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[01:03:09] <wizardrydragon> Hi watt
[01:03:22] <watt> hey
[01:03:35] <wizardrydragon> How goes life
[01:04:19] <watt> good mostly, checking out more on this subversion client concept
[01:04:40] <wizardrydragon> Oh fun.
[01:04:59] <wizardrydragon> And not the "gouge out my eyes with a spoon, please" fun either
[01:39:21] * SB-X yells "Spoon!" loudly at wizardrydragon.
[01:40:07] <SB-X> (that's the secret word)
[01:40:47] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[01:41:50] <SB-X> I'm just trying to stay on topic here!
[01:43:57] <wizardrydragon> :)
[01:50:12] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/images/Random%20Illustrations/spoon.jpg
[01:50:53] <wizardrydragon> o_O
[01:52:19] <servus> watt: I hope they ditch finder in Leopard, like there have been rumours about... : o)
[01:53:55] <watt> Rumors are often quite insane - I imagine Spotlight may take a larger role in day to day stuff... but I can't imagine it would ever replace finder
[01:54:32] <servus> Everyone hates finder. Everyone always has. Windows Explorer outclasses it easily... and it's Windows Explorer.
[01:55:01] <servus> Oh well, bye:)
[01:55:06] <watt> Really? I don't - could use improvements, but eh
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[04:09:56] * Darke wonders if it would be ethical to develop a time machine for the sole purpose of going back in time and slapping game developers who don't even bother with a single line (a 4 byte header would be nice!) description of their pet file format.
[04:11:32] <Darke> (Of course it would cause paradox if you slapped them and told them to document it, and they changed it so it was documented, so in the future you wouldn't have a reason to go back in time and slap them... *headhurts*)
[04:18:09] <watt> That's why you go back and slap every developer and tell them that even if they did it properly.
[04:18:33] <watt> Some of them will still mess up and you'd still have reason to go back
[04:18:38] <watt> :-)
[04:21:37] <Darke> Good idea. Still need to work out the ethics of it. That and the follow on side effects. No doubt the consequence will be more half-finished 'remake' projects scattered around sourceforge, but I'm not sure of the other follow on effects. *grin*
[04:33:58] <servus> Where would this documentation exist?
[04:35:18] <servus> khazan-hack.txt: Decompression format: Spin the graphics file around your head seven times counterclockwise, and beat a gravestone at midnight with a cornhusk broom.
[04:37:45] <Darke> Inside the file 'header'? It's not difficult do wack a 'RIFF' (if it's a RIFF file format) in there, or include proper zip headers, or something like that. Heck even stick a 255 byte 'padding' at the start of the file, you can even whack a copyright notice in there along with a short description of things!
[04:42:47] * Darke was just starting a Wiz8 game and got curious. Thankfully it's just a basic 'bucket of files', file format. But of course different to everyone elses'. Header with assorted info (including number of 'files' in file), followed by file data 'filename:offset:length:data', for the number of files in the header... but why can't they, like, y'know, use something standard? This is 2001ish we're talking about!
[04:44:59] <servus> Oh, thought you said 4-line description :)
[04:45:20] <servus> Dunno. Doom 3 uses ZIP, don't they?
[04:45:34] <servus> Source uses GCF.. ungodly horror that it is
[04:45:55] <servus> You are obsessed with graphic file formats. Poor thlayli-hroo : o)
[04:46:01] <Colourless> lots of games use zips cause its got lots of tools out there
[04:46:08] <Darke> "It's a zip file, stupid." is a five word description. And yeah, I remember DOOM3 using zips.
[04:47:54] * Darke denies being obsessed with graphic file formats! File formats in general he's got a specific interest in... just because he often wants to get to the stuff in side them. *grin*
[04:48:24] <Colourless> probably worst system i've seen to package files togetther is biowares stupid bif format. It has an index file then a dozen different binary files will all the data in it
[04:48:42] <servus> Colourless obviously hasn't hacked Khazan : o)
[04:48:57] <servus> How many times did we find out that the exe-embedded strings were compressed? Three times?
[04:49:10] <servus> And xor'd too!
[04:49:22] <Colourless> well they didnt want you hacking it!
[04:49:27] <servus> They're meeeeeeeeeeeeean!
[04:49:55] <Darke> Yeah. They've got a string in the exe file, only viewable *after* you've decrypted it, saying "Please don't decrypt this". So we got that hint. *grin*
[04:52:44] <Colourless> the u8 devs went to a lot of effort to encrypt their quotes and credits file
[04:52:46] <servus> I made that up!
[04:53:02] <Colourless> though it took us all of a few hours to crack the thing :-)
[04:54:16] <Darke> Yeah, that was surprisingly easy. I do recall wanting to ask one of the developers what possessed them to do that. *grin*
[04:55:16] <servus> What was it?
[04:55:27] <Colourless> shifting xor
[04:55:33] <servus> That's a lot of trouble? :)
[04:56:00] <servus> Is there any active Pentagram development lately?
[04:56:30] <Colourless> it was last changed 10 days ago
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[04:57:37] <servus> I scared him off. He's gonna work on Pentagram now.
[04:58:48] <Darke> Heh.
[05:00:37] <servus> Are we ever gonna go back to ToK? :)
[05:04:16] <Darke> I'll probably attack it again next time time I feel like hurting my head trying to decode something horrible. *grin* Though I'm still not sure how you managed to get that acronym...
[05:09:41] <servus> Me neither.
[05:09:53] <servus> Tunnels of Khazan :)
[05:12:36] <servus> http://imdb.com/title/tt0460780/ What amazes me most about this Uwe Bolle film is all the huge-name actors! The mind boggles. Maybe Bolle just supplies some really primo drugs.
[05:16:33] <Darke> His films are designed to lose money, the easiest way to lose the most money is to spent lots of it. Thus hiring expensive actors.
[05:18:07] <servus> Yeah I never quite understood that "German Tax Loophole" theory.
[05:31:59] <Kazin> wow
[05:32:02] <Kazin> ray liota
[05:33:12] <Kazin> but it does have matthew lillard
[05:33:14] <Kazin> so i'm sold
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[14:04:23] <watt> Ugh.. .did anyone actually see that painful experience that was BloodRayne
[14:06:35] <watt> Most disturbing "love" scene in a "normal" movie ever
[14:07:44] <watt> I still don't understand why the industry lets him destroy these films
[14:24:50] <wjp> I didn't
[14:25:10] <wjp> Was that the one released early this year, by the way? (Or maybe late 2005)
[15:09:50] <watt> late 2005 - by the looks of it on IMDB
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[16:30:24] <servus> Did you hear that Uwe is making an Ultima 6 movie, and that Ben Kingsley is playing the Avatar, and Ray Romano is Lord British?
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