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[06:14:03] * Cashman is nearly through his hang over
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[12:22:12] <wjp> hi
[12:22:30] <Darke> Greetings.
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[13:03:27] <Colourless> hi
[13:06:27] <wjp> hi
[13:07:54] <Fingolfin> lo
[13:36:21] <Darke> Hi.
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[16:16:02] <wjp> lol... prison portcullis in NWN: "This door is barred from the other side."
[16:16:08] <wjp> (I'm on the outside :-) )
[16:16:38] <Colourless> That;s the generic 'you will never be able to open this door'
[16:17:16] <wjp> yeah, I know :-)
[16:17:20] <wjp> but still :-)
[16:17:35] <Colourless> yes, it doesn't always make any sense
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[18:34:13] <wjp> Colourless: you had one of the NWN expansions, right?
[18:34:26] <wjp> do you continue with the same character? (and if so, do you keep your items?)
[18:54:50] <Colourless> yes you can
[18:55:32] <Colourless> i can't say about XP2, but with XP1 it's probably best if you start with a new char
[18:56:38] <wjp> why's that?
[18:57:07] <Colourless> because you are fighting kobolds and gnolls :-)
[18:58:33] <Colourless> it will be too easy otherwise
[18:58:39] <wjp> that doesn't sound 'suitable' for a level 15+ char, no :-)
[18:58:49] <Colourless> with XP2 as far as I know, it's intended that you play with an existing char of around level 16
[19:00:43] <Colourless> The experience cap for XP2 has been raised to allow you to reach level 40
[19:02:48] <wjp> so it's bigger than the main game?
[19:04:08] <Colourless> i don't really know :-)
[19:05:31] <Colourless> i kind of doubt it. Attempting to balance a game for level 40 characters is sort of going to be next to impossible
[19:05:44] <Colourless> you'll probably only be able to get to level 40 if you complete the game twice
[19:08:42] <Colourless> i would guess that you wouldn't get much past about level 32 first run through
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[19:51:08] <Colourless> I just love it in NWN when a magic casting henchman decides to use a Negative Energy spell on undead. I mean it even states in the manual the Negative Energy heals undead
[19:51:33] <Colourless> :-)
[19:51:57] <wjp> this is rather annoying...
[19:52:03] <wjp> I'm 400 xp away from level 16
[19:52:17] <wjp> right before entering Maugrim's sanctuary
[19:52:25] <wjp> and I can't find any place in the city to level up :-)
[19:52:29] <Colourless> where exactly are you?
[19:52:51] <wjp> just before the portal to Maugrim's sanctuary
[19:52:57] <wjp> (where I'll meet Aribeth again)
[19:53:28] <wjp> cleared out the golems and the catapults, rescued the girl
[19:54:08] <wjp> Aribeth is quite tough :-)
[19:54:17] <Colourless> no kidding :-)
[19:54:44] <Colourless> I was like run... run... run.... turn cast a spell/fire a bolt... run... run... run... and so on
[19:55:00] <wjp> hm, I think I have an item that gives immunity to death effects somewhere
[19:55:59] <Colourless> like all good/bad computer game baddies, when they yield, they are only getting ready to smash you into the ground
[19:56:01] <wjp> or maybe that was one of the Uthgart holy items for one of the henchman quests
[19:56:19] * wjp rummages through his bags of holding
[20:00:06] <Colourless> i didn't use anything special in particular when fighting her
[20:00:34] <wjp> I keep getting killed by some death-effect
[20:00:50] <wjp> maybe I should equip some +constitution items
[20:01:29] <Colourless> amulet of the silent lord
[20:01:44] <Colourless> gives +4 and immunity to level/ability drain
[20:01:47] <wjp> ah, found that uthgardt belt hidden away somewhere :-)
[20:01:51] <wjp> http://www.gamebanshee.com/showshot.php?/neverwinternights/equipment/images/ceremonialuthgardtbelt.jpg
[20:02:51] <Colourless> but do you have it :-)
[20:02:56] <wjp> yes, that gave immunity to that spell :-)
[20:03:07] <wjp> yeah, it was in a bag somewhere
[20:04:21] * Colourless looks at his stats at the end of the game
[20:04:50] <Colourless> Str: 11 Dex: 24 Con: 16 Int: 12 Wis: 10 Cha: 30
[20:05:04] <Colourless> AC: 31 HP: 123
[20:05:10] <Colourless> Level: 16
[20:05:45] <Colourless> of course the exact stats do depend on exactly which armour/robes i'm wearing
[20:06:14] <wjp> I currently have 28 str, 12 dex, 17 con, 10 int, 12 wis, 15 cha
[20:06:22] <wjp> but that's not my 'usual' setup
[20:06:37] <wjp> I think it's something like 26 str, 12 dex, 14 con, 10 int, 12 wis, 20 cha usually
[20:07:05] <Colourless> being a bard, my Perform skill is at 33
[20:07:16] <wjp> this is peculiar
[20:07:29] <Colourless> what is?
[20:07:30] <wjp> this time when I got her to "I yield!", she became non-hostile
[20:07:50] <wjp> the previous couple of times she healed herself and remained hostile
[20:08:03] <wjp> but maybe I accidentally attacked her or something
[20:08:32] <Colourless> she is supposed to become non hostile. you need to talk to her
[20:08:53] <Colourless> then be prepared for an even harder fight with her :-)
[20:08:58] <Colourless> saving would be a good idea :-)
[20:09:09] <Colourless> remember, you can retreat :-)
[20:10:51] <wjp> hm, she didn't fight me again
[20:11:07] <Colourless> she didn't?
[20:11:19] <wjp> no
[20:11:27] <wjp> I talked her into surrendering herself to Lord Nasher
[20:11:40] <Colourless> heh, i didn't manage to do that :-)
[20:11:50] <wjp> did you keep her ring?
[20:11:50] <Colourless> i pissed her off even more :-)
[20:12:04] <Colourless> i never got a ring
[20:12:37] <wjp> you could get that in chapter 2
[20:13:44] <Colourless> probably only if you were a male character
[20:13:58] <wjp> possibly
[20:14:10] <wjp> you had to talk to her about her dreams
[20:14:28] <Colourless> yeah i did that, but i don't think i got anything from her
[20:15:42] <Colourless> lets see what i can find out in the toolset
[20:15:44] <wjp> gah, I can't believe I'm still not level 16
[20:15:52] <wjp> 23 xp left :-)
[20:16:06] <wjp> level 16 gives me a 4th attack per turn...
[20:16:09] <wjp> s/turn/round/
[20:16:31] <Colourless> there are more things to kill before the final fight
[20:17:30] * wjp slays a Servant of Flesh and levels :-)
[20:17:50] <wjp> ooooh, of course, ability score increase too :-)
[20:18:10] <wjp> pity all of my ability scores are even currently
[20:22:21] <Colourless> ok, i'm guessing i must have chosen a wrong conversation option at some stage during chap2
[20:23:33] <wjp> you can see the 'usecode' for the game in the toolkit?
[20:23:46] <Colourless> you can see everything in the toolkit :-)
[20:24:37] <wjp> that's pretty cool
[20:24:45] * wjp wonders if that's been ported to linux too
[20:25:11] <Colourless> all the scripts are distributed in compiled and uncompiled forms
[20:25:59] <Colourless> and the conversation trees i think are only in compiled form, but can be directly modified
[20:27:42] <wjp> oops, this was pretty stupid
[20:27:53] <wjp> I should've increased my wisdom so that I can use 3rd level spells
[20:28:47] <Colourless> oops :-)
[20:28:56] * wjp reloads :-)
[20:30:42] <Colourless> you could have just cheated and changed your stats. But if you're anything like me, you saved before you level-up'd anyway
[20:33:49] <wjp> hm, I didn't do that consistently
[20:34:26] <Colourless> i usually just did a quick save
[20:38:50] <wjp> I teleport back to the temple of Tyr, run to castle Never, and Aarin Gend already heard that Maugrim was dead... *sigh* :-)
[20:39:01] <wjp> he has a pretty good spy network, I guess :-)
[20:39:32] <Colourless> yeah, it's not bad :-)
[20:48:57] <ragzter> you guys really makes me want to play NWN :) are you playing the expansion?
[20:49:30] <Colourless> i am
[20:50:09] * Colourless wants to finish the first expansion before getting the 2nd :-)
[20:50:11] <wjp> I'm currently still in the original NWN
[20:50:26] <ragzter> are you playing it under linux? is that possible and even stable?
[20:50:27] <ragzter> oh
[20:50:29] <wjp> ..., which I want to finish before getting either expansion :-)
[20:50:29] <ragzter> :)
[20:50:31] <wjp> yes, in linux
[20:50:36] <ragzter> nice
[20:50:36] <wjp> and perfectly stable
[20:50:49] <ragzter> great.. I maybe should try it
[20:51:03] * Colourless just killed 8 dragons!
[20:51:08] <ragzter> aww
[20:51:22] <wjp> Colourless: did you ever see a bug in which your inventory didn't show when you pressed i?
[20:51:23] * Colourless wants to clarify thay they were dragon wyrmlings, but still :-)
[20:51:29] <wjp> or rather, the 'gump' showed, but it was empty
[20:51:32] <Colourless> wjp: all the time
[20:51:50] <wjp> that was the only bug I saw which may have been linux-only
[20:51:55] <wjp> but I guess it isn't, then :-)
[20:52:09] <ragzter> :)
[20:52:27] <Colourless> simulated internet packet loss i call it :-)
[20:52:44] <Colourless> hell if i know what actually causes it
[20:53:09] <ragzter> oh, you're playing multiplayer? hows that?
[20:53:20] <Colourless> no, i'm playing single player :-)
[20:53:41] <ragzter> okey.. ahh.. simulated.. I missed that :P
[20:54:06] <wjp> hm, yes, I do remember seeing a similar effect in Diablo 2
[20:54:20] <wjp> (multiplayer D2, of course)
[20:54:25] <ragzter> oh.. I was addicted to Diablo 2..
[20:54:27] <ragzter> :)
[20:54:29] <ragzter> b.net
[20:54:42] <wjp> I played that quite a lot too :-)
[20:54:51] <ragzter> when I found an Grandfather I stopped playing
[20:55:26] <ragzter> I was scared because I thought I played way too much
[20:55:31] * Colourless is now upto level 6!
[20:56:58] <wjp> I got an assassin up to level 82 or something when I got bored
[20:57:50] <ragzter> okey.. did you have any nice equipment?
[20:58:16] <wjp> not particularly
[20:58:43] <wjp> long time ago though, so I can't exactly remember all that well :-)
[20:59:07] <ragzter> ah :) did you play the expansion?
[20:59:55] <wjp> I thought assassins were expansion-only?
[21:00:26] <ragzter> oh.. now I remember :)
[21:00:58] <ragzter> I didn't play much as an Assassin so I don't have many memories of those
[21:03:03] <ragzter> is NWN better than Diablo 2?
[21:04:08] <wjp> different kind of game
[21:05:54] <ragzter> okey, well I haven't played it yet but I guess I'm gonna give it a try
[21:06:14] <wjp> oh great, dragons
[21:07:07] <wjp> hm, pity I don't have an item with 'freedom'
[21:07:27] <Colourless> defeating the dragons is 'easy'
[21:08:22] <wjp> it is?
[21:08:33] * wjp gets toasted for the second time
[21:09:00] <Colourless> i swear there is a way of defeating them easily
[21:09:22] <Colourless> i really had no trouble at all defeating those 2
[21:09:57] <Colourless> but it could have been due to some item i had
[21:10:24] <wjp> charm one and have them kill eachother? :-)
[21:10:57] <Colourless> gee, for some reason i would think dragons would be immune to mind spells
[21:11:19] <wjp> there is that, of course :-)
[21:13:36] <Colourless> ok, i also had immunity to mind spells when fighting the dragons, that may have helped
[21:14:46] <Colourless> via the Pendant of the Elf +4
[21:16:15] <wjp> let's see if that stops the paralysis
[21:16:29] * wjp puts on golden circlet
[21:17:01] <Colourless> in my save game from after the fight i'm walking around find, and my summoned dire tiger is paralyzed
[21:17:05] <Colourless> s/find/fine/
[21:17:28] <wjp> that seems to have done the trick
[21:17:30] <wjp> one down, one to go
[21:18:35] <wjp> and that was two
[21:18:41] <wjp> pretty easy this time :-)
[21:18:48] <Colourless> as i said :-)
[21:19:18] <wjp> getting paralyzed complicated things just a bit :-)
[21:21:33] <wjp> one 'downside' of having no party means that most of the items you find are pretty much useless
[21:21:52] <wjp> either because they're not suitable for your class or because you already have better stuff
[21:22:03] <wjp> selling a full plate +3... *sigh* :-)
[21:22:57] <Colourless> in the expansions you have access to your henchmens inventory
[21:23:17] <wjp> that's good :-)
[21:37:53] <wjp> hmmm... "protector against the sword"...
[21:40:11] * wjp waves bye-bye to Morag
[21:40:26] <wjp> not so tough when she's not immune to all damage, is she? :-)
[21:41:01] <Colourless> nope :-)
[21:42:34] <wjp> well, got thrown back to the main menu as soon as I walked through the pocket from the astral pocket
[21:43:11] <wjp> I guess that means I finished it, then :-)
[21:43:56] <Colourless> trust me when i say this, the endgame is so unspectacular, i have totally forgotten it ;-)
[21:44:10] <wjp> still, not having at least something is a bit of an anti-climax :-)
[21:45:42] <Colourless> goes on about "The tide is turned. Without Morags influence the invading army crumbles." and some other crap about the heros story not being finished because this is a land of infinite tales
[21:46:22] <wjp> yeah, there's a text file with the text of the movie
[21:46:45] <wjp> And what of the honored champions who had fought so hard while others fell? Their story does not end here. For this is a world of infinite tales... New adventures still await and new legends are yet to be forged.
[21:47:28] <wjp> I guess I should go look for the first expansion now :-)
[21:47:49] <Colourless> :-)
[21:48:12] <Colourless> the thing about NWN, even with the end movie, it still is a anti-Climax
[21:48:29] <Colourless> s/a/an/
[21:48:48] <Colourless> at least for me it was
[21:48:57] * wjp nods
[21:49:34] <wjp> final battle was relatively easy too
[21:49:47] <wjp> I had more of a problem with Aribeth and those two dragons
[21:49:59] <wjp> (although that was 'fixed' by wearing the right items :-) )
[21:50:19] <wjp> I don't think Morag actually did all that much
[21:50:22] <Colourless> yeah. Aribeth was by far the hardest battle IMO
[21:50:50] <wjp> she summoned two of "Morag's hands", level-drained me back to level 11 (which was, admittedly, rather annoying)
[21:51:00] <wjp> and then summoned a couple of umber-hulk-like thingies
[21:52:10] <wjp> ...or I could play it again using a wizard-type character
[21:52:16] <Colourless> it wasn't even a difficult puzzle to work out how to defeat her. it was kind of obvious
[21:52:36] <Knight> damn those 2 dragons..
[21:52:45] <wjp> first kill statue, then kill "protector of the X" (where X is whatever damage you do)
[21:52:45] <Knight> i quited the damn game cuz of em
[21:53:18] <wjp> Knight: where an item of immunity against mind-effects
[21:53:19] <Knight> NWN runs slow on a celeron 366 on winxp..
[21:53:21] <wjp> s/where/wear/
[21:53:22] <Knight> have that for sure
[21:53:36] <Knight> that wasn't the problem..
[21:53:36] <wjp> it runs on a celeron 366 at all?
[21:53:42] <Knight> yeap..
[21:53:47] <Knight> lol..
[21:53:59] <wjp> that's far below the minimum specs
[21:54:10] <Knight> I know..
[21:54:16] <Knight> I got to the dragons ;)
[21:54:17] <wjp> so, what was the problem?
[21:54:24] <Knight> I never cared about the minimun specs..
[21:54:25] <Knight> of..
[21:54:26] <Knight> oh..
[21:54:33] <Knight> the moved faster than i did..
[21:54:45] <Knight> my character seemed lagged..
[21:54:53] <Knight> so i was impossible
[21:55:03] <wjp> what character class were you?
[21:55:05] <Knight> they always ended up killing me
[21:55:12] <Knight> Can't remember..
[21:55:14] <Knight> lol..
[21:55:18] <wjp> :-)
[21:55:30] <Knight> I played asap as it was released
[21:55:40] <Knight> in less than 2 weeks i think i was there
[21:56:02] <Knight> then i got mad and deleted all the cd images
[21:56:06] <Knight> savegames etc..
[21:56:21] <Colourless> gee, 366 mhz, less than half the min specs :-)
[21:56:41] <Knight> and running winxp..
[21:56:43] <Knight> ;)
[21:56:44] <wjp> min specs are P2 450 according to my box
[21:57:02] <Colourless> ah so it is
[21:57:14] <Colourless> i was looking at recommendedm which is 800
[21:57:30] <Knight> my specs are Winxp, Celeron 366, 512 Mb ram, Geforce 2 Mx 400
[21:57:43] <Knight> with that... I played it almost till the end..
[21:57:54] <Knight> the videos looked kinda crappy..
[21:57:55] <Colourless> if you were running with all shadows off it shouldn't have been 'too' bad
[21:58:01] <Knight> they didn't show or sync well
[21:58:12] <Knight> shadows on as i can remember
[21:58:31] <Knight> I like playing with all the eye candy
[21:58:42] <Colourless> stencil shadows are a real pig as far as using up resources go
[21:59:03] <Colourless> i've turned them off here (usually i leave eye candy on too) because they were just too slow
[21:59:06] <Knight> i think the only thing i disabled was fsaa
[21:59:36] * wjp left the graphics settings at their defaults
[21:59:53] <Knight> damn me..
[22:00:08] <wjp> I did have shadows, though
[22:00:08] <Knight> I need a new PC...
[22:02:09] <Knight> Yo guys, If i set up a webpage... Help me buy my new PC
[22:02:09] <Knight> would you make a donation..
[22:02:09] <Knight> lol
[22:02:09] <Knight> ;)
[22:02:09] <Colourless> i played through all of NWN with shadows on, but i've turned them off now
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