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[00:21:25] <Blanel> Ah well... Goodnight.
[00:22:18] * Blanel looks behind him and see's a crazy clown run around, decides that he is tired and tries to go to his bed.
[00:23:55] <wjp> night
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[00:55:27] <Dark-Star> gotta leave now, too. night!
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[12:14:21] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[12:14:59] <Fingolfin> hi Willem
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[16:29:47] <watt> wow, already have screeenshots of the japanese.
[16:29:51] <watt> cool
[16:48:09] <watt> oh... well... my gampad is digital. hmmm... that's not going to be a very good example to program from. I'll have to see if I can find any analog ones.
[16:52:31] <watt> well, for now I guess I can at least get the digital one working and make some assumptions
[16:58:50] <wjp> working on crusader?
[16:59:47] <wjp> by the way, could I assign the "Can't properly specify alternate console key" bug to you?
[17:01:54] <watt> um.. no, just a simple joystick axis to mouse motion mapper.
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[17:02:19] <wjp> ah, ok :-)
[17:02:24] <watt> give me a sec to check out the bug
[17:04:05] <watt> yeah... that's strange. I thought it was working... I check it out.
[17:04:56] <wjp> at some point there was a function that checked if a given key was a 'toggle console' key, and it handled it differently in GUIApp
[17:05:51] <watt> btw... I've been thinking that it might be more convient if the website was just a wiki that tried to look like the current one. Can't think of anything a wiki couldn't do that the current site does.
[17:08:36] <watt> just seems like updating the site is a little bit of a hassle currently.
[17:08:50] <wjp> a hassle?
[17:09:44] <watt> change info, commit to cvs, redeploy....
[17:10:10] <watt> just a thought. Perhaps a dumb one.
[17:12:05] <wjp> I don't know; I don't mind the current way of updating things
[17:12:51] <watt> ok.
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[18:49:03] <watt> well, the mouse warping code works, but it's not extremely accurate on my joystick. Perhaps I need acceleration of something.
[18:50:47] <watt> overall, I'd say a mouse works better than a joystick as a mouse
[18:51:23] <wjp> :-)
[19:24:01] <watt> hmm..just thought maybe a mouse warp isn't really what I want... I could alter the game cursor directly and a mouse movement just automatically moves the cursor wherever.... I don't really need them to be synchronized.
[20:40:12] <wjp> what do you think: should a version 2 savegame saved by tomorrow's version of pentagram be loadable by today's version of pentagram?
[20:41:25] <wjp> I want to commit a small change to animation handling, that might produce savegames which can not properly be loaded by current CVS (it'll complain about an animation's direction being set to an invalid value)
[20:42:49] <wjp> the alternative is committing it together with the larger changes I have lying around which will push the savegame version up to 3 anyway
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[22:54:27] <watt> whoops.. need bounds checking when setting the mouse position.
[23:13:38] <watt> cool, it works well... still need acceleration if possible. - it need the move slower to be accurate, but any slow makes it painful to use.
[23:14:17] <watt> well, and it's useless anyway until I can bind joystick buttons to the primary mouse actions.
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[23:54:40] <watt> how horribly unscientific of me... but the acceleration seems to feel good.
[23:56:15] <watt> a process running - takes the axis value / 1000 times the milliseconds passed between now and the last time I tried divided by (250 - accel * 20)
[23:56:23] <watt> where accel is 0 to 10
[23:56:36] <watt> guess work/