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[00:10:37] <mjimenez> come on.. bug compatiblity. It's great.
[00:10:42] <mjimenez> lol
[00:11:03] <wjp> well, sure, but not in interface bugs :-)
[00:13:20] <mjimenez> "This code creates the key by doing bit manipulation to this char array." "But you just walked off the end of the array! I can't guarantee bug combatibility."
[00:14:23] <mjimenez> we ended up forming a new key generation for our program this summer.
[00:15:36] <mjimenez> "Where's the documentation?" "Documentation? You have the code in front of you." "Yes, because this is self documenting bit-shift code"
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[00:18:30] <wjp> we did find a couple of usecode bugs in the original U8
[00:18:46] <wjp> one involved writing out-of-bounds to a bitfield
[00:19:09] <wjp> and we're not guaranteeing bug compatibility on that one either :-)
[00:20:14] <[2]Knight> mmm..
[00:20:17] <[2]Knight> wondering..
[00:20:22] <[2]Knight> i remember a bug on u8..
[00:20:29] <[2]Knight> one that let you go through walls..
[00:20:34] <[2]Knight> was quite funny
[00:20:56] <[2]Knight> broke in couple of places..
[00:21:04] <[2]Knight> specially mithrans plateu
[00:27:48] <wjp> I have to go
[00:27:50] <wjp> 'night
[00:27:52] * Darke can't think of many 'obvious' bugs in u8, the being able to kill that unkillable-mage-'o-wrath, and the ability to walk off the boundaries of the map in a couple of places are all.
[00:27:53] <Darke> Night!
[00:27:58] <wjp> morning :-)
[00:28:03] <Darke> Whatever! *grin*
[00:28:23] <wjp> is there an anti-walkthrough for U8? :-)
[00:28:26] <Darke> That and it's impossible to finish the spanish u8 too.
[00:28:39] <wjp> it is?
[00:28:39] <[2]Knight> imposible?
[00:28:42] <[2]Knight> how so?
[00:28:43] <Darke> Yeah, I think the guy who did the u7 one also did a u8 one, at least for those two bugs. *grin*
[00:28:49] <[2]Knight> mmm..
[00:28:50] <[2]Knight> lol..
[00:29:08] <[2]Knight> there's a huge bug over stratos also..
[00:29:10] <wjp> hm, thinking about it I think I did hear that before
[00:29:21] <Darke> The translators apparently made a few typos in one area, removing the ability to get past a plot point, since they didn't flag a flag that was supposed to get flagged. *grin*
[00:29:34] <[2]Knight> lol..
[00:29:36] <Darke> I think it removed about the last third of the game or so. Should have notes around here somewhere.
[00:29:38] <[2]Knight> let me remember the bug..
[00:29:42] <wjp> anyway, bye :-)
[00:29:44] <[2]Knight> what was the stone called?
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[00:30:22] <[2]Knight> mmm i have my u8 manual somewhere around here
[00:30:30] <Darke> Perhaps we should actually make a patch for that sometime. Finally getting around to fixing what should have been officially fixed years ago. *grin*
[00:31:35] <[2]Knight> well.. the thing is you can beat out stratos before going to the ethereal plane..
[00:31:37] <[2]Knight> actually..
[00:31:47] <[2]Knight> that sends you directly to the ethereal plane
[00:32:00] <[2]Knight> without having to learn the spell from mythran
[00:32:08] <[2]Knight> quite helpfull though ;)
[00:33:15] <[2]Knight> you just had to click on stratos stone, then on stratos.. and voila...
[00:33:21] <Darke> Heh.
[00:33:26] <[2]Knight> into the ethereal plane.. having beaten stratos :D
[00:33:42] <[2]Knight> lol..
[00:33:57] <[2]Knight> that bug saved me earning all that obsidian
[00:34:13] <[2]Knight> I always wondered if someone else had discovered it
[00:34:15] <[2]Knight> =P
[00:34:33] <[2]Knight> or the one of walking through walls...
[00:34:43] <[2]Knight> or falling of the floor
[00:37:12] <Darke> It's not one of the bugs I've heard before, so I don't think it's too popular. But the walking/falling through objects one is well known.
[00:37:35] <[2]Knight> hehe
[00:40:28] <[2]Knight> try it yourself..
[00:41:01] <Darke> All things considered, u8 has far fewer bugs of this type then u7 ever did. I'd guess simply because they at least tried to design things so incidental breakages happen less. *grin*
[00:41:14] <mjimenez> Ah.. killing sprees in U8.. brings back memories.. attempting to set up oil explosions to kill the immortal people.
[00:41:34] <mjimenez> just to test that they were immortal.
[00:42:04] <[2]Knight> lol
[00:42:41] <mjimenez> Devon just walked on water in u8..
[00:43:58] <mjimenez> and I saved after being blown up.
[00:45:07] <[2]Knight> damn water in u8
[00:45:21] <[2]Knight> it was stupid the avatar couldn't swim..
[00:45:27] <[2]Knight> nor even touch water..
[00:45:37] <mjimenez> weird bugs do occur when you do thing that logically shouldn't be done.. I don't think they ever expected the player to attack Devon at the intro.. he just walks toward you like he wants to attack
[00:45:48] <mjimenez> amen
[00:46:01] <servus> He could only swim in the Underworlds. Water was particularly deadly most of the time in even U IX:)
[00:46:27] <[2]Knight> but in U IX you could at least swim..
[00:46:28] <[2]Knight> =P
[00:46:41] <mjimenez> They tried to explain the water, but for the moat? come on.
[00:47:24] <[2]Knight> What i found stupid was choosing between...
[00:47:28] <mjimenez> I wonder how had a "wading' you be.. I image quite hard.
[00:47:36] <[2]Knight> mm what were there names
[00:47:41] <[2]Knight> malchir and the other one
[00:47:44] <mjimenez> s/had/hard/
[00:48:06] <mjimenez> right.. because it made no difference.
[00:48:17] <[2]Knight> yeap..
[00:48:21] <mjimenez> s/image/imagine/
[00:48:46] <[2]Knight> what's wading?
[00:49:13] <servus> Standing in water.
[00:49:21] <mjimenez> wading
[00:49:21] <mjimenez> n : walking with your feet in shallow water
[00:50:00] <servus> Darke should be happy. U6toU7.c didn't fare well :(
[00:50:05] <[2]Knight> lol.
[00:50:22] <servus> It somewhat works, but mostly looks like curd and whey.
[00:50:48] <mjimenez> before drowning check the distance to nearest dry land.. if less than some constant, place fake ground under avatar.. however this would have to happen on every frame.
[00:51:29] <[2]Knight> I dunno how the engine works..
[00:51:33] <mjimenez> umm? conversion utility?
[00:51:44] <servus> Of course
[00:51:53] <[2]Knight> but the could just have set some kind of floor.. under the water and that's it.. :)
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[00:52:43] <mjimenez> don't think so.. collision with the water is what causes drowning.. not falling through it.
[00:52:59] <[2]Knight> oh..
[00:53:18] <[2]Knight> I would like to have had an UX
[00:53:19] <mjimenez> and beside.. that could force the map itself to have to be changed.
[00:53:20] <[2]Knight> =(
[00:53:47] <servus> You have... Arx Fatalis!
[00:54:16] <mjimenez> ?
[00:54:49] <servus> Generally hailed as Ultima Underworld 3. I didn't see that quite so much, but it's good. *Wanders around the off-topic area of the room*
[00:57:53] <[2]Knight> never heard of it
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[02:27:39] <mjimenez> diagram's almost complete
[02:55:56] <mjimenez> and I hosed my u8 install... it gives fairly nice debug info though.
[02:56:14] <mjimenez> Dies on FLEX.c
[03:09:16] <servus> So reinstall your flex files? :)
[03:11:56] <mjimenez> probably.. but I think I'll just clean install
[03:12:10] <mjimenez> this was the win98/dos box
[03:15:45] <mjimenez> well... the diagram's complete for now..
[03:21:31] <mjimenez> and it's in the patches section
[03:23:17] <mjimenez> enjoy.. I'm off to drink heavily
[03:24:40] * servus continues trying to figure out very complicated things that have no documentation whatsoever. *Cries*!
[03:30:47] <mjimenez> so I'm not gone quite yet. Not docoed?
[03:32:16] <servus> I'm writing a 3D Studio Max file exporter, and the thing that is giving me trouble has no answer to be found on the internet and I can't even find a sample implementation of what I'm trying to do.
[03:33:16] <mjimenez> it's self-documenting bit-shift code :-)
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[12:49:38] <wjp> hi
[12:51:22] <Darke> Greetings.
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[13:11:10] <wjp> hi
[13:12:41] <Darke> Nanoo.
[13:14:30] <Colourless> hi
[13:21:44] <wjp> hm, weird; I could've sworn I'd already emerged dia
[13:22:42] <wjp> wow, that's one big diagram :-)
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[17:59:18] <wjp> gold is really rather plentiful in NWN :-)
[17:59:36] <wjp> I have over 200K now... (just found the first word of power in chapter 3)
[17:59:44] <Colourless> um.. yeah it is :-)
[17:59:57] <Colourless> i did tell you by chapter 4 i had heaps
[18:00:09] <wjp> yeah, you did :-)
[18:02:30] <wjp> strength of 25, charisma of 20... rather nice too :-)
[18:02:58] <wjp> kind of weird that ability modifiers from different items stack
[18:03:44] <Colourless> it is unbalanced slightly for single player really
[18:04:05] <Colourless> i think it may have really been intended for at least 2 players
[18:04:21] <Colourless> probably about 4
[18:10:37] <wjp> I guess monsters get tougher when the number of players increases?
[18:43:13] <Colourless> i don't know
[18:43:48] <Colourless> i would guess so
[18:47:26] <Colourless> problem with computer games. You would have gone through that small sequence on top of the tower involving Aribeth. When I was playing that sequence it was annoying me that I was unable to do anything. So, I decided to shoot my arrows and try to kill the people involved
[18:47:34] <Colourless> of course that caused the sequence to end earlier and I had no clue what i was supposed to do :-)
[18:47:34] <Colourless> s/earlier/early/
[18:51:31] <wjp> heh, oops :-)
[18:51:45] <wjp> I think I decided to wait until something happened
[18:52:03] <wjp> although I'm fairly sure I did try to bash the gate open first :-)
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