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[00:05:41] <jargon> i seem to remember running into myself as a kid
[00:06:27] <jargon> in a photo album in one photo of me and my family there is what appears to be myself at age say 5 or 15 years from now in the background
[00:06:37] <jargon> wearing a shirt i own
[00:07:09] <jargon> a shirt that obviously wouldnt have existed at the time of the photo
[00:07:49] <jargon> ohb well
[00:42:04] * watt adjusts jargon's tin foil hat... seems to be a bit off
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[00:56:18] <jargon> tin foil hats amplify government frequences. not mute them/
[00:57:12] <jargon> the correct gear is a rock carved into the shape of a helmet
[00:58:24] <jargon> with polyuerthane coating
[00:58:33] <watt> Could always go with lead. Nothing blocks as well a lead - besides it also works well for pacifiers..
[00:58:43] <jargon> :P
[01:01:21] <jargon> why does lead block so well tho?
[01:26:35] <servus> Shouldn't you be doing homework? :)
[01:29:56] <jargon> yes :(
[01:30:03] <jargon> but i had to fix up my homework page
[01:30:11] <jargon> it was broke :>
[01:30:35] <jargon> servus i consider you a friend :|
[01:30:56] <jargon> wha thappen
[01:30:59] <jargon> my winamp died
[01:32:05] <watt> I broke it with my leet skillz
[01:33:25] <jargon> oh there is no homework for chapter 1
[01:33:28] <jargon> :|
[01:33:32] <jargon> im bummed
[01:34:01] <jargon> brb lost my phone
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