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[00:17:36] <watt> interesting.... The doesn't appear to be any place in Pentagram where Gump::GetMouseCursor is called except in itself
[00:25:23] <watt> looks like OnMouseDown was derived from it
[00:27:17] <watt> Anywho... thinking it's a good idea to add an OnMouseMotion
[00:27:38] <watt> with the hope it doesn't guzzle cpu.
[01:26:01] <watt> looks fine... went with a OnMouseOver and OnMouseLeft to notify gumps when the mouse is over them.
[01:45:15] <watt> damn. Didn't quite think that I needed to force all gumps to handle mouse motion in order to make OnMouseLeft work.
[01:45:25] <watt> hmmmmmmmmmmm..
[01:46:10] <watt> well, it does work. joy
[02:06:46] <sbx> :)
[02:07:19] <watt> very much so.
[02:07:25] <sbx> still waiting for those automotons
[02:07:57] <sbx> :)
[02:08:11] <watt> should I send you the pdfs and the latex for them :-)
[02:08:16] <watt> hehe
[02:08:18] <sbx> what is all the gump handling in pentagram for?
[02:08:18] <sbx> doesnt it already display many gumps?
[02:08:22] * sbx will appreciate it.
[02:08:35] * sbx NEEDS automaton servants.
[02:09:29] <sbx> now I know that pentagram shows the savebox
[02:09:37] <sbx> and main menu thing
[02:09:42] <sbx> and containers
[02:09:48] <sbx> what else are you doing if I may ask?
[02:10:42] * watt is not quite sure why sbx wants deterministic finite automata that accepts strings with 2 or more zeros in any 5 consecutive symbols, but he shrugs and say ok
[02:11:06] <sbx> ...
[02:11:10] * sbx forwards it to Erstam.
[02:12:17] <watt> I'm attempting to get mouse motion to be handled by gumps so the menu gump has buttons that light up as the mouse passes over then instead of just when they are clicked.
[02:12:27] <sbx> I see
[02:12:50] <sbx> any benefits for crusader menus?
[02:13:05] <sbx> actually I only remember full-screen menus there
[02:13:08] <watt> It could also be applied to item highlighting thing I suggested I think
[02:13:17] <sbx> I guess
[02:14:27] <watt> Did the menu options change graphics as the were clicked or as the mouse moved over them?
[02:14:34] <watt> for Crusader.
[02:15:15] <sbx> If anything it just highlighted
[02:15:35] <sbx> I don't even remember that.
[02:16:00] <watt> err, but that was when it was clicked or before that?
[02:16:34] <sbx> Don't have it installed atm
[02:16:53] <sbx> I dont remember any crusader menus at all
[02:17:05] <sbx> Except the start menu and save/load
[02:17:11] <watt> hmmm.. I could pop in the PSX version.. but I think I need to finish homework sometime tonight :-)
[02:18:07] <sbx> wouldn't be unlikely that the menus would be different
[02:19:05] <watt> speaking of... the only thing that's keeping me from finishing this up and commiting right now is the decision on what happens on Save/Load for mouseOver'ed gumps
[02:20:01] <watt> think I might save with mouse not over altogether... could keep things simple
[02:21:18] <watt> and we all know I need to work on keeping things simple... what with me and my crazy ideas ;-)
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[02:22:07] <watt> :-(
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[02:22:48] <watt> :-)
[02:24:20] <sbx> I look forward to Crusader support the most.
[02:24:29] <sbx> if that's going to happen
[02:24:34] <sbx> but Pentagram is already very mature as it is
[02:24:50] <sbx> at least, it seems very developed
[02:25:12] <sbx> not that I tried it but briefly
[02:25:59] <watt> hmm... someday we'll actually get around to releasing it and working on Crusader... but some of us still need to buy crusader.
[02:26:43] <watt> I'm alway keeping an eye out for it, but not actively seeking just yet
[02:27:18] <watt> neat... it works
[02:27:19] <sbx> have you played Arcanum? I just ordered that
[02:30:37] <watt> no.. don't even think I heard of it... /me doesn't get out much I guess
[02:32:10] <watt> ack... my sandbox is messy.. have to explicitly note which files to commit..
[02:32:45] <watt> too many failed and incomplete pentagram experiments
[02:34:50] <watt> bombs away!
[02:38:24] <watt> wonder if we should highlight text buttons too.... might be nice to have the options avatar can say be highlighted as the mouse goes over them... I dunno
[02:40:00] <sbx> do number keys in conversations work for you currently?
[02:40:03] <sbx> they didnt for me
[02:42:06] <watt> nope.. that might be nice... but really only if the options are numbered instead of bulleted.. and less then 10
[02:42:57] <watt> I'm thinking a keyboard selection (arrow keys and enter with a highlight) would work better for that
[02:44:45] <sbx> i thought of it because it displays numbers with them in the console
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[02:53:12] <watt> hiya Colourless
[02:53:43] <watt> hmm... good point.. but that should probably be selected from the console in that case.
[02:54:17] <watt> a command like "selectOption x"
[02:56:03] <watt> and the console is a bit wordy.. for one, it can probably not need to tell you what animation it's playing for Avatar all the fricken time
[03:31:59] <sbx> i noticed :)
[04:39:19] <watt> well, that'll probably be cleaned up once the mover is more or less complete...
[04:40:41] <watt> still missing climbling up from hanging... which I don't have much of a clue how to get working... gotta make the avatar catch the side of buildings when jumping at them
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[07:53:04] <wjp> sbx|afk: it displays numbers with conversation options in the console because originally it was only possible to select options with the number keys :-)
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