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[06:12:54] <billyanachronism> haha
[06:13:01] <billyanachronism> i was just talking to my mate about u8
[06:13:03] <billyanachronism> and reminiscing
[06:13:08] <billyanachronism> and came across your website
[06:17:29] <billyanachronism> its very cool what you're doing, I have to say that
[06:17:51] <billyanachronism> although I don't neccessarily like the name pentagram, I have read the faq and I understand why you called it that
[06:18:24] <billyanachronism> I look forward in eager anticipation to see how far you guys get with it
[06:18:48] <SB-X> it's an appropriate name
[06:19:10] <billyanachronism> yeah, I understand that
[06:19:17] <SB-X> I would've also accepted Pagan.
[06:19:31] <billyanachronism> yeah
[06:19:36] <SB-X> although I'm really looking forward to playing games besides U8 with it
[06:19:43] <billyanachronism> like what
[06:20:46] <SB-X> Crusader
[06:21:41] <SB-X> although there is little evidence it will let us play it
[06:21:53] <SB-X> i can still hope
[06:22:11] <servus> I am Catsby Fett, crusader for the people of Sosaria, behold my red powered armour!
[06:23:00] <SB-X> heh
[06:23:12] <SB-X> i want to be able to change his color
[06:23:14] <billyanachronism> I don't think I've ever seen that game
[06:23:24] <SB-X> crusader 3 was going to have multicolored silencers
[06:23:38] <billyanachronism> is it another game by Lord Brittish
[06:23:40] <billyanachronism> British
[06:23:48] <billyanachronism> Britt
[06:23:49] <billyanachronism> ..
[06:24:00] <servus> Yes.
[06:24:04] <servus> It's by Origin, that is.
[06:24:07] <billyanachronism> yeah
[06:24:10] <billyanachronism> ok
[06:24:17] <SB-X> It's "A Tony Zurovec Game"
[06:25:46] <servus> http://www.mobygames.com/game/playstation/crusader-no-remorse
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[06:28:47] * servus pounces on Darke!
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[06:33:08] <SB-X> TonysBalls have a minor cameo in U8.
[10:40:27] <wjp> :-)
[10:50:15] <wjp> do you maybe have a savegame in the origial U8 close to the Devon vs. Mordea scene?
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[11:01:17] <SB-X> no sorry
[11:01:33] <SB-X> I didn't even know there was such a scene.
[11:04:57] <wjp> you never finished u8?
[11:07:15] <SB-X> no!
[11:07:50] <SB-X> As I said previously, I got bored after exploring the town and surrounding area.
[11:08:08] <SB-X> so I barely played it at all
[11:08:29] <wjp> hm, yes, I remember now :-)
[11:09:42] <SB-X> cool... I was wondering if I ever mentioned it or just imagined that
[11:09:48] <SB-X> but I still like the Pentagram project
[11:09:52] <SB-X> brb
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[11:34:23] <wjp> aaaahh... I see why Mordea's falling isn't working
[11:35:52] <wjp> her animation has a framerepeat of 2, so I divide the total movement for each animation frame between 2 game frames
[11:36:16] <wjp> but when an animation ends because it's unsupported, I start the fall after the first partial movement
[11:36:36] <wjp> annoying
[11:42:04] <wjp> let's see...
[11:42:12] <wjp> so the abort checks should be at different times
[11:42:53] <wjp> blocked should abort at the start, and unsupported at the end
[11:54:11] <wjp> ok, much better
[11:58:14] <wjp> so Mordea and Torwin both fall again
[11:58:26] <wjp> now I wonder why Torwin isn't hitting the water like he should
[12:34:45] <wjp> ah, his jump animation is aborted too soon
[12:35:10] <wjp> so I guess the 'unstoppable' flag also means that being unsupported should be ignored until the end
[12:47:29] <wjp> bbl
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[15:30:41] <wjp> ok... now handling the unstoppable flag differently
[15:30:46] <wjp> but now the animation runs too far...
[15:35:49] <wjp> interesting; there's an unknown flag set for the frame at which it should abort
[15:41:59] <wjp> ok, letting that cancel the 'unstoppable' flag for this frame seems to do the trick
[16:02:48] <wjp> next problem: Torwin throws the focus and his ring, but they don't move because they're stuck in eachother
[16:03:02] <wjp> well, dinner first; I'll be back later
[17:35:08] * wjp hmms
[17:35:25] <wjp> both items are created at exactly the same coordinates, and both are solid
[17:35:52] <wjp> and then they are hurled in the same (x,y) but different z directions
[17:36:14] <wjp> creation and hurling of both items happen within a single frame
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