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[02:34:36] <jargon> Colourless
[02:35:02] <jargon> athlon64 is the only processor that exists that may possibly have native 16bit/32bit/64bit compatibility
[02:35:28] <jargon> i suggest you research my hunch
[02:35:49] <jargon> also athlon64 performs at 320% its actual hertz
[02:36:07] <jargon> without clocking changes
[02:36:37] <jargon> a little over 320% actually
[02:37:07] <jargon> Colourless hello?
[02:37:51] <jargon> the only thing missing from athlon64 is legacy nativity
[02:39:52] <jargon> which is why having several thousand athlon64's is a good idea in contemption of the apocalypse
[02:41:00] <jargon> legacy code relates to ENIAC etc iirc
[02:41:41] <jargon> which is where a few dozen ibm 5100's come in
[02:42:10] <jargon> bbl my gf needs to use the computer
[02:47:01] <servus> Is your girlfriend going to chat with us about Pentagram source code?
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[03:56:17] <SB-X> :)
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[04:58:46] <jargon> servus: apparently my girlfriend didnt chat with yall about Pentagram source code.
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[09:28:39] <jargon> wjp! i am learning c/c++ off http://mediaplague.com
[09:28:42] <jargon> it is fun
[09:28:49] <jargon> pretty soon i be able to work on pentagram!
[09:29:14] <jargon> plus i getting new job. i be able to buy or put together parts for a 486dx@
[09:29:25] <jargon> so ibe able to play original u8
[09:29:29] <jargon> servus!
[09:29:31] <jargon> you there?
[09:29:34] <jargon> i am excited
[09:29:39] <servus> Then stay away from me!
[09:29:45] <jargon> :(
[09:29:48] <jargon> not that way
[09:29:54] <servus> Oh that was mean. Have some M&Ms.
[09:30:06] <jargon> mmmm *chomp chomp chomp
[09:30:21] <jargon> but i want a burrito! :<
[09:30:55] <jargon> brb making a quesadia
[09:35:47] <jargon> mmm
[09:36:18] <jargon> quesadia es muy bueno!
[09:36:43] <servus> But are they virtuous, Avatar?
[09:36:50] <jargon> yes
[09:36:53] <jargon> si si si
[09:37:18] <jargon> nummies
[09:37:19] <jargon> :)
[09:37:34] * jargon looks for beans
[09:41:27] <jargon> mmm is a spicy meataball
[09:41:42] * jargon eating spaghetti
[09:42:17] <servus> If that's so, I don't think wjp will be letting you near the source code.
[09:42:33] <jargon> servus are you autistic? :)
[09:44:16] <jargon> :< ?
[09:44:45] <jargon> servus?
[09:44:49] <jargon> hellooo?
[09:44:50] <jargon> :)
[09:45:26] * jargon pets servus
[09:46:01] * jargon skoots a big bowl of icecream over next to servus
[09:47:42] <jargon> ?
[09:47:55] <jargon> servus what are you up to? :/
[09:48:28] <jargon> are you wary of me>
[09:48:32] <jargon> are you wary of me?
[09:49:23] <jargon> my back hurts i need to lay down :'(
[09:51:04] <jargon> servus the spaghetti thing you said was funny :)
[09:52:08] * jargon is getting sleepy -.-
[09:53:51] <servus> I am just working, and have nothing interesting to say.
[09:55:12] <jargon> what are you working on ? :)
[09:55:50] <jargon> :o
[09:59:17] <jargon> "<@Colourless> and none of us have the time to 'hand hold'. Pentagram is a secondary interest for us. We have other lives and jobs that take priority"
[09:59:19] <jargon> :'(
[10:00:10] * jargon leaves
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[10:02:58] <servus> Golly
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[20:26:35] <jargon> :<
[20:29:26] <jargon> i guess the working on the pentagram project is only for people that used to play the game all the time when it was released
[20:30:02] <wjp> why?
[20:30:39] <jargon> because how would i know how pentagram is supposed to operate if i didnt play the game day in and day out back when it was released
[20:31:08] <jargon> also why would i even be supposed to be interested in the project otherwise?
[20:32:42] <jargon> i mean i am useless as a debugger if i havent already played the game
[20:33:06] <jargon> and if i had played and beaten the game hundreds of times why would i be interested in suddenly playing again right?
[20:36:01] <jargon> fractured reasoningTM
[20:36:13] <jargon> :<
[20:37:15] <jargon> if it were me i'd want to wait until the project was completed
[20:38:00] <wjp> I'm not sure I see your point
[20:38:15] <wjp> so you're not interested personally, I guess
[20:38:40] <jargon> are you ever thinking of coming out with a pagan editor?
[20:38:52] <wjp> no
[20:41:01] <jargon> then i guess me wanting to make pagan mods is pointless and i have made friends only to part ways :(
[20:42:14] <wjp> at this point pentagram is mainly of interested to developers
[20:42:38] <jargon> but then you guys prolly dont think of me as a friend, nor an aquatinance, just a nuisance :<
[20:43:03] <jargon> what kind of developers?
[20:43:15] <wjp> programmers
[20:43:30] <jargon> which programmers?
[20:44:00] <wjp> hm?
[20:44:20] <jargon> thats kind of general
[20:44:52] <wjp> it's not like I can point out the exact people who would be interested :-)
[20:45:19] <jargon> retro fanatics?
[20:46:58] <wjp> I don't see where you're going
[20:47:27] <jargon> then whyh the hell are you making pentagram?
[20:47:30] <jargon> o.o
[20:47:57] <wjp> because I like programming on it
[20:48:34] <wjp> that's really all the reason I need for a hobby project
[20:48:55] * jargon think servus is the coolest most 'real' person here. obviously you don't care what you program as long as it is fun.
[20:49:27] <jargon> i am a man of motive :(
[20:49:28] <wjp> as a hobby? no, not really
[20:51:22] <jargon> fun isnt motive. its just a reward system built into fools.
[20:51:35] <jargon> :<
[20:56:56] <jargon> comfort and security are motives
[20:57:04] <jargon> which is why i like servus
[20:57:33] <jargon> he isn't just 'having fun' he takes it as if it were a way of life
[20:57:41] <jargon> :>
[20:58:03] <jargon> and still manages to do other things that need to be done in life :D
[20:58:20] <jargon> its his split screen
[20:59:42] <jargon> people like servus is whom pentagram should be dedicated to
[21:00:55] <jargon> :|
[21:01:02] <jargon> not programmers
[21:01:39] <jargon> you miss the entire point of the ultima series
[21:04:46] <jargon> you dont program ultimate engines for just fun
[21:05:06] <jargon> you do it because you want to provide an 'emulation' of the way of life depicted in the game itself
[21:06:58] <jargon> meaning in order to properly complete such you must take on an infusion of the series' thematrics nessled deep within your mind-spirit
[21:07:22] <jargon> :|
[21:07:36] <jargon> its not 'just a game'
[21:08:48] <jargon> understand wjp?
[21:10:31] <jargon> the pentagram website doesnt do the series justice
[21:11:21] <jargon> perhaps i could join the team as a web designer for making the pentagram site match the mood of the game
[21:15:38] <jargon> i figured out what i am going to add to pentagram..
[21:15:52] <jargon> a in game webcam
[21:19:57] <jargon> will broacast the screen to a website in real time
[21:25:04] <jargon> nm prolly not a good idea :(
[22:13:58] <megawatt> jargon: do you have a copy of the game?
[22:14:23] <jargon> yes
[22:14:40] <jargon> i amn saving up money for a 486dx tho with dos4
[22:14:41] <megawatt> I'd highly recommend playing it through mean of dosbox, actually dos, or some virtualization
[22:15:38] <jargon> i intend to save up for a 8486DX and a PentiumOne boxes
[22:15:57] <megawatt> a powerful computer should be able to run it nicely in dosbox - otherwise a virtual pc should work without sond
[22:16:01] <megawatt> *sound
[22:16:07] <jargon> i have a pb8088 and pet4016
[22:16:12] <jargon> the pb needs work tho'
[22:16:17] <megawatt> ah
[22:16:35] <jargon> the pb8088 is good for old as hell ascii and cga dos games
[22:16:47] <jargon> but the montior code is kinked :<
[22:16:52] <jargon> cord*
[22:17:08] <jargon> the pet4016 is in relatively ok shape
[22:17:24] <jargon> i also have two colecos
[22:17:38] <jargon> so i am somewhat good for reeaaaally old games
[22:18:16] <jargon> when i am able to afford a house i plan on setting up a lan
[22:18:19] <jargon> a lab*
[22:18:41] <jargon> i am reading thinking in c++ :/
[22:19:04] <jargon> i have it mirrored on a website of mine http://mediaplague.com
[22:19:11] <megawatt> if you are seriously interested in coding for pentagram (after playing through the game - you may or may not become enamored with it), then you'll probably want to get a gode hang of the code.
[22:19:24] <jargon> ok
[22:20:03] <megawatt> I can direct you to good starting places to look at in the code, but you have to remember, its not the best project for C++ beginners.
[22:20:40] <jargon> ok :<
[22:21:07] <jargon> does u8 use the same rng as pentagram
[22:21:15] <megawatt> You'll have to understand the stl library and function pointers pretty well before you could fully grok the code.
[22:23:14] <megawatt> And a pointless pet project or two just to see what it does before even submitting any code - I've had numerous throw away ideas I worked on - still do, except I have commit access now and no conscience ;-) jk
[22:24:20] <jargon> :O
[22:25:01] <megawatt> (a number of fairly ugly things in the code are my fault, I'm afraid - haven't had enough time to fix there The Right Way (TM) - and I spout off crazy stuff to the channel when I get around to coding)
[22:25:44] <jargon> :o
[22:27:30] <megawatt> Hell, a simple hello world gump is probably a very good starting place (say, for instance, make an in game dialog saying hello world, an ok button, a console command to spawn it and play with it as a testing place)
[22:34:36] <megawatt> anyway, I gotta fill my timesheet here at work and go home for the weekend. Maybe I'll get on the channel at very least (I was hoping to do some mover process - get some level of control via key bindings)
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[22:47:11] <servus> I think I was just insulted, but I haven't decided how yet.
[22:48:53] <jargon> omg i fail
[22:49:23] <jargon> i forgot to do two chapters worth of homework :<
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[23:49:06] <watt> beep
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