] <SB-X> yes and a few other related things
[12:16:37] <Yuv422> cool
[12:16:41] <SB-X> i had to change areas i didnt plan on to get it working, and i havnt touched it very often, which is why it's taken a couple of months
[12:17:01] <Yuv422> I keep meaning to look at game.exe some more
[12:17:07] <SB-X> just off and on work with nuvie while I was mainly focused on other "RL" things
[12:17:46] <SB-X> have you done anything else with that yet?
[12:19:00] <Yuv422> not yet
[12:21:21] <SB-X> hmm
[12:21:45] <SB-X> well im probably about ready to mail you a copy of my code change in any case, maybe in a few days
[12:21:58] <SB-X> so you can take a look at it
[12:21:59] <Yuv422> sounds good
[12:22:08] <Yuv422> I look forward to seeing it
[12:26:39] <SB-X> :)
[13:54:18] <Yuv422> I'm off to bed now
[13:54:19] <Yuv422> cya
[13:54:34] <SB-X> alright, i'll email you if/when i upload my code to a new cvs branch
[13:54:39] <SB-X> bye
[13:54:41] <Yuv422> righto
[13:54:46] <Yuv422> :)
[13:54:48] <Yuv422> cya
[13:55:06] * Yuv422 looks forward to event goodness
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[13:55:16] <SB-X> -_-;
[13:56:05] <SB-X> k, cya :)
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