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[02:55:05] <ElleVeeDee> howdy
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[13:35:12] <Colourless> hi
[13:36:51] <wjp> hi
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[15:22:25] <Colourless> http://bbspot.com/News/2004/05/bbspot_labs_ice_drive.html :-)
[15:37:23] <sbx> hmm, glad I never had that problem
[15:40:41] <sbx> Colourless: are you still playing Fallout2?
[15:42:18] <Colourless> what about it?
[15:42:32] <Colourless> if you mean, do i still have a game in progress, then yes :-)
[15:42:47] <Colourless> if i have actually played the game within the last 2 weeks, then no :-)
[15:46:49] <sbx> ok you probably still remember what your doing though
[15:46:51] <sbx> where are you at in the game? how many times have you played before?
[15:46:58] <sbx> just curious
[15:48:51] <sbx> and what is your character like? :-)
[15:49:19] <sbx> it isn't so easy with a low-strength melee character
[15:50:31] <Colourless> i am at the stage where I have found vault 13, but i haven't gone there yet
[15:50:58] <Colourless> for a melee character you either need high str, or high dex. Both high would be best
[15:51:18] <Colourless> in general a melee character is probably going to be one of the harder ones
[15:51:54] <Colourless> s/dex/agility/
[15:52:00] <sbx> yes I have very high agility but armed enemies in general are still too much
[15:52:08] <sbx> hard to run from a bullet
[15:52:49] <sbx> I think I need to carry more spears/throwing knives, but money is still hard to come by
[15:53:18] <sbx> my character is not just melee but melee/throwing
[15:54:10] <sbx> and just left vault city
[15:54:24] <sbx> so I guess that's very early
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[16:04:50] <wjp> I had a HtH character in F2 last time I played it
[16:05:20] <sbx> damn that's worse
[16:05:26] <sbx> or better, depending on your point of view
[16:05:49] <sbx> when were you able to take on maurading bandits?
[16:06:01] <sbx> I can't afford better armor
[16:06:46] <wjp> hm, you could keep some of your action points at the end of a round to get a higher AC
[16:07:28] <wjp> it was rather long ago though, so I don't really remember any details
[16:07:45] <wjp> I'm fairly sure I took some armour increasing perks
[16:08:26] <sbx> my char has Awareness, Quick Pockets, Gecko Skinning
[16:08:56] <wjp> I didn't have any of those (except Gecko Skinning of course)
[16:09:16] <Colourless> Gecko skinning you get for 'free'
[16:09:28] <wjp> which is why I had it :-)
[16:09:44] <wjp> I never would've spent a 'real' perk on it
[16:10:07] <Colourless> i don't think i ever actually used it... (meaning never did anything with pelts)
[16:10:31] <wjp> hm, they were semi-useful for bartering early on
[16:10:44] <sbx> that's the only way I've made any real money so far
[16:11:07] <sbx> except from odd jobs
[16:11:31] <Colourless> if you get encounters with bandits you can make a very large amount of money very quickly. SMGs are worth quite a bit
[16:11:53] <wjp> yes, weapons and ammo were probably my main source of income
[16:12:01] <sbx> I have just been running, they are too tough :)
[16:12:14] <sbx> but since I have a good party now I'll probably fight them
[16:12:25] <wjp> largest expenditure was probably energy/fusion cells for power fists :-)
[16:12:28] <sbx> for a while for exp too
[16:12:50] <sbx> ah the only melee weapon I've used is brass knuckles
[16:12:59] <sbx> and spear
[16:13:11] <Colourless> just a hint, don't get married! Your spouce is the worst party member ever :-)
[16:13:49] <sbx> haha... well I had forgotten about that
[16:14:01] <sbx> can you get married this early on?
[16:14:10] <wjp> fairly soon, I think
[16:14:22] <sbx> I read those two people in Modoc are who you can marry
[16:14:22] <Colourless> yep, in modoc
[16:14:22] <wjp> I never had enough charisma for it, though
[16:14:36] <sbx> no relavent options came up for me
[16:14:38] <wjp> (at least, I think that was the problem)
[16:14:42] <sbx> if its conversation related
[16:14:44] <sbx> my charisma is 6
[16:14:50] <Colourless> modoc is a town right near vault city
[16:15:03] <sbx> yeah I spent quite a bit of time there :)
[16:15:17] <wjp> modoc has lots of low-level side quests :-)
[16:15:31] <sbx> there is a bug that prevents me from getting into the chicken coop
[16:15:43] <wjp> oh?
[16:15:49] <sbx> the game crashes when the explosive goes off and the rocks disappear
[16:15:57] <wjp> hm, never saw that
[16:16:08] <sbx> is there something important to the plot in there?
[16:16:12] <wjp> no
[16:16:20] <wjp> just amusing
[16:16:23] <sbx> hmm
[16:16:32] <sbx> is it really a chicken?
[16:16:38] <wjp> no :-)
[16:16:57] <sbx> I had suspicions
[16:16:59] <wjp> but I'm sure you guessed as much :-)
[16:18:07] <sbx> is there a time limit to get the GECK?
[16:18:15] <wjp> no
[16:18:29] <wjp> time limits were removed after lots of negative feedback about the one in F1
[16:18:37] <sbx> ah
[16:18:44] <sbx> that shaman appeared in a vision and said time is running out
[16:19:21] <wjp> that's just for the atmosphere :-)
[16:19:44] <wjp> your character should probably feel some time pressure
[16:19:50] <Colourless> you can spend as much time as you want
[16:19:58] <sbx> yes I felt time pressure too :)
[16:20:11] <sbx> when do you suggest getting the car then? at this point I need time to make money and then its a month travel back to the den
[16:20:17] <wjp> I think the only time limit is in the 'main' Modoc quest
[16:20:31] <sbx> oh the 31 days thing
[16:20:37] <sbx> just barely made that one
[16:20:42] <sbx> with 3 days left
[16:21:05] <Colourless> there is also a time limit on lighting the still in Klamath
[16:21:14] <Colourless> you've got 24 hours for that one
[16:21:16] <wjp> I usually get the car as soon as I can
[16:21:18] <wjp> Colourless: oh, right
[16:21:27] <sbx> ah thanks
[16:21:27] <Colourless> the car makes travelling so much quicker
[16:21:49] <sbx> how much?
[16:22:04] <sbx> well I'll find out
[16:22:10] <Colourless> make sure you've got all the fuel cell regulator (???) for it too so it uses less energy too
[16:22:25] <sbx> I have two parts
[16:22:37] <sbx> one must be that
[16:22:50] <Colourless> the one from the back of the car in klamath?
[16:23:11] <sbx> oh, yeah I got that one
[16:23:21] <sbx> first I tried the fix the car and the engine fell out :-)
[16:23:27] <Colourless> :-)
[16:24:02] <sbx> did you know you can buy NukaCola from vending machines?
[16:24:56] <sbx> there iss one near the lot that old car is in, which is where I first figured out you could
[16:25:19] <Colourless> not really too much point
[16:25:29] <sbx> no it's just amusing
[16:25:58] <sbx> at least the first time you try it
[16:27:03] <wjp> ever got hit by the bottle when it came out of the machine? :-)
[16:27:32] <sbx> I narrowly missed the two that flew out the first time I tried it
[16:27:54] <Colourless> i've been hit :-)
[16:30:04] <sbx> what does NukaCola do anyway?
[16:30:15] <sbx> besides becoming addictive
[16:30:49] <Colourless> i think it might restore a tiny amount of health iirc
[16:45:42] * wjp is rooftop-fighting in Hell's Kitchen, NYC in Deus Ex, currently
[16:45:53] <Colourless> :-)
[16:45:59] <wjp> first kind-of-FPS which I really like :-)
[16:46:25] <Colourless> just a warning, once you are on the roof tops, it is almost impossible to get back to the rest of hell's kitchen
[16:46:50] <Colourless> i say almost impossible because skills from ultima aka crate stacking can get you back :-)
[16:46:51] <wjp> I think I did everything I could do elsewhere
[16:47:15] <wjp> except the alternate path to the warehouses that was mentioned
[16:47:49] <Colourless> did you go in the sewers ?
[16:47:51] <wjp> yes
[16:47:59] <Colourless> :-)
[16:48:10] <wjp> kind of surprising to find a heavily defended paramilitary base :-)
[16:48:37] * Colourless 's lips are sealed
[16:48:54] * wjp seals Colourless' fingers too
[16:49:12] <Colourless> if you don't know anything about deus ex... then you are in for big surprises :-)
[16:49:59] <wjp> I figured as much from the amount of time you talked with Darke about it :-)
[16:50:19] <wjp> (not that I actually remember anything from those conversations)
[16:50:38] <wjp> can you sell weapons, btw?
[16:50:59] <Colourless> no, i don't think you can sell anything
[16:51:08] <wjp> I really hate having to leave flamethrowers and LAWs lying around :/
[16:51:22] <wjp> but they're too big to carry around for no reason
[16:51:42] <Colourless> yeah, it's annoying, especially when later you'll be wishing you had a LAW or a rocked launcher
[16:52:12] <wjp> won't fit next to my sniper rifle, assault rifle, sawed off buckshot, 10mm pistol, stealth pistol, combat knife, LAMs, gas grenades, EMP grenades :-)
[16:52:15] <Colourless> s/rocked/rocket/
[16:52:37] <wjp> oh, and crossbow
[16:53:05] <wjp> can you reload weapons before they're empty?
[16:53:18] <Colourless> yeah you can. there is a reload key
[16:53:30] <Colourless> in the latter parts of the game you'll get a really kick ass melee weapon
[16:53:53] <wjp> melee? hm, wasn't planning on training in that
[16:53:58] <sbx> I don't know anything about deus ex... what is deus ex?
[16:54:09] <sbx> well I've *heard* the name
[16:54:09] <wjp> a game you should get :-)
[16:54:48] <Colourless> melee is a nice backup thing, in case begin to run rather low on ammo
[16:54:58] <wjp> that's true
[16:55:00] <Colourless> s/case begin/case you begin/
[16:55:16] <sbx> hmm, can you attack a heavily defended paramilitary base using melee?
[16:55:25] <Colourless> no you can't :-)
[16:55:30] <sbx> aww
[16:55:38] <wjp> you can in fallout, though :-)
[16:56:10] * wjp cleared out several using HtH in F2
[16:57:06] <sbx> I guess Deus Ex is very different, especially if it is a FPS
[16:57:32] <Colourless> Deus Ex is a FPS, but it's also a RPG
[16:57:43] <sbx> but they could provide an alternate route into said heavily defended paramilitary base, allowing you to sneak in and take people out one at a time
[16:58:09] <sbx> anything like System Shock or Thief?
[16:58:18] <Colourless> a lot like SS
[16:58:33] <sbx> those are great games
[16:59:20] <Colourless> there are opportunities to do take out guards one by one
[16:59:41] <wjp> I was having trouble with that in this particular base, though
[16:59:45] <Colourless> but it's usually much easier with the sniper rifle or the mini crossbow
[16:59:55] <wjp> so I reverted to using gas grenades :-)
[17:00:27] <sbx> Deus Ex Invisible War XBox
[17:00:29] <wjp> it's surprisingly hard to defend yourself when you're standing still rubbing your eyes :-)
[17:00:43] <wjp> no, not xbox :-)
[17:01:24] <Colourless> Deux Ex Invisible War is like Deus Ex Lite! With 50% less depth!
[17:01:52] <wjp> sold-out games has Deus Ex for cheap, but I think that's a UK site
[17:02:00] <wjp> s/games/software/
[17:02:16] <sbx> heh
[17:03:03] <sbx> since it is an RPG, is there any kind of contiguous game world, and a clock with changing sky effects?
[17:03:19] <wjp> I paid about Eur8 I think
[17:03:42] <sbx> that looks like the avg price on ebay
[17:03:55] <wjp> the game world is continuous so far (I'm not really far yet, though) in the sense that you don't just get teleported anywhere
[17:03:59] <sbx> thought it was a new game
[17:04:05] <wjp> Deus Ex 2 is fairly new
[17:04:09] <sbx> oh ok
[17:04:17] <wjp> but you do get on boats or on trains
[17:04:24] <Colourless> you can move back and forth between areas and you revisit areas from earlier in the game in later parts of the game.
[17:05:11] <Colourless> The world isn't really entirely continuous though and it's all entirely set at night
[17:05:40] <Colourless> for instance you visit hells kitchen something like 4 times
[17:05:54] <sbx> which visit is wjp on?
[17:05:58] <wjp> first :-)
[17:06:00] <Colourless> first :-)
[17:06:08] <sbx> heh heh
[17:06:11] <sbx> do you get a party?
[17:06:14] <sbx> I'm guessing no
[17:06:17] <wjp> this is my.... *thinks*... third mission
[17:06:25] <Colourless> you are solo
[17:06:33] <wjp> or second, depending on how you count
[17:06:55] <Colourless> i think it's classed as the third mission
[17:07:27] <Colourless> you are a special agent of sorts
[17:08:20] <sbx> so there must be a fair amount of sneaking
[17:08:40] <Colourless> sneaking is an effective way to do things
[17:09:01] <sbx> but big guns are too?
[17:09:07] <Colourless> of course :-)
[17:09:17] * wjp points at the flamethrower and LAW he mentioned earlier :-)
[17:09:24] <sbx> ah k
[17:09:28] <sbx> one of the descriptions I just read says you can jump 40 feet in the air, or run faster than a car
[17:09:49] <sbx> that sounds a little exaggerated
[17:09:52] <Colourless> augmentations can change your abilities greatly
[17:10:50] <wjp> it's set a bit in the future and you are nanotech-modified
[17:12:11] <sbx> will probably need to get my new computer first
[17:12:49] <wjp> recommended specs are a P2 450
[17:13:05] <Colourless> P2 450... too slow :-)
[17:13:08] <sbx> somehow I managed to run thief on this but it was slow
[17:13:12] <sbx> and thats older
[17:13:46] <Colourless> Things can get very slow on a 450
[17:14:47] <wjp> bbl, dinner
[17:14:56] <sbx> hmm I wonder what minimum specs are then :)
[17:14:59] <sbx> ok
[17:34:39] <Colourless> goint
[17:34:48] <Colourless> going even
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[17:35:39] <sbx> cya
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